Midnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger

Midnight Valentine

A hauntingly powerful love story in the tradition of The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife. True love never dies. Megan and Cassidy were childhood sweethearts who thought they would be together forever. Fate had other plans. Soon after they were married, Cass’s life was tragically cut short. Still grieving her soul mate five years later, Megan moves to the small town of Seaside, Oregon, hoping to rebuild her life. Her first night there, ...

Details Midnight Valentine

TitleMidnight Valentine
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherJ.T. Geissinger, Inc.
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Midnight Valentine

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    “How can you remember someone you’ve never met?” Midnight Valentine is by J.T. Geissinger. This is my second book by J.T. Midnight Valentine is one of those rare books you come across that just leaves you breathless, that the characters become a part of you. That the maximum five star rating is not nearly enough! Megan Dunn had the perfect life. She was married to the love of her life, her sweetheart since she was six years old, Cass. But, ...
  • Bibi
    Thanks to JTG for refraining from writing the ending she thought this book needed (you saved me from having an ugly-cry meltdown). Additional thanks for such an emotional, gripping story.
  • Alex ♈
    5 💝 you make all my broken parts bleed 💝 stars!Books like this is a main reason I love reading.There are books and there are Books. This one was The Book.A perfect (and sometimes even weird) mix of pain and grief, but at the same time humor and light. Beautifully written. Deep, raw, sincere, tragic, happy – real.ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HEROINE!!!I floved this woman. MY kind of a heroine. Strong, sassy, sarcastic, but also vulnerable, kind and ...
  • Olga therebelreader
    ***A solid 5 star read!!*** "Whatever happens, she’s the true north my soul will always point to." My first read by J.T. Geissinger really blew me away! This is truly a unique romance story. It deals with reincarnation and eternity loves. A little of everything to keep the reader fully engaged until the last word is uttered. “One lifetime wasn’t enough to love you." Megan is a woman pushed beyond her limits, and I ached for her as she ...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    You kill me JT Geissinger! What an emotional journey you just took me on. I’m not sure my heart could have taken much more and I regret nothing. Incredible! A truly beautiful story about a love that will never die. Midnight Valentine is about a girl who grows up with a boy, marries boy, then loses boy. How do you survive the death of the other half of your soul? This is what Megan has been trying to learn for the past five years. When therapist...
  • Carvanz
    There are just no words to explain how I’m feeling right now after closing the last page of this book. No words. It was so much more than what I was expecting. The romance was exceptional but the true heart of this story left me feeling wrung out and my mind all awhirl. Meagan’s husband, Cass, died five years ago after a tragic accident. She has not moved on. She has grieved but it has not brought healing. He was the love of her life. She los...
  • ✰ D r i ✰
    ★ 5 Unique & Wonderful stars!!! ★ “Loneliness recognizes loneliness, like the howl of a solitary wolf rising to meet the distant cry of another on a cold winter’s night.” E a felicidade de encontrar mais um favoritíssimo esse ano?História única e tão envolvente, com personagens fascinantes! A Megan com certeza é a melhor mocinha de 2018 até agora! O seu humor, a sua força e o sarcasmo que ela muitas vezes usa como armadura total...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    ALL THE STARS Midnight Valentine by JT Geissenger is breathtakingly and hauntingly PERFECT! It’s my favorite book of the year thus far. This book was completely unexpected and stole my heart. Theo and Megan are the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read. The story is absolutely amazing—beautiful, smart, and dazzling. The intricacies of the plot and characters has completely blown me away. This is the type of book that will stay with me A...
  • Leonor
    3-3.5- stars????I tried to like it and even though I very much liked the heroine she wasn't the problem. If she was the only character in this book then I would have rated it 5 stars.The hero? I couldn't connect with him. Maybe because I didn't get his POV, it would've helped a lot if I read his thoughts. I didn't actually feel any chemistry or connection between them two.Also the ex fiancé is still living in the same town they are living in. Ta...
  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    Dear Ms. Geissinger, A few days have passed since I finished reading Midnight Valentine. And I really needed that time to gather my thoughts and feelings. Let me open with a “Thank you” - from the bottom of my heart … THANK YOU FOR CHANGING YOUR MIND (I can only remember once when I told an author this before and the situation was very similar)… The other option you had was NO OPTION – so please all artists freedom cast aside DON’T EV...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    ‘I never knew silence could be so loud. It’s absolutely deafening.’ Okay, I am going to be completely honest, when I started to read this book I was thinking it was going to follow similar storyline to another favourite book of mine. The setting and characters were ‘familiar’ but I was happy to discover the plot and premise was going to be completely different.Megan’s life took a tragic turn when the love of her life, her husband Cass...
  • Vilma Iris
    I loved this book so much! My favorite romance so far of the year! More to come.
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    I am not like most people in that I RUN from emotional books. They intimidate me as I feel all the gut punches and choked up moments as they stay with me long past the book is over. But within the first 10% of this book I knew that this book would touch my heart. I felt Megan's pain and uncertainty about fate and love and all the pain she was feeling as a result of her loss. There were moments I just sat and cried because the pain felt so real. B...
  • Tianna✸loves books✸
    'Midnight Valentine' started out perfectly. After reading Remembering Ivy. I wanted another book with certain mystery and true love elements. This book was exactly that. But I will be honest that the writing was just Okay. I found myself skimming a lot with this one. The mystery kept me from dropping this book. This one is just not for me. I'm the minority here.
  • Sunshine Butler Karowich
    Let me start by saying I am a hopeless romantic, I am married to my soulmate. The very thought of life without him makes my heart break. The odds of your soulmate once in a lifetime is a miracle in it of itself, finding it twice....WOW, what are the odds? This book made my heart feel Megan’s pain. It is so well written that I could invision the devistaton of losing my husband and feel the doubt of fate as it tries to pull Megan and Theo togethe...
  • Lorna
    (RabidReads)Lately I have been reading or listening to more than my share of romances. To be honest, a lot of them are forgettable, except for some amazing authors that seem to always write a great romance. J.T. Geissinger is one of those authors and with this book, she has written a story that I won’t soon forget-if at all.Megan is grieving the loss of the love of her life, Cass, five years previously. Because of that, she moves to Seaside, Or...
  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    People who know me well know that I am petrified of death... I can't think about it without crying because even as a child, I have always wondered what happens in the after... Will I be able to see my family and loved ones again? Are we born again so that we can live life with them again?Midnight Valentine was a page-turner for me because of these exact questions.Everything you need to know about the book is in the blurb... Megan and Cass have be...
  • Elaine Vargas
    3.5 stars. I'm frustrated. Although I loved it, I felt like I needed more. It still left me with lots of questions. The H is so sweet and I just loved the h, she was amazing, but I feel like it needed more explanation or a better HEA. I wouldn't have minded a longer book cause it kept me interested the whole time
  • Laurie
    Midnight Valentine is a stunning book that from its very first page, takes ownership of your heart and does not even let go. It has been a few weeks since my first reading and it remains on my mind and in my heart. J.T. Geissinger has woven a story for the ages about a love so powerful that nothing can break it. Not even death. It is both heart wrenching and life reaffirming, letting us see that even in the aftermath, the rays of hope are so stro...
  • Mari
    I wasn't expecting this book to tug on my heart strings out as much as it did. Oh ot definitely had me swiping my eyes a lot. Oh the sadness and grief is much relatable to anyone who has ever lost a loved one. A love story that prevails with tinge of paranormal ish and mysterious vibes well not really but like if you believe or in reincarnation, fate or cosmic kismet other worldly stuff. It was a honest and hopeful story with pieces that fit toge...
  • BleuBelle
    I don't really know how to feel about this book.The writing style was good. I liked the heroine. She had spunk, was sassy and strong. I liked the hero. He was dark, mysterious and always there for her. So where's the problem? I don't know.I didn't really felt any connection between the heroine and the hero. I knew she felt connected to him, because of her dead husband. But I somehow had problems with the hero. I just don't know who he is. Is he T...
  • Kahea
    ***5 ‘It Wasn’t Enough’ Stars*** I seriously need more!More time hanging out with the various characters I met in Seaside and more importantly time with Megan and Theo because after all they both went through I just need to see how the rest of their HEA plays out and be there through the ups and downs and watch as they work through it together.The funny thing about Megan and Theo is that they have both gone through their own hell, find them...
  • Raquel Costa
    *** 5 estrelas eternas ***.Tô realmente sem saber o que falar desse livro, já faz um tempo que acabei de ainda não consegui encontrar palavras pra dizer o quanto amei.Primeiro vamos falar do quanto me apaixonei nessa mocinha, Megan é aquela mocinha q não leva desaforo pra casa e usa do sarcasmo como uma defesa, ela me fez rir tantas vzs e eu simplesmente amei ela em cada página.Theo é aquele mocinho tão cheio de feridas que vc só quer pe...
  • Kim
    ***REVIEW BASED ON AN ARC generously given by the author and her publicist***I wanted to love this. I really did. It started out so well for me in the beginning, then I realized how it started becoming paranormal-ish. There are no aliens, vampires, werewolves, or what-not in "Midnight Valentine," but it deals with reincarnation. INSTANT reincarnation. My grandmother was a Buddhist, so this is not a foreign concept to me. It was just really, REALL...
  • Julie
    This story had soooo many feels! Gah! I can’t even.. and that ending?! I am extremely happy this author chose the avenue she did. After all the heartbreak and confusion...Meghan and Theo earned the chance for more. Just that. More. And thanks to Carol for putting this book on my radar!
  • Britton Epps
    Wow! 4.5 I’m still processing all of that stars.
  • Sandy S
    About the book: Release Date February 6 2018 True love never dies. Megan and Cassidy were childhood sweethearts who thought they would be together forever. Fate had other plans. Soon after they were married, Cass’s life was tragically cut short. Still grieving her soul mate five years later, Megan moves to the small town of Seaside, Oregon, hoping to rebuild her life. Her first night there, she meets the town recluse, Theo. Withdrawn, guarded, ...
  • Brandy Roberts
    Can I just say how much I loved Midnight Valentine it's such a unique story that had me hooked from the first page and was so sad to hit the end . I 've read a few books by J.T Geissinger so I knew not only from the blurb but past books that this was going to be a huge kick in my emotions which I absolutely love an author that can make me feel is one that I have to add to my one click list as soon as possible . Megan and Theo intrigued me to no e...