Deep Harbor (Northern Lights, #2) by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Deep Harbor (Northern Lights, #2)

From the richly forested banks of the Washington Territory; to the burgeoning city of San Francisco; and across the turbulent, danger-filled waves of the open sea–you will experience an epic saga of perseverance and pain, faith and calling in Deep Harbor. Determined to live “the good life,” no matter the price, Tora Anders weaves a web of lies that could cost her everything she cares for–including a successful future and the man she loves...

Details Deep Harbor (Northern Lights, #2)

TitleDeep Harbor (Northern Lights, #2)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2010
GenreChristian Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Christian, Romance

Reviews Deep Harbor (Northern Lights, #2)

  • Annette
    This book was so, so good. This is a book I will remember for a long, long time. The characters are so rich and compelling. The story line is exciting and keeps you riveted to the pages. Besides being a work of Christian fiction this is a book with adventure and excitement. I kept saying to myself "just one more chapter" through out the entire book. The Christian theme through out the book is two-fold, redemption and seeking God's will. It is art...
  • Frode
    In this second book of the trilogy, the characters continue to develop, and some startling things happen. A west coast portion emerges with a base in the Seattle area as well as the yards in Camden, Maine. Connections are made with characters who have been separated for a time. The reunions are not always sweet. Once again the Christian character of the main proponents along with some of their struggles helps to make those people more plausible a...
  • Richard Millsap
    Deep Harbor*I’ve often found when reading trilogies that the second volume is not quite as active and progressive as its predecessor. That seems to be the case here. Though competent and engaging, we’re covering material a bit more slowly, filling in some gaps and backstory, clearing up a few details, and setting the stage for the final volume in this series, Midnight Sun. I enjoyed Deep Harbor. My opinions of several of the characters have s...
  • Carolyn Tye
    I have become so involved with these characters. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
  • Mary Korey
    I don't come across books of this kind very often and I found it refreshing to read.
  • Helen Pugsley
    Sorry this review is crap. I read it a long time ago... I was an anime nerd. Have you ever screamed at a book in Japanese at midnight? Yeah, this is what this puppy did to me.
  • Reet Champion
    In the second installment of the Northern Lights series Lisa Tawn Bergren follows up the live of our leading ladies. Elsa is still sailing the seven seas at Peder's side , but their bubble of tranquil happiness is about to burst when pirate Mason Dutton reenters their lives with the intent of recapturing Elsa. On shore Tora tries to force Trent Storm to propose marriage as she grows tired of waiting for her hopes of wealth and power. But her plan...
  • Ryan Moore
    When I started reading this book it was a little hard to get into because I didn't feel a lot of sympathy for the main character Tora. She's a socialite in 1886 Helena, Montana which I thought was hilarious. As a historian I'm all too aware of what the Montana territory was like back then. She's come from Norway seeking a better life in America. Anyway, she comes off as a very stuck up person who doesn't really care about anyone but herself and t...
  • Chanelle
    Title: Deep HarborAuthor: Lisa Tawn BergrenPages: 384Once again Lisa Tawn Bergren gives us a story that pulls you in. Full of inspiration, suspense, sorrow and justice. Deep Harbor leaves you satisfied.Plot: This book picks up where Captain's Bride left off a few years later. We are updated on the lives of Peder and Elsa, Karl, Tora and Kaatje. These characters have found their place in America and living their lives accordingly. Characters: One ...
  • Sverre
    In this, the second book in the Northern Lights series, the intertwining stories of Elsa, Tora, Peder, Kaatje and Trent continue. Tora is without doubt the most interesting character brought to life by Bergren. In the first part of this book we are again brought in touch with her essential character, her thoughts and ambitions, her focus on her self-interests. In the second part of the book she is forced to confront herself, opening her eyes to h...
  • Amber Stokes
    I knew I wanted to read this book after reading the intriguing excerpt at the end of The Captain's Bride (the first in the series), and I'm so glad I did! Deep Harbor covers the lives of several different characters, all of whom have their own problems they must confront. I loved how real the characters were, yet not without hope. The author never gives up on any of the characters (even Tora!), and that made me want to keep cheering them on, as w...
  • Cafelilybookreviews
    Book Two in the Northern Lights Series, Deep Harbor, continues with the story of Karl, Kaatje, Elsa and Tora as they begin their new lives in America. Tora is anticipating and in some ways dreading Trent Storm’s marriage proposal, Elsa is busy with her column for the New York Times, Karl is a partner in the hired coach business and Kaatje is trying to make a living for herself and her children on her small farm. Throughout this story, their liv...
  • Elentarien
    This was a good sequel to the Captain's Bride. While I could have done with a little less story-swapping, I suppose thats hard to do while covering so many people. I enjoyed Elsa's story most, perhaps. The idea of a woman sea captain is somewhat appealing, and this was done in a reasonably believable manner. As much as I disliked Tora for most of the book, I found her 'slide' downwards somewhat harsh. Although, I suppose sometimes it happens that...
  • ★ℕłℂØℓҾ★ (Nix)
    I picked up this Christian historical fiction series after reading one of Lisa T. Bergren's young adult series, and found a beautifully enticing journey. From start to finish, Norway to America, I followed these characters and their diverging and converging paths with a joyous realization of the story's accurate portrayal of faith, sin, redemption, and life in general.This is one of my favorite series (and authors) of all time, and I find myself ...
  • Veronica
    This series spans ten years and feels epic in the multiple story-lines and global locales. Well-written, with adventure, romance, redemption, betrayal, and forgiveness, I was surprised time and again with where the story led. I didn't like the first book as well because of some choices characters made, but really liked books two and three. You definitely need to read these in order. If you like historical fiction, don't miss this series!I receive...
  • JoAnna Bethea
    I enjoyed this book more than the first. It seemed to me that first book dragged a little and spent more time on the ins and outs of working a ship and daily life rather than the characters and their intersections with one another. This book begins to develop each character individually as we'll as their relationships with one another.
  • Sheila
    Tora finally gets what she wants after God sends her to her knees. She does find God at the bottom of the barrel just as all of us do she cries out and he hears. Kaatje is also given a trial she is to try to come to pass with and sets out on a journey to find herself and the man she doesn't know shes in love with Its a good book just as the others and can't wait to read the next.
  • Pam Carroll
    This book was written so very well, it was just so sad...and terribly gripping on my heartstrings. I was glad I had the third book close by because I couldn't end on this one. I cried through most of it. It has wonderful life lessons in it, but don't read it unless you want to be struck with the reality of life, although the lessons that she shared were wonderful.
  • Hayley
    I enjoyed this book much more than the first. The author is good at making you feel for the characters. Many questions from the first book were answered in the Deep Harbor, but still enough questions linger that I want to read number three in the series. It's a good balance of story told vs. story left to tell.
  • Danielle Louisa
    Love the adventure they r on!!! Already 30% into the third and last of the trilogy.... couldn't wait to get to the conclusion - so I downloaded it last night! I borrowed the first two books and because I loved them so much $6.99 was worth it to me! :) this is Christian wholesome reading with romance and a captivating edge.
  • Michele
    This is the 2nd in this series and was even better than Book 1. The author does an excellent job of developing the characters so that you feel like you really know them. This book had some definite surprises and unexpected turn of events. It was not predictable and left you anxious to start Book 3.
  • Madara
    I'm interested in the fates of the characters, however, most of the book I read diagonally just to know what happens, and couldn't wait for the end... Still interesting to compare how far the author has come between this series and River of time.
  • Marita
    This book takes you west to Washington, Hawaii, Japan and to Alaska with the Bergenser. Awesome Journey. Tora's conversion story is pretty spectacular! I am a bit worried that now all the bad men have disappeared will the 3rd book be boring and predictable?
  • Tara
    the second book in the northern lights series. Continues with the lives of a few norwegian immigrants as they make their way across america, establishing their lives, and facing their losses. a christian novel.
  • Tasha
    *Sigh* This book was really good. This is the middle book on Bergren's "Northern Lights" Trilogy. I am very much enjoying this historical Christian saga. The triliogy has love, adventure, and complex characters struggling to follow the paths God wants them to follow.
  • Valerie Waters
    Not sure what to say about this book. It is definitely a christian read. I like how the book follows all of the different characters and that the story is on going. The characters don't just give in and all for each other. They are searching out their own destinies.
  • Shannon
    These are such great story lines. They pull you further along and make you unable to quit reading! Loved reading this one and then right on into the next!
  • April
  • Karen
    I really like the first book in the series. This one was almost as good but turned a bit too 'preachy' on the Christian aspects of the characters, for my taste.
  • Bethany
    A real page turner, can't wait to see what happens in the next book!