Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber

Alaskan Holiday

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - "[Debbie] Macomber brings her signature charm to this appealing tale of an aspiring chef. . . . This charmer will please Macomber fans and newcomers alike."--Publishers WeeklyDebbie Macomber brings us to the Alaskan wilderness for a magical Christmas tale about finding love where it's least expected.Before beginning her dream job as sous chef in one of Seattle's hottest new restaurants, Josie Avery takes a summer posit...

Details Alaskan Holiday

TitleAlaskan Holiday
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherBooks on Tape
GenreRomance, Holiday, Christmas, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews Alaskan Holiday

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 quaint and cozy stars to Alaskan Holiday! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Sometimes you just need an easy, cozy story and an inviting setting is a bonus!My husband and I honeymooned in Alaska. If you’ve been there, too, you know why I’m drawn to anything that brings back a memory of it. Macomber’s Alaskan Holiday takes place in a remote and rustic lodge on a lake. Josie Avery is a sous chef, and she’s been hired to work at a fancy Seattle restaurant, b...
  • Carrie
    Josie Avery has always wanted nothing other than to become a chef and after a summer cooking at a remote lodge in Alaska Josie is ready to head to her dream opportunity. An offer from a famous chef had come in for Josie to study under him in his restaurant in Seattle and with her bags packed and ready Josie never expected to be on the receiving end of the world’s most awkward proposal.Palmer Saxon had fallen in love with Josie over the summer w...
  • Debbie Oliphant
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this story. It was a quick, easy, breezy read and sweet, too.Josie has finished culinary school and her dream job is in her future with a top chef, but that is six months away, so she accepts a job as a chef in small town in Ponder, AK. She enjoys her time there and will miss all of her new friends, especially Palmer, but is intent to leave to start her new career at the end of 6 months...
  • Jennifer
    I've only read one other title from Debbie Macomber which I didn't really care for either. I think it's a compatibility issue on my end...a bit too superficial for my personal taste but I can appreciate that other readers may have more positive experiences which I genuinely hope for anyone reading this review. It's a short love story with some sweet moments. The audiobook narration felt a bit slapstick which may add some humor for readers who are...
  • Gail
    What a beautiful cover! A heartwarming story of life and love. A well written story with a great cast of characters that will make you laugh and cry. I loved every minute of the story and hated to see it end. Read it today to go on an amazing Alaskan Adventure!
  • Maureen Timerman
    Debbie Macomber gives us a sweet story of love, but also fulfilling your life dreams. As we read the author gives us both sides of the dilemma that now hounds these two, the beginnings of love.We also get to see through their eyes the beauty of this desolate land and how these people cope year-round.There is a theme of food here, and you’re going to love the character of Jack. This story will keep you page turning and wanting more once that fin...
  • Laurie
    I have read and enjoyed many of Debbie Macomber's books, but "Alaskan Holiday" wasn't one of my favorites. I appreciated the book's message regarding the necessity of compromise in building a successful relationship, but that was one of the only aspects of the story that really resonated with me. For a couple of reasons, I had a hard time connecting with the main characters, Palmer and Josie. First, it felt as if I was starting in the middle of t...
  • Kathy Worrell ツ
    I couldn’t wait for the Christmas season to read this little holiday book. As always Debbie Macomber writes a delightfully fun romance! I loved the characters and the setting. I hope she comes out with some more Alaskan adventures.
  • Jennifer Ritter
    Alaskan Holiday is the latest holiday offering by prolific author Debbie Macomber. Newly trained chef Josie Avery has taken a job for the summer season at the Brewster’s lodge in the village of Ponder, Alaska. While she falls in love with the area, the back woods characters, the peace and quiet, and, especially, local master sword smith Palmer Saxon, she knows she will only be in Ponder for the summer. Come the end of the season Josie will be h...
  • Denise
    2.5 stars rounded up.I had both the audiobook and the hardcover. I started with the audio. The way the male narrator did Jack's voice was so grating to me that I couldn't listen to it. I started to enjoy it a bit more once I switched to the hardcover. I think (in either version) it just takes a while to get into this one. I understand the desire to keep a lighter Christmas read short, but the book cuts off the whole first seven months of Palmer a...
  • Gale
    It was a fun holiday read, what I've come to expect in a DM book. I liked it.
  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    Again Macomber did not disappoint. This is a must read this season for my book loving friends.
  • Donna Hines
    Short, sweet, to the point holiday excursion.Loved this new work from Debbie Macomber entitled, Alaskan Holiday along with its special array of characters and settings.A magical feel with a wintry chill with Josie our main gal and temp chef meeting Palmer our full time resident .The sparks ignite between the two but her contract is signed to head out to Seattle in becoming their new chef.He proposes marriage hoping she'll stay in Ponder Alaska wi...
  • Shirley Chapel
    Every year it's a tradition for me to read Debbie Macomber's newest Christmas release. Her Christmas novels are always filled with humor and usually romance. Her stories are warm hearted and filled with the holiday spirit. Alaskan Holiday was one of the best of her Christmas books that I've had the privilege of reading. It was very hard to put the book down once I started reading it. I found myself glued to the pages. There's something just magi...
  • Joann
    Debbie has done it again. She can make me feel like I am right there in the setting of a story. I have a easy time finishing her books in less than a few hours. Such charming characters that you can't let go of and Jack has got to be the quirkiest by far my favorite. So jump in your favorite reading chair, grab a warm toasty blanket, hot cocoa and enjoy this fun read.My thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the ARC in exchange for an ...
  • Emily
    Vomit. Gag.Debbie Macomber knows her fans and they will eat this up but I'm over it.
  • Michele
    See the full review at HarlequinJunkie.comWhat is Christmas without a Debbie Macomber book, right? (Or one of her Hallmark movies!) Her newest release, Alaskan Holiday, hit the spot with just the right amount of sweet romance, quirky but lovable characters, and of course the joy of Christmas.Debbie Macomber is the queen of heartwarming, clean romance and I look forward to her books every year. Especially her holiday releases. This year she “tra...
  • Diane Perry
    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I needed a good feel good book, and this checked all the boxes. Great characters and a fun, light story. I absolutely love Jack. He is the funniest character. Turn off the brain and negativity and just enjoy the story.
  • Kathy
    I love Debbie Macomber's stories, I love books set in Alaska, and I love happy endings so this book hit all the marks for me. I enjoyed watching strong, silent Palmer wrestle with his feelings for Josie, waiting until she was leaving Alaska to say anything. I was a little annoyed with Josie for not admitting her feelings for Palmer because she put her career dreams as a chef ahead of everything else. A little separation made them both think thing...
  • Evelyn
    Reviewed for ALASKAN HOLIDAY, the latest novel by best-selling author Debbie Macomber, is a heartwarming, sweet romance which will have even die-hard city girls wanting to move to the Alaskan wilderness. It’s a quick read with delightful characters, and like all Debbie Macomber novels, it would make a great Hallmark movie. Josie Avery just graduated from culinary school and has already snagged her dream job: sous-chef...
  • Shelleen Toland
    Before beginning her dream job as sous chef in one of Seattle's hottest new restaurants, Josie Avery takes a summer position cooking at a lakeside lodge in the remote Alaskan town of Ponder. Josie falls for the rustic charms of the local community--including Jack Corcoran, the crotchety keeper of Ponder's famed sourdough starter, and, in particular, the quiet and intense Palmer Saxon, a famed master swordsmith.Josie and Palmer become close during...
  • Cecelia
    Palmer has asked Josie to marry him but she turns him down. Josie has big dreams. She wants to work as a sous-chef for a famous, renowned chef. She’s excited about this opportunity and she doesn’t want to give up her dreams to stay in Ponder with Palmer. Palmer is stunned when Josie turns down his invite. But something happens and the whole course of Josie’s dreams take a drastic turn. What will she do? Will she still be able to take advant...
  • Sue
    As always, Debbie Macomber brings her readers a romance with a happily ever after ending. It's always refreshing to pick up one of her romance novels - they are quick reads with people who solve all of their problems and end up happy. What can be wrong with that?Josie is a chef who takes a summer job working at a resort off the beaten path in Alaska. She has a job waiting for her in Seattle and despite her initial misgivings, she learns to love A...
  • Cheryl
    Northern Alaska romanceJosie Avery has been working as a chef during the summer season at a hunting/fishing lodge in tiny Ponder, Alaska in northeastern Alaska. This is a temporary stop for her before she heads back to Seattle and her dream job - sous-chef at a new fancy restaurant.But complications arise when she develops feelings for swordmaker Palmer Saxon and he asks her (awkwardly but he asks) her to marry him.A short, fun holiday romance wh...
  • Bette Hansen
    This is an enjoyable sweet read that is perfect for the holiday season. It's a short quick read and easy to fit in and relax to during this hectic time of year. Palmer, Josie, and and most definitely Jack will leave you with a smile. Josie has spent the last six months working in Alaska and spending a lot of her time with Palmer Saxon. If things were different she could definitely fall for Palmer but she has her dream job waiting for her in Seatt...
  • Julie Barrett
    Alaskan Holiday by Debbie MacomberAlternating chapters of each of the main characters, book is located at Ponder, Alaska.Josie had been hired at the lodge and her time was up-the lodge was shutting down and she was heading back to Seattle.Love the events for no special reason why the community gets together.Story also follows Palmer who is a worker and the lodge and he favors Josie and wants her to stay but he can't express himself in words. He k...
  • Cecelia
    Reading this book was akin to watching one of those Hallmark Christmas movies that I binge every year during the month of December, and I enjoyed every minute. This story was a sweet and cozy as the cover makes it look, and while I typically like a little more depth in the romance books I read, I did enjoy getting to know these characters. This was such a perfectly quick and light read to pick up as the holiday season approaches. I will definitel...
  • Dixie
    Once again, Debbie Macomber delivers an encouraging look at two everyday people who find a way to live an extraordinary life together. Josie and Palmer's romance was a gentle and relaxing story to read, full of good-natured humor and down-to-earth characters. The wilderness-town and city settings both came to life with crisp, vivid descriptions and the circumstances and conflicts were true-to-life. I recommend this for anyone looking for a clean,...
  • Donna
    I read this book in a couple hours. Cute story. Josie takes a chef job in Alaska for six months. She discovers how beautiful it is, but she has to go back before the last ferry to Seattle. Her dream job is waiting for her. Palmer has asked her to marry him on her last night there. She can't stay, she has to go. She us so confused that she overslept and misses the last ferry. She is stuck in Ponder, Alaska. She has to get back. Palmer knows he has...