Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman

Waiting for Eden

From the National Book Award finalist, a breathtakingly spare and shattering new novel that traces the intersection of three star-crossed lives.Eden Malcom lies in a bed, unable to move or to speak, imprisoned in his own mind. His wife Mary spends every day on the sofa in his hospital room. He has never even met their young daughter. And he will never again see the friend and fellow soldier who didn't make it back home--and who narrates the novel...

Details Waiting for Eden

TitleWaiting for Eden
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Publishing Group
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Waiting for Eden

  • Bonnie Brody
    'Waiting for Eden' is a short but powerful novel about Eden, a man who was horribly injured during his second deployment in Afghanistan. The book is narrated by his friend who died during this same deployment but hovers over Eden and narrates the novel.Eden is barely alive. His body has been burnt and blown up and there is not all that much left of him physically. "My friend was, they'd been told, the most wounded man from both the wars. As advan...
  • Christina Dalcher
    From the first three sentences of Elliot Ackerman's brilliant novel, I was drawn in. Just look at this, and ask yourself if you're not dying to know what Mary did and why:"I want you to understand Mary and what she did. But I don't know if you will. You've got to wonder if in the end you'd make the same choice, circumstances being similar, or even the same, God help you."Ah. Circumstances. Eden's circumstances are dire, painful, an unhappy outcom...
  • Bob Lopez
    That was a tough, little book--very emotional, well written and engaging despite the well-trod plot. Nothing new here but it is well-written.
  • Wulfwyn
    I cried through this book. I am so grateful to Goodreads, the author and Knopf Publishing for offering this book in a giveaway. I might not have discovered it otherwise. Yes, I did win a paperback copy. This review is my honest opinion. My son was just 18 when he went to Iraq. What happened to Eden and our narrator were my nightmares the entire time he was deployed. I waited to hear from him. I waited for someone to come to my door. I waited and ...
  • Trin
  • Andrienne
    Whew, wow what a book. The narrator is a nameless friend of Eden, the main focus of the book along with Eden’s wife Mary. Eden and his friend are soldiers in Iraq where their humvee hits a pressure plate killing the friend and injuring Eden. This book reminded me of Julian Barnes or Ian McEwan-spare and emotionally intense. It will definitely stay with you long after you finish. Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.
  • Pamela
    Wow! Powerful short novel. Intense. The book takes hold of you and it's impossible to let go until you finish. Well, at least that is how it affected me. No, this is not a thriller. It's actually a quiet book, at least when thinking about the after-effect of war, of a landmine that goes off and kills everyone, but one, Eden. Perhaps I identified more with the book as I have sat next to a loved one, hooked up to tubes and wires monitoring the body...
  • Robin
    I just finished Waiting for Eden after starting it and reading it every free moment I could. My heart felt like it just kept breaking open again and again while reading it. It is a slim novel that is so powerful, beautifully written and shattering. It reminded me of the concept of the dark night of the soul not only in a spiritual sense but on every physical and emotional wavelength as well. I've read my share of novels written by former soldiers...
  • Danny Caine
    Don't be fooled by Waiting for Eden's slim stature: this book will level you. Eden Malcom returns to the States as the most wounded soldier of the Iraq war, and therefore of any American war ever. His wife, Mary, spends every day by Eden's hospital bed, keeping faith longer than anyone else that he will wake up, if not heal. Elliot Ackerman's novel, narrated by the ghost of Eden's friend with complicated bonds to both Eden and Mary, is an economi...
  • Wendy Cosin
    Very powerful, well written, moving, terrifying. That was all I could say when I finished Waiting for Eden. With a bit more reflection, I'll add that this is a brilliant novel. Narrated by an unnamed friend of Eden and Mary, who was killed in the war that horribly maimed Eden, the author takes us inside all of their heads. We learn about their complex selves and relationships in this short (less than 200 pages) novel. Waiting for Eden would be an...
  • Ab
    The specifics about the plot of this book are to do with military deployment, returning home (what is "home" after that), the emotional turmoil. But the overall circumstances are to do with loss, grief, waiting, love, love lost, and unknowing. The emotions of a human life lived alongside a partner are clearly illuminated in this short novel, and honed to a fine point with the specific story of a young couple, one in the military, told in phases p...
  • Ann
    This is a story of surviving war physically. With modern medicine able to keep Eden’s body alive he’s trapped. Mary his wife has a routine of spending all her days by his bedside except when she decides to spend Christmas with her mother and daughter. That’s when he awakens from his coma. This story is a flashback of how they met and their marriage before he headed to Afghanistan. Not too long, this story gives you lots to think about. I re...
  • James Beggarly
    A very short tale, but rich like an epic and devastating. Having read several books about the current wars, this one comes at it in a completely unique way and has genuine spirit guide to take us through the story. Beautifully done.
  • Barbara A.
    Searing and brutal.
  • Mandy
    Started it and couldn’t put it down. Beautiful and tragic story about three people connected by various forms of love or companionship. Great short read for the summer...but coming out in September.
  • Stephanie Crowe
    Powerful and heartbreaking but full of love.
  • Virginia
    Heartbreaking. I can't stop thinking about it.