High Lonesome Sound by Jaye Wells

High Lonesome Sound

In the sleepy mountain town of Moon Hollow, Virginia, there is a church with a crooked steeple. No one will say for sure how it got that way, but it’s the reason the whole town gathers every Decoration Day to honor the dead.But this year, there are two fresh graves up on Cemetery Hill, a stranger’s come to town, and the mountain’s song is filled with dark warnings.The good people of Moon Hollow are about to learn that some secrets are too p...

Details High Lonesome Sound

TitleHigh Lonesome Sound
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
GenreHorror, Fiction

Reviews High Lonesome Sound

  • Paul Goat
    A gothic horror set in the heart of Appalachia; Wells’ High Lonesome Sound is a darkly immersive storytelling tour de force. When struggling horror novelist Peter West rents a cabin in a remote place called Moon Hollow for a few weeks, his goal is to find the seed of a new story—instead he finds an ancient evil hidden in the hollers of southern Virginia. Fueled by rich description and sublime imagery, the author’s use of dichotomy throughou...
  • Melliane
    2.5/5I’ve always loved all of the Jaye Wells’s novels that I read and when I saw that she was releasing a new story, I was very intrigued! How not to be?The author brings original and different ideas from what we usually found here. It is thus very intriguing to discover this little town of Moon Hollow and all the secrets that the inhabitants hide. We then follow different characters throughout the story while trying to understand what exactl...
  • Chris Bauer
    I've read a number of novels by author Jaye Wells in the past and have always enjoyed her style of urban fantasy and other variants."High Lonesome Sound" is a horse of an altogether different color. Gothic Southern. Appalachian horror. Coal country noir - the labels are endless but this book is unique.Wells writes with a deft and steady hand, conjuring vivid and memorable characters forth and immediately giving them HUGE challenges and choices. T...
  • Jennifer Jamieson
    Horror writer Peter West is watching his life go off the rails. He hasn't written a new book in too long, and his ex-wife is now writing an expose book about their life together. He's depressed, but random inspiration found in a book about ghostly mining towns gives him the kick in the butt he needs.He needs a new book, and he needs it now.Peter rents a house in the remote mining town of Moon Hollow, figuring the isolation and colorful characters...
  • Vickie
    I love Jaye Wells. Have done since my intro to Sabina Kane. Haven't met her? RED-HEADED STEPCHILD is first in the series....go..get...it! Horror takes many forms. I like mine with atmosphere. Draw me in, make me scared, make me care what's going to happen to the characters, make me scared [yes, again]. This one does that. I loved being scared by this story. I read this before bed. Yep, made for some intriguing dreams. There's magic in the hills a...
  • Marsha Hubbell
    I’m a huge fan of Jaye Wells and her urban fantasy series. When I heard she was writing an American gothic tale, I could hardly wait. “High Lonesome Sound” has it all – fear, horror, shock, suspense, death, decay, family curses, ghosts, madness. But it also has beauty, nature, love, and justice. All the aspects of a good gothic tale and more.Welcome to Moon Hollow, Virginia. The name alone makes you shiver. Toss in a church with a crooked...
  • Sandra Robards
    I loved this book. It was haunting and tense, with a beautiful use of words to set the mood and build the feeling of dread and anticipation of the horror to come. The characters: a young woman raised in a small mountain town but yearning to leave, an elderly granny/wise woman whose warnings go unheeded, a frustrated former best-selling author who seeks inspiration to overcome his writer's block by traveling to the mining town, and a self-righteou...
  • Michelle Palmer
    WOW!!!I have enjoyed several of Wells' Urban Fantasy books but this was amazing. A small town run by a deacon of the church. An author who comes upon a story about the town in a book of small town legends. A girl who just wants out of the small town. Two bodies that have been added to the cemetery in the last month. This is the recipe for an excellent horror book. The characters were so real that I kept thinking they were my relatives. Their acti...
  • Jo Dawson
    Demons and legends and a dash of witchcraft - everything I love in a book! High Lonesome Sound is the tale of a man looking for a story, he didn’t plan on entering a different world. And Moon Hollow is definitely a different world. Steeped in local lore and history, the town is as much a pivotal character as the people residing there.What a great read, I generally choose my books closer to the side of paranormal than horror, but I do enjoy Jaye...
  • Brandy Macdonald
    When I started this book I was unsure where the story would take me, and a little hesitant about the fact it jumped from character to character every chapter. I was worried I would not be able to get to know the characters in depth but I was definitely wrong to worry. Jaye did an amazing job developing the characters and their story. High Lonesome Sound tells the story of a town in the Appalachian Mountains and what a story it tells. I was contin...
  • Tori Meskell
    Fantastic edge of your seat reading I love Jaye Wells's writing, so it's obvious why I would choose this to read. However, this is different from anything I've read from her up until now. She's created a town, a world, that is rich and full of stories, and made it a suspenseful, edge of your seat ride. It's scary and pulls you forward, making you need to learn all of it's secrets. Hig Lonesome Sound is an amazing read! Looking for more like this ...
  • Mary Mascari
    I was a fan of Jaye Wells from her great Prospero's War books. High Lonesome Sound is very different, and a real leap in quality. It still has the fast pace, and, like her other books, I had a hard time putting it down (I devoured it in 2 days), but there's a new dimension in this one. The setting is gorgeous (a small Appalachian town). The magic is subtle at times, very direct in others, but always fascinating. I love the characters. And I want ...
  • Amy Braun
    WOW. Okay, let me start off by saying that this book is rough on your emotions. It's not going to shy away from harsh and grim realities, and more often that not, it's going to punch you in the feels (and it shows little mercy to authors, either). But it's AMAZING, and absolutely worth the read. The main story following this strange town will leave you with chills. There were some chapters that actually gave me shivers, and a lot is left to the i...
  • Danielle
    Wow! What a ride! I love everything Jaye Wells puts out and this is no exception. We get the story from several characters' perspectives (some relatable and likeable, but some not so much). At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep all the characters straight in my head, but it was very easy to follow. With short chapters, this book was a good read for me with most of my reading being over my lunch breaks.The overall story was very fascin...
  • LM Hinton
    A great friend gifted me with a copy of the newest book from author Jaye Wells. I read the first chapter and immediately wanted more. But then life intervened and I had to put the book down for a bit. Well, I started it again and read it in a day. I put everything else aside. I even cooked dinner for my family with the book in hand and lost out on some much-needed sleep.Jaye Wells tells a good story. She builds suspense and keeps you turning page...
  • Lauri
    Loved this book! I binge read the whole second half of it because I wanted to see what was going to happen. Then sad that it was finished! The story hits everything you would expect in a gothic horror novel. The characters immediately came to life for me and are written so well tht I had great visuals throughout the book.When Ruby started singing, it gave me a chill as if I could actually hear her, and also brought tears to my eyes.Midway through...
  • Doreen M. Reineking
    Wow, just wow!Im not one for many words but this book just kept me turning pages. The characters came to life and played like a movie in my minds eye. I couldn't put it down, well I didn't willingly anyway, I needed to know if Ruby got her song back after so much heartache.
  • Wendy Nelson
    I'm a big fan of Jaye Wells. I wasn't sure I was going to like this one, but after I got started it was clear again why I loved her and her writing. What a story teller. I finished the book in less than a day because I needed to know what was going to happen! Intense!
  • Kris
    This book is very different from what I normally read and honestly if I didn’t know and love the author I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance. I’m glad I did!
  • Amber
    I really enjoyed this book. Jaye Wells is a great storyteller.
  • Luanne
    Loved the book. Excellent on building and creating anticipation.Good mix of genres, for me it was thriller and horror mostly.