Belly Up by Rita Bullwinkel

Belly Up

Belly Up is a story collection that contains ghosts, mediums, a lover obsessed with the sound of harps tuning, teenage girls who believe they are actually plants, gulag prisoners who outsmart a terrible warden, and carnivorous churches. Throughout these grotesque and tender stories, characters question the bodies they've been given and what their bodies require to be sustained.“At the intersection of the surreal and the real, Rita Bullwinkel ha...

Details Belly Up

TitleBelly Up
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherA Strange Object
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Belly Up

  • Bandit
    Short story collections are such interesting beasts. This one no exception mostly evoked a mood, but a mood that’s difficult to describe, something from a melancholy branch. The stories are diverse, but uniformly share a narrative voice that is very much authentic to their author. And it’s more or less genreless unless strange is a genre or unless it can be considered strange enough to qualify for bizarro. In fact the more bizarre ones I like...
  • Will
    “Here, in this twenty-four-hour donut shop, things are shifting too. The teenagers are looking for things, but they’re not sure what. They have big fantasies that they think up together and a conception of the world that is wholly wrong, but shared, and that is what makes it real. What these teenagers want more than anything is simply to find another person who wants to experience the world with them, feel the cold of a winter lake or the pai...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    via my blog:'Things are so easy to ruin, I remember thinking. I remember thinking, why did I do that thing that I knew was going to have a bad ending?'This is a strange, unique story collection, but not so strange to be off-putting for some. Of all the tales, Black Tongue was my favorite. There is something painfully relatable to that part of us that is pulled by things we know are just a form of sabotage, b...
  • Brittany
    I do this every time where I get so amped about the inability to obtain a book that I stop everything else once I do get my hands on it and I devour it in 48 hours like it may go away unexpectedly. I enjoyed this collection of short stories. It’s pretty remarkable writing and each story packs it’s own unique punch. I’m sure they are laden with meaning and allegory etc but I just enjoyed them simply as they were. Personal favorites: the two ...
  • Nikki
    This was a really strange collection of stories and I’m honestly not sure how to review it. None of them were bad, but none of them really stuck with me after I finished reading them either. Most of these were exceptionally strange, which I usually enjoy, but for the most part they didn’t feel like there was a point to them. I did end up giving this 3 stars for the few stories that I really enjoyed and that actually did stick with me.-Décor:...
  • Arianna Rebolini
    an astounding collection. reveals - by leading readers into something just past belief, something at times uncomfortable - the absolute absurdity and magnificence of existing. Bullwinkel has def joined my list of Favorite Authors
  • Caleb
    First things first: I received a copy of Belly Up by way of a Goodreads Giveaway. (Thanks to Jill at A Strange Object for the thoughtful note.)Bewitching. Bizarre. Quirky. Strange. Dark. Light. Surreal. Poetic. These are all words I could use to describe Rita Bullwinkel's debut story collection, but they would hardly do it justice. Perhaps the phrase "story collection" doesn't aptly describe this book, either. Indeed, these stories contain charac...
  • Stella
    Short stories are brief moments. They are often described (and I've been guilty of this myself) as 'a slice of life.' The stories in Belly Up from Rita Bullwinkel are a slice of the weird and often sad parts of life. Each story is teetering on the edge - of sadness, of quirky, of strange, of a sense of familiar - almost like looking in a mirror at the most private of your thoughts.Rita Bullwinkel is a writer to watch.Thanks to NetGalley and the p...
  • Tarah
    A beautiful, thought-provoking collection. Rita's writing is observant and hilarious, and I loved getting to see the worlds she created.
  • Molly
    These stories are unapologetic, fam. Mysterious, slippery, never dull — Belly Up is an astonishing debut.
  • Danielle
    With any collection of short- stories there has to be a theme that brings the collection together. Belly Up does exactly that. How do we go about accepting the life that we are given to have without choosing the life that has been set out for us? The characters revealed in each story could be us in the stories told. Whether we may seem mundane or whether our lives are stagnant or boring or run-of-the-mill generic, sometimes there are unexpected t...