The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls

The Ninth Wife

Bess Gray has just learned that the man she loves, the man who asked for her hand in marriage, has been married eight times before. This funny, touching, and surprising novel follows Bess on her cross-country odyssey to learn about her oft-wed fiancé from the eight ex-spouses who came before.Stolls, an acclaimed author of Young Adult novels and winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award brilliantly explores the very grown-up world of male-female...

Details The Ninth Wife

TitleThe Ninth Wife
Release DateMay 10th, 2011
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Adult Fiction

Reviews The Ninth Wife

  • Sheila
    With her biological clock madly ticking away, folklorist Bess Grey finds herself single and childless on her 35th birthday. Then she meets Rory McSomethingorother, who is gorgeous and Irish and plays the banjo. They fall in love. He proposes. Here's the thing: he's been married 8 times before. Bess sets out on a cross-country journey to help her grandparents relocate and does some soul-searching (and ex-wife searching) along the way. Top Ten Reas...
  • Michelle
    Utterly charming novel about, as the title might indicate, someone’s ninth potential wife. This is not a Big Love/Sister Wives/FLDS tome but instead about a thirty-something, single DC woman who falls in love with a dashing, interesting man she later discovers has been married a whopping 8 previous times.Interspersed with Bess’s story are chapters devoted to Rory’s take on his life and marriages. These were perfectly executed. Before I star...
  • Abria Mattina
    This book and I never really got along. We learned to co-exist, but that’s about it. Initially, I had a hard time with the prose style. Bess’s chapters are particularly wordy and meandering. Introducing new characters takes pages of flashbacks to accomplish. It would have been easier to bear if Bess was a likeable character, since she forms the lens through which other characters and events are portrayed.At the beginning of the book I had a h...
  • Naomi
    I have to be totally honest with the reader of this review..when I first grabbed this book and started to read it, I didn't think I was going to make it through..I remember telling someone " is a typical women's lit book that I am going to have to suffer through! Really what dumb twit is going to think about being someone's 9th wife!" Somewhere about 75 pages in the characters snapped into place and I found myself drawn into this book and ...
  • Heaven is a bookstore
    Review coming to my blog ( when this book publishes, May 5, 2011.Up until halfway through the book, I found myself a little bored, a little distracted and trying to figure out where this book was going and if there would be any kind of climax.Contrary to the title's thought process, it isn't about a plural marriage. It's actually about a man who has been married eight times and comes across his ninth wife who is wo...
  • Michelle
    Posted on Book Chelle.Reality is that there is no perfect love story. It's not as simple as boy meets girl, they fall in love, and happily ever after. Sometimes, relationships and families aren't like what you see on tv, in the movies, or what you read in books. Amy Stoll told a great story of love, forgiveness, and finding out what it means to open your heart. Bess is 35 and single. She takes karate classes to strengthen her inner self, her phys...
  • Tiffany Skinner
    I'll be honest, I read this book because I liked the cover. Note to self: always remember, don't judge a book by it's cover!! This story is for those that really don't believe in the institution of marriage and are happily surprised when it just happens to work out. This book is nothing like the description I read, and is definitely nothing like the sort-of mysterious, somewhat haunting cover. It's about two people who not only don't know what th...
  • Danelle
    We learn much about people by the people in their lives and how they interact with them. This is what I loved about this book. I learned alot about Bess, the main character, by the people she spent her time with and it's appropriate I came away with this because it is exactly what Bess hopes to do as she seeks out the 8 (yes, 8!) ex-wives of the man she loves and tries to come to terms with becomming wife #9.And come to terms she does on a cross-...
  • Darcy Odden
    Would you marry a man who has been married eight times before? I wouldn't. Unless that man were Irish musician Rory and I were Bess Gray, a mid-30s folklorist.Bess meets Rory at a party she throws for singles. Well, actually it's her birthday party, but she doesn't tell the invitees about that.Bess and Rory fall in love, and then he tells her he's been married eight times before. Rory explains all the marriages - from his first love, Maggie, with...
  • Jean
    The Ninth Wife is a little overwhelming at first because it is a long book and because their are two characters telling the story. Each chapter I had to figure out who was talking and adjust but after awhile when you get to know the characters it becomes easier. This is a BIG storyline with many details so many times I would only read a chapter or two and let it sink it before continuing, but I never really wanted to put it down. Bess and Rory ar...
  • Theresa
    I loved this book!! The pages really flew by. It kept my interest, obviously the topic is intriguing, that you fall in love with a man who has been married EIGHT times! Between hearing Rory's side of the marriages, Bess tracking down some of the wives and her traveling cross country with a good friend and her grandparents who have a tumultuous relationship, it was hard to put the book down. Loved it.
  • Annica
    I actually couldn't finish the book. Unless you're single and DESPERATE I wouldn't recommend this book. Bess' tedious relationship with her gay neighbour is described ad nauseum and there are too many events that range from unlikely to unbelievable. How about your long-lost ex-boyfriend turning up, uninvited to your 35th birthday party with his current, highly pregnant girlfriend whose water promptly breaks in your bed whilst the ex-boyfriend dis...
  • ILoveBooks
    I really liked the concept behind the book, there were many lessons to be learned through reading. The characters were all fun to read about, some got a little grating, others I enjoyed the whole time. The main character was incredibly likeable and I enjoyed many of the previous eight wives.
  • Kim
    I am so excited to win this book through a First Reads giveaway! The cover is interesting and the synopsis of the book is interesting. I can't imagine.....can't wait to read it!
  • Clara
    This book was an easy read, so I had no good reason not to finish it, but I spent the entire time wishing it would end. This book read like a junior high student's first attempt at creative writing. Most of the characters felt like caricatures, except the protagonist who was dull and had no defining characteristics. The writing was full of cheesy similes and occasional weird vulgarities that didn't fit with the rest of the book. I rolled my eyes ...
  • Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen)
    On the night 35-year-old Bess Gray throws a singles party, she meets Rory, a handsome musician with whom she begins to form a relationship. As their conversations turn to more serious matters like marriage, Rory informs Bess that he has been married 8 times. Stunned by the news, Bess questions everything about her relationship with Rory. In an effort to better understand him, she begins seeking out his ex-wives, making plans to meet them while sh...
  • Tara
    Before I got into YA, I read a lot of literary fiction and so-called "women's fiction". I'm starting to grow a little weary of reading YA almost exclusively, so when I heard about The Ninth Wife, I figured it was time to return to my reading roots.Bess is a woman in transition, living in Washington, DC. Four years ago, I moved to Washington, DC on my own quest of transformation that ended up with me finding my 'true' self and a husband. Now I liv...
  • Cheryl D
    A nice pleasant to read book that examines what, in fact, constitutes a marriage and a family. Do "noble" marriages count for something more and do you get a free pass for the next one? Does a drunken evening ending at the altar even count? What I loved about Rory's marriages was that they could all be overlooked as in, "well, I could see that. Okay, that one divorce wasn't his fault." But eight of them? I could see marrying someone who was dying...
  • Charlotte
    http://charlotteswebofbooks.blogspot....I really, really enjoyed The Ninth Wife. As a single woman who got her first proposal at the age of 34, I can somewhat relate to Bess's feelings and desires to find "the one". I can also understand her trepidation at finding out her beloved has been married eight times? Wouldn't you freak out a bit, too?The Ninth Wife was told in alternating voices. One chapter was Bess, the next chapter was Rory, as he was...
  • Sarah
    A little frightened--I find it way too tempting to identify with the protagonist.Now I really find it tempting to identify with the protagonist. Stomach issues when she’s nervous, no one has said “I love you” to her in a long time...the only thing missing is all of the married men.I probably would be one of those rare women who wouldn’t react like this when he says he’s been married 8 times. I would probably be nice and polite and beat ...
  • Emily
    Rory has had 8 previous marriages by the time he asks Bess for her hand. How did this happen? Is Bess willing to take a chance at happiness and become his 9th? In alternating chapters, their stories are told, including Bess' road trip, along which she meets up with some of those who went before. Stolls turns a delightful phrase so often I was literally laughing aloud on several occasions. The writing is crisp and evocative as well. Bess is a very...
  • Allison
    I chose this book from the thrift store because of its cover. I chose to read it because of the way it felt in my hand. There wasn't much depth to it - a decent story about a man who keeps marrying dependent women that don't have much depth to them either. In fact, he chooses women in much the same way I chose this book. Oh- the last woman is the protagonist called Bess, an anthropologist/ folklorist who has the most boring life you could have in...
  • Anna
    Highly improbable story filled with wonderfully quirky characters, but an ultimately sweet romance. Part one has an unusual and rather pleasing juxtaposition of stories between Bess's from the day she meets Rory up until the proposal and Rory's explanation of his past. Part two is the meat of the story with the cross country drive, and everything each learn in the process. Occasional unnecessarily foul language, and quite a bit of adult conversat...
  • Kim
    This book started out as a stereotypical chick lit book-girl in her 30s, hopelessly single until she falls in love with random cute guy and she can't believe her luck; gay male close friend; other close friend is her gal pal. But, it turned out better than I expected.One thing I would have really liked to see is a reference in the back of the book with the wives' names and a short summary about them. Eight wives is a lot to keep track of, and I k...
  • Louise
    I don't have enough patience to finish this book. I'm currently 51% of the way through and I'm going to put it back on the shelf. The repeated cries of 'It wasn't my fault' (him) and 'No one will love me' (her) are getting on my nerves.
  • Connie
    This was a very good book; it is well written. That being said, for as much as I liked the book, it seemed that I would never reach the conclusion! I don't know why this is so and I don't know why the book took me so long to read. What can I say?
  • Kathryn
    The premis of this book is good, the characters aren't bad although way younger than I am and are in an entirely different place than I am, so I am just not relating. I would recommend this book to others, but it's just not for me.
  • Sherwestonstec
    interesting, quirky, read for book group not many liked it, lol!