Elevation by Stephen King


The latest from legendary master storyteller Stephen King, a riveting, extraordinarily eerie, and moving story about a man whose mysterious affliction brings a small town together—a timely, upbeat tale about finding common ground despite deep-rooted differences.Although Scott Carey doesn’t look any different, he’s been steadily losing weight. There are a couple of other odd things, too. He weighs the same in his clothes and out of them, no ...

Details Elevation

Release DateOct 30th, 2018
GenreHorror, Fiction

Reviews Elevation

  • Ariel
    145 short pages: that's all Stephen King needed to create characters that feel real: Scott, DeeDee, Missy and Bob (not a surprise: one of King's talents since Carrie), a curious mystery (Scott is losing weight...but his body is exactly the same as always), and an epic redemption moment that changes everything (and I won't say here which since it's a spoiler).A heartwarming story about how a kind act can change and elevate a person, a family and a...
  • douglas poisson
    Was very well written and the town is a perfect Maine town all the characters are so real I am from Livermore falls and had also lived in Lewiston and auburnLoved the book
  • Gloria
    Excellent story!