Untrue by Wednesday Martin


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Primates of Park Avenue, a bold, timely reconsideration of female infidelity that will upend everything you thought you knew about women and sex.What do straight, married female revelers at an all-women's sex club in LA have in common with nomadic pastoralists in Namibia who bear children by men not their husbands? Like women worldwide, they crave sexual variety, novelty, and excitement. In ancient...

Details Untrue

Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown Spark
GenreNonfiction, Feminism, Sexuality, Relationships, Science, Psychology

Reviews Untrue

  • Mark Grether
    Yes, come for the salaciousness but stay for the lesson.Eye opening in a number of ways, but what stands out is how still deeply maintained in our politics, and US culture, is the ongoing subjugation of women and a demonstration how much farther we have to go. Martin, as well as Christopher Ryan Ph.D and others, have highlighted that shifting to agriculture from hunter-gatherer took us from more equal roles by placing exclusive value on brute-for...
  • Jocelyn Rivard
    This book won't be for everybody. And I'll admit that my attention wandered a bit in chapters dealing with research into primates, etc. But the anecdotal sections and the historic detail of how monogamy became a thing were truly fascinating.
  • Cait
    So. I'm really into the use of ethnography and participant-observation as a way to examine mainstream, western culture. That being said, I needed this to either be less anthropological or more. It might be the penalty of knowing too much, but I had a lot of questions about the ethics here & the tone at times was not great
  • Morgan Destera
    I can't say I am a fan of her writing style. It seems many of her sentences run on and get somewhat confusin - One thing I am not pleased with is the author's tendency to describe the people she is interviewing. Tall, blonde, willowy, beautiful, young, what color lipstick, etc. Everyone seems to fit into the mold of the “perfect woman”. Where are the short, heavier ladies? Where are the non-binary (noted but never described)? - She cites a lo...
  • Simone Collins
    What a thoroughly enjoyable read! As having basically zero sex drive myself (let's be honest with ourselves: humans are repulsive), I blithely accepted the conventional wisdom that women had lower sex drives, cheated less, and were tempted to cheat less.Few things are more refreshing than books that help to change one's paradigm. Untrue was definitely one of these books for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday's multifaceted exploration of female i...
  • Verne Curley
    Great book
  • Cristine Mermaid
    Enlightening book about the myths surrounding women's sexuality. It contains heaps of research breaking myths such as "women are biologically wired for monogamy", "women need to be 'in love' to enjoy sex and can't have sex without falling in love", "women have low sex drives", "straight women can't be attracted to other women" etc etc. The research and science behind the studies along with their conclusions is downright fascinating although it di...
  • Sue
    Extremely well written if necessarily narrow, but I totally get that the premise is the comparison and to create an excellent and provable hypothesis. The under examined and timely topic needs to be flushed out and be made grist for the mill. Lets talk about this. The tip of an iceberg in my humble opinion. This topic is eons in the making and so so much data to contribute. Exceptionally focused and well-done. Brava
  • Jason
    Share it with everyone.
  • Ashleigh
    Every woman should read it.
  • Adrian Sergiusz
    This is an amazing and thought provoking book, a necessary addition and a very necessary one to those who have read Sex at Dawn.