Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter #6) by S.R. Grey

Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter #6)

Aubrey….I’m so excited for my wedding that I can’t stop humming “Here Comes the Bride.” Hey, you’d be happy too if you were marrying hockey’s most eligible bachelor, Brent Oliver. Only problem is the universe seems to be conspiring against us, trying to thwart our big day. How else would you explain a missing bridal gown, an unexpected injury, and a slew of other mishaps?Will this wedding ever even happen?Brent….You bet your ass t...

Details Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter #6)

TitleVows on Ice (Boys of Winter #6)
Release DateSep 24th, 2018
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Hockey, Contemporary

Reviews Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter #6)

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    Vows On Ice was a sweet and hysterical reunion with the boys of winter. Brent and Aubrey are getting married and the preparations were just as insane as the way they fell in love. A missing wedding dress and a sprained ankle are just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily they're surrounded by their friends and are more in love than ever. Everyone's together and the couples definitely let the love flow over. Nolan and Lainey were just as inappropriate ...
  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.5 Stars!! The Review: Brilliant and oh so much fun!Aubrey Shelburne and Brent Oliver are getting married!The Boys of Winter are together again in one hilarious and thrilling adventure as Aubrey and Brent come back to the pages, trying to make their way to their wedding nuptials. With one interference after another, it almost seems ...
  • Jessica Alcazar
    Why do authors insist on tagging their books standalones when they are NOT?! WHY?! #sendhelp lol ATTENTION: You should really read at least Destiny on Ice if you really want to enjoy this short story. I mean that's the book with Brent and Aubrey's journey to HEA. This is just really their journey to the altar. A hilarious one, but I don't see how anyone could fully enjoy it without reading how it all started. Okay, enough of that LOLI've really ...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 Star Review Vows On Ice (Boys of Winter #6) by S.R.GreyThis was a fun, quick read which was a re visit with some of my favourite characters in one of my favourite hockey series.We come together to watch the trials, tribulations and hilarious happenings as Brent Oliver and Aubrey Shelburne get married. Along for the ride are their family and friends who make up this cast of crazy but loveable characters.The banter between Brent and Aubrey had me...
  • Ana Rita
    It's been a while since I had a book from this author and I couldn't be happier. Jesus it was about time.S. R. Grey has a sweet writting, full of feelings and emotions that will melt your heart. Just see for yourself. Vows on Ice is her latest release and it's the sixth book from the Boys of Winter series. I've been following this series and being a greedy girl I always want more. More. But I totally advise you to read all books in order. You'll ...
  • Miranda Knight
    I loved Brent and Audrey in Book 1. I was looking forward to reading this latest installment from the series. Of course with the reappearance of Area 51 at the most inopportune moments--meeting Brent's super conservative aunt with young twins! Audrey's dress is lost in the mail...oh and Brent hurts himself simply skating at his childhood home. How can we forget the bachelorette party that Lainey planned which didn't end until after 6 am the next ...
  • Shelly's Book Corner
    This fun,hilarious and quick read by SR Grey will have you laughing with Aubrey and Brent all the way to the alter. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, naughty cupcakes, a missing wedding dress, an injured ankle and Area 51. What other obstacles could stop Brent and Aubrey saying I Do? I enjoyed reading Vows On Ice. Well written and characters well written. Grey captures the supporting characters and their relationships. First time reading SR Grey...
  • MillsyLovesBooks
    I have loved this series, so to get more of these fun, sports rom-com's on ice i was over the moon. I would say you need to have been following this series or you might struggle to follow each of the couples within this read.We're back with Aubrey and Brent, following them down the alter and more of their HEA. I adored Aubrey and Brent with all their shenanigans and Area 51!! and Vows On Ice bring's us even more. Not giving details away as this i...
  • Diane Lynch
    S.R. Grey’s VOW ON ICE is a fun and entertaining read. The story is about Las Vegas Wolves NHL star Brent Oliver’s and life coach Aubrey Shelburne’s (from book one DESTINY ON ICE) upcoming wedding. The couple undergoes one disaster after another leading up to their wedding. It is very humorous. I think anyone that has gone through wedding preparations would appreciate the obstacles that take place.I love that the story involves the characte...
  • Nikkita
    10 stars in my book! It was fantastic to see the gang again. Such an amazing novella. Beautifully written as always, I was right back with the gang caught up in the whirlwind that is the Boys of Winter. We get to revisit all the past boys and their women, on the journey of Brent and Aubrey getting married. Lots of lough out loud moments, there was entire chapters I couldn't quit laughing. S.R. Grey definitely has a way with her characters drawing...
  • Lynn Reynolds
    Brent Oliver is talking to the reader during the first chapter of the book. It was funny to “see” his finger shaking at our expense. And that seems to set the tone for the rest of the book. Aubrey Shelburne is out to have fun one last time. She and her friends made me wish I were a part of the festivities. Then I get to a ohh… moment and there’s no way that I could stop if I tried. Otherwise I’m going to miss all the good stuff. It’s ...
  • Debbie Hanson
    Vows On IceBoys of Winter #6S.R Grey⭐⭐⭐⭐Fun, sweet, hot, crude and maybe a little corny… Vows On Ice has all these. S.R Grey has created a quick fun read that was the perfect healing story for me. Brent and Aubrey are everything you want in a story of love. But their friends Lainey, Nolan, Eliza and Benny, whom share the fun up to the wedding day make it laugh out loud funny. As Brent and Aubrey prepare to return to his home to Marry, t...
  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    4 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has pain, laughs, and sweet love. Before reading this story please read the below books firstDestiny on Ice (Boys of Winter #1)Resistance on Ice (Boys of Winter #2)Complications on Ice (Boys of Winter #3)Caution on Ice (Boys of Winter #4)Player on Ice (Boys of Winter #5)This is more of Aubrey and Brent’s story. If you have read this series, you know these two. They are about to get married. Bu...
  • Jackie Wright
    I love this series and I was so excited to be back with Brent , Aubrey and the gang and let me tell you this book did not disappoint it was everything I expected and more.From the bachelor and bachelorette parties this book with have you laughing and giggling all the way to the altar for Brent and Aubrey’s wedding. The dress goes missing, the groom twists his ankle and of course Area 51 needs to make a few appearances at the most inopportune mo...
  • Kim
    Mishaps happen all the time but when they seem to be happening more often then not Aubrey starts to think maybe it is a sign. A missing dress and accident on the ice.. is someone trying to give her a sign that maybe just maybe Brent isn't her .. ONE !!When the friends and family all get together you know there will be some crazy time's ahead BUT the things that happen on this little adventure might change the way the wedding for Brent and Aubrey ...
  • Nikki Reeves
    Ahhhh! I was so excited to read more about Brent and Aubrey. I love this series so much, and this book did not disappoint one single bit. What’s a wedding without some crazy mischief mixed in!? With a missing wedding dress, a sprained ankle, and of course a bit of Area 51, how could things not be wild and hilarious. I love how this book is a perfect mixture of all the couples, and there were times I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting. I...
  • JoAnna G
    **4.5 Green Glow Stars**This book six in the Boys Of Winter series. I have read them all and fell in love with every single book. They make you laugh out loud. I don't just mean laugh out loud I mean full on belly laugh out loud. This is a sort of continuation of book one Destiny on Ice. This book brings back the whole gang, men and women as well for the wedding of Brent and Aubrey. This book and author did not disappoint. I always worry about be...
  • JoAnna Edger
    What can I say about this book!!!! AMAZINGGGGG!!!!Every single word in this book is beyond amazing! This story is funny, had me giggling so much at the way the events that led up to Brent and Aubrey’s wedding played out!!!I am so happy with the way this book ended and it gave me everything I could of wanted out of this story! Seeing these characters grow and have them all return together in this book was simply perfect!!! If you haven’t read ...
  • Nicole Smith
    4.5 StarsThis is one of my favorite hockey series. I just love the characters so much. They so hilarious. I'm always laughing when reading this series. This book was no different. This one surrounds the big day for Aubrey and Brent. I couldn't be happier for them. This book has many funny moments, but you can feel the love between the characters. This was a super easy read that I gobbled up in one sitting. If you haven't read this series yet you'...
  • Christina Kane
    Vows on IceThis book revisits Brent and Aubrey as they prepare for their wedding In Minnesota. The other characters from the series make an appearance as everyone gets together for the bachelor and bachelorette parties prior to everyone meeting in Minnesota for the wedding. When things start going wrong at the Bachelor party and continue on after that, Aubrey wonders if her and Brent should just cancel the wedding after all.I loved this book not ...
  • Marina Skinner
    This book!!!I can't even begin to describe my feelings whilst reading this!! Their friendships, their banter, their support network is truly amazing. Who wouldnt want people around you like that??? I devoured this story and came out of it feeling like all is right in the world. Vows On Ice is a beautiful book that gives you a wonderful outlook on how the players and their partners are doing. It was truly a book that gives you all the feels. It w...
  • Heather andrews
    Brent is just always thinking naughty thoughts, "nodding to the lingerie, I playfully state, “Hey, you could always just wear that getup over there. I’d be cool with that.” There are times Brent doesn't need to be told twice, "smiling seductively, I lean forward and unbuckle his belt. “Pants and underwear off,” I order. Brent complies in about five seconds flat." I liked this book, I loved seeing everyone again and the antics and shenan...
  • Toula
    This is a quick great novella story. What I love about this story is , you see a happy ending to two people that you heard (audio) or read about. Not only is this story about Bret and Audrey . But you see other friends from the other stories. This one will have you laughing sometimes so hard you will have tears in your eyes. It has it all , What happens when there is a broken ankle. Someone looking for a dress that went MIA ". This will have you ...
  • Jennifer Pierson
    Vows on Ice is the short(ish) read which surrounds Brent & Audrey's wedding festivities, and I laughed so hard, that my stomach still hurts. They are getting ready to get married, and all kinds of crazy things happen as they get closer. Luckily, they have time to light the sheets on fire in between the chaos, not to mention their besties having as much fun between the sheets. Loved this cast of secondaries that only added to hilarious hijinks, as...
  • mybookcraze
    *Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review* It was a great book. The only reason I am giving three stars is that I got a little confused on all the relationships and I should have read all the books in the series before starting this one. Which is totally my fault! Besides that, it was a decent read.
  • Within The Pages Book Blog
    Hysterical!!! Vows on Ice is such a funny and sweet novella that I enjoyed reading very much. S.R. Grey tells us the story of Brent and Aubrey and their wedding. We met these two characters as well as many others in previous books and when they are all together the laughs keep coming!!! Between all the mishaps, missing dress and injuries you neverKnow what’s going to happen next. You don’t even quite know if the wedding will even happen!!! Vo...
  • Liz
    Vows on Ice by S.R. Grey was a fun and quick read leading up to a wedding and giving us a view of all the characters we have met and loved in the Boys of Winter series. Aubrey and Brent are ready to say “I do” however, it seems no one else may be! Mishaps are happening all over the place! It was so much fun to catch up with these characters and watch Aubrey and Brent try and maneuver through all the craziness. Vows on Ice takes you right back...
  • FS Meurinne
    Well this book had me laughing out loud, it was Aubrey and Brents wedding, this novella was so fun to read, the romance was so sweet and amazing, I totally recommend it, the crazy bachelor and bachelorette party was hilarious, Area 51 comes to play and what’s not to like with a group of sexy players getting together. Well this book had me laughing out loud, it was Aubrey and Brent´s wedding, this novella was so fun to read, the romance was s...
  • Jaime Reynolds
    Love love this series!! The characters are hot, sexy and hockey players. The storylines are perfect and have me laughing and loving every minute of what is going on. When I started this book I knew I was going to read it in one sitting. A definite must read series. I cannot wait for the next book!!
  • Michelle
    I was given an advanced readers copy of this book and have decided to leave a voluntary honest review. I just love this gang so much, the shananigains they kept up to are to funny at times. They make to laugh to the point there falling off your chair lol. Can't wait for more.