We're All Damaged by Matthew Norman

We're All Damaged

Andy Carter was happy. He had a solid job. He ran 5Ks for charity. He was living a nice, safe Midwestern existence. And then his wife left him for a handsome paramedic down the street.We’re All Damaged begins after Andy has lost his job, ruined his best friend’s wedding, and moved to New York City, where he lives in a tiny apartment with an angry cat named Jeter that isn’t technically his. But before long he needs to go back to Omaha to say...

Details We're All Damaged

TitleWe're All Damaged
Release DateJun 1st, 2016
Publisher Little A
GenreFiction, Humor, Contemporary

Reviews We're All Damaged

  • Pouting Always
    Andy has to go back home from NY after his grandfather dies which he really does not want to do because it means facing the life he left behind after his divorce. The plot was a little lack luster but I think the voice makes up for that. The writing was funny and witty and so many hilarious things happen in the book that kept me reading. Especially everything that happens between his mother and the gay people angry at her. A little ridiculous but...
  • Melki
    Poor Andy! He was dumped by his wife, in Applebee's, of all places, with Wham playing in the background! Tragic, eh? His mother is now a right-wing radio pundit - Nancy Knows - Always Right, Always Right! - and his befuddled dad is shooting squirrels with a paintball gun. Just when he thinks life can't get any worse . . . well, you know IT DOES!Poor Matthew Norman! His book will be compared ad infinitum to This is Where I Leave You . There are si...
  • Zoeytron
    There wasn't much sparkle here for me. It's a perfectly nice story about a man who continues to pine for his ex-wife a year after their divorce. She blindsided him at Applebee's over dinner by announcing she was tired of it all, finished with him. She moves on with her life, while Andy flounders miserably.This was a Kindle First for the month of May, and I chose unwisely. It was just a little lighthearted and saccharin for my taste, although the ...
  • Larry H
    Matthew Norman aims for full-on Jonathan Tropper territory with his newest book, We're All Damaged . He doesn't quite hit that target, but the effort is still both funny and bittersweet."I don't have a problem with Applebee's per se. But I think we can all agree, as a civilized society, that lives shouldn't change there. Significant things should begin or end at Applebee's. You shouldn't walk into Applebee's as one thing and then leave as someth...
  • Jessica
    I know that everyone’s family’s got issues. But sometimes it feels like it’s just you, like your family’s complicated baggage outweighs whatever anyone else has going on. I have definitely felt that way. I have had three different therapists throw up their hands in defeat when discussing my relationship with my father and say, “I don’t know what to tell you. I’m at a loss.” And yet, it was only relatively recently – over way too...
  • Katharine
    Yet another Kindle First book, from a while back. This was the most appalling book I've read in a while. I have read about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl but this was my first encounter in the wild, as it were, and I now understand how obnoxious the trope can be. The plot is about a man whose wife cheats on him and then divorces him so he moves to New York City to be Hapless and Pathetic although he is a Nice Guy, don't you know, who doesn't really d...
  • Matt
    I appreciate what the author attempts to show, but I expected better. The idea that everyone is (at least a little) fucked up resonates with me. I liked the writing style and the humor...but there's something about this book that irritated me. Perhaps it was the ballsy, tattooed heroine who comes to the narrator's rescue. She's the nerdy guy's femme fatale. I've seen her before, and I'm a little tired of it. Like a knight in shining armor, she de...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    Matt Norman does it again! Funny, thoughtful, fast-paced. Loved it.
  • Gabriela
    Wow, talk about a book written rigorously to follow the Nice Guy and Manic Pixie Girl trope to a T.I'll give Norman the advantage that a) his writing style is funny and b) there was an interesting plot somewhere buried all the terrible faux poetic analogies and Daisy's entire plot and purpose.But this book was so...tepid. I am so tired of this narrative of "quirky" girls "saving" loser guys like our protagonist. Also, girls don't talk the way Dai...
  • Kit Vogler
    I was getting kind of worried these last few months with the Kindle First picks. I seemed to have picked the duds of the bunch month after month. Now, BOOM! This book! I was about a third of the way in and started to get annoyed because I realized that I now have another author I will be putting on me "Keep Tabs on this Author" list. The characters were interesting. I was sort of annoyed with Andy's friends and family at first. They all acted lik...
  • Rick
    Matthew Norman is a new-to-me writer and one whose work I will seek out in the future. He truly knows how to tell a heart-wrenching, heart-rending, heartbreaking and, at the same time, hilarious story peopled with very flawed, human characters you'll come to love.
  • Bianca
    3.5 starsI've requested this novel because of its title, as I like obvious truths. ;-) I imagined/expected it to be edgy and angsty. It so wasn't - serves me right for not reading the blurb.'We're All Damaged' reads like a women's fiction novel, but this time, it's written by a man and the main character is Andy Carter, a recently divorced thirty-one-year-old, who's kind of lost. Andy is from Omaha and is a kind man. Albeit he's kind of boring, ...
  • Siv30
    סיפור די עצוב של אנדי שאישתו קארן, אהבת חייו, יום אחד נוטשת אותו עבור גבר אחר- טיילר השכן הפרמדיק שלהם.לאחר שהוא מקבל התמוטטות עצבים מהעזיבה, אנדי מאבד את עבודתו ועוזב את חיו הישנים לטובת חיים פשוטים בניו יורק עם חתול רחוב עצבני בשם ג'יטרס.ואז אחרי שנ...
  • Kate Moretti
    I love Matthew Norman's voice and this book was the perfect break from suspense for me. I actually read this book while I was listening to Where'd You Go Bernadette. The novels have some parallels: great voice, witty main character, campy/fun/cringe-worthy plot twists, and stellar writing. It was fun without being cutesy, and I wanted to hug and strangle Andy in equal measure (and this was clearly the intention). A really fantastic light-but-not-...
  • Liz
    This was a great mixture of hilarity and seriousness. It was like being transported to the good ole days of when sitcoms were the thing ( The Wonder years meets Parenthood). Great MCs and dialogue!!
  • AdiTurbo
    Less good than the excellent Domestic Violets, but the honest writing and wonderful one-liners are still here, and all in all this is a very enjoyable novel to read, even with some implausible plot events in it. Some of the same themes from Norman's first novel can also be found here, and the characters are original and well-developed. I will read anything this guy writes.
  • Sharon
    A tad disappointed with this short little read, especially being a huge fan of Norman’s Domestic Violets. I zipped through this one (his follow-up), lol’d occasionally, but also rolled my eyes quite a bit.There’s a lot of cliche situations in here: too many to truly endorse this book. A man down on his luck, a “no one’s family is crazier than mine!” family, and a quirky girl who isn’t the love interest but then sort of is. While som...
  • alex
    Judging by the mostly glowing reviews and 5-Star ratings 'We're All Damaged' received on both Amazon and Goodreads, I started to feel like maybe I was missing something when the book and its main characters left me rolling my eyes in annoyance. I waited about a week before writing this review (and a few months before posting it because I forgot about it) in order to truly process my thoughts. Am I being unnecessarily harsh with my 2-Star rating? ...
  • Marie
    I am clearly not the target audience for this book. Self-absorbed, immature, 30ish boy-man starts putting his life back together a year after his divorce in the midst of his self-absorbed, immature mother; his self-absorbed, immature brother; a father whose character is seriously underdeveloped; and, of course, a quirky, equally self-absorbed and in the end, equally immature, not-quite-hooker with a heart of gold. Maybe I'm too old to have any pa...
  • Josh
    We're All Damaged by Matthew Norman is a sublimely funny book. The story is told from the perspective of Andy Carter, an (un)intentionally unreliable narrator whose perception of reality provides the source of the majority of the book's humor. Andy is one of those friends you drink with at the bar who tells stories that just when they reach the top of a crescendo, channel Billy Mays - "But Wait, there's more!" This makes for a fantastic read, sin...
  • Brian Rothbart
    This is by far the best book I have read this year. It made me laugh out loud and it made me tear up. This book truly hit home. I felt like I was reading a story about my own life. Sure, there are some cliches, and we have seen some of this before in other books and movies but it works so well, even the ending. You really feel for these characters. "Imagine watching the saddest scene of the saddest movie you can think of. A real tearjerker. . . ....
  • Ashley
    Absolutely hated it. I have no idea how it has good ratings, it's the most generic sad boy meets manic pixie dream girl story ever. Took me so long to read because I didn't want to pick it back up and the only reason I decided to finish it was so I could write a review saying what crap it was. Main character is a dick, whose wife leaves him for another man (I would too). So he throws a big hissy fit destroying other people's property and goes to ...
  • Heather Fineisen
    This a short, amusing novel that has it's moments of poignancy. There is political commentary, marriage turmoil, failed and rekindled friendships , suburban satire and a blind date. For a quick read, the dialogue flows and the timing between lines and scenes is nearly perfect. Norman's writing is so tight I can see this as a screenplay. There are even cute little squirrels with obscene paw gestures. If you want to read something that will put a s...
  • Stephen
    Meh.A Johnathon Tropper-esque tale of nice guy gets dumped and mopes about until put back on his feet by alt-punk girl with a heart of gold--undermined by an unnecessary and for the reader unwanted political backstory pitting the guy's far right, attention seeking mother against a gay rights Glitter Mafia. Excise the latter elements and the story was pretty good. With them in, irritating at times.2.5 stars. On Buy, borrow, skip scale: Nothing to ...
  • Diane
    A few years back I read Matthew Norman's hilarious novel, Domestic Violets, which made my list of the Most Compelling Books of 2011. It tells the story of a man stuck in a soulless copywriting job, the son of a Norman Mailer-like father, married to a woman he fears will leave him, father to a young daughter.He is writing a novel, but he will always be compared to his successful father, an alcoholic with a wandering eye who comes to stay with his ...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    I read Matthew Norman's debut book, "Domestic Violets" and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to reading this book. "We're All Damaged" is another story about family ties. Andy changes his entire life after his wife cheats on him. He leaves everything behind in Omaha to make a new life for himself in NYC. He may be done with the past but the past is not done with him.Poor Andy can't catch a break! The book follows him as he goes back home...
  • Joe Murolo
    I really enjoyed this book. Norman's style of writing and type of story reminded me very much of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.
  • Katrine Austin
    Damage can be goodWhile slow to grab me, I ultimately liked the theme of the book. If we could remember every one is struggling, the world filled with compassion would be a kinder place.