Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5) by J.R. Ward

Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5)

In an exclusive ebook novella set in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward tells the story of a fiery couple . . . doomed by an undeniable passion. Features a special preview of J. R. Ward’s upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, The Thief!   The last place Ivie expects to be approached by a devastatingly handsome male is in a crowded, smoky cigar bar rarely frequented by vampires—yet h...

Details Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5)

TitleDearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5)
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Novella

Reviews Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5)

  • Sophia Triad
    “Silas…”“Please don’t forget me…”“I promise,” she breathed. “I will never, ever forget you.”When he didn’t respond, Ivie took his palm and placed it over her heart. “Here. You will be here.”“I’ll try to come back to you,” he mumbled. “In your dreams…I’ll come find you…in your dreams…love…you…dearest…Ivie…” And this is the point that I am crying ugly tears thinking ‘No, please no, not anothe...
  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    5 OMG The feels Stars Dearest Ivie was soo good and really emotional. J.R. Ward did it again she made me flippin cry. I was really scared it was going to be another "The Shadows" on me. I don't think I could have handled it if (view spoiler)[ Silas had died (hide spoiler)] But the Warden pulled it off! She wrote a beautiful insta-love novella that took me on a major ride that felt longer than 145 pages. I hope we see more of Ivie and Silas. Also ...
  • Jilly
    Like most couples who meet at a bar, this couple is magic. And, bound to stay together forever. Okay, I admit it, I picked up met my hubs at a bar. We've been together for almost 30 years now, so I'm assuming that all meet-cute bar things are magic.Not that kind of magical! Although.... how much recover time is between these two times? just wondering...Ivie and Silas meet at a bar and fall in love almost immediately. Yeah, insta-love, but that's ...
  • Melanie
    1.) Dark Lover ★★★★★2.) Lover Eternal ★★★★★3.) Lover Awakened ★★★★★4.) Lover Revealed ★★★★★5.) Lover Unbound ★★★★★6.) Lover Enshrined ★★★★7.) Lover Avenged ★★★8.) Lover Mine ★★★★9.) Lover Unleashed ★★★10.) Lover Reborn ★★★★11.) Lover at Last ★★★★★12.) The King ★★★★★13.) The Shadows ★★★★★14.) The Beast ★★★★15.) The Chosen ...
  • Kat Valentine
    DAMN YOU JR WARD!!! Another great read that has me invested into more characters in your world of the black dagger brotherhood!!! Ivie and silas are pure magic together and even the secondary characters are just as interesting and have me already wondering about their stories!!! This book made me laugh and cry and had me pumping my fist in victory.And the hero of this tale is one of my fave characters of the black dagger series,and I'm glad that ...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Paranormal RomanceType: Standalone Novella (Book 15.5 from Black Dagger Brotherhood series)POV: Third Person Rating: Ivie Hannaford never thought a night out with her cousin would end up with her meeting someone when she was wasn't even looking. But the attractions to the refined aristocrat Montasilas (Silas) son of Mordachy was too strong to deny. Unfortunately soon enough she found out their budding romance was going to be cut short. Sh...
  • Jen
    A short novella that is sweet, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time! This was a treat to get a glimpse into our favourite vampire series!!! I’m very eager for the next instalment of the BDB ! JR Ward is a genius when it comes to this world that she has created. The only complaint I have with this novella is that it was too short!!!
  • Karla
    4.5 stars!Omg this was so good and what a breath of fresh air it was! I mean here I was thinking that I was skipping “The Chosen” since I haven’t put on my big girl pants and read the book. Anyway I was prepared to miss events from the “chosen” just to read this novella but I was glad to see that even though the MC are not part of the BDB they are part of the glymera. So anyway, the feels with this story ah! From moment I read the first...
  • CC
    4.5 Stars!Silas is a vampire from the old country who is quite proper but doesn’t adhere to any aristocratic snobbery. Upon laying eyes on a fiery woman, he decides it is time to pursue her before it’s too late. “I don’t have time to waste. And instead of finding out what things look like, I want to know what they feel like.” Ivie works as a nurse at a healer’s clinic and speaks her mind no matter the consequences. When she meets Sil...
  • crίѕтίŋα•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•
    “Death can be a release and a relief for the person, and that is a blessing. The thing is, a lot of times, it is work to die. It requires physical and emotional effort. What sucks is that for most, particularly if they’re dying out of sequence, it’s a job they don’t want. It’s about loss of control, loss of function, loss of identity and independence…loss of choice and decision, of family and friends. But if you can let go of all that...
  • P
    RTCJust wanted to try the first chapter but I finished the first half of the book in one hour.
  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    4.5 Aristocrat Meets Commoner Stars!! What a journey! This little novella packed a powerful emotional punch!! I can’t say too much without giving major plot spoilers, but, I will say I loved Silas, Ivie, and Ivie’s fun family, especially her overprotective commoner Vampire (Biker!) father. I loved Ivie, she’s a fun character. She’s a breath of fresh air, and she’s probably the funnest female vamp JRW has written to date! I wish it were ...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 ★'s “I thought you needed an oak of your own right now.”Sooo, I'm not really sure what this novella has to do with the BDB. I guess The Warden just had a story to tell but to be fair, I'm not done reading The Thief so I'll hold off on any more assumptions. Still, it's a sweet story about a young nurse, Ivie, and an older vampire, Silas. Their love story is very romantic...especially with them having to deal with their different social cla...
  • Bev
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I absolutely loved Dearest Ivie. Loved it! I must admit I was getting twitchy at the 60% mark, I was worried Ward was going to pull a Fanetti move but thankfully she didn't.I loved both Ivie and Silas, Ivie is one of the best female characters I've read in the BDB world. She took no prisoners, has no filter and under all that is a total sweetheart. Also there was no manufactured drama or push and pull.For a novella, this packed a w...
  • Shari Kay
    Okay...some background first. I stopped reading BDB way back when Vishous got stuck with a ghost for a mate. If I ever considered picking the series back up...the urge swiftly passed as the direction Ward took in subsequent books was not one I wanted to follow. All that said, I DID love the first few. JRW writing style is 'easy' and I love hot, alpha male vampires. Who doesn't?? So when DI popped up on my newsfeed and the reviewers said it could ...
  • Penny
    This book is not for me.I couldn't enjoy this book DUE TO PERSONAL PREFERENCES only. The first part of the book was fine. The second part however I couldn't stand. Due to my personal life experiences, I found the topic of this story truly, TRULY dislikable. Since I was young I have had a passionate aversion towards anything medically related. Already, I find that there is way too much talk of medical stuff in the Black Dagger Brotherhood books in...
  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    Dearest Ivie is a sweet, sometimes poignant love story about two people who, under normal circumstances, would never have met. But fhate has other ideas and steps in to bring them together ... just in time.
  • katwiththehat
    Short and sweet novella set in the BDB world. I enjoyed Silas and Ivie together, especially uncovering some of the mystery going on later in the book. It was nice to see some non-glymera vampires for a change. And I was very pleased (view spoiler)[ there was a happy ending! (hide spoiler)]
  • Lo Bookfrantic
    Reading next...will be F(BR) with War & CC! because one BDB in a week is not enough hahahI'll be in the middle!
  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    WOW!!!!!"Of all the places I've gone and people I've known and things I've love for you is the purest representation of who I am. It's the best of me, of who I am, of my soul. My love for everything of me"-SilasNow if this quote doesn't hit home just how AWESOME this story is, I don't know what else to tell you my friend. You are lost.This is an incrediably heartbreakingly poignant read. Ms Ward made me proud with this one.It b...
  • Stacie
    5 "Dearest Ivie" Stars!Ms. Ward had my heart in my throat with this very captivating novella set in the BDB world. I think she likes keeping her readers on edge. It's cool. She's a master.I dropped a couple silent tears. Could have been sadness; could have been rage. Either way, The Warden makes me feel her stories.I adored both Silas and Ivie. I loved that he called her dearest Ivie. So very sweet and romantic. I loved that Ivie spoke her mind a...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    I admit after the previous book The Chosen which I seemed to find equal parts infuriating and disappointing I am a little relieved to find that I adored Dearest Ivie. It harkened back to the bad old days of the Black Dagger Brotherhood where the romance was central and an addictive mixture of sexy and heart wrenching. I admit, I cried a few tears when reading this. This was a beautiful romance set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world and it will...
  • Princess under cover
    4.5 stars.This book is JR at her best. Really solid, likable, relatable H and h. The friend and family were wonderful. The storyline is clear and (unfortunately too predictable) with wonderful symmetry. It was a right fit for a novella given the plot.I did find a couple of editing mistakes which I don't think should exist in such an established author's work, and this is a big pet peeve of mine.It's 4.5 instead of 5 stars because I'm actually rea...
  • Melissa ***BITCH, I'M READING!***
    Very dramatic story line crammed into very few pages.. new characters. No character development.. couldn’t connect , made it difficult to care about the outcome of the story... I’m not really sure why we need this book at all... I’m assuming it will tie into future books... otherwise it’s not relevant to the BDB series/storyline at all(up to this point in the series at least) ... other than the mention of Wrath’s name, none of the broth...
  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    2'5 estrellitas.Un relato breve (que, por cierto, se vende a precio de caviar) que es bastante mñe salvo por los momentos WardTheFuck que ya esperamos en todos los libros y por un par de conexiones con personajes secundarios de la serie de la Hermandad (se puede querer un poquito más a Rhun? Sí, se puede). Aportar, aporta poquísimo, para qué nos vamos a engañar.
  • Katie Reus
    This novella gave me all the feels! There's so much emotion in a story this short.
  • ♥Rachel♥
    Really liked this one! And I didn't have to try and remember all the BDB past shenanigans, so that was a win!
  • Tanja ~ T's Book ~ KT Book Reviews
    Lord, why did she make me cry!?!?! Why did the warden do this to me????So good, so sweet, and so just like Ward.
  • Cyndi
    Beautiful romance with wonderful characters. Ivie is one of those rare female characters that is funny and says exactly what we are all thinking. Excellent novella!! 😊
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    Dearest Ivie aims straight for the heart, scoring a direct hit! Emotionally charged from cover to cover, it packs a whole lot of story into a short amount of pages. Tissues are definitely needed for this brief trek into the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. While the main characters are not well-known to BDB fans, Ivie (a nurse at Havers' clinic) and Silas (an aristocrat with a deadly secret) quickly step into starring roles as two vampires from tw...