Time's Convert by Deborah Harkness

Time's Convert

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches, a novel about what it takes to become a vampire. On the battlefields of the American Revolution, Matthew de Clermont meets Marcus MacNeil, a young surgeon from Massachusetts, during a moment of political awakening when it seems that the world is on the brink of a brighter future. When Matthew offers him a chance at immortality and a new life free from the restraints of his p...

Details Time's Convert

TitleTime's Convert
Release DateSep 18th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Vampires, Romance

Reviews Time's Convert

  • Leigh Kramer
    “Miracles should leave a mark, so that we can remember how precious they are.” p. 14I do believe I owe Marcus MacNeil an apology. I've been so anxious to read Gallowglass's story (which Harkness, bless her forever, is writing next), that I viewed Time's Convert as somewhat of a placeholder. A way to bide my time until whenever Gallowglass's book arrives.But I should have known better, as Marcus's story is just as worthy of being told. It was ...
  • Ashley
    A little disappointing, if I'm honest. I was happy to read it, and it was nice to revisit familiar characters, and to get a deeper look into Marcus's past, but the whole 400 pages felt meandering and slightly pointless. There was no danger, no urgency, no mystery--none of the hallmarks of the original trilogy that made it so absorbing to read. It felt like a history lesson of the American and French Revolutions that just so happened to include va...
  • Stacee
    I was totally in for another story in this world and I was thrilled to see how Marcus and Phoebe’s story was going to play out. I loved the format the most: we got a chapter of Marcus’s past, a chapter of Phoebe as she learns to be a vampire, and a chapter of Diana and the current household. It was such an interesting way to tell the story and get the details of how everyone was fairing. Plus, I love love loved seeing how Marcus came to be Ma...
  • thebookbitch
    Time's Convert was my most anticipated book of 2018. I was very lucky to receive one of very limited Advanced Reader Copies of the book and as soon as the proof came I dove straight in. The All Souls Trilogy told the story of Diana and Matthew on their quest to solving the mystery behind Ashmole 782. Time's Convert follows Matthew's son, Marcus and his girlfriend Phoebe while they go through their journey to be together. Initially I really enjoye...
  • M W
    You know how sometimes you think you really want something but then you get it and you wish you hadn't because you realize you were better off without it? That's how I feel about this book. It wasn't bad but it just seems like a totally unnecessary interlude. I wish Harkness had either gone totally in the past to explore a side character's life or had waited until the twins were grown up enough to actually add something new to the mix. And a grif...
  • Suzanne
    I loved author Deborah Harkness’ previous trilogy and was excited about this new work. I eagerly read it and quickly remembered the characters and the basic story, even though it has been awhile since I last read about them. This book, Time’s Convert, lacks focus, and I kept feeling as though I was being set up to read a multi-story arc that wouldn’t make sense until the final story. Those are my least favorite types of series; I prefer ser...
  • Nicolette (FallingOverBooks)
    I found Marcus' flashback chapters kinda boring but overall I really enjoyed being back in this world with all the characters.
  • Teresa
    3.5-4 starsI finished this several days ago, but I'm so behind, I didn't get to mark it until now...and I don't remember much anymore. I just know that it was great to be back in this world, I wasn't as invested in Marcus and Phoebe going into this and not much that happened in this book changed that. But the fact that Matthew and Diana had a rather large role helped to make this a mostly enjoyable read.
  • Melinda Sabo
    I LOVE the All Souls trilogy. The books are exciting, romantic, erudite, mysterious, and full of amazing characters, history, and far-off places. I had high hopes and expectations for this book, but I found (aside from history) it lacked all of the original books’ strengths. Where are the villains? The mystery? The suspense? The conflict? The plot? Hell - where even is the romance? While it was nice to spend time in this world again, I do not r...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Positively brilliant. A richly woven story with huge magical heart. Loved it. Full review to follow.
  • Tracy
    I absolutely loved The All Souls Trilogy! I was so excited when I saw this book coming out! I couldn't wait!! I have now discovered that having read the Trilogy 4 or so years ago and not having it fresh in my mind is a large problem. It started on page one when I couldn't remember who the hell Phoebe is. It escalated from there. The writing is good. The problem is I don't really care about the characters because I don't really remember who they a...
  • Attica Musings
    A lovely sojourn with old friends. Coffee with history and easter eggs, allusions, as a tasty accompaniment. A voice I love to hear speaking , a clear voice speaks in her writing. I walked into this book and literally picked up where I had left them, in my mind. Writer acumen. So fervently glad that her characters, her friends, have stories to tell. Enjoy!
  • Siobhan
    The All Souls Trilogy is one of my all-time favourite series, a series I gladly tell everyone to read. Since finishing, I’ve been holding out for the next Deborah Harkness book I could read. Like many, I was expecting a certain story years ago only to be given Time’s Convert today. Time’s Convert may not have been the book I was originally anticipating in the universe, but I was more than happy to dive into it.I would happily drown in any s...
  • April
    To say that I am excited for this book is an understatement.
  • Rebecca
    This is a companion volume to Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, which is like the thinking gal’s Twilight, as written by a historian of science. I read the first book, A Discovery of Witches, in 2011 and surprised myself by completely loving the story of the witch Diana Bishop, who researches alchemy at the Bodleian Library and falls hard for a centuries-old vampire, Matthew de Clermont. Although Time’s Convert is likely intended to stand alone...
  • Kristyna MacKinnon
    Received an Advanced ReaderIn Summer 2011 I found myself in love with the World of All Souls. So getting the chance to read Time Convert early made my summer. If you are familiar with the previous trilogy you have already been introduced to Marcus.A vampire that was sired by Matthew during the Revoluntary War. Time Convert is being marketed as his story but as I read it did not feel like it truly was not like how the original trilogy was Diana's....
  • Jiyoung
    Somebody please tell me what happened to the other one to be published?It was about Diana & Matthew’s medieval times adventure.Not that I’m not excited for Marcus, but I was waiting that one for almost 3 years!Originally, it was planned to be outed in 2017, then it got put off, then I can’t find that one on Goodread anymore?!======>So, I read this story and it was okay.I mean, at first, I didn’t think I wanted to read Marcus’s past but ...
  • Lindsay Mark
    4.5 stars if I was able! This was my first introduction to Deborah Harkness’ world of the supernatural and despite my naïveté to the greater story that I missed by skipping the All Souls Trilogy before beginning this book, I do feel it functions well as a stand alone story. There were lots of references to previous stories, but the author does a wonderful job of bringing new readers up to speed with character backstories without making this b...
  • Jess
    BE STILL MY BEATING HEART read it for Le Bébé the cutie pie revolutionist !!!!
  • Marianne
    Family squabbles, annoying relatives and one of my least favorite themes in books: Description of wartime. Phoebe's drawn out transformation into vampirism didn't hold much appeal either. I'm so disappointed. *Sigh* Runding up to 3 stars for old times sakes.
  • Christine
    For anyone that little bit obsessed with A Discovery of Witches, Time’s Convert is an essential read. I include myself in that. I love the weaving of fantasy and history. I wanted that little bit more of Diana, Matthew and the world of Deborah Harkness. Pure magical escapism.Time’s Convert has a very different emphasis to the Discovery of Witches trilogy. Whether you appreciate it or not, will depend on how you much you like Marcus and the do...
  • Cher
    2 stars - Meh. Just ok.Unlike the majority of Goodreads readers, I found the author’s All Soul’s Trilogy to be underwhelming and overrated, despite having a plot synopsis that rang several of my trigger bells. Comparing the author to Diana Gabaldon and Neil Gaiman is, shall we say, misleading. I picked this one up under the impression that it is a stand alone novel. It is actually more of the same dull, passionless characters, except now you ...
  • Unabridged Bibliophile
    3.5 stars I really enjoyed seeing Marcus's backstory and Phoebe's transition to vampire life, but I could have done without Mathew's and Diana's kid problems. I know, probably unpopular opinion, but it needed to be said.
  • Darcy
    This was interesting, we followed Marcus and Phoebe in the present and Phoebe's choice to become a vampire. As Phoebe's life changed, it seemed like everyone was reflecting on Marcus and we got to see a lot of his past, events that changed him and made him the man he is today. I laughed at how interested Diana was in Marcus's past when she realized his formative years were among the American Revolution. All she could see was living through histor...
  • Kat
    I was over the moon excited when I found that the All Souls Trilogy had a "spinoff" featuring Marcus and Phoebe. A quarter of the way into the book, my excitement ended.The book felt like it was written by someone else, who didn't know the character backstories at all. This is labeled as a "Novel" and not as part of a saga, yet if you have not read the trilogy prior, you would be completely lost. There are references to places, people, situations...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    A wonderful read for sure. This book went deep into history (fictionalizing it much like the Outlander series, not story but meshing history with fiction). Having read the authors other books, I expected as much. I was very much invested in the main characters and their lives. I also appreciated former characters being included and the world building of a vampire from start to finish.The only element that was missing that was in the previous book...