Eraser by Anna Kang


Eraser is always cleaning up everyone else’s mistakes. Except for Ruler and Pencil Sharpener, none of the other school supplies seem to appreciate her. They all love how sharp Pencil is and how Tape and Glue help everyone stick together. Eraser wants to create so that she can shine like the others. She decides to give it a try, but it’s not until the rubber meets the road that Eraser begins to understand a whole lot about herself.Inspired by ...

Details Eraser

Release DateSep 1st, 2018
PublisherTwo Lions
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews Eraser

  • Juliana
    This book was absolutely adorable! It's the tale of an eraser who's tired of only being around to clean up other messes. There are a bunch of school supply puns that made me smile and it was very clever. The eraser decides to leave and discovers that they're not there to just clean up messes. They're there to give everybody a second chance. It has a lovely message and really cute illustrations. Definitely one to read with your kids.
  • Torina
    Great illustrations and nice storyThis is basically a story about how we take things and people for granted even though everyone and everything plays an important role. Very nicely done.
  • Nicole Gaudier
    I read an ARC of this picture book & it is gorgeous! Great illustrations & wonderful story. Anthropomorphic school supplies are classmates & all think they are great. Eraser learns that although she is different because she changes things, she is still unique and loved. Great message for children of all ages. I received it at the ALA annual conference where the author & illustrator were nice enough to sign it for my niece.
  • Bea Charmed
    The artwork was cute but the message, though worthy, was heavy handed. Read it for the pictures and ignore the thin storyline.
  • Beth
    Let's chat ...I ran onto Amazon to see what was on sale and just new ...found this cutie ...look at that cover!! SOLD was a free read for PRIME members (let's me) how to decide this read, like a cartoon and it is like a little movie on your kindle ... so awesome!! loved it ...wish it was longer ...but i know it is meant for kids not me ... a 40 years old ... but I LOVED IT!! so awesome. great art work, great story and you feel for the erase...
  • Beth
    Let's chat ...I ran onto Amazon to see what was on sale and just new ...found this cutie ...look at that cover!! SOLD was a free read for PRIME members (let's me) how to decide this read, like a cartoon and it is like a little movie on your kindle ... so awesome!! loved it ...wish it was longer ...but i know it is meant for kids not me ... a 40 years old ... but I LOVED IT!! so awesome. great art work, great story and you feel for the erase...
  • Melissa Winden herr
    CuteThis book was super cute I enjoyed the characters . Period we connected with each and every one of them my daughter and I thought it was a super cute book I suggest that anyone buy it and read it to their elementary age student children because it is so adorable the author did a great job it teaches you that in the race using your racer on your pencil you can do way more than you actually thought you could in a very cute way of saying It
  • Diane Shanks-correia
    Oh, the PossibilitiesI spend much of the beginning of the year teaching students how to fail. We use the acronym First Attempt In Learning. This goes beyond that and connects it to second chances or trying again. It teaches patience and persistance. This would also be a great way to introduce the Engineering and Design process. I love the possibilities.
  • Chrissy
    I work with kids ages 1 and up so from time to time I like to check out new picture books to see what’s happening and what I can use in therapy, recommend to parents, or gift to friends with kids. This one was adorable. And I liked the premise of how the under appreciated support tools like eraser, ruler and pencil sharpener to create something— possibility. Wonderful metaphor for kids, we all have special things to bring to the table, and en...
  • Susan Jones
    Such a sweet story.Even though I'm a young 65, this book was my instant pick for the month. I can't say Kindle prime fiction choices appeal to me. Wish there were more nonfiction choices. This sweet story was thoroughly delightful for the kid that should still be in all of us.
  • Laela
    This book has a lot of good dad jokes. The illustrations sell it. It is a little cheesy in spots.
  • M. Turner
    Eraser by Kang--a cute ideaThis brings the fact that mistakes are made, and it is good that some can be corrected even if merely by eraser. Humor is shown in Whiteout and his friend Eraser wanting to be more than they are. The first drafts show Eraser that sometimes we have friends we don't always know about. This is a pleasant quick read for all.
  • BLS and QF
    Cute and wittyCute and witty. I can't wait to share it with my daughter. Relatable character for the young reader and funny commentaries for the parents (ie you're so sharp pencil and you make a fine point pencil sharpener) Lessonsd: everyone is important, it's all about perspective, and team work makes the dream work.
  • Aeicha
    Eraser is stuck cleaning up everyone’s mistakes while Pencil gets all the credit and praise. Determined to create and not just erase, Eraser sets out on her own and discovers some surprising truths. Anna Kang’s Eraser is a big-hearted picture book full of amusing puns, delightful characters, lively illustrations, and important lessons. Together, author Kang and illustrator Weyant, bring to life the endearing world of school supplies, givin...
  • Brad
    Cute...sort ofFirst of all, disappointingly, it is not optimized for the iPad Pro 12.9. The only thing that you will get full screen is the cover. All the rest is about a quarter of the screen and then you get two pages per screen. I understand that some of the pictures spread across two pages, so that's probably why, but disappointed, nonetheless.The plot is a typical "I'm important, too" children's storyline. Nothing really new, nothing really ...
  • Lisbet
    Quick, fun, easy read with lovely illustrations and a great message.The first part of the book sets up the story nicely, and I loved when Eraser ran away and Pencil had to learn the hard way how valuable Eraser was. What didn’t work for me quite as well was Eraser’s discovery of her own worth. I wish we could have seen her realize her own worth and contribution through action, but instead, the part of the story with the First Drafts takes a ...
  • Stacy
    Wonderfully Written and Illustrated!I absolutely love anything written by Anna Kang! I’ve read all of her books to my children and they love it. I cannot wait to read them this one. I plan on introducing The Growth Mindset into my classroom this year, and this book fits the category nicely. To quote the book, “Mistakes make us great.” The puns in the book were also so awesome!!!! The illustrations were absolutely adorable. They definitely c...
  • Christine Beck
    Be Your Best Self!Having 6 elementary school aged Grandchildren, brought this book to life for me. We all make mistakes and need a "Do Over" from time to time! With all the pressure to do our best, this little book shows us that we really need each other at the most unexpected times. The illustrations were spot on for the artistic skill of this age group, give or take a little!
  • Jane
    Eraser is full of delightful illustrations to capture the attention of young children. The story is written with age appropriate wording and the message of how teamwork is important to get a job done right is one the all preschool age children should be exposed to. Eraser is a great book to discuss feelings, working together and how it will make you feel good to share a task with others. This is an excellent children's picture book for young chil...
  • Annette B Long
    Very cute and good lesson.I love the different characters. How all the glue and tape are the "zen" guys and hold everyone together and the creators are full of themselves. It really does seem like all the eraser does is clean up. I loved discovering that she not only creates as well but she creates something very important , second chances. Beautifully told. Great pictures.
  • Izzy Spear
    Boring strange bookReading this book to a 3 and 6 year old child was unsuccessful. It was disjointed and though it was supposed to be funny or cute, it was just awkward. No flow of plot. I am not sure what the book was supposed to emulate. It was like a documentary cartoon where the eraser and pen chatted about their purpose. Yawn.
  • Jillian Heise
    As I was reading I felt like I've seen this thematic concept done in a less didactic and smoother way. And I'm very disturbed by the apparent "Indian" in a pipe cleaner "feathered" headdress dancing next to a turkey in the kumbaya scene. Why do illustrators need to include stereotypical and damaging representations? It ruins the rest of the book, as I cannot recommend it.
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    A delightful story that focuses on team work and how important every single role on a team is. It is sweet, honest and humorous. Kids and adults are going to love all the puns and bright colorful illustrations. This book is perfect for classrooms and home libraries. I know that my kids and I loved everything about this original and insightful children's book.
  • Amanda
    I have never waited this long in the month to choose my Amazon First Reads pick. I was so torn between two titles, but went with this one to see if I could get my kid into reading books on the phone/tablet. This is a cute little story about an eraser having an identity crisis and trying to find her place among the other school supplies. Sweet and punny.
  • Juanita Imhoff
    What a wonderful little bookThis is a special little book to help the kid who just does not fit into the main stream in school who feel like they have no use in the world of whatever class room they are assigned to.
  • D
    It was nice and about friendship. A book to make you giggle."It was nice and about friendship. A book to make you giggle. It teaches to be nice to others and they will be nice to you." RG-S
  • Jeff
    An enjoyable children's book with a positive message of teamwork and understanding self-worth. Great illustrations. Not sure what age the target audience would be... I would think school-aged but then the story is probably too simplistic.
  • Jami
    Enjoyable!This is a story of how Eraser learns she is needed.She's dad in the beginning because Pencil doesn't appreciate her efforts. Eraser gets mad from the mean words and leaves. She soon learns her true role.It's a cute story.
  • Michelle Lynn Stephens
    Very engaging and packed with nibbles of wisdom on valuing yourself, as well as others. This delightful story does a fantastic job showcasing how we all have different, and sometimes hidden, qualities that play an important part in everyday life. I look forward to reading more from the author.
  • Sherri
    Cute & punny. Nice illustrations.Cute, clever & punny. Nice illustrations. It's mostly dialogue and requires the illustrations to understand the action of the story. I prefer illustrations to enhance a story.