Feminasty by Erin Gibson


From the wickedly funny and feminist creator and host of the "Throwing Shade" podcast, a collection of hilarious personal essays and political commentary perfect for fans of Lindy West and Roxane Gay. Since women earned the right to vote a little under one hundred years ago, our progress hasn't been the Olympic sprint toward gender equality first wave feminists hoped for, but more of a slow, elderly mall walk (with frequent stops to Cinnabon) ove...

Details Feminasty

Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Feminism, Writing, Essays, Humor, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Feminasty

  • Lauren
    I've been reading a lot of feminist essays lately (I wonder why?), and I was super excited to read Erin Gibson's book. I finished it in two days and loved it - I deal with bad situations using humor, so I loved her writing style, but I also learned quite a bit. Highly recommend for anyone who needs to laugh while being angry (my default state).
  • Kylie
    The perfect audiobook to listen to while walking around in Whole Foods eating cotton candy grapes
  • Bonnie
    If I could gift this book to every woman or at least every woman in the western world, I would. This is something special. This book will make you cry with laughter, this book will make you proud to be a woman, it will also make you angry af about how women are still treated in society today. This book will inspire you to become a better woman and open your eyes to how things are really being run. This book will also give you hope because there i...
  • Kelly Hager
    This book is literally laugh out loud funny. This is a good thing because, to quote Carrie Fisher, "If it weren't funny, it would just be true and that is unacceptable."So yes, this is really required reading for women. It's all things you already know, but phrased in a way that will make you feel much better about how needlessly hard things can be. In a perfect world, Erin Gibson would be my friend. Unfortunately, as this book proves, we aren't...
  • Angie
    This is a quickly-read collection of humorous essays on many social topics - feminism, the hell spawn that is Mike Pence, #metoo, lady bits, and much more. It’s very current and very 2018. This works well if you read it when it’s released but it’s not a book that is going to age well since it’s packed full of pop culture references that will fade from memory with in a few years time. Overall, Gibson addresses many important subjects and b...
  • Nils
    This. Book. Is. Amazing.It is educational, infuriating, hilarious and so important. So many topics are covered here and everyone can learn something. Read this book NOW!
  •  Chelsea Gaarder
    Feminasty is a collection of essays all regarding feminism and the issues of inequality that women experience in our day to day modern lives. I very much consider myself an activist and up to speed with progressive movements, however even some of the topics broached in this book I hadn’t really spent much time questioning or considering how absurd the scenarios are because they are so culturally engrained from the get go. The author, Erin Gibso...
  • Julia V
    I'll admit, this wasn't the life changing every woman needs to read this book the cover claims, but it's definitely a worthy read. Erin Gibson is funny and unapologetic in a way that doesn't feel self hating. This was a nice collection of essays on the life of a modern woman. This is DEFINITELY not a book trying to explain something to the opposite sex or someone who hasn't experienced sexism. This is a book for the women who need some collective...
  • Lissa
    Feminist essays are becoming a popular genre of writing lately, and some are definitely better than others. I, personally, would put this in the better category. Her topics are all clearly explained and some of them are so obvious and yet things that I have never considered. She makes clear-headed, hard-hitting points and when the humor is on target, the writing is amazing. At times, though, the humor somehow undercuts the point she is making. Fo...
  • Casey
    (audiobook) One of the rare books that when the audiobook ended, I literally "ahhed" in disappointment, because I never wanted it to end. I listen to Erin Gibson rant weekly (along with Brian Safi) on the Throwing Shading podcast, so expected much of the same in this solo act. Erin not only delivered on the same critical and humorous political commentary I expected, but she also sprinkled in more personal stories so the reader got a deeper look i...
  • Noah
    This absurdist comedic book filled with essays on several ways women are treated poorly in western society is hilarious and thought provoking. From pages that make me depressed to laughing uncontrollably, Erin Gibson with her comedic charm found on my favorite podcast throwing shade reminds me why it’s important to be aware of politics today and what it means to be a feminist. A wonderful book and an even better audiobook! Amazingly crude and d...
  • Julie Heinzelman
    I want to buy 50 copies of this book and hand it out as a party favor to every female that comes to my house. I just finished the audio book and think it's absolutely FANTASTIC. Not only did I find Erin to be hilarious (and super loud like me), but I learned so much more than I expected I would from listening. I think this is a must read/listen for all women.
  • Lauren.cohn2
    Worth it for the conclusion, alone. Gibson is galvanizing and funny, and reminded me why and how to sustain my anger throughout this nightmare of a presidency. We need more people brave enough to speak up like Erin. Listening to it on audiobook was a great decision.
  • Jennie Mayfield
    Fun, witty and feminasty. Everything you want in a feminist manifesto. Erin Gibson is incredibly talented and her comedy comes through in her writing really well. She also deals with really interesting topics that are really well researched. I’ll definitely be reading this one again.
  • Allie Norse
    This is worth the audiobook, read by the author hilariously. Cannot recommend enough. Speaks deeply to me as someone who likes to laugh through their rage. Actually makes you laugh out loud. Actually informs you of things going on in society and the economy you may not be aware of.
  • Nikki
    i'm in a special kind of hell where other women think they're giving worthwhile commentary on feminism by talking about giving blowjobs while wearing their invisalign retainers.
  • Rachel Nussbaum
    loved it. sharp, hilarious, relevant, and necessary.
  • Cathy A.
    Audible. Nope. Can’t do it. Narration just got me. I think if I was reading this, I would love it. But I cannot listen. Returned and will try to check out the book. Later.
  • Deanna
  • MomIsReading
    I burned through this audiobook this week during my commute. Loved it - it’s funny, timely, and educational. I’m off to subscribe to her podcast now.
  • Sara
    Entertaining and infuriating in equal measure.