We Are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman

We Are All Made of Stars

What if you had just one chance, one letter you could leave behind for the person you love? What would you write?Stella Carey has good reason to only work nights at the hospice where she is a nurse. Married to a war veteran who has returned from Afghanistan brutally injured, Stella leaves the house each night as Vincent locks himself away, unable to sleep due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.During her nights at the hospice, Stella writes letter...

Details We Are All Made of Stars

TitleWe Are All Made of Stars
Release DateJul 26th, 2016
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews We Are All Made of Stars

  • Maureen
    You'd expect a book where a hospice takes centre stage, to be extremely depressing. It wasn't, but it WAS incredibly moving, yet also joyous and funny. Stella is a nurse at Marie Francis hospice. She is experiencing marital problems - her husband Vincent is a war veteran who was injured in Afghanistan, and he finds it difficult to come to terms with what happened to his friends and himself. Though she leads a troubled life, Stella takes it upon h...
  • Elyse
    I was sobbing! Those who are seriously ill - or living with the aftermath from a horrific injury - or know they are dying- 'do' find ways to comfort themselves....but how?One way is is to write letters to people you love. Or ask your Hospice Nurse to write them for you. The letters written in this story are searingly honest, unpretentious, written with grace, and are heartbreaking. Intimacy is the space from where Rowan Coleman comes from. From s...
  • Cheri
    Stella used to be a trauma nurse, these days she works nights at the Marie Francis Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre, avoiding time with her husband who is newly returned from fighting in Afghanistan. Her feelings for him have not changed, but he has changed. Try as she might, she can’t “fix” him, and truth be told, it’s the last thing he wants, for her to fix him. Some of the patients at Marie Francis will not be leaving, some will but t...
  • Ashton Gibbs ♥ BB&B
    Originally posted on Beauty, Books and Babble "If there's one thing I've learnt while I've been working the night shift at Marie Francis it's that this is the one thing that sets us apart from other animals, the one thing that makes us human. Hope." We Are All Made of Stars is the beautifully written and heartfelt story of several characters, all of whom are facing their own fears whilst grasping on to hope that things can get better. Though the...
  • Kylie Alvey 🔮🥀
    This book is beautifully sad and it’s a real life changer. I will definitely not only be buying it but reading it at least 9 more times.Such a heartfelt gut wrenching cosy book ❤.i am in love with this author. This book is beautifully sad and it’s a real life changer. I will definitely not only be buying it but reading it at least 9 more times.Such a heartfelt gut wrenching cosy book ❤️.i am in love with this author.
  • Karen
    “I learned that what people say has a thousand times more meaning when it’s written down. Words become immortal, beautiful, personal, heartfelt and special. A letter is a memory that will never be lost, will never fade or be forgotten.” Stella.Stella is a nurse who is currently working the night shift at Marie Francis Community Hospice and Rehabilitation Center. She is a caring, selfless woman who goes beyond her nursing responsibilities by...
  • DeB MaRtEnS
    I am going to be a grumpy voice among the deafening choir of sobbing, clamouring and entreating fans of this pretty little piece of fiction titled, "We Are All Made Of Stars". Yes, it is pretty. The cover art shows Ursa Major and Minor, the distinctive "W" of Cassiopeia and tenderly tucked beside the title, twinkles the outline of another "constellation" - a heart- among the stars. This is fiction for those who have never lost their hearts to dea...
  • Ashley
    We Are All Made of Stars follows the lives of three people: Stella, a hospice nurse whose husband has recently returned from Afghanistan with physical, mental and emotional injuries, Hope, a young woman with cystic fibrosis who is staying in the hospice to recuperate after a close brush with death, and Hugh, a nearly middle-aged historian whose consistent - and boring - life is interrupted when a single mother moves next door. Throughout the book...
  • Esther
    This is a book where you just... *sigh* when you've finished it. I loved the book. Have been near to tears at various points. It's full of feelings and love. It's highly unique with all the letters in between. It's so inspiring to read what a person would tell a loved one when he/she died.A longer review can be found at Bite Into booksA great feel-good story including the not-feeling-so-good parts. I rushed through by the way, finished it within ...
  • Emer
    ...what people say has a thousand times more meaning when it's written down. On the page, the words become immortal, beautiful, personal, heartfelt, special. They are words that will always be there, to be read again and again, and again. A letter is a memory that will never be lost, will never fade, or be forgotten. ‘We Are All Made of Stars’ follows the stories of a group of people whose lives revolve in and around a hospice and respite ce...
  • C.L. Taylor
    We Are All Made of Stars is an exceptional, beautifully-written, heartrending book that will stay with me for a very long time. Hugely moving - it made me want to wrap my arms around those I love and never let them go - and yet imbued with hope and life, it's the most incredible read. I felt bereft when it ended.
  • Darlene
    This lovely book was everything I thought it would be and just what I needed. I have been reading so much that has left me disheartened and weighed down by my own cynicism and gloom but this book was a gentle reminder of what is true and most important … and most of all, it reminded me of the innate kindness of human beings (or at least SOME of them). I love epistolary stories. I know it's hopelessly old fashioned and certainly low-tech in this...
  • Annelies
    Een prachtig verhaal deze las ik met een lach en een traan. Dit verhaal zal ik niet snel vergeten. Op het blog van Rachelleest.nl staat een mooie recensie van het boek twintig regels liefde geschreven.
  • Anna
    A beautiful, moving story of hope, love, dedication and the strength of the human spirit. Stella is a nurse at the Marie Francis Hospice and Rehabilitation Center, caring for those living out their last days. She writes letters for them to those they love expressing their final thoughts and desires. These letters, which appear between chapters, give an extra depth to the story. The focus of the novel though are Stella,along with Hope, a 21 year o...
  • Priss
    4/5. At first it felt like a typical chicklit book, but it turned out to be quite wonderful!
  • Karen
    Rowan Coleman you have made me cry, again! Followers of my blog will know that The Memory Book was one of my Top 10 reads of last year and now Rowan has written another emotional story which will tug at your heart strings.The main character is ex-trauma nurse, Stella, who works nights at the Marie Francis Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre. She works nights so that she and her former soldier husband Vincent can mostly avoid each other. Stella look...
  • Kaya Dimitrova
    Ревю => http://justonebooklover.blogspot.bg/2...~ ~ ~Затрогващо написан, романът "Всички сме родени от звездите" преплита в себе си историите на трима души, които успешно си проправиха път до сърцето ми. И докато четях за едната от тях, която се бори за любовта си, друга...
  • Sally Whiteside
    I have had this book for sometime and decided to take it on holiday with me and I am glad I did. I loved this book and the characters and story. Beautifully written and glad this was my first with this author.
  • Donna
    This was beautifully written. The author definitely has a way with words. This book contained different stories, all dealing with some kind of death. The stories didn't start out being that different. So for me, it was a tad too slow to start. I just wasn't drawn into it, but I stayed with it because I was loving the writing. I'm glad I hung in there, the ending was worth the wait. It was definitely sweet, complete with a big fat red bow. Usually...
  • Shannon
    This book was so good! The plot was really touching and the writing style definitely helped realising that. Also, I shed a few tears while reading this book, so definitely don't read this book during your commute (like I did..).
  • Anne
    Reading real books, and writing real letters; these are two things that I have spent my life doing. Some days I am glad that I am older, and that I probably won't be around when real books and actual letters that arrive in the post disappear altogether. Rowan Coleman has captured, within this story, the emotions that are instilled when a hand-written letter is received, the joy of receiving, the recognition of the time and effort spent on the wri...
  • Tracy Fenton
    I am finding it difficult to write this review through the tears. OMG, this is one of the most thought-provoking, heart-breaking books I have read in a long time. Stella works in a hospice and writes the last letters for the dying patients whilst dealing with her own emotional issues, Hope is a young CF sufferer dealing with her own immortality and confusing love life, Hugh is just minding his own business plodding along trying to survive life. R...
  • Daphne Hartman
    3,5 *Het is een leuk boek met een bijzonder verhaal. Nooit eerder had ik een boek gelezen dat werd vormgegeven door brieven. Echter vond ik de brieven soms van weinig toegevoegde waarde. De brief van Graca aan haar zoon is natuurlijk wel van groot belang en zo zijn er meer, maar veel brieven vond ik meer 'opvulling' dan toevoeging. De karakters in het boek vond ik wel erg hoed beschreven. Door het lezen heb ik een duidelijk beeld gekregen van hoe...
  • Odette Knappers
    Het idee van dit boek was erg mooi. Ik zat ook echt wel een paar keer met vochtige ogen. De rol van de kat was een mooi extraatje. Maar toch heb ik het maar 3* gegeven, want ik vond het kwalitatief niet geweldig.Het duurde me te lang voordat het boek op gang kwam. Ook stoorde ik me erg aan (view spoiler)[dat de beste vriend verliefd bleek te zijn. En hoe hij daarover praatte, ik vind dat soort poëtische taal niet heel realistisch. (hide spoiler)...
  • Casey
    4.5 stars Omg I loved this! So sad yet so sweet and funny. I listened to this as I walked to and from work and at one point I’d be laughing and other times I’d almost be at tears, screwing up my face — I bet the people driving past thought I was a right weirdo. I also loved the letters and all the different perspectives. Ben and Hope were my fave👏🏼
  • Sophia
    When they are facing their last moments on earth people want to put all their affairs in order. Hospice nurse, Stella, helps her patients by penning their words into letters and making sure those words get to the appointed person. It brings peace and some comfort. Stella, herself, has no such closure when it comes to her own life. Every day, she and her wounded war veteran husband grow further and further apart. But Stella is not the only one try...
  • KirstReads
    Toen dit boek voor het eerst in de winkels lag trok de voorkant mijn aandacht. Ik vond het een fleurige voorkant. Vanwege die reden las ik de achterkant van het boek. Het leek mij een heel mooi boek, maar ondanks dat wilde ik toch nog even wachten totdat het goedkoper was. In januari 2017 las ik op de chat van een Goodreadsgroep dat dit het boek van de Libelle Bookazine van deze maand was. Diezelfde dag ging ik naar de Bruna en kocht ik de bookaz...
  • Sandra Uv
    3/5"No me eches de menos, porque siempre estaré contigo. En cada gota de lluvia que toque tu lengua, en cada bocanada de aire que respires. En las puntas de las hojas que acaricies con los dedos al pasar. Allí estaré, cada segundo. No me he ido, solamente me he transformado , de este estado de la materia a otro. Durante un instante, durante un instante fugaz, fue el hombre que te amaba, y ahora soy otra cosa: soy el aire, la luna, las estrella...
  • Leesdame
    Als je van romans met een happy ending en een hoop drama houdt, dan is dit boek zeker wat voor jou. Maar zelf hou ik meer van vlotter, met wat minder gesnotter!Op mijn blog is de gehele leeservaring terug te vinden :)
  • Koki
    Chcete si poplakať? Potom kniha Všichni jsme utkáni z hvězd bude tou správnou voľbou.Emóciami nabité dielko Rowan Coleman prináša príbehy niekoľkých ľudí, ktorých spája jedno a to isté - život a smrť. Autorka si zvolila veľmi silnú a ťažkú tému, ako inak. Majstrovstvo v podaní príbehu dokázala už vo svojej nezabudnuteľnej knihe Kniha vzpomínek alebo Není co ztratit. A v tejto ho posunula ešte o stupienok vyššie...