Elevation by Stephen King


The latest from legendary master storyteller Stephen King, a riveting, extraordinarily eerie, and moving story about a man whose mysterious affliction brings a small town together—a timely, upbeat tale about finding common ground despite deep-rooted differences.Although Scott Carey doesn’t look any different, he’s been steadily losing weight. There are a couple of other odd things, too. He weighs the same in his clothes and out of them, no ...

Details Elevation

Release DateOct 30th, 2018
GenreHorror, Fiction, Audiobook, Thriller, Fantasy, Novella, Adult, Mystery, Novels, Paranormal

Reviews Elevation

  • Ron Charles
    How fair is this? On Halloween, we creep into Stephen King’s lair for terrors and scares, but here he is offering us insight and courage instead. You’ll chew through a few chapters of “Elevation” before realizing there is no razor blade in this caramel apple. King’s new novel is trick and treat, a poignant parable of prejudice overcome and resentment healed. The calls are coming from INSIDE OUR CONSCIENCE!What’s most surprising about ...
  • Ariel
    145 short pages: that's all Stephen King needed to create characters that feel real: Scott, DeeDee, Missy and Bob (not a surprise: one of King's talents since Carrie), a curious mystery (Scott is losing weight...but his body is exactly the same as always), and an epic redemption moment that changes everything (and I won't say here which since it's a spoiler).A heartwarming story about how a kind act can change and elevate a person, a family and a...
  • Andrew MacNorth
    Here's the thing about Stephen King a lot of people don't get. At the center of most—not all, but most—of his books is a gushing, bleeding heart that believes in the decency of humans and their capacity to love. Admittedly, this is usually buried under supernatural terror, gore, and depravity. But it’s there. And, with some notable exceptions, even King’s darkest stories seem to believe that good eventually wins.Elevation puts that bleed...
  • Amar
    Nova knjiga tj novela Stephena Kinga, koja je izašla dan prije Noć vještica... pa to mora biti odlična horor priča, jelde? E šipak...Fkt sam očekivao i potajno se nadao da će iz nekog ćoška iskočit kakav vanzemaljac ili Penivajzov rođak trećeg koljena koji se zagubio u Mejnu i stigao u CR umjesto u Deriju i da će dignut frku oko nečega. Ništa od tog... Elevation je topla priča o poštenju te prihvatanju i razumijevanju drugih oso...
  • Cody | codysbookshelf
    DNF. A bare-bones story as weightless as its main character. (Also, the stereotypical portrayal of conservatives and the problematic writing of the lead gay characters make this a total non-starter.)
  • Lars (theatretenor) Skaar
    I absolutely loved this book! Oh my god it was so heartwarming and heartbreaking. I don’t care if others end up not liking it lol I loved it! Read it in about 2 hours and it was perfection!
  • Glen Krisch
    What a beautiful little book. Not a wasted word.
  • Brett Plaxton
    This is another 4.5 rating that I wish I could give. All I’ll say is that this is another great Castle Rock story!
  • SpookyBoogie
    Not one of King's usual offerings but a fine little tale.
  • Trisha
    I love being a librarian, get to read books earlier than our patrons. :)This novel was everything you would expect from King, it traps you in, well written characters and a very unique storyline, plus I was on the verge of tears by the end, it’s a quick read and very much worth it.
  • Laura
    A perfect little story from a Master. His books feel more & more like gifts.Scott is a middle-aged divorcé who finds himself in the middle of a mystery. And he chooses to see it as an opportunity, to make the most of his life. He embraces what is happening, and aims to leave the world a little better before his time runs out.In the age we’re living in, we need more Scotts. Super-short - just over an hour. Enjoy this!
  • Maria Hill AKA MH Books
    What can I say about such a short novella? More of a long short story really? Not sure what the definitions are? Please do not read the synopsis at the beginning of the book. The novella/short story is simply too short and its a bit of a spoiler really.Let’s just say that in this one Scott is losing weight, this is not the other book written by SK, Thinner, Scott is simply losing weight. He isn’t getting on too well with his neighbour Deirdre...
  • Ain Ashura
    Lightweight read. Not what I expected from him, especially during this Halloween season.
  • Greg
    WHEN YOU FINALLY understand what this book is about you may well find yourself in a confused state of emotion. And right at the story's pivotal moment, when it all comes together, you won't be confused. Trust me. Just have some tissues handy. And Its fair to say that only Stephen King could get away with writing a tale like this. But his Constant Readers are constant readers for a reason, and looking back at his stellar career will tell us why. N...
  • Alex findingmontauk1
    4.5 stars here! I love this story - full review to come!
  • Laura
    Amazon spoiled me and sent this to me a day early. Not going to spoil anything but I loved this so much!
  • Linda Kemmerer
    I don’t read Stephen King because I don’t like horror. That being said, I figured I would try this because it is a short novella. I loved it. Never thought Stephen King would make me cry. So good!
  • Simon
    I'm a big fan of Stephen King and credit where it's due rather than his staple horror / thriller territory he has strayed into writing what could be described as an uplifting story . . . in more ways than one. It's a fairly light-touch fantasy about a man who is continually getting lighter without looking losing his pre-existing heavy appearance. It tries to tug on the heart strings and I think some will get involved in this story and enjoy it wi...
  • ClubStephenKing
    This is not a scary book. This is a nice little story that brings a bit of humanity in the current political climate. "Elevation" is a moving story, inspiring with a touch of melancolia that brings the reader to think and reconsider the way each of us feel and behave towards other people. Even without noticing.With less than 140 pages, the book is easy and quick to read, but nonetheless a great reading !French article with description and quotes ...
  • Christie
    Definitely not a horror. Or very good at all, really.
  • Boris
    Скука и тъпня.
  • Robert
    This is a simply beautiful tale, quite possibly the best King has written since 11/22/63. A heartwarming hopeful tale set in a time of so much division and hopelessness.
  • Nathan Mayer
    I really enjoyed this lightweight (pun intended) novel from the master himself. It reminded me of Gwendy's Button Box. A nice, quick, short story that you can be done with in a couple hours. I read GBB in about an hour and a half last summer, while in the midst of a road trip coming back from hiking in Kentucky. When you're on the new I-69 between Evansville and Bloomington, there's nothing to look at and nowhere to stop, and the pages flew by. T...
  • Phil
    Stephen King's novels always leave me feeling like he owes me something. Not due to any shortcomings on his part, but because of how overwhelmingly successful his style and storytelling are. How, in 143, pages can he characterize so well? (I was disappointed to see how thin this book looked sitting on the shelf in Target, but I doubt I'll have to wait too long for the next, hopefully longer novel.) There's a reason Stephen King is so well-liked a...
  • Brad Kirk
    Literally laughing at all the people saying they liked the story but then complaining how short this story is and dropping their rating simply because it's short. Like, you couldn't tell when you bought it that it is short and probably won't take more than a couple of hours to read? How about you just accept it for what it is? An uplifting short story from one of the great storytellers of our time.