The Healer by Donna Freitas

The Healer

Marlena Oliveira has—mysteriously, miraculously—been given the power to heal all kinds of ailments. People around the world believe she is a saint. But her power comes at a price: she can’t go to school, she can’t have friends her own age, and she certainly can’t date.Then she meets Finn, a boy who makes her want to fall in love. For the first time, she begins to doubt whether her gift is worth all that she must give up to keep it.

Details The Healer

TitleThe Healer
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Magical Realism

Reviews The Healer

  • alice (arctic books)
    I really really liked this one! Full RTC!
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    At 18, Marlena had yet to attend school, go to a dance, or get her first kiss. She had been kept separate from the world and revered for her gift as a healer. Tired of living in her "saint" bubble, she rebelled, and began stretching her wings a little, as she attempted to discover who she was when not being The Healer.• Pro: Freitas set this initial mood with her beautiful writing, which really captured the mystical quality of Marlena the Saint...
  • Madison
    The Healer is a compelling and unique book. It is a very different coming of age story, yet despite Marlena’s special abilities that set her apart in the world, her story of falling in love for the first time, discovering who she is and is meant to be and learning to stand up for herself is universal.Marlena is a Healer. Some say she is touched by God, others say she is a saint. For years, her mother has decided how she will live and what she w...
  • Anita Eti
    I read some other works by this author that I liked, but I was still pleasantly surprised by her foray into a very unique genre.This book deals with Marlena, a teenaged girl, who from birth has possessed this remarkable power of healing. At age 18 however, she is sick of it. Sick of what she can do, sick of the hype, the intrusion, sick of God, and longing for normalcy. She wants to go on a date, a party, or even a movie. She wants to go to regul...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    The Healer by Donna Freitas, 400 pages. HarperTeen, October 2018. $18.Language: PG (11 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: R (on page sex); Violence: G.BUYING ADVISORY: HS - OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGEFor all of her 17 years, Marlena has been the healer girl – the untouchable Savior who dispenses healing every Saturday – for a price, but Marlena doesn’t know that, because her mother has always been in charge of everything. But somethin...
  • Destiny Bridwell
    I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest reviews. I have read books like this before but not to this extent. I know that she feels like she has to live by a lot of rules and the one that seems to be the most challenging is the one to not fall in love. That is when she meets Finn and she knows that falling in love is against the rules, but who can deny the hear what it wants. There is so much going on in Marlena life and she does not e...
  • Kat
    Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for the E-arc copy of The Healer. I am not usually one for books in a religious subject matter, but I found this one really interesting. Donna Freitas is an excellent storyteller and The Healer is a showcase of her talent. Marlena, the main character, is a healer and can heal ailments, injuries, and etc. She is at an age where growing up means becoming her own person separate from her family. In meeting Fi...
  • FloeticFlo
    Thought provoking.
  • Julie
    this book was about faith and science and love mixed in. I love that she tried living life and found love. I also that faith and healing were brought up too. Overall I enjoyed this book very much.
  • emma
    Ever since she was young, Marlena has possessed a mysterious and miraculous gift- she can cure any illness, heal anyone. But her blessing is a curse and because of it, she’s told she can never live a normal life. But when she meets a scientist, and her cute assistant Finn, everything changes. Marlena begins to push the boundaries, carving out a life of her own.Donna Freitas’s latest novel will stay with you long after the book is closed. The ...