All-American Murder by James Patterson

All-American Murder

The first book to investigate Aaron Hernandez's first-degree murder conviction and the mystery of his own shocking and untimely death. A #1 New York Times bestseller for 3 months.Aaron Hernandez was a college All-American who became the youngest player in the NFL and later reached the Super Bowl. His every move as a tight end with the New England Patriots played out the headlines, yet he led a secret life--one that ended in a maximum-security pri...

Details All-American Murder

TitleAll-American Murder
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Crime, True Crime, Sports and Games, Sports, Mystery, Biography

Reviews All-American Murder

  • Matt
    Capitalising on some ‘pulled from the headlines’ impetus, James Patterson collaborates with Alex Abramovich and Mike Harvkey to bring readers into the troubled life of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, exploring his rise to fame before he stumbled and crashed into a legal quagmire that would eventually lead to his suicide in 2017. While football may not have been the first thing people considered when mentioning Connecticut, anyone who had hea...
  • Stacey
    Aaron Hernandez is big deal in the NFL. The news of the crimes he committed is a big deal. As this was happening, it was off my radar so I was unfamiliar with Aaron Hernandez and the crime. Lucky for me I get everything all wrapped up in a book.I was so impressed with Patterson's last true crime Filthy Rich, I had high expectations for All-American Murder. I was left a little underwhelmed. The timeline was good starting from Hernandez's youth to ...
  • Tabby
    I could not put this book down. I bought it a few hours ago and stayed up until 4am reading it. It was written so well and had so much information I never knew about. I was a fan of Hernandez, until it came to light that he was involved in Lloyd’s murder. The story fascinated me and still does. Patterson did an amazing job writing about it and the details he used. Truly a great read!
  • Mandy
    As an English person, I will confess that what I know about american football would probably not even fill a sheet of A3 paper, but I found this to be a fascinating read. I'd never heard of Aaron Hernandez before this, I'm not sure why, as the court cases and then his death received worldwide coverage. As I was reading this I thought that Aaron was arrogant enough to believe himself above the law, but having finished it I think that it's a little...
  • Jeanette
    Non-fiction like this opens a window into an entire life in such a way that rarely, rarely makes it into the 364.1523 classification. Patterson has his name on it and the feature of short chapters is recognizable from forms used within his fiction work. But there is where all comparisons stop, IMHO. This just seems a better level of observation, and especially context nuance and particulars- down to conversation phone, recordings, video records t...
  • Susan
    An interesting read for a Bostonian, knowing the streets and alleys where some of the murders took place and knowing a lot of the players involved (no pun intended). I found it to be pretty engrossing and read it in one day. And it left me feeling sorry for Aaron Hernandez, which is something since he was a murderer when it came right down to it.
  • Frances L Dobbs
    Guilty? I think not. Maybe I'm one of the few who enjoys facts about a case. While many have boycotted this book I could not. I am a Florida girl, born and raised right here in Alachua County. Home of the Fighting Gators! I remember Aaron playing for UF. I remember the issues he faced here and I always asked the same question... Can they prove it was him? You can put him anywhere you want in the picture but can you prove it was him? Some may call...
  • Paul
    This is a troubling, somewhat lurid book about the life, crimes, and death of Aaron Hernandez, a one-time tight end for the New England Patriots NFL team.My takeaways: Every single owner of an NFL team is a billionaire. The NFL is a greedy, immoral organization that elevates and pays huge sums to excellent athletes for perhaps five to ten years of their lives, bashes their brains to pulp, and has long tried to ignore or minimize the epidemic of C...
  • Pam
    What a thug, and tremendous waste of real athletic ability. This story also reflects poorly on the business of football in general, collegiate and NFL. Avid fans may enjoy this but I'm not in that camp. My husband bought this book and it was sitting on the coffee table.
  • Morgan
    I have never read a James Patterson book before, (though i often question whether ol' JP does more than rubber stamp his name on the final draft) so I was surprised at the short chapters. Page 228 of 363 was chapter 71. I'm not sure if any new information was brought to light, but it felt pretty thorough. Maybe too liberal use of pronouns, as at times it was confusing differentiating whether the "he" was hernandez or his friend Bradley, especiall...
  • Lisa K
    I just finished my first James Patterson book...does anybody know of any good Aaron Hernandez books? I just wanted to know what happened but the only real info I got was that Tim Tebow and Tom Brady were so annoying to hang with that they literally drove poor Aaron to do multiple homicides?
  • Donna Lewis
    I read this book because I was curious about how a man with seemingly everything going for him could be convicted of murder and subsequently commit suicide. (You can tell this is a Patterson book because of the short chapters...and writing credit is shared with two other authors.). But as to Mr. Hernandez. He lost his father, he lost his focus, he was a very talented athlete, he believed in his invincibility, he abused many drugs, he hung with an...
  • Deb Jones
    James Patterson brings his award-winning writing to true crime in this look at Aaron Hernandez, his life before the NFL and the crimes he was charged with and subsequently found guilty of some and not guilt of others. Hernandez's ability to make great decisions on the football field did not always extend to his personal life as far as his choice of friends. His loyalty to those friends and their actions went a long way toward his own actions, inc...
  • Angela Williamson
    This book did not let up once I started reading it. I had not kept up with this case as it was happening so a lot of this was new to me. The authors tried to present a balanced, unbiased story. Because I question so many things, I wonder how much of Hernandez's behavior was due to repeated tackles and hits to the head. Or was it the drugs and the people he ran around with? Would things have been different if his father had lived? Were there too m...
  • Savanah Rae
    I very much enjoyed this book. I followed this case but didn't see much of the court proceedings. I'm a new england pats fan and enjoyed Aaron Hernendez very much but I can't believe he would throw his life away to murder people. He clearly didn't intend on being caught.This book basically goes over everything you probably already know if you've read up and followed the case.He was playing for a football team with Tebow. He lost his father and ne...
  • Koren
    If you are a football fan you are probably familiar with the name Aaron Hernandez. Aaron could have had the world by the tail but instead went down the path of drugs, gangs, violence and murder. He was a very talent player in college and played a few years for the New England Patriots. This book raises a question about whether brain injuries from football and rampant drug use played a role in the murderer's thinking. The author leaves it up to yo...
  • Dan
    This book is outstanding. I knew a lot about the case before this book, but this has so much more detail.
  • Justin Daniel
    I am a big football fan, so I was aware and following most of the tragic story that followed Aaron Hernandez. For those not familiar, he was this huge man who was a brilliant tight end for the New England Patriots. He played in the second New England Patriot loss against the Giants in 2012, but many believed he was just beginning a Hall of Fame career. A bright start would end in tragedy after Hernandez was investigated in conjunction with a murd...
  • Nancy Kennedy
    True crime saga about football player Aaron Hernandez. He was a nasty punk and I feel dirty after spending time reading about his story. Knowing he played football for the Florida Gators and the NE Patriots makes me question the culture of these pampered overpaid jocks.
  • Marie-Elena Mahoney
    The Rise & Fall of Aaron HernandezI love James Patterson so I read many of his books so I decided to try this. I’m from the Boston area so I knew a lot about the subject! I just didn’t know how bad he really was! I would recommend it because it held my interest from being to end! He was one sick puppy!!
  • Michele
    Couldn’t put it down! Great storytelling and a fascinating story of Aaron Hernandez’s life. The one thing that drove me crazy was all the grammatical errors in this book - single words left out in a sentence, etc. I will never understand how these types of things are not caught in editing. Regardless though, a good read that you’ll speed through!
  • Leah
    So maybe not the best written book (Did Patterson really write it? Or just put his name on it so people would read it?) but morbidly fascinating. And sad. One of those stories where you think, "If this event wouldn't have happened, the end result might have been different." Guess we will never know the entire truth.
  • Cindy
    What a messed up guy! Too many hits to the head.
  • Donna
    As the title indicates, this story tells of the rise and fall of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez was an exceptionally talented athlete. I found the story to be a sad one. He had everything going for him but he made bad choices. His father died when he was thirteen and he felt adrift. He used drugs and associated with gang members. The hits on the football field affected his brain so much that the autopsy revealed the wor...
  • Mymymble
    Pretty much disappointing. I've liked some Patterson, so it's not his storytelling or style. I'd watched some Hernandez games, assumed he was injured when he dropped out of sight. Missed his first murder trial altogether.Then in a few short weeks, he was found not guilty of two more murders, was outed on state radio, maybe realised how much moolah he would need to appeal the Odin Ward conviction, how much money his fiancee and kid would get if he...
  • Dorel
    When I heard James Patterson wrote this book I wanted to read this. This story was very well written. Even though it talked about most of the details I heard or read in the news it also talked about a lot of things I didn't know. I loved ❤ how James Patterson was very straight down the middle. This story was very sad 😢 & very heart breaking 💔. My heart 💙 & prayers 🙏 go out all the families 👪 in this story. Aaron Hernandez was fab...
  • Nancy
    Aaron Hernandez’ story is in many ways similar to OJ Simpson’s. Charismatic, wealthy, talented men who used football to reach heights beyond even their own expectations. Both men are also likely murderers. I listened to this book for 3 reasons: 1. I enjoy listening to nonfiction 2. I expected (correctly) that it would be interesting and fast-paced typical of Patterson3. I live about 20 minutes (and many worlds away) from Hernandez’a hometow...
  • Laura Cooper
    The source material was interesting and fairly thorough, but the writing was poorly organized. Instead of fully delving into the narrative, it was chopped up into short chapters with cliffhanger endings that reminded me of bad true crime television shows that attempt to create suspense before cutting to commercial. It seems like perhaps the publishers rushed in order to be the first book to be released on a sensational subject rather than taking ...
  • Trudy
    A One Day Wonder. James Patterson books are so easy to read, if you're lucky enough to have a whole day dedicated to reading, you can easily finish off one (or two) of his books. This one was not my usual choice because I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but I was fascinated by the Aaron Hernandez story. VERY shocking. I learned quite a bit about Aaron that I did not know before. I hope James Patterson write more non-fiction. His writing style is...