The Lace Makers of Glenmara by Heather Barbieri

The Lace Makers of Glenmara

"A charming, moving story, written with a delicate touch"--Joanne Harris"Pitch-perfect literary fiction"--Books on the Cape"Generates convincing warmth and emotion"--Publisher's Weekly"Impressively authentic"--Minnneapolis Star Tribune"Compelling"--Library Journal"Unforgettable"--National Examiner"Entertaining"--BookPage"You can always start again," Kate Robinson's mother once told her, "all it takes is a new thread." Overwhelmed by heartbreak an...

Details The Lace Makers of Glenmara

TitleThe Lace Makers of Glenmara
Release DateJun 14th, 2009
PublisherHarperCollins e-books
GenreFiction, Cultural, Ireland, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Reviews The Lace Makers of Glenmara

  • joyce g
    Lovely, sadness coupled with joy and hope.
  • Erin
    Wow. This book was not good. Barbieri takes pretty much every stereotype about Ireland and the Irish and populates her story with them. There's the little village that time forgot, filled with quirky but adorable locals and an overbearing priest. There's the American with a tragic past who stumbles into their midst and is immediately treated like family (because the Irish are the friendliest people in the world, dontcha know?). There's the hunky ...
  • Jean
    I so enjoyed reading this book. I did not want to put it down, but I did not want it to end. The friendships, the joys, the sorrows, the love, it was all there. I hope to read more by Heather Barbieri!
  • Melissa
    Once upon a time not so long ago, an American guy left an American girl. The girl took off to Ireland seeking solace. She hitchhiked (like that happens a lot in the 21st century) and camped around the country and one day wandered into the tiny town of Glenmara. She immediately was taken in by a widow and accepted as a member of the local lacemaking group and by the townspeople, with 2 exceptions. She also immediately met a very handsome man. So b...
  • Courtney
    I received this book through a GoodReads giveaway.I had a lot of trouble actually getting through this book. While there are some good ideas here, the writing just didn't do it for me. I didn't feel very in touch with the characters; they seemed rather flat to me and prone to strange emotions (Kate losing her mother's necklace and not seeming to care much; Aileen is jealous of Kate after only a few days, despite Kate not interacting much with Ber...
  • Caroline Niziol
    I was drawn to The Lace Makers of Glenmara because I hoped to find details of lace-making; it's one of the crafts I've explored the least. However, this book focuses more on relationships, romantic and friendly, than on the handiwork itself. In this contemporary "finding oneself"-themed novel, the jilted Kate backpacks around Ireland and stumbles up on a postcard-perfect Irish town, complete with cheery older women, convivial old men, a suspiciou...
  • Jo (Bloomin'Chick)
    I can't say enough about this novel. It enchanted me right from the start through the finish. Funny, heartbreaking, relate-able, transportive. A glimpse of my heritage in the present. Wonderful.
  • Bridget
    I received an Advance Reader’s Edition of this title, which will be published in July 2009. It tells the story of Kate, a young woman from Seattle who has recently lost her mother to cancer, and her live-in boyfriend of five years to a young model. To add insult to injury, she is a clothing designer whose latest collection went nowhere.She decides to visit Ireland, for a change of scenery, and because it was a trip she and her mother had origin...
  • Agatha
    Novel. Aspiring seamstress Kate from Seattle flees to mother Ireland after her mother dies from cancer and her fiancé Ethan leaves her. She travels around the romantic wilds of the West until she is taken under the wings of a local ladies' lace-making guild in the tiny town of Glenmara. The ladies (Bernie, Aileen, Moira, Oona, and Colleen) teach Kate the old ways of making Irish lace and she in turn shows them how to incorporate them into more m...
  • extraordinary ordinary whimsy
    Most books arrive to my home after I have sought them out. But some books find me. They arrive quite by accident. Looking for a home or someone to share their story with. Labor Day and now The Lace Makers of Glenmara both came to me this way.What it is not: It's a not a neat little love story about finding "Mr. Perfect" in the Emerald Isle. Even though there is one ruggedly handsome fellow.What it is: A really honestly beautiful thoughtful story ...
  • Lauren
    I wanted to like this one a lot more than I did. Too much drama and too little character development. There really was a great seed planted there with the setting and the idea of this traditional art bringing modern people together... but it was disappointing in the end. I skimmed over large sections, not really interested or invested enough to care what was happening... A 1.5 star would be closer to how I felt about it -
  • Nancy
    Meh. I just didn't care about the characters; and also, there was something so fake-Irish about it. The Irish folks are either faithfilled and optimistic, or full of deep Celtic wisdom, or drunk and scarred. *snore* Here's a crazy thought: How about trying "interesting"? If you want to read about Irish, I'd go for the Crazyleadies of Pearl Street. So they're Irish-American, not Irish - at least they are interesting.
  • Summer
    I liked this book. It was a nice little detour to a small village in Ireland. I enjoyed the characters. Niall and were great old Irish men. The women of the village were also lovable. Seeing Ireland in a modern light was a nice change and the struggles every village and person has with maintaining their heritage and history were very real. Through the newspaper in Gaelic and the continuing of old crafts such as the lace making, they were able to ...
  • Kim Downs
    If you want to go to Ireland, fall in love and eat warm scones and learn to make lace...this book is for you.
  • Valerie Campbell Ackroyd
    Entertaining, charming, full of IrelandI enjoyed this story of an Irish American girl who stumbles across an Irish village, makes friends with a group of women there, learns to make lace, falls in love. It could be classified as a romance but it is a little more than that. Parts of it reminded me of the novel “Chocolat,” with the storyline of the village priest’s antipathy toward the American interloper. But instead of the “sin” being c...
  • Ann Meighan
    This is a sweet story if you are of Irish heritage. However, it over uses stereotypical clichés. The story itself leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Catrina
    I'm going to start off by saying this is not my cup of tea, or maybe, not really what I expected. The story starts with Kate, a woman devastated by three tragedies in her life; the loss of her mother, her disappointing fashion line debut and then the loss of her longtime bofriend. Kate decides to take a trip to Ireland to clear her mind, and ends up staying in the sleepy town of Glenmara. Glenmara is a town whose culture is dying, their lack of t...
  • Blodeuedd Finland
    My thoughts:First I must say that my review is not going to give this wonderful book justice. It's just one of those books that is so wonderfully written that I just not have enough words to express why I loved it so.Kate designs clothes and loves to sew gets dumped by her fiancé, so she leaves for Ireland and just wanders around. She is both sad over her relationship and her mother's death. She is a bit broken and she finds solace in Glenmara. ...
  • Stephanie
    Written elsewhere...----------------------------Have you ever felt like escaping from your life for awhile? Jumping in a car, and just driving somewhere far away? Away from problems or the negative things that weigh you down?I know that I have. And, I think many women feel that way during times of stress or hardship. I think that’s one reason I was hooked instantly by The Lacemakers of Glenmara, by Heather Barbieri, a book I’m reviewing for M...
  • Colleen
    Just in time for summer comes The Lace Makers of Glenmara (available next Tuesday). I'm a sucker for books set in Ireland (note the entire Maeve Binchy library over there in my GoodReads widget), and this one hits all the notes: lousy weather, rugged terrain, mysterious travellers, witty elders.Kate is fleeing a failed relationship, a failed career move and her mother's death. She takes the trip to Ireland that she'd been planning to take with he...
  • Shannon
    Summer brings summer reads. The Lace Makers of Glenmara is a pleasant, if predictable, novel. It tells the tale of Kate, who leaves Seattle for Ireland, hoping to leave behind the death of her mother, the break-up of a relationship and the failure of her fashion line in the process. Kate's tourist tour of Ireland sidetracks when a train stoppage lands her in the village of Glenmara. Stranded there for a week until public transportation runs throu...
  • Margo Brooks
    This book had me laughing out loud and shedding tears, even though I was sitting in the middle seat of a plane. I loved it. The dialog was especially good--some of the best I've ever read. Barbieri is a short-story writer, which may explain why some reviewers had a hard time with the book. The beginning uses short story techniques to set mood. Short sentences composed of descriptive phrases. But I found these sentences particularly good in depict...
  • Rosalie
    I loved this story. Kate a clothing designer has lost her mother to cancer and her boyfriend (to another woman). Now the line of clothing that she designed has been rejected. She leaves everything behind and travels to Ireland (the homeland of her grandparents). She begins to travel by bus from one small town to another when she happens upon Glenmara. There she befriends Bernie a widowed craftwoman and her sewing guild of fellow lacemakers. Kate ...
  • Spinneretta
    Heather Barbieri has written a novel about loss, and finding yourself- about moving on and moving up.It is the story of Kate, a young American, steeped in heartbreak. She takes the trip of a lifetime to Ireland, and makes friends with the lace makers of Glenmara- a small Irish town. It is the story of Kate's interaction with the lace makers, the story of the interactions between the lace makers and villagers and the story of how to move on with y...
  • Amy
    The Lace Makers of Glenmara is a beautiful, heartfelt story of grief, friendship, adventure, tradition, love, and so much more. While traveling in Ireland, Kate Robinson happens upon the tiny village of Glenmara, and little does she know that her life will never be the same. The women of the village have a lace-making club that Kate becomes part of, and she takes their handiwork in an entirely new direction. The women are a close-knit group, prov...
  • Carol Rogers
    In all honesty I can't think of anything positive about this book.Has the author actually been to Ireland, does she know anything other than what the Irish tourist board write about the country?This book has fake written all over it. I read it because I needed a book to read and a friend lent it to me, someone who knows that I know a lot about Ireland, and thought I would enjoy it. But it is a book written for American tourists to take with them ...
  • Linda
    For recently widowed Bernie Cullen, the arrival of Kate Robinson into her life comes as a blessing. Kate is touring Ireland on her own, trying to soothe her depression over recent losses of her own. Kate is not planning to stay, but the next bus out isn't due for a week. Bernie introduces her to her lace making group, and Kate, much to her surprise, finds her interest stimulated and engaged for the first time in months. Lacemakers is a novel of t...
  • Kelly (TheWellReadRedhead)
    Overall, I liked this novel--a very quick read with a note of hopefulness at the end. The only reason I wasn't inclined to give it more stars was because I found it hard to really get behind some of the events. Example: I found Kate and Sullivan's relationship to be very eye-roll worthy...both just got out of serious relationships with sad ends, then they only knew each other for a few days (and disliked each other for the first 2) and all of a s...
  • Marilyn
    A great book.While the reviews weren't that flattering, and I can understand why, don't allow it to stop you from reading this book.The unflattering reviews simply don't understand it. Not all book can be light, airy, fluff, with nothing negative happening in them.The Lace Makers of Glenmara takes many of the bad things that happen in life, and spins them into a dail of home, survival, and courage. As well as becoming stronger, moving on, and not...
  • mrsg_6708
    I received this book from a GR's giveaway. I am sad to report I thought this book rather boring. The characters were dull and flat. There was so much telling and hardly any action. Kate and Sullivans storyline was abrupt. This book also wins worlds weakest sex scene. There was way too much description of the land, the sky, the lace blah, blah. I feel like nothing happened. It took me 8 days to read this and that is a LONG time for me.