Lilac Bus by Maeve Binchy

Lilac Bus

The interconnected stories of this witty collection are about eight very different people who each Friday night travel on Tom Fitzgerald's lilac-colored bus. Overflowing with insights, understanding, and rare delights, these stories from the author of Silver Wedding and Circle of Friends, draw us into the lives of the characters and make their dramas our own.

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TitleLilac Bus
Release DateSep 4th, 2007
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Cultural, Ireland, Short Stories, Romance, European Literature, Irish Literature

Reviews Lilac Bus

  • Sawsan
    في مساء كل يوم جمعة يتلاقى 8 أشخاص في حافلة للعودة لبلدتهم بعد أسبوع عمل في المدينةكلهم من بلدة صغيرة, لكنهم مختلفين في أعمالهم ومعيشتهم وتفكيرهمكل واحد منهم له حكاية وأسرار تحكيها الكاتبة بأسلوب بسيط وجميلرواية لطيفة عن الناس وطرق حياتهم المتقاط...
  • Sherry Mabry
    Big problem with this "novel" is it's NOT a novel. It's a novella and several totally unrelated short stories, and nowhere does the book let you know that's what's going on. So you read The Lilac Bus and there are interesting characters. Then you start reading stories about other interesting characters and you keep wondering how the hell they all relate, until finally you go online and discover they don't relate. At all...And none of the stories ...
  • Hillary Bidwell
    I think Maeve Binchy wrote this on one crazy acid trip! She's writing this story and I'm getting really into the characters and story, then zip they're gone. SO she starts another story and I keep thinking that at some point they will tie in together. Nope! Another story starts then another. She should have titled this "a collection of short stories without real endings!"
  • Heather
    Some of the stories were 3-star, and some of them were better, 5 star. Overall I felt this was a 3 star novel. I didn't like how many of the stories seemed unresolved at the end, and especially the one about the wife who had invited everyone, including her husband's mistress, to a dinner party, I felt was too suspenseful, with no pay-off at the end, a big leading up to nothing, just a cliff hanger left unresolved. That story really sticks out in ...
  • Molly
    I really liked Maeve Binchy's ability to weave together the stories of so many different characters without leaving you confused, only wanting more. That is how I felt reading this book. I always felt sad to leave each of her characters behind. I enjoyed vicariously traveling on the Lilac Bus back and forth across Ireland and getting to look inside the lives of each of the eight passengers. Maeve Binchy's insights into human nature and beautiful ...
  • Kellie
    Before I say ANYTHING, I want to say how much I love this author. I have enjoyed all the books I've read by her and I think I've rated them very high.So, when I chose this book. I figured it was going to be like any other Binchy. Even after reading 1/2 the book, I was enjoying it. I was wondering when she was going to tie in all the characters from the first part to the ones in the 2nd part.I was about finished reading about Carmel and her dinner...
  • Paula
    Don’t bother
  • Yvonne
    Not the cheeriest stories, but they had interesting characters.
  • Julieanne Robinson
    Too many unfinished storiesI really wanted to like this book, which started to tell the separate stories of the people that rode the lilac bus. However, it added completely separate stories about people who had nothing to do with the bus riders or their lives. Each story was only half finished. Very disappointing.
  • Melissa
    I think I may have missed something. I've heard a lot about Binchy and that her books are fabulous, etc. But this was my first time reading something of hers, and I have to say, I'm not really impressed.The Lilac Bus is a series of short stories that are all somewhat related in a way, but individual stories all the same. They involve a bus load of people that are driven from Dublin to their hometown on the weekend. In the hometown they all have t...
  • Sofie
    The lilac bus reminded me, of which I had forgotten, how wonderful and light Maeve Binchy's stories are. I loved that again, like in her other books, the characters were all connected somehow, and even in each of the short stories about the characters they all speak of the same events happening through different eyes.I couldn't pick a favourite character as I related so much to their stories and their look on life, the two stories I liked the bes...
  • Maria Rowe
    I finished this book feeling really confused and irritated. What the description of this “book” fails to do, is indicate that it’s not really a book - it’s multiple short stories, none of which have endings. So frustrating. The 3 or 4 Maeve Binchy books I’ve read before have multiple characters and as you get further along, you realize everyone is connected, and everything is clear by the end. I figured this would be the same. But nope....
  • Fatih EREL
    Yazarın farklı bir tarzı var, farklı gözlerden aynı döneme bakıyor ve sonda değerlere değinerek konu toparlanıyor, beklenmedik bir son ama herhalde aynı yazarın başka bir kitabını okusam hoşuma gitmez.
  • Emily Webb
    Enjoyed this. Short stories about the lives of the people who catch the Lilac Bus from Dublin to their village. They sort of interlink with each other. Quaint, enjoyable read.
  • Anne
    Picked this up in a charity bookshop in Belfast. It was nice to read while actually visiting Northern Ireland and Ireland (Dublin) myself :)
  • Notserp2002
    another wonderful Binchy novel.
  • Jim Mullin
    I consistently enjoy all that Maeve Binchy has written; her insights into Irish personages and families is remarkable. I strongly recommend this book.
  • Andrea
    Disappointing and DarkI had read some Maeve Binchy novels a few years ago and enjoyed the sweet characters. This book contains a series of vignettes of people in rather dark situations. I suppose I would say that Maeve Binchy has gathered stories of stress, unhappiness and depressing times. I thought the characters would at some point interact, but they didn’t.
  • C.
    I fell in love with Maeve Binchy’s person-to-person conversation in "Aches & Pains" and see the brilliance of her fiction in "The Lilac Bus", 1984. We think a novel needs extreme action, ghosts, treasure, or crime to attract a reader. No. The supremely gifted Maeve, rest her soul, pulls us in with 8 average people! The inner thoughts and dialogue of everyday folks are unbelievably interesting."The Lilac Bus" is a van that takes the driver and 7...
  • Judy
    I loved this book. I was hesitant to read this at first because I am uncomfortable reading about people's thoughts and their worries, but Maeve Binchy seems to completely understand her characters and adds a touch of lightness to each story. The first half of the book is written with each chapter being narrated by a different person who rides the Lilac Bus. The bus is a minivan whose driver picks up people at 6 p.m. on Friday in Dublin (where the...
  • Rissa1516
    This book was not a favorite. The first half of the book or so is actually about the lilac bus and its passengers. Each chapter is from each passengers point of view and you learn the different reasons they take the lilac bus back home every weekend. Most of the reason are interesting. The thing that killed me was at the end of the chapter, it kind of left you hanging. And you never get an answer because after you read each person's chapter, the ...
  • April Brown
    The author of this book has a similar problem to me - she writes the summaries, and tried to expand them into a story, or in this case, a group of stories.The novella is reasonably well done. Interesting stories, yet I feel the back cover copy did not accurately portray what the story was about. An interesting look at three days through the eyes of eight different people.The biggest problem with this book is the fault of the publisher: Once you r...
  • Ann
    I started off liking this book. I thought it was a novel and was interested in the characters and all. However, the book flipped to a new set of characters, and then another story, and then a new set of characters, and so on. It was then when I sorely realized that I've been burned again by a short story book masquerading as a novel. I kicked myself by not researching it first, because I hate short stories. So if you hate them, like me, be forewa...
  • Lora
    Have you read any Maeve Binchy? She’s like the modern woman’s dark chocolate. This has a bit of love story, a bit of travel, and a bit of art. It’s the sort of tale where you meet a group of people and instantly want to know them and take them on an adventure. Nothing too tough here, but nothing too cheese-y, either. You’ll just feel better, after.
  • Dottie
    One of the better Binchy offerings if I recall rightly.
  • Stef Rozitis
    All the characters in these separate but intertwined stories are on a journey of growth and redemption. There is hope for them although most of them come from difficult families that don't know how to help them thrive.I had to admire how non-judgemental the text stays as it moves through heartbreak, adultery, and even crime (although there is a cosy conservatism behind it, gendered identities are very conventional and that is inadequately problem...
  • Phyllis Barlow
    I really love Maeve Binchy's books, so I hate to give this one such a low rating, but it just fell flat for me. If this is the first book you've read by her, don't take this as her usual style. Usually her stories are uplifting and segue from one to the other, but this one just fell flat. They just kind of trailed off without any definite resolution. I generally don't even like short stories, I would rather read a full novel, which she has plenty...
  • Rrshively
    I enjoyed this book of short stories that are linked because they are all about the passengers and driver of a small bus that takes people from Dublin back to their small village every weekend. We get in on the story behind each person and why they act the way they do as observed by the others on the bus. Although I didn't rate this book as high as I've done for other Maeve Binchy books, I do think it is very much worth reading. It was recommende...
  • Patricia Barndt
    A real disappointment I am a fan of Maeve, enjoyed all the other books but was really disappointed in this one. The first half went very well learning about the people on the bus. All of a sudden it was like the story stopped and I found myself in the middle of another story. There was never an explanation but I kept reading believing that all these characters would eventually wind up linked with the characters from the bus. Never happened, what ...
  • Carmen
    Oh Maeve!!!To be fair, I think this was cobbled together after her death. I liked the first part about the passengers on the bus. Then, without warning, I’m reading a short story about completely unrelated characters. So I don’t blame Mrs. Binchey as much as I do what can only be assumed are greedy heirs, greedy publishers, or both. As a fan of Maeve Binchey’s work, THIS is one that you can miss and be no worse off!!