Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal

Woman World

The hilarious and wildly popular instagram comic about a world with no menWith her startling humor, it’s no surprise that Aminder Dhaliwal’s web comic Woman World has a devoted audience of more than 150,000 readers, updated biweekly with each installment earning an average of 25,000 likes. Now, readers everywhere will delight in the print edition as Dhaliwal seamlessly incorporates feminist philosophical concerns into a series of perfectly-pa...

Details Woman World

TitleWoman World
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherDrawn and Quarterly
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Feminism, Humor, Fiction, Lgbt

Reviews Woman World

  • Josie
    Inserts easily. String doesn't leak at all. Wish I could have the same functionality in a more eco-friendly product though
  • Amelia
    I've always had a hard time inserting tampons and mostly just stick to pads. However I had to go swimming the other day and stopped by the grocery store to pick some up. I picked this brand solely because it had nice art on the packaging. I like that this brand supports women artists!! At the pool, I spent 10 minutes in the bathroom stall trying to get one in, I finally did it but it felt like it was falling out the entire time I was swimming whi...
  • David Schaafsma
    A book based on/derived from Dhaliwal's web comic of the same name about a time in the future when men die out. Can women live without men?! Will they suddenly be different? Will they have better relationships? Of course we know that W/W relationships already exist, so we have some data on that (and in comics, from work such as Dykes to Watch Out For), but what if NO men were around? Will this make women suddenly different? What if women ruled th...
  • Angelina
    Wonderful! Just enough absorption without being totally drying, and never leaves me feeling uncomfortable. The applicator is easy to grip. My only criticism is that the wrapping is a tad hard to open but besides that a 10/10!
  • Sara
    It feels a bit strange to call a book about the aftermath of the mass extinction of men charming, but there we are. This book is just charming. What's the world like when men have died out? Pretty darn nice thanks for asking!With simple but subtly impactful artwork that stares serious social issues right in the face and makes them not just palatable but downright cute Aminder Dhaliwal delicately draws her way through the lives of a small town of ...
  • Alli
    I read this on a whim because it comes in a combo pack with both regular and super absorbencies. I wasn't expecting much from these comics after reading the bad reviews but these actually work great for me so far. I have only tried the regular absorbency in this box so far but they work well and are very comfortable to insert and wear. I also read other comics but those are a little more uncomfortable to insert at times and they do leak a little ...
  • Vanessa Álamos
    I do not usually use tampons because I do not find them comfortable, but I can recommend to all of you the eval liberty compresses, I love those as much as I love Woman World although I'm looking forward to trying the menstrual cup
  • Rod Brown
    Super fun! The set-up: The world slowly changed as male babies stopped being born and the remaining men died off with the passage of time. But then natural disasters destroyed civilization, leaving the surviving women in a fairly functional post-apocalyptic dystopia (or utopia depending on one's point of view) of small communities where they live and work together.The execution: The story is told in a series of one- or two-page gag strips that we...
  • Laura
    It was ok. Some real funny bits and I like the art a lot. This is *very* binary and doesn't do a reassuring enough job addressing even binary trans folx to make me comfy or be ok recommending it to most of my pals. Overall, good but flawed in a way that erases me personally and many others.
  • Kokosaurus
    I feel very safe using them, never had a leaking problem. If the package was bigger (and with more tampons), this review would be perfect.
  • Sprinkles
    Impressive absorbency, stellar packaging, no patriarchal residue, and eco-friendly. The applicator is not only comely, but inclusive. Would recommend to others!
  • Shay Monson
    I’m not usually a tampon girl, but I was pleasantly surprised with these! They absorbed super well and I didn’t have any leaks—as someone who gets very heavy periods, this is a miracle! I would highly recommend this brand of tampons to everyone, regardless of how heavy your flow is!
  • Chenoa
    Personally, I use pads. Tampons give me headaches. Therefore, I can only conclude that any opinion I would have on that particular blood gather would be extremely (and rightfully) bias.
  • Lauren
    I am new to Dhaliwal's work, so I was unaware of her larger web comic work. This compilation was clever, sometimes very funny, other times poignant and thoughtful. Each page, or page fold is basically a standalone comic, similar to the newspaper "funnies", so this is an easy one to pick up and down for a quick smile.
  • Shannen
    Very absorbent, very comfortable. Never any leak issues. Never a cause for stress.
  • Carol Tilley
    Just what I needed to help counteract the rampant fascist patriarchy
  • Andrea Martinez
    It does not feel uncomfortable like the other brands I have tried; it stays in place and does the job. With others, I am paranoic the whole time, checking myself in every reflective surface. However, I feel completely safe with this brand. I can go all day without even remembering the bleeding! I also love that there is a version with applicator; I know some women are fine without them and the environment... but I simply can't but them on without...
  • Claire
    I was sus at the potential for this to be cisnormative & extremely binary but my fears were wrong because TRANS GRANDMA !!!!!!!!!!!! I demand more stories featuring trans grandmas they are the light of my queer little life
  • Sumsy
    I usually keep a couple in my purse at all times for myself or a friend in need. Very low risk of toxic shock syndrome. Also works great for stopping a bloody nose.
  • Brandon
    Charming, whimiscal, and with a biting wit.
  • Sailee
    This is honestly so witty and funny, like, man, i wish such a world was real.
  • Dani
    I've been following Aminder's comics on Instagram for a while now and I was always impressed with their heart and humour, so I was super excited when I learned they were being collected by my favourite graphic publisher, D+Q. Seeing the full narrative all together, with added colour spreads, made for a great read. Highly recommend for millennial feminists, like myself.
  • Nicole
    I loved it from page 1 and can’t wait for this world to become reality.
  • Miranda Dube
    Hilarious satire of what the world would look like without men...Spoiler alert: it doesn't look too shabby.
  • Marcela
    This book was a delight.
  • Elizabeth Haak
    I was a bit hesitant to try Woman World at first, but the packaging really sold it. The applicator was somewhat environmentally friendly (cardboard, not plastic), and the content was absorbing. Very absorbing. I actually look forward to this comic as it is released periodically. Love your work, Aminder!
  • Lily Williams
    Biodegradable tampon applicator is a real plus. Comfortable. Long wearing. 10/10 would purchase again.
  • Alexandra
    this was definitely a barnes and noble impulse buy. it looked cool, and the pages smelled superb. so what was i to do?it was only okay though. as the title suggests, it's a woman's world. there are no men anymore because they all went extinct through some genetic defect. i found it to be kind of sexist, rather than feminist, if that makes any kind of sense. sure, i'm all for women's power and success and being able to live our best lives but we d...
  • Lisa Rowland
    Honestly, I wish this book had chosen it's direction. It starts off (and vaguely finished) with this whole concept of a world without men. The middle are some small comics the likes of which you might see while scrolling through Facebook, and many of those are amusing. Honestly though, the book doesn't really tell a story, and to me it was just lacking that little something to push it to being a great book. Also, for being what I assumed was a Fe...
  • Kristen
    A post-apocalyptic world in which all men have been genetically phased out of humanity, a society of women who worship Beyoncé, and a society where women are capable of reproducing together thanks to technological developments using bone marrow. It sounds strange, but it is perfectly hilarious and fun! Definitely one of my top graphic novel picks of this year.