Running Upon the Wires by Kate Tempest

Running Upon the Wires

From award-winning poet, novelist, playwright, rapper, and recording artist Kate Tempest, an unabashedly intimate poetry collection that confirms her as one of our most important poetic truth-tellers. My body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires. (James Joyce, Dubliners)Award-winning writer, spoken-word star, and spellbinding performer Kate Tempest's raw and exhilarating new collection is a heart-bre...

Details Running Upon the Wires

TitleRunning Upon the Wires
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing

Reviews Running Upon the Wires

  • Kate Wyver
    Gently sad and full. She gets such an ache out of words.(listened to audiobook, her voice and lilt are just too good to keep pinned to the page)
  • Michael
    I've loved each of Kate Tempest's previous books of poetry, so I had high expectations for this, her newest collection. Unfortunately, I found myself rather disappointed by her efforts this time ("efforts" sounds dismissive as I look at the word I've written, and I'm not inclined to change it).Kate's subject matter this time is herself, the ending and aftermath of one relationship and the start of a new one from the ashes of the old. There are so...
  • Katie
    3.5 /5“The whole world is a sick joke about how beautiful you are” – Kate Tempest, Running Upon the WiresI adored Kate Tempest’s previous collections Hold Your Own and Let Them Eat Chaos, and they both hold very special places in my heart. Understandably, I was very excited to get my hands on her latest collection.Running Upon the Wires shows us a different side to the poet, this collection is definitely her most raw and personal. The col...
  • Chris Roberts
    The poetess is estranged from the reader, simply by investing in a relentlessly, inconsequential form. Love? love is tentative, predatory, the heart must be given absent effusive embarrassments, acts of intimacy exploratory and displayed true love achingly. Self-love, only and always, is first, last true-true loveleave this world, my love,bedlam devotion, slice-to-the-bone-motion, bleed out...lovely and silken...a prostrate sculpture. #love #poet...
  • Maria
    "You know, it used to keep me up at night,The lack of you"
  • Marina
    I honestly cannot rate this. I am a super fan of Kate Tempest's poetry and I love everything she touches, I'd tattoo Let Them it Chaos in its entirety on my face if it fit, honestly. This collection, though, this collection is something else. It's beautiful, the images are nitid and authentic, as one's come to expect from her, also deep-felt and modern. It's just more difficult to connect to, simply because they're very personal love poems. I lik...
  • Fiona
    I read this mostly in one bus journey from work while listening to a Marika Hackman, because it felt appropriate. The two seem pretty close together in the way they write about relationships especially as this book's about the breakdown of a relationship, the start of a new one and the messy part in the middle where the two overlap. It would actually have been more appropriate to listen to I'm Not Your Man to completely match up the two, as I lis...
  • Juliano
    Kate Tempest’s latest work, a collection of poetry titled ‘Running Upon The Wires’, is published today and is an incredible output from an artist consistently working at the top of her game. Progressing from a breakup to the formation and continuation of new love, and beautifully/brutally covering the messy period in between, this is arguably the most personal work that Kate Tempest has released; there are no characters as in her previous w...
  • Charlott
    Kate Tempest is one of my favourite contemporary poets (and Hold Your Own one of my favourite poetry books). Thus my expectations were high. In the past Tempest took Greek myths, current political affairs and close observations of people to spin gripping tales. Running Upon The Wires is more inward orientated and personal. Each poem can be read separately but taken together they tell a story of Kate ending and grieving a relationship with one wom...
  • Kate (Reading Through Infinity)
    Running Upon The Wires is a departure from Kate Tempest's usual type of poetry in its very personal subject matter. Tempest writes about her relationships with other women and the collection goes in reverse order, from the end, to the middle, to the beginning of her partnership. As always, her words are masterful. Every poem is rich in meaning and resonance, and some draw emotions out, unbidden. Her discussions of the intensity of falling in love...
  • Juliana
    3.5 starsAs someone who impulsively buys anything on the Poetry shelf at my local Waterstones, I’m pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon an LGBT collection. Out of the Kate Tempest books I have read, this is by far the one that hits closest to home. I really enjoyed this one, although I must say that her writing style does not appeal to me. I also wish she’d talked more about the emotional and not just the sexual part of a wlw relationsh...
  • Danielle Walker
    I devoured this in one sitting. It’s impossible not to.
  • Imke
    This resonated with me on a personal level, and some of it was very beautiful. Listened to this as an audiobook.
  • Michelle
    My least favourite Kate Tempest, but this still had some strong and beautiful poems in it that I could really connect with.
  • Ken French
    An emotionally raw exploration of love, told in reverse. Brilliant; Tempest’s writing never disappoints.
  • Stoic_quin
    Interesting but lacks the genius of brand new ancients.
  • Paul Ferguson
    This book of poems is absolutely wonderful. Kate Tempest is a genius.
  • jay moran
    I truly loved this collection. A raw, personal collection that examines heartbreak, new love, and old wounds. Starting at 'The End', Tempest's latest collection is perfect for anyone who has been in love and have had their heart broken in the process. Healing and honest, Running Upon the Wires is a necessary read.