Prime Cut (A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8) by Diane Mott Davidson

Prime Cut (A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8)

An unscrupulous new rival has pushed Goldy's beloved catering business to the brink of collapse. An even more unscrupulous local contractor has left her precious kitchen in a shambles. Yet Goldy has joined forces with her old mentor, French chef Andre Hibbard, to cater a fashion photo shoot at a turn-of-the-century mountain cabin. There, in a hopelessly outdated kitchen, Goldy and the temperamental but kindhearted Andre struggle to create warming...

Details Prime Cut (A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8)

TitlePrime Cut (A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8)
Release DateNov 4th, 2009
Publisher Bantam
GenreMystery, Fiction, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Prime Cut (A Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, #8)

  • James
    Book Review 3.5 out of 5 stars for Prime Cut, the 8th book in the "Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary" cozy mystery series, written in 1998 by Diane Mott Davidson. We're midway thru the series with this installment and it's still going strong. Goldy's working with her mentor, trying ot retain her catering business, as the competition has turned up the heat and stolen some business in their Denver-adjacent town. But the trouble doesn't stop there, as an...
  • Lisa B.
    I listened to the audiobook. I find this series to be smart and funny.
  • Debbie
    Book eight in the Goldy Culinary Mysteries.As a result of a visit from "the jerk" in the last book, Goldy hires a contractor to repair her kitchen window. Unfortunately, the contractor in question, Gerald Eliot, takes her money, tears the kitchen apart...and disappears. A rival caterer emerges and seems determined to put Goldy out of business by stealing all of her clients, and Tom gets suspended after a run-in with his extremely obnoxious boss. ...
  • Jayme(the ghost reader)
    In this installment, Goldy Bear Schultz's business is not doing so good. She has to fight for every booking because a rival caterer is trying to put her out of business. Her husband gets suspended for a disagreement he has with his superior. His superior is a real jerk to begin with and it wasn't Tom's fault. Goldy has to get her window fixed because of the Jerk. She hires a guy but he just wrecks her kitchen and then runs off. A little while lat...
  • Bernard
    Poorly plotted and with wooden characterisation. The recipe gimmick fails to stop this soufflé from imploding.
  • Donna
    Ok, I have read a bunch of these books. They are a quick read, have managed not to get too predictable and sometimes I can figure out who the murderer is. Reading them as ebooks makes it hard to get the recipes, but I have copied a few off of my reader. The biggest problem I have found and I realize it must be because I have read a bunch of them at the same time, but for God's sake, tell your kid your ex is a rotten bastard instead of bending ove...
  • Nolan
    Goldy Bear Schulz runs a small catering company in rural Colorado. Her husband, Tom, is a cop, and her son, Arch, is 14. Need I say more?As this book opens, a new caterer has come to town and is intent on undercutting Goldy’s prices and thereby garnering jobs that once were hers. Her friend, Marla, is being audited by the IRS, and it’s another hectic late summer as the book opens. Goldy’s kitchen has been torn up by an unscrupulous contract...
  • Jan C
    This was just ok.It is a terrible thing to be through with an author while you still have several of their books on hand. So you slog through the rest of them. Acutally, it is not too bad, it does have recipes. Of course, I have never yet found one of her recipes to be of any interest to me. Always one ingredient or another is on my verboten list or they are just too complicated to make. If anyone was interested in them in the first place. There ...
  • Christina
    I Love this series, I haven't been disappointed by this series at all!!!!! All the the characters are absoulutety awesome!!!!! Arch is kind of a little snot though. I hope his character gets better. I was really shocked at who the killer was!!!! Anther thing that has me a little concerned is this new cater in town. I really don't like his style at all. I also like how "The Jerk" was in jail, too bad he still was able to bring discontent to Goldie...
  • Sharonbrown3158
    This is a series I love and collect. I love a mystery and the detective is a caterer! I love to cook and even though they rarely turn out I always try a recipe from each book. This time it was the spinach cheesecakes-oddly, not as good as it sounds. But the story was fun and I love all the characters-especially Marla! She reminds me of my sister. She is filthy rich and loves all the finer things in life and she is funny and flamboyant and "just s...
  • Carla
    This is a predictably fun series, and anything read by Barbara Rosenblatt is automatically awesome, so good as usual with Goldie Bear.
  • Sheila
    By now you know if Goldy is catering your event that SOMEONE will die. In this one more that 1 dies. There is buried treasure, code breaking, catering competition, the jerk reaching out from jail.
  • Marty
    Everything seems to be going wrong for Goldy and Tom. Goldy’s kitchen is trashed and the contractor is found dead, Another caterer has opened for business and is undercutting Goldy’s prices and taking her customers, Tom is suspended without pay being accused of threatening a fellow officer, her best friend Marla is undergoing a serious IRS Audit and is not available to help, And then her mentor and good friend is found dead. What else could g...
  • Marietta Slater
    Not really sure about the accuracy of the title, but loved it any way. Goldy's food world is crashing down all around her. Tom, her husband, has been suspended for something he did not do; Goldy's kitchen is a mess thanks to a contractor who has taken her money but not finished the work (said contractor later turns up dead); there is a new caterer in town who is undercutting Goldy's prices and taking her clients. And then there is her ex-husband ...
  • Libraryassistant
    Well, I sometimes find the overwhelming number of perils Goldy gets herself into annoying, but I just can't resist the many barely camouflaged references to the town where I grew up. I can picture the museum, I know the shopping center that used to be on the lake and recognize the infamous "Grizzly " bar on Main Street (though I've never been inside the original). It makes even the more obscure references fun to try to figure out... Plus all the ...
  • Mira
    Ah this was a great return to form. Lots of additional elements that really enriched the Goldy recipe, including a treasure map, old timey historic backstory and some great character development. My usual two gripes remain: Goldy, stay away from the crime scenes when dodgy men can get you by yourself and for the love of culinary crikey discipline your ridiculous son! His contribution is a full on face palm moment. Most enjoyable.
  • Linda
    I listen to this as a Audio Book through Audible with my Free Credit. I dearly love this book. It is so good. I dearly love this Series. I am going to continue with this series. I am not going to listen to them in order. Just which ever one shows up next in my Goodreads TBR Huge List that I have. I highly recommend this Book and this Series...I give this Book 5/5 Stars. Happy Reading :)
  • Linda
    Goldy's eighth mysterious adventure is less engaging than previous books in the series. A group of unappealing characters are competing against each other to a buried treasure and will stop at nothing to find the riches, not even murder. Meanwhile, Goldy is beset with problems at home as her police detective husband, who has been suspended, remodels her kitchen. Not my favorite title in the series.
  • Ron Holmes
    This is my first read of a Diane Mott Davidson book. It was interesting if maybe too much about food including several recipes. It was supposed to be a lite read on a trip to Germany and it was. For those interested there was only on very short paragraph about sex/love making. I will be thinking about whether or not to read another book by Davidson.
  • Cheryl
    This book was my train reading for a while, which I think made it seem to be going a little slowly, since I realized when I finished it that the events in the book took place over just a couple of weeks (less time than had elapsed since I started reading the book).Goldy is having trouble. Her kitchen has been halfway deconstructed, a new caterer in town is undercutting her business quite dramatically, her best friend is spending lots of time with...
  • Margaret
    Eh, it was fine but sometimes our heroine makes no damn sense and has really screwy dialogue. Also, her small town in Colorado has a serious Cabot Cove problem. And people seem to commit murder for really dumb reasons:)
  • Carol Moore Kollar
    3.5 Goldy has some big worries. Tom has been suspended without pay. Goldy has been sabotaged by another caterer stealing her business. Her kitchen contractor doesn't finish the job and ends up dead. And her beloved cooking mentor dies suspiciously. Can she get to the bottom of this?
  • Val
    Not a great start but I thought it got better towards the end.
  • Tanya Stillman
    Easy read and enjoyed the mystery.
  • Denise Kearney
    I Book-$1.99-Bookbub. 3 1/2 stars
  • Leslie
  • Dorothy Peterson
    Prime CutI liked this book. It was a great read. I will be glad to tell my friends to read this one.
  • Betty
  • Lawanda
    No. 8 in the series.
  • Robin
    Wonderful Once again, Diane Mott Davidson doesn’t disappoint. Her books make you feel like you are a part of the family.