Unbelievably Boring Bart by James Patterson

Unbelievably Boring Bart

There's more than meets the eye in James Patterson's newest illustrated middle grade novel--a book so fun kids will actually put down their games to read it!Invisible creatures are attacking the school, and 12-year-old Bartholomew Bean is the only one who can stop them! Okay, so maybe Bart is only a hero in the video game app he created. But if he reveals his identity as the genius behind the game, he'll become the most popular kid in school! Or ...

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TitleUnbelievably Boring Bart
Release DateSep 3rd, 2018
Publisherjimmy patterson

Reviews Unbelievably Boring Bart

  • Billy
    Even though I just turned 37 years old a few days ago, I had no trouble finding the main character, Bart, relatable. I was heavily bullied starting in middle school and throughout high school, and many times I felt like nobody knew that I even existed in the world. Bart is very interesting character that should appeal to children, especially those who feel like they are an outcast.The main plot involves Bart creating a game app that becomes popul...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Public library copyI'll probably buy this, since the students are always asking for them. I'm not the target demographic, so it's not a surprise that I'm not a huge fan of most of the jimmy line. I just don't find them to be fresh or interesting. For example, the picture of Bart on the back cover mentions his "nerdy glasses" and "high-water pants"-- those things are no longer "uncool" any more than plaid shorts with dark socks. His "nemesis" Gise...
  • Philip N
    Unbelievably Boring Bart written by author James Patterson is a book about a boy who creates a video game. Bart used to live in Philadelphia when his dad got a divorce from his mom.So he and his dad moved to California in a little scorching town called Rancho Palos Verdes.There he had to go to a new school where bullies teased him but he didn't mind. At the end of the day he goes to his room and continues working on his game.The next day at schoo...
  • Mompop
    recommend to fans of MMORPG (like Pokemon Go)
  • Joey Gremillion
    Unbelievably boring book
  • Julie Overpeck aka Mrs. O's Library
    I received an advanced copy from the publisher.Patterson and Swierczynski's book is a fun read. Mny middle school students can realte to Bart's desire to be noticed and remain anonymous at the same time. The large text and illustrations will help developing middle school readers, and the absurdity will appeal to middle schoolers and upper elementary alike. Readalikes: I Funny series, Gamer Squad, How to be a Supervillain series.