Endless Night by Richard Laymon

Endless Night

Jody is pretty tough for a sixteen-year-old girl. That's the only reason she's still alive - for now. She was sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's house when a group of killers broke in and tried to slaughter everyone. She saw Evelyn spitted on a spear, but Jody managed to escape, along with Evelyn's little brother, Andy. — Simon was one of the killers that gruesome night. His friends have left it up to him to find the only living witnesses to ...

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TitleEndless Night
Release DateAug 1st, 2009
GenreHorror, Fiction

Reviews Endless Night

  • RedemptionDenied
    Well, this was one hell of a twisted story of survival horror, that is filled to the brim with blood, guts and gore. This is my second Laymon novel, so I knew what to expect...sort of. Sixteen year old, Jody Fargo, is having a 'sleep-over' at her best friends' house - when her friend Evelyn wakes her up; as she believes she's heard a noise downstairs, which sounds like breaking glass. Initially, Jody dismisses that her friend has heard anything -...
  • Svetlana
    Endless Night started off with a bang and I was instantly hooked. Though I do think I need the Lord’s guidance after finishing it. Jody was sleeping over at her friend Evelyn’s house when Evelyn heard a crashing sound. Not being able to get it off her mind, they both decided to check the noise out. As soon as she opened the door, Evelyn was speared. Her body leapt straight up and dangled from her doorway. Jody stood frozen behind Evelyn’s l...
  • Bark
    Laymon novels are a guilty pleasure for me. They are disgusting and you pretty much have to throw your brains out the window in order to get through them but I have to honestly say they are very much page-turners. If you enjoy senseless murder and mayhem, that is.This one starts out with a sixteen year old girl named Jody sleeping over a friend's house. Innocent enough stuff, until a murderous group of madmen target the home for their next killin...
  • Amy
    This is absolutely the most gruesome, sick, twisted book that I have ever read! It is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Jody who nearly gets slaughtered by a group of killers, the Krulls, while sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's house. Jody manages to escape along with Evelyn's little brother, Andy, while Simon, one of the Krull members, is left behind. Simon's job is to finish off the witnesses or else his girlfriend and his family will be n...
  • Kasia
    I have read over a dozen of Laymon novels and yes by the way I am a fan, when you crave the kind of story that only he writes so well nothing else can satisfy. At least that's how I see it, take a bunch of sympathetic level headed kids, a crazed killer on their tail ( with a very flamboyant but totally cold soul) and you have some page gripping moments, you'd want to read this over the weekend if you have some time to put into this, it's an enter...
  • Tim
    Ich muss dieses Buch tatsächlich 5 Sterne geben! Was war das bitte für eine krasse Achterbahnfahrt.. eine kranke Szene nach der anderen, trotzdem gespickt mit Humor. Sowas kann aus meiner Sicht nur Laymon so gnadenlos und glaubwürdig rüberbringen. (P.s bitte niemals beim- oder direkt nach dem Essen dieses Buch lesen... hätte ich vorher auch gerne gewusst... Puhh mein Magen...)
  • Dylan
    3.5 - 3.75 stars. I wasn't expecting THAT much from this, so I can't really say that I was disappointed. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this book is gross. Laymon's writing brought everything that happened in this book to life, and sometimes I had to put the book down because I needed a break from time to time. This book is told in two points of views, Jody and Simon. This is an interesting contrast because Jody is a see...
  • Susan Crowe
    I just couldn't finish this. I'm usually not a huge stickler for typos in kindle versions but this is unreal. The violence in this book just became more than I could handle. I'm usually pretty tough, but the girl wearing the bra made from murdered baby's faces became too much.
  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    I have to say I was disappointed reading "Body Rides" with Laymon. I mean, I had heard he was the greatest thing this side of horror, but just wasn’t feeling it. After reading "Endless Nights," however, I just might jump on the Laymon happy go lucky bandwagon after all!The book starts off with horror and ends with even worse horror. From the very first few pages, tension is high enough to induce a nervous breakdown in the reader.Laymon whips up...
  • Sammy Loves Books
    I was warned before reading this book that Richard Laymon wrote graphic horror. My curiosity got the best of me. Granted I don't read much horror. This was gruesome. The villain was actually as sick as they come. If you want to be afraid to go to sleep at night, I highly recommend this book. This one will keep you awake at night and have you checking and rechecking the locks on the windows and doors. Yikes!
  • Adam Light
    This was one of the better Laymon books I have read lately. I was happy to find that Laymon went all out as he usually does, but there was a story to go along with it. The last couple of his I read were disappointing. Endless Night features one of the most vile, perverted and absolutely evil antagonists I can remember reading in quite some time.The good guys were pretty likeable with the exception of Andy. I just wasn't too keen on his character,...
  • Stuart Keane
    I discovered Richard Laymon at a very young age. Once hooked, I grabbed any novel I could get my horror-seeking little hands on. I've read all but two of Laymon's works but this is the one that will always resonate with me. To this day, this still stands at #2 on my Favourite Laymon list.Laymon really pulls out the stops in this book. At times, it feels like a Hollywood blockbuster and a gritty independent project combined. Every scene is easily ...
  • Unapologetic_Bookaholic
    Jody is at a sleepover when something wakes her up. Going to investigate starts the ENDLESS NIGHT. The great thing about this Richard Laymon novel is it was smart. The violence was necessary to the killer's motivation and the victim's demise. Sometimes in horror where the violence is senseless it just irritates me. Simon Quist is the murderer and you are told this early and let known his background and understand why he is the way he is. Wouldn't...
  • Monica Mommy
    Si parte alla grande, facendo sperare in un ottimo Thriller. Prime pagine da leggere tutte con il fiato sospeso... poi la storia si divide in due... da una parte viene quasi narrato, (dico quasi), il bel Thriller che avevo assaggiato inizialmente, a parte qualche piccola assurdità perdonabile; dall' altra parte si legge un libro che narra quasi esclusivamente di amori e scompigli ormonali adolescenziali, con tanto di assurdità questa volta poco...
  • Addy
    This laymon book was definitely my least favorite story wise. The beginning was awesome and grabbed me right a way, but then it got into details about truly what this book was about and I guess I didn't really care for it. Definitely one of the most descriptive laymon books out there but, thankfully, I've encountered worse. I'll still give a 4 star rating because I really did enjoy the parts with Jody and her misdirected little step brother, at l...
  • Kelly
    Warning: For all of you who are weak of heart, loose of mind or those that hold a moral stance equal to or greater than Tammy Faye Baker - need turn away! For the love of all that’s innocent and pure, turn away! Now, for all you morally lacking readers out there who thrive on violence, gore and degradation of the lowest kind or just aren’t the sharpest pencil in the box, I have one word for you – Sweet! With no holds barred, Laymon gives us...
  • Andrew
    ...this here's my friend, Richard. He's kinda shy. Won't come in for a soda, or tea or anything like that. Just sort of run into him when I take my trash outside. He's sometimes just standing there, and he'll turn to me, almost as if he's been talking to somebody else and just stops mid sentence. But I never see no one. My wife's a little spooked by him. She says she's glad he won't come in. Might scare the babies. Or the dogs. Well, he ain't a b...
  • James
    Dick Laymon comes through again with the cheap thrills. This time it's kind of a family vacay meets psycho bloopers blend of shock shtick. I think this one is one of his best, although I've only read about 7 or 8 of his books.I won't run over the plot with you too much but I will say that this book has a split personality and I really enjoyed that aspect. It is told in third person when concerning our damsel in distress, but when the perspective ...
  • kas
    If you like violent-sex horror, you will love this. The book was a quick read that really kept me on the edge of my seat. I am not a quick reader (verrrry slow) and read this pretty quickly. Overview:Basically it is told from two points of view from one of the survivors and one of the killers.Jody, a young girl staying at a friends house, wakes up to her friends concern of someone in the house and quickly sees her friend killed. She and the frien...
  • Brian
    I like Richard Laymon. He’s a quick read which means that I can get the sense of accomplishment from reading a book and not feeling like a slug. I was trying to read The Alienist by Caleb Carr before reading this book and was having a hard time getting into it. Back to Endless Night, basic plot, girl, Jody is staying over a friends house when a bunch of crazies break in and kill almost everyone except her and her friends little brother. They es...
  • Nattie
    I'll admit that part 1 had my full attention. The disgust became too much to ignore after the escape. All was downhill once Simon's POV came into play.This is a sick read. Foul. I never hated any book so much since I read James Patterson's vomit-inducing Swimsuit. I have yet to read another Patterson novel since, and I won't even look once at another Laymon book.I was quite turned off by all the graphic rape talk and the way he wrote sexually abo...
  • Angie
    This was a roller coaster of a book from the moment Jodi is woken up in the middle of the night while at her friends house. A gang of men had broken in and in what seemed the blink of an eye, Evelyn, and her mum and dad had been murdered.Jodi escapes with Andy, her friends 12 year old brother.Simon is the murderer we follow as his friends leave him behind as he didn't catch the two kids. This does not stop him killing and raping , far from it, he...
  • Angie
    From the moment when Jody was woken up when she was staying over at her friends house to the last page, it was all blood ,guts, chases and Simon. The book is about a gang of guys that rape and murder there way through as many people as possible, and have been doing so since they were teens. You get a brief history of their activities from Simon, the guy they left behind when he didn't catch Jody and her friends brother Andy.Didn't stop him killin...
  • Ekel Adolf
    Endless Night is one of the best of Laymon's work, being especially mercyless and thrilling and also quite experimental in the way the story is narrated. Albeit, the most charming aspect is maybe the metafictional one, since the gang of killers in Endless Night calls themselves the Krulls, a name which they got from a horror novel not mentioned by title, but being nothing else than Laymon's masterpiece The Woods Are Dark.
  • Tammy
    I liked the way this book switched perspectives. Just when I thought I couldn't read another twisted word from the killer's first-person perspective, SWITCH. Just in time.The book was entertaining, riveting, but the last chapter was very depressing and reached even darker depths of the male id. [shudder:]
  • Ben
    Really sinister and one of the most depraved characters (Simon) you'll ever meet. Whenever I feel down about life or how bad the world is going I can always read a Laymon book and remind myself the world could be a lot more nastier.
  • Beth
    Honestly, I can't really remember if this was any good, I read it so long ago. What I do remember is, for a girl that was raised on horror stories and still actively seeks them, this book creeped me the hell out. Over a decade later, that feeling still lingers when I think about this book.
  • Michelle
    My mind is a-whir with all the points I want to make here, and all the disclaimers I have as well. Ultimately, this book is dated, which means some of the issues I have are a result of societal evolution. Still, my making allowances for this, as I routinely do, did not help me to enjoy this book more. Before I get into the main focus of my issues -- but the image above is a preview -- I'd like to say almost nothing worked for me in the story. I f...
  • Sarah Marie
    Endless Night by Richard Laymon1 starJody is sleeping over at her best friend Evelyn’s house when Evelyn shakes her awake in the dead of night and claims that a window downstairs has been broken. As Evelyn and Jody brave waking up the parents in the house Evelyn is murdered with a spear. The killer walks off with her body and Jody is able to find a weapon and get Jody’s brother. There’s something strange about the killer in the house. There...
  • R. Claire
    Ugh! I love horror, but Laymon is too smutty for my taste. I couldn't wait for this night to end. Two stars because the chase scene at the start builds into some good suspense, but the book takes a smutty turn when the narrative flips to the killer's POV, and we're treated to nihilistic rape scenes and panty obsessions. I reflected on my feelings in a recent blog post:https://exlibrisregina.com/2018/06/17...