Squirm by Carl Hiaasen


Some facts about Billy Dickens: * He once saw a biker swerve across the road in order to run over a snake. * Later, that motorcycle somehow ended up at the bottom of a canal. * Billy isn't the type to let things go.Some facts about Billy's family: * They've lived in six different Florida towns because Billy's mom always insists on getting a house near a bald eagle nest. * Billy's older sister is dating a jerk. It's a mystery. * Billy's dad left w...

Details Squirm

Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Books for Young Readers
GenreFiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Adventure, Humor, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Squirm

  • Tim
    Some of Mr. Hiaasen's stories are good and some are not. This is aimed for a younger audience. 1 of 10 stars
  • Skip
    I really enjoy Hiassen's books, preferring his adult fare. This book is written for tweens, not even young adults. The humor is pretty dumbed down (e.g., MeTube and other misnamed social media platforms.) The basic story made little sense. Father abandons family, but sends a monthly check. Mother is kind of cuckoo and moves around Florida to be near bald eagle nests. The son decides to track down father despite his simmering anger, and finds him ...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! A while back I was introduced to this author because of a cat on the cover of scat. I enjoyed that book so much that I decided to listen to all of Hiaasen’s other juvenile books. This be a review of the other four books: hoot, flush, chomp, squirm. These books have some common themes. All of them involve a young boy who lives in Florida, gets bullied, loves animals, has a quirky sense of humor, makes new friends, and saves...
  • Linda
    Carl Hiaasen does it again. This is a delightful book that unites a couple of Florida kids with their AWOL father who has a new family in Montana. Dad goes out on secret missions and the Florida boy and Montana native American girl team up to find out what's actually going on. Both of the youngsters are incredibly intelligent and wise for their ages - each with knowledge that helps all out of dangerous situations. Typical Hiaasen, the situations ...
  • Barb Martin
    Carl Hiaasen's juvenile books are never as whacked-out as those he writes for adults. Still, he manages to get a pro-environment and anti-development message into all of his books, as well as his love of Florida. This time, Billy Dickens is a middle school kid who likes snakes, sticks up for downtrodden classmates and has absolutely no relationship to his long-estranged father. That all changes when he discovers his father's address and embarks o...
  • Barbara
    Billy Dickens is not your typical middle grader. Not only does he have a thing for snakes and is fascinated by them, but he also has a penchant for the underdogs in his school and the world around him. The child of two avid nature lovers, the boy has already lived in six different Florida towns, moves spurred by his mother's fondness for bald eagles. When Billy figures out where his long-gone father is, he travels to Montana to meet him. But in t...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Copy provided by publisherWonderful, totally up to this author's standards, but I gave to a student before I wrote the review and forget pertinent details!
  • H R Koelling
    Fun, positive book. I love Hiaasen's YA novels. His books can empower and inspire kids to feel confident in the adult world, and also show that parents aren't always perfect.
  • Billie
    It was a lot of fun and with a good message, but felt like it lacked a lot of Hiaasen's usual humor.
  • Carolyn Stover
    4.5. Funny. Sweet. All about families. Great characters. Lots of plot twists. Hard to put down ❤
  • Marianne Robin-Tani
    Even though this book is completely unrealistic in a lot of ways (the snakes, the way Billy punishes people and saves people, a 14-year-old driving on the highway), it mostly works within this world, so those things didn't bother me too much. My problem with this book (SPOILER ALERT!) is how Billy has a knife in his pocket at a crucial point in the story, soon after he'd just gotten off an airplane. There is no way he could have taken that knife ...
  • Wendy Bunnell
    This is a fun middle grades book, classic Hiaasen. Heavy on nature and kids who respect it versus people who do not. Setting is key, and in this one we get Hiaasen's usually setting of Florida, but also two trips to Montana, so that was fun to see.The part I didn't care for as much was the just plain poor parenting by Billy's parents, both the dad who abandoned him, never returning of his own volition, and also his "flakey" mother who uproots her...
  • Annie Valdes
    just LOVE the "children's" books. they're all full of possibilities for saving the environment that are capable of being done by younger members of the human race. loopy humor adds. odd "families" that work..
  • Chloe Heckman
    I thought this book was good. I liked how the characters evolved into loving their very different families. All the characters were fun to read about and I liked following their stories. I would recommend this book.
  • Shannon Ozirny
    All the makings of a solid Hiaasen book.I listened to this on audio and there was no afterword or author's note on Hiaasen' research or connection with the Crow Nation (maybe this was in print and wasn't included on audio). I don't have enough information to pass judgment at this point, but I think it's worth pausing and asking questions whenever a white man is writing from the perspective of two indigenous female characters (with one character w...
  • Dina
    I like Carl Hiaasen, and I always get a laugh out of his middle school, pro-environment, Florida happy books. This one fell short though. It was disjointed and all over the place and it just didn't make me snort with amusement like his earlier books did (shout out to 'Chomp'). The plot also made very little sense...The adults in this book were just not normal people, even though, yes, they were Floridians and I had very low expectations.
  • Cori
    I love how all of his books are about rescuing animals. It's amazing.
  • Jo Sorrell
    This is the story of a middle schooler navigating his way through bullies in and out of school and his dysfunctional family. Bullies are bad, but a dysfunctional family is not always the case. Maybe that word needs to be replaced in this evolving society. It is a fact for a great population of students I teach. I like the candour of life for Billy, Belinda and step sister Summer. The father aggravated me. He has his reasons, but I thought they we...
  • Carolyn
    Fun -- although I do like his "adult" books better. If you're a Carl Hiaasen fan and want your children to know why you appreciate his humor, this would be a good introduction for them to his work. Typical great Hiaasen story combining environmental concerns with besting the bad guys.
  • Sandra
    Fast paced and reasonably fun, I'm just a little sad that it doesn't seem to have the same amount of sense of humor as his usual books. I'm pleased that it seems much more solid than his recent adult novels. It's been a rough couple of years, I wonder if that's bleeding through.
  • Sarai Davila
    "Squirm" lacks some of the silliness and humor of Hiaasen's other books, but I think there's a certain level of solemnity that fits with the story. This latest story takes place both in Florida and Montana, and it has a unique tone--very different from Hiaasen's other Juvenile Fictions. The sunniness of Florida, and it's sometimes laughable reputation, both lend well to Hiaasen's usual almost slapstick humor and equally biting wit. But the mounta...
  • Diane
    “I did the only thing a person like me could possibly do, wired the way I am. No way could I stand there watching a small kid get pounded by a big kid. Not an option. That isn’t bravery, it’s just reflex.”Billy Audubon Dickens (B.A.D.) leads an unusual life. Some of it has to do with his mother. She’s got this weird rule. “We’ve got to live near a bald eagle nest, and by “near” my mother means fifteen minutes, max.” So, they a...
  • Ryan
    Well, he has done it again. Carl Hiaasen has written a book that kids will find hard to put down once they start. Billy Dickens like snakes (ewwwwweeeeeee). He is a friend to most animals and with a mother like his you can understand why. His mom is crazy about Bald Eagles. She follows them around Florida, and spends the weekends on family eagle watching outings. Everytime the eagles abandon the nest where she lives, she has to find a new nest to...
  • Shana
    Squirm is the story of Billy, aboy who has grown up since he was 4 without his father. His mother loves bald eagles and moves every time they leave their nest. So unsurprisingly, Billy doesn’t get involved or close to many people. He has always been curious about his father and where he lives (since his mother shredded all the return addresses off the envelopes). When he pieces one together, he decides to visit his dad and figure out his myster...
  • Mal Warwick
    Squirm is the latest of Carl Hiaasen's series of young adult novels with one-word titles. Hoot, Scat, Flush, Chomp, Skink, and now Squirm. Every one of these books I've read, and every one of his adult novels I've managed to read, is infused with an intense love for nature. In Squirm, Hiaasen takes that love to a new level. The book is virtually a naturalist's tour of Montana.Hiaasen's protagonist this time around is 13-year-old Billy Audubon Dic...
  • Mark Buxton
    My name is Billy, and I haven't seen my dad since I was three. He lives in Montana, and I've been told he does secret missions for the government. I flew to his home and met his new wife and daughter, and we're all upset that he's never contacted me. He had his drone watch me, but that was hardly a reunion between son and father. I finally returned home to Florida, and the next thing I knew, a drone was buzzing around my house. I decided to do so...
  • Mbobrosky
    Squirm is another environmental/animal book by Carl Hiassen that holds up well with the other books he has written for young readers. As with his other books, there is a focus on an animal; this time snakes. But, the true center of this, and Hiassen's other books are people and their relationships. In Squirm we are introduced to Billy who has a fascination with snakes, and has become an expert amateur handler. Billy lives with his mother and sist...
  • Ed
    #6 in author Carl Hiaasen's series of YA books, after Skink - No Surrender (2014). This entry is a slight departure from Hiaasen's self-reliant young protagonist defending Florida's ecology from the depredations of dastardly adults. Here the dastard is attempting to shoot endangered trophy animals in Montana and Florida and young Billy's father is the White Hat on a crusade to stop him. With interludes of vigilante justice against bullies, going ...
  • Patty
    I don't know if young adults know and read Carl Hiaasen but I think they would enjoy his novels for teens. I sure do. His adult novels are pretty much just as funny and the seriousness of the main character, whomever he or she may be, it is always searching for a way of helping nature or the environment survive. Whether it is a sixty year old in the adult books or a teenager in the YA books, the hero does not really seek retribution for stupid ac...
  • Jim Thompson
    One of the things I like about Carl Hiaasen is that his YA books are as good as his adult books. Sure, the language is toned down, the sex is left out, and the violence is milder... but the stories are just as good. Which means that when my son (who is now 11) says "Dad, you should read this book," I don't mind at all. I enjoy it.My favorite of the Hiaasen YA novels I've encountered so far is probably "Scat." Mostly because of the appearance of T...