The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B by M.H. Abrams

The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B

Firmly grounded by the hallmark strengths of all Norton Anthologies thorough and helpful introductory matter, judicious annotation, complete texts wherever possible The Norton Anthology of English Literature has been revitalized in this Eighth Edition through the collaboration between six new editors and six seasoned ones. Under the direction of Stephen Greenblatt, General Editor, the editors have reconsidered all aspects of the anthology to make...

Details The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B

TitleThe Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B
Release DateDec 22nd, 2005
PublisherW.W. Norton
GenreClassics, Fiction, Anthologies, Poetry, Academic, School

Reviews The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. B

  • Erika Schoeps
    An absolute treasure trove of everything you need to read as a Literature major. I had an awesome time discussing everything in this book in class. If you're new to Literature, DON'T read it without a good professor to guide you through. I would've got nothing out of this without my great professor.
  • Diana
    Textbook for my British Literature class. If you would like a good overview of literature from the UK, during this time period it's a good book to start out with. Some very well known authors and some that you many not know the name of but will recognize the poem or story.
  • Robin
    I like this series of textbooks. Each section has a clear, concise introduction to different aspects of that theme. It provides brief, informative biographies on each author. It includes a wide variety of authors and poets to choose from. There is no way you could cover everything in this book in one semester. It has wonderful footnotes to help clarify archaic words and phrases as well. All this is presented without any kind of opinion or critiqu...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    This has a lot of interesting history of the period, as well as an introduction to the different genres and writers.Not something I would have read right now if I didn't have to read it for class, however, the Norton Anthologies never disappoint me.
  • Rachel Matsuoka
    Unpopular opinion: Canon = another word for overrated. But the editing team did a great job with the writers' biographies and introductions.
  • Phillip
    Love, love, love the Norton Anthologies. I've already reviewed Volume A, and most of the positive stuff I said is still true of this anthology. The introductory materials are good, and the selection of texts presented is comprehensive.One thing I'm not 100% happy about is the division within the book. There are two broad period overviews, one the the Tudor period and one to the Stuart period and Protectorate. While I get the rationale for drawing...
  • Jessica
    All in all, this is a great collection. The variety is wide, with a large number of different topics covered. The notes are helpful, and I can't criticise this book as an introduction to literature of the Renaissance period.The contents are, obviously, limited, and I dislike Norton's editorial process of altering texts written in English English to American spellings - I'd rather read what Shakespeare wrote than what some moronic American editor ...
  • Vernon Ray
    Good selection, the best part was the seriously large section on Milton. Areopogetica was awesome. (It loses a star out of principal, I was forced to buy this book and forced to read it. Perhaps I'll revisit later.)Other highlights: Robert Herrick's poetry, Ben Johnson's Volpone, The Duchess of Malafi. I know there are others but these are the ones off the top of my head.
  • Christian Brown
    If you like English Literature, then invest in these works. Between Volumes 1 and 2, it covers all major works from the dawn of time to modern writers. It's got just about everything you'd ever want or need!
  • Sandra Hernandez
    Though I confess I have not read each poem and last story, the book itself is as guiding as the bible. It is full of morals, theories, teachings, laughter (unlike the bible), and truths. These stories are a challenge, a puzzle, a maze and when complete, a break through!
  • Alice
    As with Volume A, The Norton Anthology of English Literature is a comprehensive collection of mid century English literature. Truly the only unfortunate thing about it is the size: it is horrendous to carry around!
  • Kaleigh
    Thomas CarewSamuel DanielJohn DonneMichael DraytonGeorge HerbertHenry Howard, Earl of SurreyBen JonsonAndrew MarvellJohn MiltonWilliam ShakespeareSir Philip SidneyEdmund SpenserIzaak WaltonMary WrothSir Thomas Wyatt the Elder
  • Jewels
    Please see my review of volumes A & C, because the same opinion holds true for this volume.
  • Tree
    The material in this anthology has a fantastic array of 16-17 c. works. I really wish it didn't feel like the book would fall apart in my next reading, though...
  • Kristina
    Textbook for my Tudor British Literature class.
  • Eric
    This is quite the anthology of really great and pertinent literature--especially for the aspiring scholar of the English language.
  • Clare
    Read for my degree, various books inside, all interesting in their own way. worth a read if interested in the time period.
  • Sannie Hald
    Read some of the context for university.
  • Mckenzie
    All in all a good anthology. Frustrating that it had ALMOST all of Milton's Paradise Lost, then randomly decided to leave off the last few books.
  • Judy
    For Brit Lit class
  • MairĂ©ad (is roaming the Undying Lands)
    4.5 Stars.***Read For School***
  • Jacque
    Love the Shakespeare unit! Twelfth Night was hilarious and sad!
  • Liz
    Sigh. I'm hooked.
  • Elisa
    ~review pending~
  • Becky Hoffman
    Had to read this for my British Literature class, and I really enjoyed the collection of stories in it. Finally getting to read some Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Marlow.
  • Chantel
    I haven't read every story, but a large portion and I found some really great works in there. Stories I hope to tell my children one day!
  • Dyan
    Party read it for English Literary History. Interesting parts, but mostly very heavy heavy, uninteresting literature.