The Collectors by Jacqueline West

The Collectors

Even the smallest wish can be dangerous.Look closely.Do you see that marble in the grass? The tiny astronaut with one arm raised? The old-fashioned key in the gutter?Van sees them. Van notices all sorts of things. But usually no one notices Van. He’s small, and always the new kid, easy to overlook. But one day he watches a mysterious girl and a silver squirrel dive into a fountain to steal a coin.And—even more strange—they notice Van.Sudden...

Details The Collectors

TitleThe Collectors
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy

Reviews The Collectors

  • Brenda
    One of the things that I absolutely adored about The Collectors was the first chapter. The wonderful image of the spider dangling from the ceiling and our first glimpse at the premise. Such lovely descriptive passages that really capture your interest. The way the story has you questioning wishes. Whether all wishes should come true. Sure it's wonderful to wish for ice cream with dinner and have it come true, but what if a wish could be dangerous...
  • Idris
    I was provided a physical ARC of The Collectors by Jacqueline West by HarperCollins Publishers and Greenwillow Books in exchange for an honest review.4 stars.I really enjoyed The Collectors. The writing was compulsively readable. I loved the characters and thought they were nicely defined and complex. The worldbuilding was interesting and well-distributed throughout the story. The story was clearly geared toward readers of a certain age, but de...
  • Patty
    The CollectorsByJacqueline WestWhat it's all about...Van is the young son of a famous opera singer. They live wherever his mother sings. This makes Van the newest kid in his class...wherever they go. Van is also deaf and wears hearing aids but there are certain situations where he just does not hear what people are saying. Van also likes tiny things. He seems to find something odd and unique wherever he goes. He loves looking down for small disca...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusGiovanni lives in New York City with his mother, who is an opera singer. His father was a set designer, and the one thing "Van" has kept through all of their moves to different cities is the maquette his father had- a small stage with curtains. He finds objects out on the street and uses them to reinact scenes on the stage. His frequent moves, as well as the fact that he is hard of hearing, occasionally makes it difficult...
  • Linda
    I'm going to preface this by saying that if you haven't read West's Books of Elsewhere series, get on that STAT and make sure you have those in your arsenal. They are wonderful, and they should tide you over until this book comes out in October. You do not need to have read The Books of Elsewhere to enjoy this - they are not related to this at all - but they are excellent.So. Onward with our current read:This was an adventure! I mean, you didn't ...
  • Mary
    What if your wishes could come true? Best-selling middle-grade author Jacqueline West explores this idea in this delightful fantasy novel that will appeal even to older readers and adults. Van Markson, the story’s reluctant preteen protagonist, travels far and wide with his globetrotting mother, a rising opera singer. Because he never settles in one place for very long and has a hearing impairment, Van mostly keeps to himself. What he enjoys mo...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    The Collectors by Jacqueline West, 384 pages. Greenwillow, October 2018. $17.Content: G (some danger)BUYING ADVISORY: EL, MS - ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL: AVERAGEVan, 12, has been pretty content following his opera diva mother around the world for her profession. One day, however, he runs into an abrasive girl, accompanied by a squirrel of all things, stealing coins from a fountain. The next day he sees the same girl and squirrel – this time they...
  • Nicole Wagner
    I love so many things about this novel!! First, it's book one in a two-book series. I love two-book series. This one is the perfect blend of wrapped-up and open-ended. I'm greatly looking forward to book 2 as I have plenty of questions, but I am also happy with the ending.Second, it's a chapter book appropriate for all readers, from precocious grade-schoolers all the way up to grownups with imagination (I'm 32 and adored it). Third, it's SO origi...
  • Rebecca
    I highly recommend this fantasy for children. Although aspects of the protagonist and plot feel familiar, West creates a story that is engaging and spot on for children. Van is a likeable and believable character and I loved the talking animals, especially Barnevelt the squirrel. There is humor, mystery, real-life family issues, magic, and just the right amount of scary. I would recommend this for fans of Narnia, Wonderstruck, the Borrowers, and ...
  • Liz Edelbrock
    This contemporary fantasy by Jacqueline West was a wonderful read. The world building is well done, the writing lyrical but not overly fussy, and the characters believeable. The story does a nice job of showing how "good" and "right" choices aren't always straightforward or obvious. I loved that the main character wears hearing aids, and his hearing difference is what allows him to notice small and fantastical things. There was humor, action, adv...
  • Gail
    Thank you to Greenwillow/Harper Collins for the advance reader’s edition of this book. This is a fantasy novel for middle grades (ages 8 - 12). I’m way beyond that age, and I’m not usually a fan of fantasy novels, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The main character Van accidentally enters a world where dreams can come true, but also finds you have to be careful what you wish for. The wishes may not always be granted in the way that you w...
  • Lisa Wright
    Have you ever made a wish on a star, or a coin, or candle? Did you ever think about how badly wrong that wish could go? Van, who is deaf without his hearing aids, finds himself caught between those who capture wishes to keep them "safe" and those who want them set "free." Fabulous concept, fast-paced plot, unusual characters. I loved this!
  • Cathleen
    My kids and I are looking forward to the opportunity to review,"The Collectors" by Jacqueline West.
  • Ann N.
    Suspenseful, funny, and just scary enough. I can’t wait to read the second book in this series!
  • Mary
    This reminded me of faeries and genies and how you have to be careful how you phrase your wish. I particularly like how neither side is all good or all bad.
  • Ryan
    A beautiful and scary and exciting adventure. I love little Van, and I love the world he lives in, and each chapter made me as curious as he is - finding treasures everywhere.
  • Megan
    I loved this story of secrets and wishes, magic and friendship, big treasures and small ones.
  • Allison Ruth
    The Collectors is a wonderfully imagined book! It's well written with characters you can root for. It would make a great family read-aloud, but is definitely a thrilling page turner even for young readers on their own. Full review on my blog
  • Melanie Dulaney
    Just like her “Elsewhere” series, author Jacqueline West has created a unique fantasy world that will mystify, give readers the creeps, as well as something/someone to cheer for. Van is a hard of hearing, short of confidence boy who travels the world and from show to show with his opera singing mother. He is unnoticed by nearly everyone, but misses very little himself. In fact, he even sees a young girl and her squirrel when they shouldn’t ...