Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31) by Michael Connelly

Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31)

LAPD Detective Renée Ballard teams up with Harry Bosch in the new thriller from #1 NYT bestselling author Michael Connelly.Renée Ballard is working the night beat again, and returns to Hollywood Station in the early hours only to find a stranger rifling through old file cabinets. The intruder is retired detective Harry Bosch, working a cold case that has gotten under his skin. Ballard kicks him out, but then checks into the case herself and it ...

Details Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31)

TitleDark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31)
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Reviews Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31)

  • Susanne Strong
    5 Spectacular Stars.Have you ever been scared to crack open a book? Nerves jangled? Stomach in knots? Desperate to find out what happens to your favorite character, yet frightened of what’s inside? Yep… that’s me. I had an ARC of “Dark Sacred Night” by Michael Connelly in my hands, a copy of which I was lucky enough to score and I was scared straight. Dying to open it and start reading, yet terrified. What if it doesn’t measure up? Wi...
  • Maureen
    **4.5 STARS**Night shift detective Renée Ballard is writing a report in the wee small hours of the morning concerning a woman found dead in the bathtub, when she notices a stranger going through the filing cabinets across the other side of the office. The man appears intent on finding something, and in his eagerness to discover whatever it is he’s looking for, he clearly hasn’t seen Renée watching him! After throwing him out, she discovers ...
  • Paromjit
    Michael Connelly brings us the second in the LAPD detective Renee Ballard series and he brings in Harry Bosch, a man Renee knows nothing about. Renee has been shunted onto The Late Show, the Hollywood nightshift, after an injustice earlier, but oddly enough she has settled in there and somehow it suits her. Her partner is on bereavement leave and she is on her own when she is called to a home where a woman's body, heavily decomposing, is discover...
  • Larry H
    Sometimes when an author who has written many books in a series introduces a new character, I worry that the effect may be kind of like when sitcoms of the past introduced a new, young character (e.g., Cousin Oliver in "The Brady Bunch"), and it essentially ruins the series.When Michael Connelly introduced LAPD Detective Renée Ballard in last year's The Late Show (see my review), my fears were proven unfounded, because Ballard was such a compl...
  • Liz
    I love the Harry Bosch series and enjoyed the first Renee Ballard novel. So, I was excited to see the two detectives join forces. And I was not disappointed. One thing I love about Connelly’s mysteries is that he doesn’t sugarcoat the workload of a Detective. No one has the luxury of working a single case, especially a cold one. Both Renee and Harry have their hands full. There’s lots of action here. This is one of those books that called t...
  • Diane S ☔
    Many, many years ago I was drawn into a series featuring a young detective named Harry Bosch. I subsequently went on to read him again and again. Enticing cases he fdefinitel worked, but it was the detective, his life, both rather dark and gloomy, that kept me coming back again and again. There was just something g that drew me to this flawed but very noble character. Eventually as he aged, he found himself forced into retirement by the very depa...
  • Sandy
    Most of the books I pick up are fiction. I have one of those jobs that introduces me to life’s less glamorous realities on a daily basis so I read for escape. But as with non-fiction, I learn something from every story. Of all the lessons I will take away from this book, the most important may be this. Feed your cat. Faithfully, continuously & in large quantities. In fact, just cut a hole in the bottom of a 50 kg bag & leave it out on the kitch...
  • Andrew Smith
    I really enjoyed the first Ballard book, The Late Show, in which the young female cop showed some of the vim and vigor we’d seen from Harry Bosch back when he too was an LAPD detective. Banished to the night shift after calling out her boss for sexual harassment, Ballard consequently nursed a chip on her shoulder as she remorselessly chased down her quarry. I thought it was a great book and seemed to promise a even money chance that at some poi...
  • Brenda
    Detective Renee Ballard was working on her report for the night’s killing back at Hollywood Station when she heard someone at the files on the other side of the office. That was Ballard’s first meeting with retired LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Bosch was working a nine year old cold case – the murder of a young fifteen year old which he was determined to solve. The nine year gap made it much harder. When Ballard learned of the case, she was k...
  • Manuel Antão
    If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Rump and Rexit: "Dark Sacred Night" by Michael ConnellyConnelly even tries to paper over it later, having one of his character vaguely muse about how stupid it was. This is just lazy writing. “Literary” novels can get away with a lot if the language is impressive enough. Crime novels are hard. If I was a crime fiction writer I'd want the fact that I could write Literary Crime Fictio...
  • Brenda
    This book is a combo Harry Bosch-Renée Ballard story. In my opinion, Bosch is a given; there’s no doubt he can easily carry the plot. Ballard, though, is almost an unknown in spite of reading the first book, The Late Show, where she is introduced. With that book, I had reservations about her being a stereotyped female Bosch. This book proves that may be the case, but it absolutely works and I’m thrilled! Bosch has always done things his way ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    " I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship ". If you have seen the movie Casablanca, then you know this classic line. And, it's such a perfect way to describe the paring of Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch.DARK SACRED NIGHT is the second Ballard book and the 29th Bosch. And, I was thrilled to get a copy of the book. Bosch was mentioned in The Late Show, the first Ballard book, but I never thought that we would get a crossover so earl...
  • L.A. Starks
    Another stellar book from Michael Connelly. In this one he alternates established everyman protagonist Harry Bosch with newer main character Renee Ballard.Harry is always an empathetic character--strong, virtuous, sensitive--but Connelly and his editor have done a good job of providing an experienced, alternate, woman's voice in Renee Ballard.Highly recommended. Put Dark Sacred Night next in your TBR stack.
  • Gary
    Michael Connelly is an great crime thriller writer with the excellent character Harry Bosch, but he doesn't stop there. He has created other enjoyable lead characters like Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer) and now Renee Ballard who comes into her own in this 2nd book where she teams up with retired detective Harry Bosch.Detective Renee Ballard works the late shift and teams up with Bosch who is investigating the death of fifteen-year-old Daisy ...
  • Josh
    More Bosch than Ballard, Dark Sacred Night teams up Michael Connelly's longtime protagonist with his latest to create a well balanced and entertaining police procedural bathed in the darkness of LA's nighttime underworld.Bosch has a case which haunts him; the murder of an underage prostitute he's never been able to solve. The case eats away at him. Every day he's reminded of his failure, in part due to the dead prostitutes mother who shares his p...
  • Kristy
    Renee Ballard is working her usual late night shift when she finds a man going through files at the station. It turns out this stranger is Harry Bosch, a retired detective, who is working on a cold case that has turned personal. Ballard sends him on his way, but begins looking into the files Bosch was flipping through. Once she does, she becomes interested in the case too: fifteen-year-old Daisy, a runaway who was horrifically murdered, her body ...
  • Mandy White
    All the stars and more for my favourite detective Harry Bosch and Renee Ballard teaming up in Dark Sacred Night. Michael Connelly was one of the first "grown up " authors that my Dad got me hooked on when I was a teenager and all these years later he is still going strong. I was so very excited to be approved for an early copy of this book and writing a review for it terrifies me! I hope that I can do this book and the author justice. When you ha...
  • Emma
    The Late Show introduced Renée Ballard and in Dark Sacred Night Ballard we meet Bosch. This is really the book that establishes the premise for the rest of the series. I think I am going to enjoy this partnership. Both Ballard and Bosch are lone characters, both are very experienced and very good detectives, very dedicated and willing to bend the rules. I have always been ambivalent about whether to start the Bosch series and I thought this new ...
  • Richard
    9/10*slow claps*Surprise surprise, another quality book by Michael Connelly. Doesn’t he get bored of knocking them out of the park every time? This one is up there with some of his best work and to say it’s the 21st book in the Bosch series, that’s no mean feat. This outing has a combination of the perennially awesome Bosch and the newcomer Ballard from his previous book, The Late Show (unsurprisingly, really good). I’ve been a bit on the...
  • Monnie
    After I finished the first book in this series that brings together retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch and current detective Renee Ballard, I knew I wanted to read more. Admittedly, I wasn't all that taken with Ballard in The Late Show, but the aging Harry has never failed to reel me in. It's much the same here; I'm still not an all-out Ballard fan, but by golly, the story is so good that it didn't matter. And, the more I learn about Ballard the ...
  • Obsidian
    So this was the match-up that I never knew I needed. I am now wishing that Connelly had decided to match-up Harry with a strong female non-romantic lead before. I am not counting the books with him and Rachel Walling (see the Narrows, Echo Park, The Black Box, and The Burning Room). Fingers crossed that Connelly resists the urge to put them together. It is mentioned many times that Bosch is as old as her father (Renee) but Connelly also heavily i...
  • Bill Lynas
    Here's a double helping of Michael Connelly's creations as Renee Ballard teams up with Harry Bosch in another well written police procedural.Connelly juggles multiple plot lines as effortlessly as usual, & continues to develop one of his latest characters along with one of his oldest. On the down side Connelly once again uses a tired crime cliche, which lets the book down a little. Without giving this irritating piece of lazy writing away I'll ju...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and Orion for an advance copy of Dark Sacred Night, the first novel to feature an investigative collaboration between Detective Renée Ballard of LAPD and Detective Harry Bosch, currently a part timer with the San Fernando PD.Ballard works night shift or the late show as it's known in LAPD, a solitary job with its slow times so she's immediately curious when she finds Bosch rummaging in the department's filing cabi...
  • Rob Twinem
    Bosch and Ballard together solving crimes in downtown LA, sounds a recipe for success, unfortunately my original enthusiasm was not realized. Ballard is the new kid on the block, first introduced last year in the excellent "The Late Show". She has a lot to prove, riding the night shift, surfing in the morning accompanied by her faithful dog Lola. It's tough working as a female detective always open to criticism and ridicule and constantly under t...
  • Marcel Driel
    The team up between Ballard and Bosch does a disservice to both: Dark Sacred Night is an unusual bland and sometimes even boring book which is more like a series of events than a story with a interesting plot. The ending is better then what came before, but the solution to the mystery came out of nowhere. Hopefully Connelly will get his groove back with his next novel.
  • Donna
    This is a terrific B and B criminal mystery. And no, I’m not talking about a cozy Bed and Breakfast mystery. I’m talking about a suspenseful and absorbing Bosch and Ballard criminal mystery, the first of its kind. Long may it continue, if the next books in this series are anything like this one. Renee Ballard is a strong female character whom Connelly recently introduced to his readers in The Late Show, the first book of another new series he...
  • Eric
    Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly throws together his longtime character Harry Bosch and LAPD Detective Renee Ballard in another grand police procedural. Ballard crosses the path of Bosch while he has been investigating a cold murder case of an underaged prostitute-drug addict. The two decide to investigate this murder and the novel moves on from there. The novel also includes other current investigative cases being worked on by the two detec...
  • Kathi Defranc
    Awesome story!! But of course, with Harry Bosch on the loose!! Review to come!!
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole crossover thing. As it is, this book was pretty much dominated by Harry Bosch. I found Ballard’s various cases interesting; but once she was pulled into Bosch’s orbit, he pretty much eclipsed her character. Pity, because as a character she has quite the story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Connelly is going to deeply mine her, he’s still all about Bosch. I’ve been with Harry since 19...
  • Lou
    Michael Connolly is one of those authors that you can trust to create a compelling tale that is taut and paced to perfection, and Dark Sacred Night is another stunning success and is book number twenty one in the captivating and critically-acclaimed Harry Bosch series. The need for a new Detective has certainly been evident over the last few novels with Bosch becoming increasingly frustrated by his job as a part-timer at San Fernando PD. Renée B...