anatomy by Yolanda Olson


There's a monster before me that's killing everything I believe in. A villain that sees me for what I'm worth and wants the pound of flesh I've offered up as repayment for my sins. The burden I carry is heavy on my shoulders, but as pieces of me are stripped away to bare the horrors within, I can feel myself becoming worthy of the pain. I'm not a monster. No matter how much it hurts to admit it, and no matter how terrible the truth will be when b...

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Release DateFeb 10th, 2018
GenreHorror, Dark

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  • Selene
    3.5 starsTone: MorbidPov/s: First-personThis story left me speechless! It was dark, twisted, and gory! The dialogue was sparse! The characters didn’t have names! (view spoiler)[The captive wasn’t named until the last sentence on the last page!!!!! (hide spoiler)]**SPOILERS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!****BEWARE!!!*****At first glance this story appeared to be your run-of-the-mill horror treat. There’s a captive and her captor is ruthless. It’s u...
  • Aicha
    Wow, just wow.This book left me speechless, from the get go to the end, specially that ending, my jaw dropped from that ending, i wasn't expecting it at all.When i started reading i got shocked, it was gruesome and quiet scary how well described those scenes were as though from own was all dark, scary and disgusting.And i absolutely loved every second of it.I am without doubt going to read more from this author.
  • Karen - Kazza's Books Blog and Reviews
    I started this book without reading the blurb. I do that more often than not ( Yolanda is a 1-click author for me ) and with my jaw to the floor and my eyes almost bulging out of their sockets I barely made it thought the prologue without throwing up in my mouth, lol. It's that good, gory, horrific and just like watching a car accident, I couldn't look away or put the book down.Yolanda lures you in with Anatomy, I really loved the way in which it...
  • Elizabeth Cash
    Yolanda. I don't even know where to begin. This was one of those books that leave you with your jaw in your lap. And I'm sure you're Like "but they all do that?!" No, you don't understand. This puts a new meaning on mind fuck and plot twist. This puts a new meaning to carnage on one's feelings. This brings a whole new perspective to horror. This book, without giving spoilers, KILLS!! Do yourself a favor and read this. There is no way you'll be di...
  • Ellie Midwood
    Being a huge fan of Yolanda Olson, I expected this new story to be an amazing read that will mess me up in all the right ways, but I never expected to fall in love with it as much as I did! I love moral dilemmas that Yolanda invariably poses for her readers: would you willingly entrust yourself into the hands of the monster who will bring his absolution for your sins but will require the highest price in exchange? And, if you’re able to survive...
  • Ally Vance
    If you do not like gore, have a weak stomach or are faint of heart DO NOT READ this. As for the rest of the weirdos like me, well dive right on in.This book left me wide eyed and gaping at my kindle screen in horror. Exactly what I want from a story of this genre and no less than what Yolanda Olson delivered to me.This story read strangely, it felt partly like a monologue and partly like a regular narrative. Regardless of the structure it still s...
  • *~* Susie
    Haunting, unique story. One word made all the pieces come together.
  • Linda Cotter
    You know, if you've read a book by Yolanda Olson, you expect certain things: horror, blood, twists, the unexplainable. But I have yet to figure it out before a line. One line, toward the end of each book, and suddenly you're thrown for a loop. You see everything in the book laid out before you and want to perform a face palm that you didn't pick up on it before.This book is no exception. You read it, and you wonder how this can happen. This is al...
  • Brittany Reece
    Gator tails and tartar sauce, this one threw me for a loop.Every time I thought I knew for sure what was going to happen, I was proven terribly wrong in the most amazing way.I've considered Yolanda a master at mindwarps (can't use the other 4 lettered word I want) for some time but this one took the dang cake, ate it, and asked for ice cream too.Well bleeping done!
  • Bookworm223
    Yolanda Olson is without a doubt, one of those rare 5-star authors. I've read quite a few of her books (reviews will be coming for those ones) and this one is definitely in my top three. Why? It has two of my favorite things: gore galore and a twist I never saw coming. It also, surprisingly, has feels, too; something you wouldn't expect from a book in the horror genre. When I got to the last page, I had to sit and stew in silence, while trying to...
  • Barbara Gartman
    Anatomy deserves more than 5 stars, in my opinion. Just when I thought I had seen all of Yolanda's magic trick she pulls one last trick out of her dark and crazy little hat. If you know Yolanda and have experienced any of her masterpieces then you know that she likes to test your limits and then quickly snatch you back into your reality while leaving you wanting more from her dark and twisted world. Anatomy is that kind of book! From beginning to...
  • Jamie
    "You'll understand that in order to become a beautiful butterfly, you have to shed your ugly exterior."This book was written about me. It was written about you. My heart stopped, sputtered and beat erratically while telling myself to put the book down, and turning the page. Yolanda Olson has outdone herself. I both loved and loathed every word in this book. Kinda like how I feel about myself. Remember when I said this book was written about me? A...
  • Amy Lynn Lockhart
    Yolanda Olson always knows how to hook you, reel you in, and make you beg for more. She brought her A game with this book. You really shouldn't be surprised at the amount of gore, and torture in this book. The way it is written is so realistic at times I thought I was the victim. Hell. Yolanda had me WANTING to be the victim in this story. I couldn't stop reading this book. My emotions were all over the place, fighting a battle within. When you c...
  • Michelle
    6 stars from me!I love this author and have read so many amazing books from her already, but anatomy is by far the best book to date she has written.It is real, it is raw, and sends a strong message, we are all dealing with demons sometimes daily. Stand strong and fight back!Nothing more to say because you need to read this book to understand how outstanding it is and to feel those exposed emotions pouring through each chapter.Thank you Yolanda!
  • Lis Garcia
    Well blow me down.Anatomy is one of the best stories written by Yolanda. She takes you on a ride with the Tormentor and his "Pet".  Pet goes through so much with the Tormentor for her sins. He is one crazy bad guy and the tormentor does his job well. And through it all, they seemed to have this connection with one another- but how far will he go and how much can she handle? I flew through this story as I didn't want to put it down. It felt like ...
  • Laurinda
    This is my absolute favorite Yolanda book so far!!!!It was freaking perfect!You know you've read one of her books when you get to the end and you're like "WTF, I did not see that coming!"She NEVER disappoints!Prepare to get your mind blown!!!!It's so hard to review without giving things away.Just know that you really need to read this book.
  • Kapri
    What. The. Actual. F**k!Yup, this pretty much sums it up...
  • Dawn Yarrow
    Five stars is not enough for this book, it is one hell of a mind twist. Absolutely loved this story. Full on horror at its best. The book takes you on a journey and will have you completely hooked throughout. No spoilers from me. You have to read this book. This is not a Romance.
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    Yolanda has such a way with words that will have you sucked in from the start.I have read a few of Yolanda's books but this one is my favorite, it is raw. we are all fighting our own demons. I don't want to say much .. but it is written so well and will have you turning the pages until the end and even then you will want more.This one gives you all the feels.I can't wait to see what Yolanda brings us next.
  • Bridgett Brown
    Have you ever read a book where you know that the main character is a bad guy, but you start to have the feels for him. Yeah this book did that. Like I know I want the character to be a “good guy” but after reading what he’s doing I kinda want him to be a Bad good guy. Did that make sense. Like he is evil but a good kinda of evil. Believe me I’m confused on how I feel about him. Dudes I can’t even begin to tell how good this book was. I...
  • Badh
    Omg, Yolanda Olson, wtf have you done to my poor head? Honestly, this book wrapped me up and twisted my brain. It's dark and twisted and one of the biggest mindf$$&&$$ks I've ever read. I really can't say anything about the plot of the story or any of the characters because this story defies anything I could say about it. It's one of the stories that you have to read yourself to get it and you will probably still have to go back and reread the pa...
  • Yvonne Davies
    If you have read any of the author’s work before than you know that there will be some graphic scenes and this book was no different.The story is written from the two main characters POV. Each chapter alternated between them, letting you know how each one was acting and feeling. The “monster” had a gentlemanlike quality to him and whilst he was inflicting pain on the victim, he had a caring nature and was proud of his work. The “victim”...
  • Ebony
    Yolanda Olson has taken us on a trip down the rabbit hole with this MASTERPIECE!!!!When I started reading this book, I was pretty sure that I knew where the story was going...Oh, but I was wrong...So very wrong!!! Yolanda Olson takes her reader on one hell of an emotional roller coaster with this read. She exposes the darkest side of human suffering with Anatomy. This book is one that left me looking at everything that I once thought differently....
  • Amy
    BRAVO Yolanda Olson with Anatomy. This piece of work is now my FAVORITE! I totally loved this book. I honestly haven’t read any reviews on it since I don’t read reviews before I read book but I totally glad I don’t since I was AMAZED. I knew halfway through the book what was really happening. I knew it because I have been to my own “Darkness” before and I think deep inside darkness knows darkness. Even though I guessed what was happenin...
  • Kim BookJunkie
    ANATOMY is one of if not the most bizarre, cryptic books I’ve ever read! Olson used an extremely innovative writing style with this book, literally only a few lines having quotation marks to indicate actual discussion between characters. Up until the very last page, I was still questioning what exactly I was reading: -Are there 2 characters or 1? -Are these all inner musings or actual discussions? -Are the characters in hell or in an actual pla...
  • Sarah - A Woman & Her Books
    Yolana is a relatively new author to me but this one pushed my boundaries... It's gory, horrific and I spent most of the read with my hand over my mouth trying to keep hold of my dinner! I spent the majority of this book in utter confusion but the compulsion is to keep reading to obtain those answers. Her writing is that detailed and descriptive that you are able to picture the scene and feel the pain with every word written. The twist was amazin...
  • Danielle Harris
    Very intenseHoly cow what a freaking page turner! I've been waiting for this book for a long time, this was totally worth the wait. This is definitely in my top favorite book for the year! Its dark, gripping, and very creepy. Yolanda once again delivered another captivating book! This is a story about the tormentor and little girl. No details for this book go into this blind. You will not be disappointed.
  • Mel Shank
    Anatomy by Yolanda Olson is another MIND BLOWER!! Seriously, it is only until the very last page of this book that you understand all that has happened. It is scary how Ms Olson completely messes with your mind. I love every minute of it. A must read if you like gory, horror!In fact, Yolanda Olson has become a one click author for me. At this point, I do not need the blurb or anything... Just give me the story!Texas Hugs and Happy Reading!
  • Mandy Saial
    "I think our Private Hell is a Beautiful Place , don't you ?anatomy is one of those stories that keeps you in suspense and interested in the deranged character the author has presented .She did a damn good job at it too .The graphic gore , mind numbing twists and raunchy innuendos leave you intrigued by it's utter madness . I'm not going to give the books secrets away , you'll have to read it for yourself .Just know we all go a little insane once...