Well-Read Black Girl by Glory Edim

Well-Read Black Girl

An inspiring collection of essays by black women writers, curated by the founder of the popular book club Well-Read Black Girl, on the importance of recognizing ourselves in literature.Remember that moment when you first encountered a character who seemed to be written just for you? That feeling of belonging can stick with readers the rest of their lives--but it doesn't come around as frequently for all of us. In this timely anthology, "well-read...

Details Well-Read Black Girl

TitleWell-Read Black Girl
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreNonfiction, Writing, Essays, Books About Books, Feminism, Short Stories, Cultural, African American

Reviews Well-Read Black Girl

  • Michelle
    I remember the time my teacher placed a copy of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in my hands. I identified strongly with young Maya. Through her walk a sense of power was infused in me. I felt that I could endure. Just the idea that a little brown girl's voice held that much power. I remember shortly after that Dr. Angelou came to visit my local library. She towered over the patrons yet she always managed to embrace everyone at their own level. Ev...
  • Stacie C
    I’ve always been a voracious reader. My mother used to read me bedtime stories at night and as soon as I learned how to read, more often than not you would find me with a book in my hands. There are two books that stand out that were an obvious reflection of me and my family: The People Could Fly by Virginia Hamilton and Pass It On: African American Poetry by Wade Hudson. Those two books had Black people on the covers, Black people on the pages...
  • Andre
    I love reading books about reading. It’s always inspiring to hear about what books loomed large in a person’s life. And it’s doubly exciting when those looking back are authors giving insight to the texts that spurred them to write their own stories. I also genuinely respect the way women are able to connect with one another in a way men can’t, (won’t?). It’s really something to see. I’m envious.Glory Edim has created a phenomenon t...
  • Reading in Black & White
    This book perfectly captures what it feels like to be a black girl that loves books and the difference they can make in your life...I can’t wait for everyone to experience this one!!!
  • Noelle
    Thanks to #netgalley and #randomhousepublishing for giving me my first ARC, Well-Read Black Girl! This book is the epitome of why representation matters. Well-Read Black Girl is an anthology of essays by black women writers. All of the women represented in the book share a common love for reading at an early age, and the lack of representation in books with girls who look like them. Well-Read Black girl is very timely and necessary. Thanks to the...
  • Joshunda Sanders
    I wanted to re-read my galley again, which I took some time to do this weekend, before I wrote a review because I wanted to remember and savor all of the goodness of this anthology, which for Black women & girl readers is replete with testimony and witness, healing and recognition, a booklist to last you for a good long while and more than that, even. More maybe than I can express here, so I'll write more certainly as someone who has her own stor...
  • Twheat
    I love reading books about reading. I especially enjoyed this one as it brought together stories from Some of our best black authors. It shines a light on the importance of hearing these voices regardeless of race, age or gender. The essays were creative and original. It was a treat to read some of my favorite authors like Tayari Jones, some I had not read in awhile such as Rebecca Walker and a few new names I’ll be sure and pick up!
  • Trina
    Spectacular collection of well-written works by brilliant african-american female authors that has something for everyone no matter the race, religion, or gender. Glory Edim brilliantly brings together essays from writers: Jesmyn Ward (Sing, Unburied, Sing); Tayari Jones (An American Marriage); Lynn Nottage (Sweat); Jacqueline Woodson (Another Brooklyn); Gabourey Sidibe (This Is Just My Face); Morgan Jerkins (This Will Be My Undoing); Rebecca Wal...
  • Erica
    Initially, when I learned of this book I thought it was a gathering of fiction by some of today's most prolific African-American women writers. To my surprise, the book instead consisted of prolific women writers of color writing about the books that influenced them early in their careers and beyond. Although all of the essays were wonderful and include some of today's most touted writers including Jesmyn Ward, Tayari Jones, and Jaqueline Woodson...
  • Nicole O
    This book is a much needed anthology of stories from prominent black women writers. Never before have I thought to ask myself when, how or why I fell in love with books, or when I first saw myself within the pages of a story or novel. This collection dives head first into these questions, with each essayist writing about the works and people that have influenced them the most in both their lives and their careers. I guarantee you will walk away f...
  • Jaclyn (sixminutesforme)
    This was a phenomenal essay collection - the range of voices included a complex discussion about the importance of representation in literature. The collection was also as a celebration of the talent and legacy of black women writers, and the passion within each essay really brought this collection to life. I also loved the suggested reading lists included throughout the book!
  • Jade
    If you are anything like me you understand the crazy love one can have for reading. I have read, devoured, books for as long as I can remember (literally as my mum taught me to read when I was only a few years old). I spent my elementary school years pretending I was George in The Famous Five, or Harriet the Spy. Later on I was Cathy yearning after Heathcliff and then Jacqueline in Gone To Soldiers. I always had a pool of heroines I could relate ...
  • Lori
    Editor Glory Edim shares authors' brief reflections on their literary influences, primarily in terms of books or their authors. These stories are broken up by short bibliographies of black-women-authored books fitting specific categories. The author's essays include white and black authors, both male and female. I wish Edim's lists included mysteries written by black authors, but it did not. A closing bibliography includes the titles mentioned th...
  • Kaytee Cobb
    Glory Edim of Well-Read Black Girl curates this collection of essays from Black writers, poets, and playwrights. They are mostly centered on the first and formative books for each of these women, the ones that first depicted relatable characters for her to look up to. The Black authors that came first and showed that Black characters can have depth and meaning and be something for a young Black Girl to aspire to, these are v the formative stories...
  • Dawn Wells
    What a great book about reading. This is different stories written by female black authors and being represented in literature.
  • Misha
    Barbara Smith: "James Baldwin is a classic writer. When I saw I Am Not Your Negro, I was struck by the fact that Baldwin's ideas are as relevant and insightful today as the day he originally expressed them. Timelessness is a major characteristic of classic creations. Baldwin is a moral philosopher. His work does not merely describe and analyze oppression, but relentlessly asks the reader to examine their individual relationship to evil, to cruelt...
  • Katherine D. Morgan
    I read this and I cried. Growing up as a black woman in America, I haven’t always felt seen, especially in the white world of literature. I devoured these essays. Even if I didn’t fully bond with one, the message was clear and I discovered new books to read, some not even in my preferred genre (memoir, nonfiction, essays). Read this book. Buy your friend this book. Cherish this book. Seriously. You’re going to love it. Also the illustration...
  • Arlena
    Title: Well Read Black Girl Finding Our Series, Discovering OurselvesAuthor: Glory EdimPublisher: Ballantine BooksReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"Well Read Black Girl Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves" by Glory EdimMy Thoughts...If you love reading as I do you will find this read a very interesting one and if you are black it will even mean so much more. I loved all that this author brought out in this 'inspiring collection o...
  • Audra
    A great anthology of essays by Black women writers who share their experiences of the books that that left deep impressions on them. Some of the books they saw themselves in, a lot they didn't...and that is why many of them became writers: to share our stories so that young Black women can see themselves represented in this vast land of literature and fiction. Recommendations for books are also listed throughout in every genre. Some of the books ...
  • Imani406
    Definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year. When anyone asks for book recommendations, this will now be my go to b/c it proves a plethora of book recommendations. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my top 10 list of favorite books (some which are noted in this anthology) but this here encompasses almost all the great black woman authors. This is absolutely a book for the well read black girl or those who inspire to become one. I’d h...
  • Judi
    I received a copy of Well-Read Black Girl through a Goodreads Giveaway. I entered this giveaway because I have a daughter who teaches and coaches teachers on the west side of Chicago. I will be giving this copy to her, and I’m sure she will find it useful. I did read the essays in this book and they were interesting, informative and inspiring. A common thread in the essays is the importance of reading and being read to as a child. As an avid re...
  • Brittney
    Thanks to Netgalley for this wonderful arc. A beautiful homage to beautiful black female authors from beautiful readers. A true love letters of what it means to look into the mirror of the written words and see yourself reflected between the pages. I enjoyed so much how each reader took me through their personal library and express all the joys and saving grace books had meant for them growing up. Especially showing how representation or lack of ...
  • Emi Bevacqua
    I'm Asian-American and I appreciate this anthology for its wealth of recommendations, its A-list roster of essay submitters, and the recognition of the awesome strength and power of global sisterhood. I loved reading about how Marita Golden's audience in Turkey so related to Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes were Watching God. Great book lists for readers of all ages, creatively crafted and excellently edited.
  • Paula
    First off, I appreciate Glory Edim for introducing/compiling this book. I have always been interested in how others think, feel, understand the world that I live in...that we live in. I think it is important as a human to get a grasp that not everyone sees the world as I do. Not everyone reads the world as I do. Not everyone lives in the world that I do.Getting a black woman writer's perspective of...in one aspect the lack of black characters in ...
  • Stephanie
    Well Read Black Girl is a collection of essays from various Black women in the arts who describe what representation in literature did for them. After every essay is a list of recommendations from Black women authors clustered around the genre of the essayist or the genre they spoke about in their essay. I though that Well Read Black Girl was a decent read. I thought that the women picked were a decent mix of well known people and some women that...
  • Bookishfolk
    I couldn’t love this book more if I tried. The stories were honest, real, inspiring and completely captivating. Reading about how books played a pertinent role in each writers life was everything to me and I connected with these writers possibly more than I’ve ever connected with a writer before. I felt like I was getting a deep dig into their life-and I’m so grateful for that. Oh and the book list at the end-literally made my day! Excellen...
  • G
    A good way to find a great new bookThis book is at its best when the contributors focus on discussing the books that resonated with them, rather than just their own writing. I was inspired by the experiences of finding themselves on the page and wish I had a similar experience. Their journeys give me hope that I may still find that pivotal book the captures the essence of me, but I do know I will continue to enjoy my reading journey.
  • R
    When asked the question "Remember that moment when you first encountered a character who seemed to be written just for you?" Black women writers answer that and so much more. Many of the books identified, I have read and agree that they were similarly life changing and affirming at a time when I needed to see, hear and feel those characters. Most go on to discuss other books, authors and characters that influenced their writing. This is the semin...
  • Donna Bijas
    4.5 stars for some great essays, honest and forthright in their words, of some really great writers and the writers that inspire and inspired them. Categorized by type of book, novels, poetry, plays, etc., these essays speak directly to the reader as if sitting and just discussing books and how they change our thinking, open our eyes and make you squirm. Looking forward to reading many of their suggestions.