Rosewater by Tade Thompson


Tade Thompson's Rosewater is the start of an award-winning, cutting edge trilogy set in Nigeria, by one of science fiction's most engaging new voices.Rosewater is a town on the edge. A community formed around the edges of a mysterious alien biodome, its residents comprise the hopeful, the hungry and the helpless—people eager for a glimpse inside the dome or a taste of its rumored healing powers.Kaaro is a government agent with a criminal past. ...

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Release DateSep 18th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Cultural, Africa

Reviews Rosewater

  • James Tivendale
    I received an uncorrected bound proof copy of Rosewater in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Tade Thompson and Orbit books for the opportunity. Set in Nigeria 2066, we follow Kaaro in the first person perspective. He is a complex yet interesting protagonist who is a psychic. He has two jobs. One is where he stops bank fraud and the other is more James Bond-esque, working for the government department of S45, which he doesn't re...
  • Althea Ann
    One of my Hugo Award nominees, novel, 2016. ____This book is one of those discoveries that not only is enjoyable for itself; it's good enough to make me feel overall cheerily optimistic about the future of science fiction writing. Of course, this is not to be confused with 'feeling cheery about the future;' the effect here is quite the opposite, in fact.It's also one of those books where everything takes some time to come clear - though it's not ...
  • Hannah
    I am really unsure about my feelings for this one, except for this: it is pretty damn cool. And I cannot wait to see where Tade Thompson takes this story next.Rosewater is a town in future Nigeria, built around an alien biodome which opens once a year to heal everybody in the vicinity of the opening. Since the aliens have landed, some people have started developing powers. One of those superpowered individuals, and possibly the strongest, is Kaar...
  • Bradley
    Lately, I've been seeing a lot of novels either set in Africa or Nigeria in specific, ranging from complicated crime tales or wild fantasies or hardcore SF. This one is more hardcore than most. The SF branches into the Zenosphere, alien-headspaces, biopunk nightmares and symbioses and regular everyday Lagos and Nigerian, in general, misbehavior. :)This novel is packed to the gills with great ideas, interesting storytelling structure set in two ti...
  • Lata
    Bizarro, freaky and weird! Starting with the gorgeous cover, this inventive story of alien something that crashes on earth, resulting in 1) a settlement in Nigeria, Rosewater, at the site of a strange extrusion, 2) telepaths, or sensitives as they’re called here, 3) healing powers of the extrusion, 4) a government agency’s (S45) use of sensitives, 5) a “subversive” hunted by S45, 6) implanted tech and 7) a compulsive thief protagonist emp...
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    This is one of those books that is not going to be for everyone. To put it simply, there's a lot of deep sci-fi shit going on in and you really need to be a fan and in the mood for speculative sci-fi to enjoy this one. I never felt lost but you do you have to really pay attention because there's not only a lot going on but the timeline flips back and forth. Thompson's writing and ideas are extraordinary though and very creative! It's kind of weir...
  • Justine
    What can I say? This is one of those books that delivers something you didn't know you needed until it is placed in front of you.Exotic yet familiar, simple yet complex, Thompson's twisting, non-linear tale both satisfies and leaves you wanting more.
  • Lindsay
    Richly inventive science fiction with a remarkable sense of place with an alien invasion/colonization set in Nigeria.The setting is mid-22nd century Nigeria after the years after the arrival of mysterious aliens. Kaaro is a sensitive, a finder, which is a type of psychic with powers intimately related to the alien presence. The story moves between Lagos and the fictional Rosewater, the town that's sprung up around the site of an alien bio-dome. T...
  • Kaa
    This book requires a lot of focus to follow as it moves from timeline to timeline, and there were some moments where I really had to grit my teeth, but when it all comes together... wow. I loved the use of language and metaphor, and the ideas are fascinating. Will definitely be continuing with the series!
  • Liz Barnsley
    Rosewater is a purely brilliant read, one of the most imaginative science fiction novels I have read in ages.Set in a future Nigeria, in the town of Rosewater, where psychics exist and a mysterious alien dome sends out healing vibes (and occasionally reanimates the dead) we follow Kaaro, whose one visit into the dome makes him determined never to return…The story is complex and darkly beautiful, descriptively this is stunning, immersing you int...
  • Aliette
    Dark and gritty, and always wonderfully imaginative, ROSEWATER is a depiction of the future that will leave you breathless. One of the most imaginative alien invasion scenarios I have come across in recent years--and never less than utterly convincing and dazzlingly immersive.Full review to come closer to release date!
  • Allison Hurd
    I've never read anything quite like this. A brilliant blend of so many different ideas, voices, and cultures. Really worth a read.CONTENT WARNING: (no actual spoilers, just a list of topics) (view spoiler)[homophobia, HIV, animal abuse, torture, body horror, medical experimentation, murder, casual sexism. (hide spoiler)]Things to love:-The concept. It's a side-step from anything else I've ever read. So many tropes, so many worn ideas, cast in a b...
  • Lou
    Well, Tade Thompson has blown me away with this award-winning book! 'Rosewater' is the first novel in the Wormwood Trilogy, and I'm already desperate to get my hands on the follow-up. This is without a doubt one of the best and most imaginative speculative fiction titles I've ever had the pleasure to read. The worldbuilding is excellent. the characters beautifully painted and relatable and the science that underpins in all is absolutely fascinati...
  • Gabi
    This book was a terrific, complex and intelligent rollercoaster ride!There is so much I loved about it:The narration style is vibrant, fresh, natural – fully alive and reminds me of Nnedi Okorafor, whom I adore.The characters are authentic, deeply fleshed out, flawed and interesting.The female protagonists are strong and believable.The setting in Nigeria just adds to the vibrancy and it is wonderful to get away from the Aliens-visit-the-US sche...
  • Tammy
    The nitty-gritty: Weird and wild, this is one alien invasion story you don’t want to miss. “Give him a change of clothes,” says Oyin Da. She code-switches into Yoruba where her speech is not so devoid of emotion. “I’m not going to see potential adversaries smelling of meat.” “Touch these clothes and you die,” I say. “Meat or no meat, this shirt is Pierre Cardin. I’d rather stink.” In my ongoing search for fiction with divers...
  • Hank
    Mind blown! Thompson kept me off ballance for the entire book, just when I thought I had a handle on the world and Kaaro, he would add something else. I loved all of it. The slow reveal of Kaaro's ability and the Xenosphere, the changing nature of S45, Wormwood and the aliens, all of it. Strong 5 star because it was different, weird and I never could see where it was going....on to the slight detractionsChapter setup - flipping between years both...
  • Acqua
    DNF at 27%Rosewater is a science fiction novel set in Rosewater, Nigeria, a city that grew around a mysterious dome of alien origins. Once a year, this dome opens and many people get healed, but it never lets anyone enter. Kaaro, the main character, is the only exception.Kaaro is a sensitive, which means he can listen to people's thoughts, and find things whose location he isn't supposed to know.I liked this setup, but I almost arrived to the 30%...
  • Bryan Alexander
    What a deeply imagined, deeply engaging, and rewarding novel. Rosewater isn't easily categorized. It is a near-future science fiction tale, while partaking of fantasy. It is also a mystery/crime story. And it is also set in Nigeria, an usual locale for those genres, and that location matters very much to the story as well as to many readers.In the middle of the 21st century some things have changed. An alien organism has appeared on Earth and beg...
  • Chris
    In the near future, an alien object has appeared outside of Lagos, Nigeria—an alien dome blocks out entry and creates the mystery of what’s held inside, as a shantytown springs up around it. At different intervals, the dome opens just enough to emit “healing” powers which manifest in strange and inhuman ways, creating small groups of misshapen but “cured” individuals. It’s also created the sensitives, those with a kind of telepathic...
  • Brooke Banks
    First sentence: I ’m at the Integrity Bank job for forty minutes before the anxieties kick in.Rosewater follows Kaaro as he investigates why sensitives, people with paranormal abilities, are dying now with intermissions from his past. He knows far more than most people, but he doesn’t spill his secrets quickly. We must move along and figure it out with him as he discovers he understood and grapples with the naked truth. Kaaro is an odd duck. ...
  • Sarah (CoolCurryBooks)
    Rosewater is one of the most inventive science fiction novels I’ve read in a long time, and I dearly hope it gets more attention.Nigeria, 2066. Kaaro lives in the city of Rosewater, a settlement that grew up around an alien biodome. He spends his days providing psychic protection for a bank, but secretly, he’s the most powerful psychic of Section 35, a secret agency within the Nigerian government. As other psychics begin dying one by one, Kaa...
  • Milton
    Rosewater by Tade Thompson is an amazing blend of cyperpunk, biopunk and spiritualism set in midst of a future Lagos. The main character, Kaaro, is an everyday man ‘infected’ with extraordinary abilities which eventually lands him a position with a government agency. The story that follows is one of the most original science fiction stories I’ve read in quite some time. Tade tells this tale in a way that keeps you guessing right up to the e...
  • Alex Bright
    I don't even know where to start reviewing this book. Chances are, I'm going to be processing the story, the characters, and the ideas for a very long time. It's amazing to me that I can dislike the main character (Kaaro) so much, yet be completely in love with everything else. You know what? There's no way I can sufficiently write a review, so I'm just going to give some of the key, random notes (a benefit of Kindle!) I made whilst reading:(view...
  • Oleksandr Zholud
    This is a first contact/alien invasion story set in the mid-21st century Nigeria. The protagonist, Kaaro is a sensitive, i.e. a person, who can feel/listen to thoughts. He, with a group of others works in the bank, where they create white noise to prevent stealing of clients’ personal data by rogue sensitives. His true work in the super-secret group S45, which tries to understand and use those psychic powers as well as to get more info about an...
  • Ian Mond
    As they do every year Strange Horizons brought together its reviewers and asked them to list their favourite books for 2016. My two bobs worth was only just published and it doesn't include Tade Thompson's Rosewater. But it would have, if only I'd read the book in early, rather than late, December. Following on from Thompson's very impressive debut novel, Making Wolf, which I reviewed for Strange Horizons, Rosewater marks Thompson out as a writer...
  • Kate
    Hidden within this is a fine novel, it certainly has a brilliant premise, but there is so much chopping and changing between the present and various different pasts, each of which is full of cliffhangers that I kept getting muddled up, that I got lost. I really wanted to know how it finished and so I stuck with it but I can't say that this book was for me. A shame because I did love that premise and the Rosewater setting. Review to follow shortly...
  • Anna Stephens
    Compellingly told and utterly original, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The language, voice and ideas are richly conceived and vibrantly alive, and the premise itself is compelling and, slowly, terrifying. Although this is the first of a trilogy, it reads as a stand alone novel with an intensely satisfying conclusion. I cannot wait to see where this narrative goes in the sequels.
  • David Harris
    Rosewater is a near future SF novel (set around 40 years from now) with the action taking place in Nigeria, partly in Lagos but mostly in the new city of Rosewater (named ironically, from its initial lack of sanitation). This is a near future where aliens have landed, though humanity struggled to understand them, or to disentangle the aliens themselves from their ships/ habitats. Rosewater grew up surrounding an alien "biodome" (hence, it is doug...
  • Terence Blake
    A mysterious "biodome" of alien origin in the center of the city of Rosewater, which none can enter. Once a year a small opening or "pore" appears and people around are healed of their illnesses (good, usually) or "reconstructed" along other lines (bad, usually). Mysteries, espionage, secrets, violence, virtual alien sex and human love, angelic and god-like extraterrestrials, fungal infected human telepaths quantum accessing the noosphere compose...