Saga #51 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga #51

Tabloid reporters Upsher and Doff have uncovered the scoop of the century, but what will it cost Hazel and her family?

Details Saga #51

TitleSaga #51
Release DateApr 25th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Saga #51

  • Maria
    Doff. 💚 What a man. Also, Alana and Marko’s love for trashy books is so adorable, I love those dorks.
  • AleJandra
    No existe nada mas hermoso en este mundo, que Marko usando lentes.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Tenemos varios avances en la historia que todavía no termino de encajar, no se bien para donde va la trama lo cual solo me crea mas ansias por leer los próximos Issues.El final, maldito final, fue como un puñetazo en el estómago, no lo vi venir, y me saco el aire por ...
  • Amina
    Me at the end of this issue:PS: there was some sadness but for a greater cause.
  • Y.♡ˎ´
    (view spoiler)[I'm so sad that Doff is dead, he and Upsher were really cute together. But he went down as a hero. The Will is finally free. Now I hope that this 'effin c*nt pays for everything she's done!! (hide spoiler)]
  • Andreea
    Can we kill this Ianthe bitch, please?
  • Brandon St Mark
    Always a fun read! Love where this series is going. I can see where they might be coming to an end soon in the story (or said better, a place where they could end it, I guess), but I hope this reaches 100 issues at least. I really love this series, and wouldn't mind it if it never ended.
  • Saga Norén
    This last issue didn't convinced me that much. Didn't answer the final of Saga #50, was an open final..maybe in the next issue.The nice part was (view spoiler)[ When Alana reads the book of Marko and was surprised with the power of his words (hide spoiler)]
  • Natasha
    (view spoiler)[DID THESE FUCKS SERIOUSLY BURY ANOTHER GAY (hide spoiler)]
  • Dimitris
    Once again! Great issue. Great story. Awesome artwork. Fun Fun Fun!A sad ending, but an amazing and a *FINALLY* cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next one! \o/
  • Kirra
    So this literally felt like I read it in two minutes when usually it takes me at least five so I feel cheated out of my monthly Saga time! I’m also not pleased with the lack of events and the events that did happen were not good. I expected something more to happen in this one because of the cover but I guess we’ll have to wait another month to see how this hopefully all pans out a little more?
  • Samhain
    Wow, that was intense! Doff's moment really stands out. It was so brave, smart, and selfless of him! It truly shows how brilliant Saga's characterization is. The journalist who has been selling other people's trash stories to survive, who comes from a species whose prime goal is to be neutral and make money on that, was the bravest, less selfish person in this whole issue. And what moves me the most isn't his fate, but the amount of love that exi...
  • Luis Kalaf
    All I can say is “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” and “YEEEEEEEEEEEES!”
  • Ria
    Gorgeous art as always, and the classic BKV devastating finale. What next for our intrepid heroes?
  • Macdiel
    Nooooooo :c
  • Paula
    That ending. Fuck.
  • Amber
    So that’s what we’re going to do now, huh? That’s what ya’ll gonna do?? (*whispers* fuck)
  • barbara ❅ the reader
    Why I still get attached to the characters?
  • Carolyn
    IVs story is accepted by the paper and the ingredients for the spell for he, Petri and Squires transformations are on the way. Meanwhile Squire asks his father who it qas that he killed and he wants to see what happened but IV refuses, never wanting to hurt his son. And at the end Ianthe and Will find Upsher (hopefully he's not actually hurt) but during the struggle The Will manages to escape from Ianthe, so I'm interested to see what his next mo...
  • Den
    (view spoiler)[Because Doff just have to do one final heroic act. (hide spoiler)]Read this if you like: (very) graphic novels, cool art courtesy of Fiona Staples, diverse characters, lgbtqia, robots, space operas, banters, interplanetary adventures, smuts that trigger revolutions, assassins held against their will, courageous journalism (?)
  • Simeon Scott
    This issue had a very distinct inbetween feel to it, which is no surprise considering it's coming off the heels of one of the best in the series but it still felt very meh to me with the exception of the scene where we find out Marko is now trying to write a book, that's a nice character touch.
  • Kyra Bea
    Man, this issue is a beautiful read, filled with dread for what you feel in your gut is about to happen. There's just so much suspense, all around the theme of anticipation. Robot reminding us why he's not a good person. And now Marko has his own fanfiction that I need to read, immediately.
  • Roma A.
    Sir Robot's a psychotic character, I tell you.
  • Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books)
  • Marcele
    The end of the issue was damn sad.
  • Elena ( The Queen Reads )
    Hindi nakahintay sa collected volumes. So good. 😍
  • Gina
    Surprise ending!Love seeing The Will back in action! This has been a series that I always look forward too. Love it!
  • Tara
    Oh no...... another one bites the dust.
  • Valéria.
    I forgot to breath during I was reading this issue like five times. Satisfied.
  • дДеса (MardyBum)
    Well, he said it best:"Without anticipation, life can be comfortable, but it'll never be THRILLING."