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I named myself. I took the word Animal out of their mouths, wore it like a badge of honor then shoved it down their throats. I’ve fought for what I have. I see you coming, before you even know you want a piece of me. In a city riddled with warring families, I’ll rise up between them. My people, the broken souls I gather will have power by the time I’m done with them.I protect mine.Him. My brother, Nix.Her. The girl that is the only home I...

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Release DateApr 5th, 2018

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  • Tracy
    Loved,loved,loved everything about this book! Animal's story growing up hurt so badly to read. Him and T were lucky to find one another when they did. She has to be one of my favorite heroines! Never backs down and is the complete assassin! I love her! I really enjoyed how even though you can read these stories separately ,they intertwined at different parts! Just knowing how Havoc got his name is incredible. To be able to withstand so much on th...
  • Tania Jabbour Varela
    Once again Debra has nailed it. Havoc was perfection. So we all met Animal aka Havoc in Mercy, if you haven't read Mercy yet I recommend you do first.Yes Havoc is a standalone but you will get a better understanding of the characters if you have read Mercy first.This book is Animal and T's story. It's about their past and how they survived being homeless and how they became the people they are now. This book is action packed, will leave you speec...
  • Debra Anastasia
  • Helena Hunting
    You know when you start a book and your heart just hangs out in your throat for the majority of it. The kind of book that makes your heart race and your blood pump thanks to the action, the emotions and intensity. Yeah. That's Havoc. It's heart wrenching and heartbreaking. You might want to punch the hero in the junk. You might also want to slap him on the back of the head and give him a big huge hug, and when you get to THAT PART--the one where ...
  • Angela James
    I am blown away! I never saw Animal coming! This book was amazing and hit me in the feels on so many levels. It was potent and raw and outstanding. Definitely going on my list of top ten reads this year!
  • Sara
    Woooooow. WOW. 5 Stars for Havoc and T!So of course we first met Animal in Nix's Book Mercy (Which BTW is definitely in my top 5 of all time) Animal seems like an easy going ladies man but there is so much that Debra Anastasia revels in the this story to make you love him so much more! Animal has spent his whole life protecting others, now T is here to protect him. T has somewhat of a trademark of "I only love once" and she loves Animal and does ...
  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    HavocBy: Debra Anastasia3.5 I only love Once StarsHavoc is a spin off book from the characters we met in Mercy. Although it’s a standalone, I would personally recommend reading Mercy first to get the full experience. Animal and T’s story is a wild ride. One that spans over many years. In this book, holes are filled and we find out so much about these two. What they will do for each other just to survive. This is a very intense story! One that...
  • Elaine
    We first met Animal in MERCY. He’s the best friend of Nix — his brother. Animal aka HAVOC is a ladies man. One, two, three he’s not fussy, he’s the king in the bedroom and in his business but he’s also a fierce protector of those he loves. When someone from his past turns up, she too falls under his protection. The thing about T is she’s fierce and protective herself and will do anything for those she cares for; for the man she loves....
  • Dani Hodge
    Wow, ACTION-PACKED and full of ANGST! This book is one big roller coaster ride! The twists and turns will keep your head spinning and your fingers flipping the pages! Animal aka Havoc is really an interesting character. He is Tall, Dark, and Handsome. (Oh yeah, and Deadly!) The relationships he has in his life are few and close. The closest in his life is T, growing up together they create a bond that can't be broken. Although I must say, I spent...
  • Rose David
    I can’t even put into words what this book did to me. Havoc starts up about where Mercy left off. Mercy isn’t required reading prior to reading Havoc, but I’d suggest you do beforehand. It will help certain aspects of the story make more sense. And not ruin Mercy for you when you’re sure to go back and read it. So, on to Havoc. Animal and T and beyond amazing. Growing up from rough childhoods, they find one another again as adults. Havoc ...
  • Heather andrews
    T is not like other women, the girl just surprises Animal over and over again, “yup, that’s the place. I like guns. They turn me on.” Animal really wants to go that extra mile for his woman, "T was here, naked in my arms. Spent in my arms. I wanted to kill something and eat the heart in front of her. I wanted to start eight fights and win them all, just so she could be impressed." I loved this book, Animal was well an aminal.
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    I have been a Debra Anastasia for a while and was so excited to jump into Animal's book in Havoc. I thought this story was fantastic! It was compelling, addicting, heartbreaking and so action packed. I loved Animal and T and never wanted this story to end!Havoc is a spinoff of Mercy and while it is a standalone, I recommend that you read it prior to reading Havoc as we get some insight into Animal in that book and his character traits and loyalty...
  • Keri Roth
    She Only Loves OnceA story of family, love, loyalty and life.Animal had a crap upbringing. Foster home to foster home. Always hungry. Just trying to get by day to day.T is homeless. Her mom has mental health issues and can’t raise her. She lives on the streets, but still manages to get to school and survive.These two were meant to find eachother. They become more than friends, they become family. They look out for one another, until T leaves. S...
  • Julie
    This was an interesting book. It was thrilling, full of angst and a very good character study. The story had many twist and turns and we are introduced to characters and told of their lives. Havoc/Animal was an interesting character, a man who grew up with T, they had a bond that could not be broken and Animal would protect her more than his own life.Her loyalty to Animal was the same. She only loved once, and her crazy love saved them all. I lik...
  • Brenda
    ARC Review of HAVOC***Release April 5th***"I only love Once" Get ready to feel all the feels. Havoc is filled with angst, love, murder, loyalty and most importantly family.From a starving Animal to a homeless T they captivate you from the beginning . You NEED to know thier story and you've gotta know how it ends.The journey Animal and T go on together and apart, is raw, heartbreaking and beautiful. These characters are unique, and badass. They lo...
  • Chele
    This is Excellent!Debra Anastasia delivers another story with Kick a** action ,intrigue, and love.Animal is the one person you do not want to cross.Animal protects his own.He is a lover, and one hell of a fighter.T, Only loves once. You mess with her people she'll make sure you mess with no one again.5 hot, kick a** stars
  • Ashley Scales
    Debra Anastasia blows us out of the water with Havoc! We first meet Animal in Mercy and it’s hard not to fall in love with him then. But then Anastasia graces us with his own book and BAM you fall even deeper for him. When I first heard that Animal was getting a book I was unsure what to expect. I knew he was going to be a complex character. Layers that were gonna have to be peeled back. And Anastasia writes the perfect female lead to do just t...
  • Heather Brown
    Before I dive into my love of Havoc, I wanted to say something. This book can be read as a stand-alone, in fact Debra does a fantastic job really making it easy to read in that sense. However, I highly suggest if you have not done so already to grab Mercy and read that before you jump into Havoc. Your reading experience will be so much better if you read Mercy first.I have to say, one of my favorite things about Havoc is the fact that Debra wrote...
  • Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski
    OMFG...I can't even explain to you how kick A$$ this book is. Like it literally it was amazing...Animal is sighhhhh the most perfectly imperfectly man you will meet. He his as loyal as they come. Man has be been through some mess in his life...which made him the man he is today. T...she is one tough cookie I tell ya. She has also been through some mess...which makes these two perfect for each other...but which also means that it's hard for them t...
  • Paula D
    What a intense, deep rollercoaster book that has you on the edge till the end. We met Animal aka Havoc in Mercy book and I was dying to know more about this big sweetness man! Animal is a man that will do anything for the people he loves. When Animal was young homeless and met T a girl he never will forget. T comes back into Animals life but she herself is a fighter and will do anything for people she loves and she only loves once. Very angst typ...
  • Chrissyvs
    I was so excited to get my hands on Havoc after reading Mercy....AND it did NOT disappoint at all!!! I love, love, love Animal! (I should mention, this is a standalone book)We not only get to read Animal's backstory but also T's. And I just love these two, their shared history is heartbreaking and their story will grab you & will NOT let go, just saying!!LOL I don't want to give anything away, but I will say this book takes you for a ride and whi...
  • Paige Smith
    Havoc is everything you expect from a Debra Anastasia book! You will fall in love with Animal and T.
  • Ruth McDonnell
    Okay, ladies! Get ready to swoon! Animal is truly the ladies’ man—multiple ladies! His story is going to rip you apart! But don’t worry Debra will piece your heart back together! This book has it all! His girl T is back and she is taking names and kicking ass! If you loved Mercy, get ready to feast on Havoc! 5 stars
  • Lindsay
    *Review to come
  • Christina Szczepan-santos
    Let me start by saying this can be read as a standalone. Gah Havoc/Animal was everything! If you loved him in Mercy, you will fall even.harder in this book. T she is just bad *ss! Be prepared for a ride with this one!
  • Avid Reader
    Havoc by Debra Anastasia4.5 starsM/F thriller romanceTriggers: homelessness, foster care system, torture, murder, ménage situationsI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads. This is Animal’s story. He is an enigma. Protective, dangerous, a loner. I really enjoyed his story. There was a complexity to him that you really got to know. I loved the way he and Nix related, as well as the relationship between him and Mareck. Animals ...
  • Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova
    Whoa, I am in a tailspin after reading Havoc by Debra Anastasia. What an emotional ride this story was. I think I was a mess half of the time and cursing Animal almost all the way through this book. With his past, I understood. He wanted to run away from the "real". But at the same time it was as if he was hurting himself more than our heroine T. This story marked my mind and heart. Days can pass and I will still be stuck in this book world.Debra...