The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire by Frank Tallis

The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire

In The Incurable Romantic, Frank Tallis recounts the extraordinary stories of patients who are, quite literally, madly in love: a woman becomes utterly convinced that her dentist is secretly infatuated with her and drives him to leave the country; a man destroys his massive fortune through trysts with over three thousand prostitutes--because his ego requires that they fall in love with him; a beautiful woman's pathological jealousy destroys the m...

Details The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire

TitleThe Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire
Release DateJul 1st, 2018
PublisherBasic Books
GenreNonfiction, Psychology, Science, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire

  • Jill
    “What is life if it isn’t about love? Finding love, being loved and loving others? Yet, love is something we rarely engage with intellectually. We all experience falling in love but take little or no interest in how it works.”Frank Tallis, a British clinical psychologist, takes upon himself the onerous task of discovering how love works when madness and/or desire take over. Dr. Tallis looks at this topic from all angles – from inappropria...
  • Rachel
    Books centred around clinical cases are polarising for me. I either love them or hate them. When done well, they feed my desire for narrative and redemption in real life. When done poorly, they just remind me that medicine is mainly messy and unrewarding, time spent following Voltaire's advice to 'amuse the patient while nature takes its course'. I'm not sure which side of the equation this book falls on, for the simple reason that Tallis brings ...
  • SundayAtDusk
    Someone, anyone could probably successfully argue this book is not about love. It’s about mental illness. It’s about obsessions and addictions and delusions and narcissism. Fortunately, our tour guide through those loveless states, Dr. Frank Tallis, a clinical psychologist, appears to be a compassionate and sane man, unlike some other psychologists who write books. This is his second book on the topic, too; the first being Love Sick: Love as ...
  • Lara K
    In ' The Incurable Romantic' , Frank Tallis presents us with a thought provoking portrait of love, it's idiosyncrasies, contradictions and perversities.The book is segmented into chapters, each delving into an aspect of love. Tallis, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, primarily uses his own clinical case studies to seduce us to follow him down a meandering path of psychological research, philosophy, art and literature, all in the name o...
  • Mai
    I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. Thank you! All opinions are my own.The Incurable Romantic tells the stories of patients whose love/desire/obsession has become problematic for them (and often others). This is mostly a sympathetic collection of tales of mental illness related to romantic and/or sexual feelings (not love), but it leaves you thinking when love actually crosses the line to madness. I think there is no easy answer.O...
  • Oryx
    Now then. I hate reading about the brain because it's the brain and the brain always makes me think about my brain. It's like looking at the world turn, or staring into the infinite blackness of blah blah blah. Anyway. This guy fucking LOVES a good hyphen -- seriously -- he can't get enough. Not even sure they were employed correctly half the time -- whatever, it doesn't matter if he used them as liberally as e-numbers in 90's sweets, this book w...
  • Melanie Elisa
    I am a therapist and will take a good few things away from this book, both professionally and personally. It is, however, written for just about anyone interested in understanding romantic relationships, without being dry or jagon-y, highly philosophical or scientific. Particularly, it deals with how we can sometimes get "stuck" on people or relationships, either unable to move on, or leave behind feelings that are just not reciprocated. Tallis u...
  • Janday
    Psychotherapist Frank Tallis introduces us to a few of his most extreme cases of love sickness that are, delicately put...unusual (indelicately put...bonkers). Despite my indelicate intrigue, I am usually respectfully wary of any doctor who puts his own cases on display lest it cross the line into exploitation. But it is apparent very early on that Dr. Tallis approaches these cases with the professional detachment and respect for the anonymity of...