The Door Within (The Door Within, #1) by Wayne Thomas Batson

The Door Within (The Door Within, #1)

Aidan Thomas is miserable. And it's much more than the strange nightmares he's been having. Just when life seemed to be coming together for Aidan, his parents suddenly move the family across the country to take care of his wheelchair-bound grandfather. When strange events begin to occur, Aidan is drawn into his grandfather's basement where he discovers three ancient scrolls and an invitation to another world.No longer confined to the realm of his...

Details The Door Within (The Door Within, #1)

TitleThe Door Within (The Door Within, #1)
Release DateMay 6th, 2013
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Christian Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Adventure

Reviews The Door Within (The Door Within, #1)

  • Wayne
    Hi, Door Within Readers!Wayne Thomas Batson here. I wanted to thank all of you who put Isle of Fire on your ToBeRead list. I'm honored to be worth your time.Isle of Fire will release the first week of September. It is available for preorder on Amazon as well. In fact, if you preorder it on Amazon and email me to tell me you have ordered it, I'll send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker for your new me at: [email protected]
  • Hannah
    Okay. No offense to the author, but this book was not as good as it could have been. I love Christian fiction as a rule, but this was...well, it wasn't Tolkien-Lewis standard. The symbolism was a little heavy. No, that was a lie. It was akin to being thwacked over the head with a hard-cover Bible. In my mind, there are two pieces of advice that every allegory writer must have:A) Plot (and writing!) that's good quality separate from the Biblical r...
  • C.B. Cook
    Well. Wow. I thought I would like this book, but I didn't expect to enjoy it that much! Sure, it doesn't beat books like Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia, but it was really enjoyable! If I had to describe this book as if it were a person, I would say it was perky, fun, and intriguing.The GoodThere were soooo many unique ideas in this story! Fantasy books can have a lot of clichés, and of course this one has some, but there are plent...
  • Jill Williamson
    Upset with his family’s sudden move across the country, Aidan Thomas is friendless and bored. He seeks out adventure by exploring his new home which takes him to the dark and creepy basement. He finds dusty boxes of old toys, stacks of newspapers from the 1950s, and an old radio. It all seems to be a typical basement until a blue light grows out of the darkness leaving three clay pots in its wake. Inside them, Aidan finds three ancient scrolls....
  • Molly Evangeline
    When I first found out about The Door Within Trilogy while I was working at the local bookstore a couple years ago, I have to admit, it didn't grab my attention. For some odd reason, which I can't even recall now, I thought it might be a little too juvenile for me. Boy, I don't think I'll ever judge a book so quickly again. Being the Christian fantasy fan that I am, I finally got the books from the library and from page one I was completely hooke...
  • Ron
    Derived. "Revenge of the Nerds" meets "The Hobbit."A good if hardly original concept, but Batson should have worked harder (though he claims it took him thirteen years) making it his own work. Reads like a dashed off ripoff of Christian classic fantasy with too much Narnia, Middle Earth overlap.Reminds you why J. R. R. Tolkien hated allegory. Speaking of whom, Tolkien would be angered (as he was with C. S. Lewis) at the way Batson misused mytholo...
  • Adam Ross
    I wanted to like this book. I did. Unfortunately, I thought it continued to illustrate the problems with the Christian fiction publishing industry. It was not so much the story I had a problem with, but the prose was less than stellar, and the character development wasn't up to snuff. Repeatedly I found myself puzzled by character decisions that seemed to make no sense. I didn't get the wonder I was obviously supposed to get by having a boy stumb...
  • Jon
    This was a good fantasy action adventure young adult novel. Some of the situations stretched believability just a bit, but I put that down to the intended audience's attention span and naivety. The story is a Christian allegory, done very well. It's almost as good as The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander.
  • Ashley Bogner
    Several years ago, a friend recommended The Door Within to me. I decided to pick it up at the library, and was smart enough to get the consecutive books as well. From the first chapter, I was hooked. I read the entire trilogy in a few days and couldn’t put the series down. Since then, I’ve read several of Wayne Thomas Batson’s other books and loved them.In The Door Within , teenager Aidan Thomas is frustrated with his parent’s decision...
  • Abby Cashen
    Think book contained too many cliches to keep me interested.(Read full review here.) content advisory.)
  • Whisper
    Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the... well, cool-lover!All around great. Granted, some might see it as "just another fantasy book", but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm... but I won't spoil that for ...
  • Julee
    I really had high hopes for this book. I kept seeing this book at the library and finally decided to check it out. It is the first of a trilogy. Well, I have to say I was very disappointed in it. It just was very slow to me. Not much going on. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and I thought it had too much back story and not enough of the story in the present. I wanted it to get on with it. Also the main character is suppose to be ...
  • Lara
    A lot of folks seem to really like this, but I...really don't. It's pretty predictable, nothing's very well developed (including the main character, which is a big no-no in my view), the Christian imagery is so overt as to be distracting, the writing feels dumbed down, and...well, I guess that's it. In the end I found I just didn't care. I will certainly not be reading the rest of the books in this series.
  • Karissa
    I got this book quite a while ago when I was looking for some good middle grade fantasy adventure to read and saw the very high reviews for this trilogy. This was not a book for me. For those who aren’t aware (as I was not) Batson is a Christian author who publishes books with strong Christian themes to them. In general I don’t have issue with that but this book was incredibly poorly written and written at a very basic reading level (short se...
  • Jacob
    I don't exactly remember adding this to my to-read list a couple of years ago, but it wasn't the hidden gem I thought it might turn out as. The writing is stilted and overwrought and the story is kind of clumsy. I know this is targeted towards youth but other series like The Ruins of Gorlan or books like The Neverending Story are targeted the same way and better written. I don't know why it is this way; the edition I read included "lost chapters"...
  • Alex Beard
    The book “The Door Within” was an outstanding book. The book starts off with a teenage boy named Aiden Thomas who is the short, plump, and unpopular. Everything changes for Aidan when his grandpa becomes sick because his family has to move to Colorado to take care of him. Aidan is miserable because he misses his friends, is lonely, and bored trying to find something to do. He decides to explore his grandpa's basement. He finds three old scrol...
  • Michelle
    The Door Within is pretty typical Christian Fantasy, though well-written and with some original ideas. Boy finds link to fantasy world and goes through and saves the day--temporarily, this being part of a series. New is the idea that this world is a sort of alternate universe, with everyone having an albino duplicate. This book falls prey to two chestnuts of Christian writing: overly large and shallow cast, and the roles of good and evil. The exp...
  • Nena
    Poorly written, not believeable, and only somewhat interesting half the time (in the "non-reality" world). I guess this was written for children to young adult, and I might have liked it when I was six or seven but it's way too young for me now. I gave it a fair chance but there's no need for me to finish reading this.
  • Kim
    Didn't care for it. Didn't finish it. Started out good with a nice fantasy storyline, but really got to much into christian themes. They were so obvious that it made the story kind of 'hoaky'. Kids may not pick up on it, I however did.
  • Trevor
    This is one of the best books I have ever read! It started off a tiny bit slow but developed into a great story about another world. I recommend this to everybody.
  • Hosanna
    This is a great book! I'm glad that a friend "forced" me to read it. ;) What a good way to spend your time on sick days...First of all, this is an allegory, and it has a lot of truth in it. But it wasn't forced or clichéd. The storyline is very unique. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the focus on "never alone"...Christ is always with us. ♥ He controls every aspect of live and has a plan and purpose. The Door Within showed th...
  • Ferson (Jefferson)
    Soo good!!!!! I still can not get over how good this was! So well written, such an amazing story plot!! The characters were fantastic!! Though it made me cry a little it was still so good!!Highly recommended!!
  • Caroline Rutledge
    I loved it! Some names I couldn't pronounce, however there are no worries, I read in my head. I love how the whole book goes around God. As does The Chronicles of Narnia. Really, I can't wait to read the other books!
  • Gabriellyn
    Not as good as Dreamtreaders but really good still!
  • Gillian Bronte Adams
    This was one of the first “modern” fantasy books I ever read, so naturally, it has a special place in my heart. I grew up on the Lord of the Rings and Narnia, but I didn’t discover the wonderful world of newer fantasy out there until a friend gave me The Door Within as a birthday present several years ago.And I was hooked. The story: It’s been two weeks since they moved to Colorado to look after Grampin, and Aidan Thomas just wants to go ...
  • Bill Tillman
    Having moved away from his best friend Robby Pearson, to a different state so that his parents could take care of his grandfather Grandpin, Aidan Thomas is seriously angry. In a venture down to his house's basement, Aidan comes across historical documents that seem almost too real to be fantasy. Though both his parents dismiss them as just stories, a fairy tale, Aidan chooses to believe that are indeed true- a belief that allows him to go through...
  • TaeKwonDogirl
    The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson is the exciting beginning of a fantasy-filled trilogy. Mystery, intrigue, and adventure fill the pages of this very good book. Meet Aidan Thomas, your regular teen guy. Not too popular, and if he ever was it was due to the fact that he was best friends with one of the coolest guys on the block, Robby. However, everything changes. Aidan and his family must move from everything Aidan knows to care for Aidan's ...
  • Reading Teen
    The first read this book many years ago, and even then I loved it. A Christian novel, much like C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, is set in a modern day world where Aidan Thomas lives a very boring life. Now, in my opinion, the book doesn't get very good until Aidan enters a place called The Realm. This is kinda a medieval, fantasy twin of earth. For every person on earth, there is a "Glimpse" twin of them-- someone who looks and acts simila...
  • Chris
    The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson is one of the first Christian Fantasy titles that popped up after the long sabbatical between the time of Tolkien and now. The story is simple enough: Young Aidan is sent to a fantasy realm to save the world. We've seen it a hundred times, so the question is "Did Wayne make it unique?"Whether he did or didn't, it's easy to see that the author had a great time writing this book. His infectious enthusiasm is g...