Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

The women of Freesia Court are convinced that there is nothing good coffee, delectable desserts, and a strong shoulder can’t fix. Laughter is the glue that holds them together—the foundation of a book group they call AHEB (Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons), an unofficial “club” that becomes much more. It becomes a lifeline. Holding on through forty eventful years, there’s Faith, a lonely mother of twins who harbors a terrible secret tha...

Details Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

TitleAngry Housewives Eating Bon Bons
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2004
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Book Club

Reviews Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

  • Jenness
    the title of this book had thrown me off as just fluff untill it was recommended to me by my daughter. And she was right I loved it. Perhaps it is because the 4 women in the club loved and struggled through the same time periods I did. I was so envious of the closeness of these friends and how their friendship endured for over 30 years. Their choice of books for the bookclub were varied and interesting. How much fun would it be to start an angry ...
  • Kim
    This book is about 5 neighbors who start a book club in the late 1960's... and the reader lives the next 30 years along with them. Thank you, Mary, one of MY oldest friends (in the sense that I've known you 18 years!) who loaned me this book-- I loved it! It made me realize how fast 30 years will fly by and to live in each moment with my family. This is not a book I would have picked up on my own, most likely, yet I can say that it is probably on...
  • Jessie Gussman
    If you are a conservative/Republican/Baptist preacher (because we all know how nasty Baptist preachers are, don't we? Wink. Wink.) and you enjoy reading books that cast every bad character as a conservative/Republican/Baptist preacher (did I mention how wicked and evil Baptist preachers are?) you will love this book. If you love stereotypes you will love this book. If you are a liberal Democrat and you love reading books that belittle and make fu...
  • Morana Mazor
    Prekrasna knjiga, jedna od onih koje je teško ispustiti iz ruke... Knjiga možda nema klasičan uvod, zaplet, rasplet..već jednostavo pratimo živote pet žena, prijateljica i susjeda..A pratimo ih kroz sastanke njihovog kluba knjige "Opake kućanice uživaju u slatkišima". One prolaze životne situacije kroz koje svi prolazimo tijekom godina; od prvih trudnoća, male djece, teških brakova, razvoda, odnosa sa roditeljima...tako da se jako lak...
  • Maria Kemplin
    There were wonderful elements to this book. Some of the characters were quite moving and memorable - I think often of the wife who wrote nasty notes and pinned them up in the bun her husband forced her to wear. However, there were too many characters and the book spanned too much time. There was a really special book within this (maybe even two)... but it was drowned out in the bulk of it all and how the book moved too fast through time to really...
  • Karen Perfect-huber
    This is a great Book Club starter book! It really got us going and shows how people from different backgrounds can really enjoy reading the same books!
  • Jodi
    The fact that "Angry Housewives" was set in a Minneapolis neighborhood near Minnehaha Park gave me high hopes. That and the fact that it took place from 1968-1998 because this is a timeline that dovetails with my mother's adult life. But ... it lacked a sense of setting. Minnehaha Park was visited by the composer Dvorak (I think!) and the poet Longfellow. It has a charming stone pavillion, covered with trees, has the best sledding hill in town, h...
  • LaVenna
    This book went on and on and on and on:P I had a difficult time reading it. I was unable to relate to any of the characters. Kari was the only likeable personality, because she was simple, kind, and nurturing. The other characters had serious personality defects! Merit disgusted me with her habit of stuffing used tissue, q-tips, and paper in her hairdo:( That was her way of getting back at her abusive husband, who had no idea she was doing this. ...
  • Jennifer
    I read this on the recomendation of my dental hygenist. When I finished it I passed it on to my mom who LOVED it. I think that might be the target audience here - Women a generation or two older than me. It's not that the book is bad - it's just kind of predictable. I found that was true with the other Lorna Landvik book I read as well. I was able to see things coming from a mile away. *sigh* Yet the writing was good enough that I never put the b...
  • Antof9
    Book review from BookCrossing: I finished this book this morning at my brother's house in Zurich. Brought it on this trip because it's on a friend's wish list :)I made some notes on the plane for my journal entry, and will add them here later. The one thing that keeps coming back to me is that this book reminds me quite a bit of The Future Homemakers of America, except that I liked this one much better. Both books follow a group of women who are ...
  • Wendy Welch
    Who knew that the Great American Novel would turn out to be by and for women ---and about BOOKS? But it all makes sense when you think about it.This books spans the '60s to the '90s, and beneath the 'Aga Saga' exterior beats a heart of history, anger, wonder, national issues making local lives miserable or better, and the general upheaval of family, friends and phobias.Vietnam, Eric Segal, Arthur Hailey, Erica Jong and all the "who?"s of my paren...
  • Dolores
    This book strives to be a sweeping, great novel, but it falls short. Although short does not describe the story, since it drags on for over 400 pages. The basic premise is good: five housewives and mothers from the same neighborhood meet in the late 1960's and start a book club, and their friendship and the book club stretch into the late 1990's. They meet at a time when things were very different for women, but were changing at a rapid pace. The...
  • Sarabeth
    I devoured this book! I suppose that it might be delectable is implied with its title; however, what is not necessarily implied is this book's depth and richness from a title that seemed frivolous and silly to me. Told from the different perspectives of four women I wish I knew, (along with some later chapters told by their gay male friend), this novel spans the 60s through the 90s, covers how to be a friend, wife, and mother, and paints a beauti...
  • Joan Dash
    This book begins where it ends, September 1998, with Slip in the hospital dying of Hodgkins Lymphoma, with her book clubfriends, Faith, Audrey, Kari, Merit and Grant at her bedside. In 1968, a group of women who live in a culda sac, decide to start a book club. Each chapter, highlights a different character, and what is going on in their life. They end up naming the book club "Angry House Wives Eating Bon bons" after Eric, Merit's husband, states...
  • Heather
    I don't think this is a book I would have chosen to read on my own, simply based on the title. In general I try not to judge books by their covers (or titles) but I assumed this one would be complete fluff, for lack of a better word. I'm so glad that this was a selection for our book club, though, because for that purpose alone it made me appreciate the group of women I gather with monthly to discuss our latest read.Rather than fluff, what I got ...
  • Meredith
    These are my people! There are generally 3 feelings at the end of a book....1) Meh 2) Thank God it's over so I can get on to something else 3) Please don't go! "Angry Housewives" is the third category. I felt connected and a part of their neighborhood book club. I thought I was in their group and one of their friends enjoying cocktails and snow ball fights. This book made me appreciate my own neighborhood book club (and this book was this month's...
  • Heidi Thompson
    As with most of my latest reads, this novel is not one I would have chosen off the shelf for myself. The title would have certainly scared me off. But that seems to be the beauty of belonging to a book club... you get introduced to novels you wouldn't have given a chance.While this certainly won't go down as one of my favorites, it was a very enjoyable read. This book is about a group of similar aged women in a Minnesota town in the late 60's who...
  • Emily
    This book could have been about 200 pages shorter, giving it less time to decline from my original 3 star rating to one star. I decided to give it an 'average" 2 stars. This book was definitely better than I had expected based on the cover, but that is far from saying it was good. The book centered around 5 women/neighbors and followed the women’s' lives over the course of 30 years. Those women packed an unbelievable amount of drama into those ...
  • Lois
    This started out slow for me but now that I'm into the sections that flesh out the women in the book club I'm really enjoying it.I just finished the book. I liked how the characters were exposed via the Book Discussion Chapters, although at times the different writing perspective got confusing, i.e. first person narrative vs. 3rd person.At first I didn't like that the author didn't nicely wrap up the various story lines then decided it's nice to ...
  • Whitney La Rocca
    By far the best book I've ever read! I can't wait to read it again! Such a beautiful story of friendship, family, love, life, and books!
  • Deborah Carr
    4.5 starsThis book definitely had some flaws and some moments where I just rolled my eyes, but I loved how the author wrote the friendship between these ladies and how they stood by each other, fought, grew, and appreciated each other over the course of 30 years. This is a great book club book about a book club where each woman was unique and had their own struggles and I feel that there was something in each of them most could relate to.
  • Valerie
    Loved this book - I would give it 10 stars if I could. Loved all the characters (except a couple of the husbands). Wonderful story of how strong and powerful friendship can be.
  • Joy H.
    Added 3/17/15. 4/18/15 - I read only the first 16 pages and bailed out. I should have realized from the title that I would not like the story. Anything about housewives usually bores me. What turned me off completely was the introduction of so many characters in the first few pages. There was no time to internalize who was who and there was very little fleshing out. In other words, there was nothing to hook me into reading more.PS - One reviewer...
  • innae
    I read this book so dang fast, and it was just so good. I laughed, I cried...I identified with the women of the AHEB bookclub. spoilers are below!!Audrey - I chose her first, as she is the one I identified the most with. A bit more full figured than the rest, she loves to eat, and has a bit of psychic abilities. I absolutely loved that she was the one to "rescue" Faith. I am not as confident as she is, but I will push myself to be that way :-)Fai...
  • Ms. B
    Synopsis: The women of Freesia Court are convinced that there is nothing good coffee, delectable desserts, and a strong shoulder can't fix. Laughter is the glue that holds them together -- the foundation of a book group they call AHEB (Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons), an unofficial "club" that becomes much more. It becomes a lifeline. Holding on through forty eventful years, there's Faith, a lonely mother of twins who harbors a terrible secret ...
  • Linda
    AAAAAAAA!!!!Ugh. What a disappointment. I listened to the audio CD book. It was read by a cast, and only two of the readers were any good. The primary reader had a gravelly voice that didn't match the youth and supposed energy of the characters about which she read. If I'd been reading the physical book, I would have skimmed and tossed it. That's the down-side of audio. You're driving and you hope it improves.There were SO many missed opportuniti...
  • Collene
    Follow the joys and heartbreaks of five friends in Minnesota and their wacky bookclub called Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. There is Faith the organized one who is hiding a secret; Audrey the voluptuous one whose life changes the most; Widowed Kari who thinks life is pretty much over until she’s thrown a curve; Merit, the pretty one who lives with an abusive husband and Slip who is always supporting a cause.The book spands over three decades...
  • Mommalibrarian
    Seems a little weird to think of this as historical fiction but the times it described are over. Not many people seriously carry picket signs. Young men are still damaged by wars (now it is young women also). So many women staying at home with their children. Prehistoric. Almost all of them smoking. Neanderthal. Being there for each other ---- I hope that is still possible. The author cherry picks the most meaningful moments out of her 5 female c...
  • Maureen
    I felt guilty about really liking this book. It's equivalent to a "chick flick" of the reading world. But, then I think about whether people feel guilty about enjoying "dick flicks." The definition I just found for dick flick is a move that "generally contains lots of car chases, explosions, and boobs." Nice. I highly doubt it. Needless to say there was lots of female bonding, as well as explorations of relationships with mothers, families and th...