Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach

Tulip Fever

Deborah Moggach's Tulip Fever takes place in 17th-century Amsterdam, where roguish Rembrandt wannabes like Jan van Loos are just waiting to fall into ticklish situations. In this case, a paunchy merchant named Cornelis Sandvoort wanders into the artist's studio, hoping to impress posterity with a portrait of himself and his young wife. Apart from the fat commission, which van Loos can use, there is the bride to consider. Beautiful and bored, Soph...

Details Tulip Fever

TitleTulip Fever
Release DateDec 18th, 2007
PublisherThe Dial Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Art

Reviews Tulip Fever

  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”Everything he sees speaks tulip to him. Comely women are tulips; their skirts are petals, swinging around the pollen-dusted stigmas of their legs.” Amsterdam in the 1630s was considered one of the richest cities in the world. Trade had been very good for the Dutch. Citizens were becoming very civilized with a growing interest in music and a need for art hanging in their homes. The painters of the city were kept busy with commissions as wealt...
  • Margitte
    Sophia's painting hangs in the Rijksmuseum. Others of her, with different titles and different painters, hang in the Dresden museum. Scholars quarrel about her identity. Is she Venus, is she Delilah? Like the scales of a precious tulip bulb, Sophia's life story is peeled away by the people who knew her the most intimate. Her husband, Cornelius Sandvoort, her maid Maria, the fish seller, Willem and the painter Jan van Loos. During the tulipmania o...
  • Richard Derus
    Real Rating: 2.5* of fiveOh forevermore. Tedious. Always an older man whose beautiful young wife is misunderstood, uninterested, bored by him...and it's *his* fault. Then she meets a *handsome*young*artist* who unleashes her primal passions the way her old man can't, or won't, or doesn't want to.Oh poor poor little lady. ::eyeroll::Then we get the filmed version with that human blancmange Dane DeHaan as the Struggling Artist. Why anyone would thi...
  • Suzy
    Update Feb, 2017I first read this 5 years ago for book club and enjoyed it at that time. I reread this month to dip back in before the movie based on it is released Feb 24. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0491203/?...) I enjoyed it the second time around as well, keying in on some different things perhaps than on the initial outing. I had completely forgotten the ending! I especially like Moggach's use of the brief moral maxims, quotes and bible ver...
  • Cathy
    My husband is Dutch, I've heard of the tulip-mania that hit Holland, I like historical fiction - all the arrows were pointing to a book with possibility. Hah. Not to be. Think instead of Boy meets Girl, Girl happens to be married to kindly older man, Boy and Girl fall into instant lust, Girl horribly betrays kindly husband, Boy behaves foolishly in every manner possible and on and on until we have a 17th century soap opera in full bloom (haha). T...
  • Rebecca Foster
    (Nearly 3.5) If you liked Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Miniaturist, you may also enjoy this atmospheric, art-inspired novel set in the 1630s. (Originally from 1999, it’s recently been adapted into a film.) Sophia, married off to an old merchant, falls in love with Jan van Loos, the painter who comes to do their portrait. If Sophia and Jan are ever to be together, they’ll have to scrape together enough money to plot an elaborate escape. I...
  • Frank Hoppe
    I read this for a Library book club. I must be getting old and cranky. I found the prose almost physically painful to read. The characters unsympathetic, the plot unbelievable. I kept thinking about how much time I had left before I die and why was I devoting my energies to finishing this.
  • Michael
    This book is not very good at all. I plan on leaving it in Singapore to increase my distance from it.
  • Diana
    The tulip speculation bubble is only an aside in what is basically a 17th century soap opera. The time period offered so much potential, not just the tulip bulbs, but also an age of great Dutch artists, unfortunately none of it is explored in any substantive way. In retrospect, save 2 chapters (one about a bulb grower and one about Jan's bulb trading, this novel could be transposed to almost any place/time.Perhaps the best thing I can say is that...
  • Konstantin
    3.5 zvezdiceLista stvari koje su mi se dopale:- živi, nestvarni opisi zlatnog doba Amsterdama, tržnica, krčmi, pijaca, bogataških kuća, brodova, kanala, luka, esnafskih udruženja - razrađen, opširan i liričan stil pisanja koji je poput neuhvatljivog sna- karakterizacija, posebno sporedni likovi, jer su oni jedini prema kojima sam osetio ikakvu empatiju- bogato istraživanje koje je autorka očigledno obavila, i stvaranje slika, kao i kom...
  • Selma
    Divna historijska drama, priča po kojoj je snimljen i istoimeni film. Radnja priče smeštena je u Holandiju u vrijeme kad su se ljudi bogatili ili bankrotirali investirajući u lukovice, tada izuzetno egzotičnog cvijeta, lale. I  dok je većina zahvaćena ludilom i stavljanjem svega na kocku, stariji bogati trgovac Kornelisu živi za svoju prelijepu mladu suprugu Sofiju. Njihov brak je ugovoren i kao takav je miran i jednoličan sve dok Korne...
  • MaryannC.Book Fiend
    This is one of my favorite reads, I read it a few times now. Set in the 1600's this story revolves around the Tulip mania that went on(something I never knew about) during that time. An added bonus for me was that Deborah Moggach wrote the screenplay for Pride and Prejudice(the Keira Knightley version which is another favorite).
  • Ivan Bogdanov
    Книгата не е тъпа. Книгата е елементарна и наивна, но това може да се очаква от книга, силно препоръчвана от Христо Блажев.Плоски образи, объркан сюжет, нелогични обрати. На два пъти е използван един и същ подход - второстепенен герой, който досега с...
  • Myrna
    Surprisingly enjoyable book with quite a few twists. I especially liked the Amsterdam setting in the 1600’s. Looking forward to the movie.
  • Цветозар Бонев
    Няма по-лоша литература на този свят от история за изневяра, в която липсват 1) герои, които не са едноизмерни точки в черно пространство с имена окачени отгоре им, за да се различава еднородността им, 2) химия между "любовниците" и 3) какъвто и да е ин...
  • Karyl
    Having just finished The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, I figured I'd stay in 17th century Holland just a little longer with this book. And really, I have to say that was a great decision.Many of the reviewers have said that they feel as this is just a soap opera from the 17th century set down on paper, and they're not wrong. But what makes this book isn't so much the plot, though that is fast-paced enough to keep it interesting, it's the writing....
  • Ana
    Um romance engraçado e levezinho, com capítulos pequeninos que se lêem num instante. Passado na Amesterdão do século XVII, conseguimos ficar a conhecer como era a vida e o dia a dia de uma família de comerciantes na Idade de Ouro da mais rica cidade europeia à data e tudo por causa de ... tulipas.A história de um amor proibido que foi já adaptado a filme e chegará às salas de cinema até ao final do ano.Gostei muito e recomendo!
  • Krasimira
  • Христо Блажев
    В треската за лалета любовта търси своя шанс: http://knigolandia.info/book-review/t...В началото не бях впечатлен особено от книгата – Могак развива обичайната за този тип романи скрита и страстна любовна история, като по аналогия с тон други книги очаквах да я смр...
  • Suzanne
    I liked this much better than I thought I would. A fast, entertaining read, with writing that is pared down, but really very good. Amsterdam in 1632 is a prosperous city of merchants who rule the known world, at least in terms of commerce. Cornelius, a well-to-do merchant in late middle-age, has married the young and beautiful Sophia. He is a good, kind man and Sophia appreciates having been rescued from poverty when her family’s fortunes decli...
  • Sinéad
    Oh dear, what a disappointing read!Tulip Fever tells the tale of Sophia, a young woman in 17th century Amsterdam, married to a much older man. Sophia’s wealthy husband, Cornelis, commissions a young painter, Jan, to paint a portrait of him and his wife. Sophia and Jan develop an intense attraction, which leads to a torrid affair.Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Tulip Fever. The plot synopsis promised excitement but I found it rather dull. It is a...
  • Elizabeth
    A quick, easy read about a doomed love affair that begs to be reviewed using phrases like "torrid affair" or "grand deception." Also, it has a "Wings Of A Dove" vibe- it is unbelievable what lengths these characters will go to in order to get what they want!
  • Nadya Ruskowa
    You probably won’t find a person who doesn’t know Kochenhof and the endless tulip fields in Holland. Today this is the country with biggest tulip production in the world. Every spring we can enjoy The Tulip Fest in Amsterdam where we can see different tulip cultivars selected there. This period in their history, to which the author take us, is extremely interesting for me in a professional way and also as a flowers lover. I began reading this...
  • Лунната мечтателка
    Аристократка. Омъжена за друг. Влюбена в художник, който ѝ рисува портрет...Мисля, че трябваше да се сетя още докато четях анотацията как ще завърши. Трябваше да се досетя, че ще имам чувството, че препрочитам "Най-красивата жена във Флоренция" на Ал...
  • Cat
    This book was voluptuous historical fiction without anyone's bodice actually getting ripped off. (There's sex and love in the book -- just no actual bodice-ripping or silly over-the-top romance.)Moggach paints a convincing and resonant portrait of a world poised between religion and secularism, tradition and trade, city and globe. Her appreciation for Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other painters of their ilk infuses her physical descriptions as well as...
  • Frances Thompson
    I read Tulip Fever in almost one sitting on the flight to Dubai from Amsterdam, where I now live. It was recommended to me by my favourite fellow reader - my mother - because of the setting of Amsterdam in the first half of the seventeenth century, its focus on the fast-growing trend of portrait painting and the rise and fall of Tulipmania on the stock market, something I knew little about.I found the historical references, descriptions, facts an...
  • Velvetink
    If you liked "Girl with a Pearl Earing" You will like this tale. Set in 17th Century Amsterdam, a city in the grip of tulip mania - it's a story of love, romance, money & deception and the art of painterly intrigue & reckless gambles. A pacy plat with twists and turns written well Moggach keeps the tension building till the sad, funny and tragic end. Illustrated with paintings from Vermeer, Maes, de Hooch, Steen, Terborch, van Rijin, and others i...
  • Hadi
    Despite liking the paintings and enjoying every other book of Moggach's that I've read (and so coming to this optimistically) this left me cold. I liked Cornelis, Maria and Willem, but Sophia and Jan left me at first bemused and then rather repelled. Their love story came out of nowhere; there was no insight into their motivations and their love affair felt sleazy - which is odd because the love between Willem and Maria felt real indeed. A few pl...
  • Rosie
    I found this book quite unsatisfactory. It is a gripping tale of complicated affairs and webs of deceit but it lacked character development and I found the fact that the chapters switched between first and third person quite unsettling. It is one of those novels where you're not quite sure who you should be rooting for. Easy to read but difficult to love.
  • Veselina Stefanova
    Може да прочетете целият ми коментар тук: : „Треска за лалета“ – филмът е по-добър от книгатаНа пръв поглед тривиалната история за художник, който се влюбва в омъжена млада жена, е доразвита във филма и със сигурност пълна с обрати. Но стилът на пи...