Hard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2) by Lauren Layne

Hard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2)

He’s a Wall Street wolf. She’s been hired to tame him. From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne comes a wildly sexy novel of business and pleasure. Twenty-eight and filthy rich, Matt Cannon is the youngest broker on Wall Street. He may be a “boy wonder,” but he’s every inch a man. Ask any woman—any night. But when Matt’s latest fling makes scandalous headlines, his clients get anxious, and his bosses at Wolfe Investments ...

Details Hard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2)

TitleHard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Hard Sell (21 Wall Street, #2)

  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    I keep falling more and more in love with this author’s writing. This book is fun, sweet, and leaves you hoping and begging for a happy ending. We met both Matt & Sabrina in book one of this series, however if you haven’t read book 1, it isn’t necessary but I am sure you’ll love it, this is a stand-alone read 🙃 Getting this story on Matt & Sabrina, I was quite excited. Matt is partners in the Wall Street Firm, Wolfe Investments, with I...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****FOUR STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}He kisses me, and I forget everything. Our messy past, his parents, the stupid contract, the fighting. There’s only him, only us.I expected HARD SELL to be another typical ”enemies-to-lovers” romance. I happen to enjoy this trope and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t read by Lauren Layne, but I was pleasantly surprised that she added a little twist. While Matt and Sabrina appear ...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    4.5 Sparking, Needing Stars* * * * Spoiler Free- It's Live!!!When Big Money is Changing Hands...Image, as well, as Results Matters. When Wolfe Investments comes under the spotlight for sexy lap dances instead of high percentage returns, the man in the pictures comes under fire. The joke is that Matt Cannon had been at a bachelor party trying to mind his own business. He becomes the target of the tabloids and the ire of his bosses. We met Matt and...
  • Debbie Oliphant
    3.5 StarsI rec received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I love indulging in this author's stories, her characters are so strong and likable and you just want to hang out with them. The Bangor did not disappoint and the pace of the story flowed easily.This is the second installment from this series and it centers around Matt and Sabrina. Matt and Sabrina share the same friends but they are not friendly to each other. Matt finds himself in...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    4.5 Stars!(ARC provided by Montlake Romance) At 28 Matt Cannon is one of the youngest most successful investment brokers on Wall Street. He’s worked at Wolfe Investments since he was 22, and continued to move up the ranks while making a name for himself. Unfortunately a recent scandal has tarnished that good name and landed him in hot water. The gorgeous golden boys reputation is in jeopardy, and some clients are starting to get a bit anxious. ...
  • Lynn
    4.5 stars!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. I loved this book! This is the second book in the 21 Wall street series, but it can be read as a standalone, as I did. This is my first Lauren Layne book, but it definitely won't be my last. I actually think my next read will be the first book in the series, hopefully it's as great as this one. To be completely honest, this story isn't groundbreaking. We've all read a si...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We already met Matt Cannon in Ian's book. He's one of our three very successful broker's at Wolfe's on Wall Street. But his idiot cousin's bachelor weekend in Vegas ends with him in the Wall Street Journal - and it's not a nice article! His bosses tell him he has to grow up and stop the partying and drinking ... and to get himself a girlfriend! Or better yet - a soon-to-be fiancée - to look good in front of the clients at the company gala in a m...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    What happens in Vegas…First up, I have to say that I love the cover model’s outfit. Men around the world are probably cringing and shuddering at me calling a suit an outfit but it’s the whole package, not just the suit. I love the crisp white shirt, tie, vest and jacket. It helps that that it’s mostly in tones of blue contrasting against the white. Sure, the cover model is good looking, but his outfit completely distracted me from his loo...
  • Carvanz
    I love a good enemies to lovers trope. However, this one took it a step further and gave me an enemies with benefits story that I couldn’t help but gobble up in record time. Sabrina and Matt were just too electrifying when together and it’s obvious that they either had to argue or screw because of their intense chemistry. And so, for the past four years they’ve had one volatile relationship. It was actually quite charming in a fun masochist...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    3.5 Frienimies to Lovers StarsMatt is a Wall Street wiz kid and he has just been caught in a precarious situation at a bachelor party by a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. He needs to fix his reputation fast, before his clients start jumping ship and there is no better way to do that then to seem like he is in a committed relationship.Sabrina is the best fixer in town. If you have a problem she knows how to make it go away. She has known Mat...
  • Hollis
    I might not have loved HARD SELL but this particular hate-to-love or, rather, enemies-to-more was closer to the kind of story I've loved from this author in the past.. and that's not just because we had a Georgie Watkins (WALK OF SHAME) cameo; though I'll admit I totally fangirled at seeing her in this one, haha.I've been thinking the hardest part of this whole thing will be faking being in love when I don't even believe in love. Now I know bette...
  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    5 'Love negotiations' Stars!ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Can I just say, once again, that I am addicted to Lauren Layne's novels? Yes, I seem a broken record because I keep loving everything this woman writes. Yes, she did it again. I rated Hot Asset, the first in this series, with 5 stars also. So as you can see, I enjoyed Hard Sell just as much. An amazing frenemies-to-lovers romance that made me laugh, swoon and ...
  • Carol
    4 stars.🌟🌟🌟🌟Romantic comedy, an enemies to lovers story and book two of the series.Lighthearted and easy reading.🌞Lauren Layne does this style of rom-com so well. She had me thoroughly entertained from start to finish. I have noticed that her books always seem to be full of attractive characters, the pretty people, no plain Jane's but I couldn't care less about that fact as they are so engaging and simply fun to read .💕Matt and ...
  • .Under the pages
    COMING OUT TOMORROW!Matt Cannon, one of the best brokers of Wall Street, needs to clean his act. Being caught in the middle of a lap dance is not exactly what his clients like to see when they open the Wall Street Journal. So, either he turns into a one-woman kind of man, or he’s fired. Simple as that. Now the question is, who’s going to pretend to be his girlfriend? He needs someone to look the part but have no expectations of some kind when...
  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    I like when an author can surprise me and LL definitely surprised me when it came to Matt and Sabrina. I’ll be honest, their love/hate relationship with benefits sounded like a drama ridden train wreck but I liked Hot Asset (book 1) and I really want to find out what the deal is between Kennedy and Ellie. I was looking at this read as a means to an end but I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how this all unfolded. With each ...
  • Kristy K
    3.5 StarsI've been a fan of Layne's for a while now and I am officially on board with her latest series, 21 Wall Street. After meeting Sabrina and Matt in Ian's book, I was excited to get their story. It's not exactly a true enemies-to-lovers story, more like (stealing from Layne's own description here) frenemies-to-lovers. After Matt gets into a scandal (pictures of him in Vegas), his bosses give him an ultimatum: settle down (with a nice girl) ...
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    Enemies to Lovers.....Matt and Sabrina’s story was perfectly executed. They had quick and sassy banter, good friends who supported and loved them, and an intense connection that neither had ever really voiced to one another. It was a perfect little read.These enemies are perfect for another. While Sabrina is the fixer of New York, Matt is a Wall Street phenome. Each have a connection through Ian, Matt’s best friend and well as Sabrina’s bes...
  • Dali
    In her second 21 Wall Street novel, Lauren Layne takes readers on a witty, sexy slow burn journey about a hot shot broker and the woman hired to tone down his wild party image. At twenty-eight Matt Cannon thought he had everything he ever dreamed of. He’s rich, smart, and looks that guarantee he’s in no shortage of female attention. But when a Las Vegas bachelor party gets a bit too wild and on the Wall Street Journal headlines, his bosses gi...
  • Rochelle | Rochelle Reads ♡
    If something is going to capture my attention, it is an enemies-to-lovers romance between a scandalous investor and sassy public relations specialist. And that is what happened here with Hard Sell, my first, but not last read by Lauren Layne. However, while the characters are engaging, there were certain areas within the story that needed some finessing to make this, what to me would be, a more complete and gripping romance. Who else, besides Ma...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    Pretty good frenemies to lovers read...I enjoyed Matt & Sabrina’s story. Their back and forth is pretty funny, and the tension between them is pretty steamy. I enjoyed the additional characters, and the main characters back stories. This is a good frenemies to lovers read!
  • Ari
    *I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.*  After reading Hot Asset, I was hyped to dive into the second book in the 21 Wall Street series because I was already shipping the couple for this book and I needed to know what the hell went wrong in the first place to cause such animosity between the pair.Hard Sell is an enemies-to-lovers romance and follows our main characters, Matt Cannon and Sabrina...
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on September 4, 2018. Hard Sell reminds me exactly why Lauren Layne is one of my all-time-favorite authors. The characters are compelling and interesting, the story is smart, entertaining and heartfelt, and the writing is intelligent and engaging. Sabrina and Matt have annoyed each other and lusted after each other for years, and they have settled into a frenemies-with-benefits relationshi...
  • nick
    If you have been following me for a long time, this review is going to seem redundant. I adore Lauren Layne's books and she rarely ever disappoints. My review for Hard Sell is going to be all rainbows and cupcakes because I loved it! I mean what's not to love though? It had some of my favorite tropes including fake-relationship and enemies-to-lovers!It never takes much for me to fall for Lauren Layne's heroes and as always, I was head over heels ...
  • My Pink Fairytales
    Lauren Layne, you're brilliant! I love you for writing such an amazing story!Ladies, you must read this book! The second in the 21 Wall Street series, tells the story of Matt and Sabrina, whom we know from Hot Asset (21 Wall Street #1). Their relationship is unique and layered. You might think they're enemies, but they're also friends. They have a four-year history, filled with tons of barbs and some sex. He's a Wall Street investment broker and ...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    Hard sell is the second book in the series and I am not sure if I would call it an improvement from the first one. I think I liked that more. There was something about this one that didn't sit well with me and I didn't enjoy the story as much as I would have liked to. I didn't get why Matt's actions at the bachelor party had such an impact that he was forced to find a suitable girlfriend. I also don't understand why Matt said that he didn't have ...
  • Donna
    This was a fun, sexy read. Another gorgeous, hot, rich guy falls for a feisty, rich heroine. These two fight it out for most of the book. Some hate sex along the way. Although they really don’t hate each other, they have had an on sex in the past and Matt now has to clean up his act. He needs Sabrina to be his pretend girlfriend as neither of them believe in love. A cute quick read.
  • Melanie
    4.5 Stars!Hard Sell features an amazing hate to love romance you can’t help but root for and a wonderful group of characters.Matt Cannon is one of the youngest brokers on Wall Street and has the reputation of being one of the best to go with it. When Matt’s antics at a cousin’s bachelor party put him in the papers for the wrong reasons, his bosses at Wolfe Investments give him an ultimatum. Clean up his act and get a real girlfriend or look...
  • Ayekah
    Meet Matt Connor. Second of our three gentlemen, ahem... at 21 Wall Street. Holy hell this book knocked me off my feet, I did not put it down until the last page. Lauren just blew this one right out of the water. I love this series but this book.... a total button pusher. Matt is the whiz kid at work. His brain is on auto calculate constantly, it makes him good at what he does. His two best friends and co workers Ian and Kennedy work right along ...
  • Jessica
    Received this book through NetGalley very happy I did. I read the first and liked it. In the middle of the first one it was a bit slow. I was hesitant to start this one. I'm so happy I picked it up anyway. Matt and Sabrina could be so intense. We all know that their hate relationship was based on them being scared. They knew all along that there was something special about the other person.Their sexual chemistry was off the charts. Their story wa...
  • Ann
    4.5 stars. Loved it. Loved Sabrina from book 1 and didn’t realize I’d decide to like Matt as much as I ultimately did. And then my interest is peaked with the introduction of gazillionaire Jarod Lanham and I’m hoping (oh please, oh please dear author!!!) that he gets to stick around for further development. Whee!!!!! Low and behold he gets mentioned as being included in the group during the HEA. Fingers crossed he can have his own book and ...