Dark of Night (Ashwood Red #1) by Jex Lane

Dark of Night (Ashwood Red #1)

All Kat wants is vengeance. Kat dreams of one thing: driving a stake through the cold, dead heart of the vampire lord who turned her father and killed her mother. When she’s offered the chance to earn magic-laced tattoos that make her stronger and faster, she jumps at it, even if it means working for monsters. Incubi. Seductive creatures who feed off sexual energy. And one of them wants her. If only she could ignore his ridiculously perfect bod...

Details Dark of Night (Ashwood Red #1)

TitleDark of Night (Ashwood Red #1)
Release DateJan 29th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreParanormal, Vampires, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Reviews Dark of Night (Ashwood Red #1)

  • Kistal Gordon
    2.75/5 stars *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review*A lot to impact here. I don't know where to begin. I want to thank Jex for giving me the arc in exchange for a honest review. I want to start of this review saying that I read m/f erotica. I do. And the ratings I'm giving this book is not because I have something against m/f. The book is about a girl name Kat who witnessed her mother's death by the hands o...
  • Jamie
    I read this entire book in one sitting. No shame. It was wonderful to be able to see more into the hunter side of the BeMo world, and I may have squealed a little bit every time a character from Matthew’s story came into play. If you’ve read Captive, Sire, and Broken, (view spoiler)[we all know Tarrick is a bit of a softy, but he hides it so frickin’ well. Seeing him interact with Darius was refreshing, even if it made me want to poke him a...
  • iam
    I’m so sad I didn’t like this.The author’s other series, Beautiful Monsters, is one of my favourites so when I saw there was another series of books set not just in the same universe but around the same timeline I was really excited.So going in with that in mind I was pretty disappointed.I knew this book would be paranormal romance, which is a genre I like, but I was very underwhelmed by the romance part. I didn’t understand the instant...
  • Anjela Sipe
    *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre-ordered/purchased this book. The below review is solely my opinion.What a wonderful trip back into the Beautiful Monsters realm. This book focuses on a fiery and stubborn Kat, and the more eloquent and refined Darius, although things are not always as they seem. Excellent job once again by Jex Lane in this story that kept me so ensconced, that I di...
  • Di
    *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre-ordered/purchased this book. Any opinions I have are of my own.While set in the same universe as Beautiful Monsters, Dark of Night is very different from the Beautiful Monsters series. This is a romance book through and through. If you have not read Jex Lane’s books before, this book and the Ashwood Red series will be a good starting point to eas...
  • Karyn
    I binged of this book in one sitting on a work night and only went to bed because I knew I was working 12 hours and I needed the end of this book to be my reward for making it through the day. Totally had a book hangover all day and couldn’t wait to get home and finish the book that night. Thank you Jex for giving me a great reward system ☺ this book landed right beside Captive, Broken and Sire on my favorites shelf.Dark of Night is set in t...
  • Preethi
    *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review*The dark of night is an M/f novel which is a part of (ashwood red series) The main characters of the novel are kat and Darius. Kat is the character that had initially appeared in "sire of BeMO"(just one scene)*Spoiler below*The Novel starts of with a bang! We see Kat's parents dying in front of her eyes as her father sucks the life out of her mother.We get to see a Ne...
  • Ruthie
    So first of all, I didn’t know what to expect. I mean other than the fact that last month I slammed through the three Beautiful Monsters books and then sobbed and walked around in a daze wishing I could re-enter the world. Yeah apart from that. I heard another book was coming out but NOT the fourth in the other series. No worries. I pre-ordered and waited *patiently*. Guess what! I’m as satiated and happy as a well-fed incubus right now. This...
  • Novia
    ****THIS REVIEW HAS SOME SPOILERS****Ugh! This review is problematic for me because I LURVE Jex and her books. I finished this book about a few hours after I received it which surprised me because her other books took me some time to get through. There’s a bit of heft to her other books that this one didn’t have. This Book is set in the same universe as the Beautiful Monsters series and is within the timeframe of the book Captive. You don’t...
  • Stephanie • Ideally Inspired
    Oh Ashwood Red, of House BeMo, I love you so. I have yet to read a book by Jex Lane that I didn't like, and this one can be filed right along the rest: under mah faves. If you're a fan of adult paranormal/fantasy, here's why this book/series is for you: - The world building is expertly written: you'll find that there are so many facets and layers to the creatures/characters and worlds in this story, yet they're easy to follow, and a joy to read. ...
  • Nellie B.
    ***Disclaimer: I was given an ARC for an honest and full review***Without giving too much away, this story is about a girl who has everything torn from her but still manages to stand strong on her two feet. A strong female protagonist? Count me in!What I did like in the story was the characters. Kat, one of the main protagonists, was definitely not like the female characters that are currently being written. She’s fierce, strong, says what she ...
  • Monique
    Truly exceptional... I love everything that this author writes. She is incredibly talented and creates these amazing characters that you simply can’t help but love and even sometimes hate a little. And feel so incredibly sorry for *talking about you, Matthew*. And often, a shift between these emotions for these multi dimensional characters is not uncommon in Jex Lane’s books. My point is, amazing character development. Fantastic world buildin...
  • Alia
    *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre-ordered/purchased this book. The below review is solely my opinion.Dark of Night was a wonderful trip back to the Beautiful Monsters universe!The story centers around Kat, a fiery hunter-in-training, and a social incubus, Darius, and their romance. I'm amazed at the up's and down's accomplished in this short read, especially between the two of them...
  • Jasmin
    I want to cry so baaad....I just couldnt deal with Kat she was so annoying and i didnt get why Darius would fall so fast for her.. I reallly wanted to love this book since Beautiful Monsters is my favorite series of all time! I read m/m and m/f paranormal series and this one just felt like another cliche one. I gave it a high rating because I loved seeing the BeMo world from a different perspective. The side characters actually interested me more...
  • Julie
    A *very nice* addition to the Beautiful Monsters universe. Here we have a kick-butt amateur vampire slayer brought in to become a pro. She’s after a specific vampire, but any vamp will do. But that’s only part of the story. Darius, who’s more of an administrator general all-around steward of General Tarrick’s estate, and *not* a warrior, falls for her. Although, it’s more than that. He’s an incubus and has needs beyond what she can fu...
  • DiannTope
    *Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre-ordered/purchased this book. The below review is solely my opinion.How can you not love a book that submerges you into another world where Vampires, Witches and Incubus all exist. The story starts by following Kat, a fiery tempered girl, who's world changes after a traumatic event and then is thrown into a new way of looking at the world. Hell bent...
  • Jami Pane Hanford
    This new M/F novel in Jex Lane's Beautiful Monsters PNR series has great character development, is steamy in all the right places, and makes you want more. There are appearances of some of the other characters from the original series in this book, which I totally loved, but new readers could start with this story and have no problems. It was really interesting to see what was happening to these characters during key plot moments, since the timet...
  • Tash Harrison
    Disclaimer: I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review. This book is a lot simpler in terms of twists and plot than the other series by Jex lane. Saying that it was still a great book, and you couldn't help but love the characters. Kat is feisty and strong willed which makes her believable and endearing. Darius is loving and kind and understanding whilst also being a bad ass even thought he isn't meant to be. It was nice to...
  • Wendy Trankle
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Jex Lane has done it again with the latest book in the Beautiful Monsters Universe. This one focuses on characters other than Mathew and shows us more of what goes on around Ashwood. It also gives us a M/F romance. She draws us in and builds a world that we wholeheartedly believe in and want to join. The seduction and sex is hot and there is an underlying plot that makes sense. This book stands on it's own if you haven't...
  • Lindsay Crook
    Jex has rapidly become one of my favorite authors the details and feelings in each character in her books are unbelievably fantastic.. I was so excited for Dark of Night and had every right to be..Hot headed Kat witnessed her newly turned vampire dad kill her mum at a young age and vengeance became all she cared about till she joins the Hunter corps...Lord Darius a social incubus is wealthy,handsome and desires Kat like no other...Witty and funny...
  • Yesica
    Wow you did it again, excellent!! I love everything in the story, I always thought I would like to know what happens in the lives of everyone around of the principals caracteres of the BeMos in this you give us the story in other POV but still Matthew’s word
  • Stephanie Colman
    This is the first in a new series in the BeMo world. It’s the same beautifully twisted world but focuses on different characters and aspects of the utterly complex story.
  • R.M. Gauthier
    Dark of NightOkay, I admit it—I'm such a fangirl! You could probably write the phone book and I'd love—do we still have phone books? Although, this is not the same as the first three and it did take a bit to adjust my expectations already knowing the world of the the other three novels, this novels stands on it's own merits. I loved seeing this world from a different perspective and I loved getting a glimpse of hunter training and Tarrick's A...
  • Lorna
    3.5 stars rounded up
  • Regn
    Received ARC copy for honest review——I’m a big fan of this author’s previous books in the Beautiful Monsters universe, they’ve been real page turners. High on tension, action and sexiness, with beautifully described characters and I’ve really cared about the protagonist. Having said that, I struggled with this book. Even though Kat is a real ‘tough’ girl... I didn’t feel it. Nor did I quite see the attraction between the two mai...
  • Amanda S
    Overall I enjoyed this book. The hunter cadet POV was a great take on things. 4 star rating only because I stumbled a bit getting into this one, but once I got over the initial difference in the feel of the story I was all in. I would definitely recommend this book!It was heartbreaking when Kat saw Matthew with a stake in his chest and even more so when she was forced to face her father unexpectedly. Jex definitely knows how to pull our heartstri...
  • Meg
    I was first introduced to Jex Lanes writing in the Beautiful Monsters books and fell in love with the story and characters. In this spin-off series within the same world and timeline did not disappoint. The characters are so relatable and funny. Even in this paranormal world filled with war and uncertainty, there is humor, seduction and some extra character backstory with familiar characters from the original series. I enjoyed Kat and Darius's po...
  • Asia
    Was so excited for this one. 😔 3 solids stars for me. I feel like everything was just very rushed. I also didn’t really get to connect with the characters the way I would have liked to. I will definitely still be reading the next book.
  • Tiffany Day
    ***Disclaimer: I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review***Rating: 2.6/5So, I have been really excited for this book for months. I've read all of this author's other work, and starting with Captive, her writing gets better and better. However, it seems that in her shift to m/f paranormal romance, something changed- maybe not for the better.First things first, I LOVE all sorts of pnr, and all I've actually read of it is m/f. ...