Tigerland by Wil Haygood


From the author of the best-selling The Butler--an emotional, inspiring story of two teams from a poor, black, segregated high school in Ohio, who, in the midst of the racial turbulence of 1968/1969, win the Ohio state baseball and basketball championships in the same year.1968 and 1969: Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy are assassinated. Race relations are frayed like never before. Cities are aflame as demonstrations and riots proliferate...

Details Tigerland

Release DateSep 18th, 2018
PublisherKnopf Publishing Group
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Nonfiction, Adult

Reviews Tigerland

  • Bob
    Summary: The story of the 1968-69 East High School Tigers championship basketball and baseball teams at a black high school in segregated Columbus, Ohio during the tumultuous aftermath of the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr.I'm a Columbus, Ohio transplant, and like many, know little of the city's history, even sports history, beyond Ohio State football. But I love history, and sports, and so when Wil Haygood's new book on the legendary East Hig...
  • Andre
    A look back at the East High School run to the championship in basketball and baseball in the 1968-69 season. East High was on the east side of Columbus, OH. The east side in those days was predominantly Black and so the high school mirrored that demographic. 1968 was the year Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down and Black neighborhoods were extremely tense. And Columbus was no different. So, the author being a native of Columbus thought that ...
  • SundayAtDusk
    While I have little interest in basketball, I am highly interested in race issues, particularly civil rights matters of the 1960s, so decided to read this book, thinking I could skim over detailed sports stories. End up skimming, I did, but not just sports, because this book ended up being a bit of an overwhelming smorgasbord of sports, schools, coaches, principals, local race issues, national race issues, etc. The main problem was the author jum...
  • Don Gorman
    (1 1/2). I lived through all of the events that are the main focus of this book. Up close and personal, right here in Columbus, Ohio. I guess I naively expected this narration to focus more on the sports angle of things, but they are just a part of the story. Their is a large portion of it directed to the history of civil rights, for some of the featured individuals and Central Ohio in general. There is also (it feels like to me) a lot of filler ...
  • Jennie
    Great story & great history with captivating writing, but just way too long. However, easily skimmable, especially sections devoted to history that I was already well versed in. This book is about an all black high school in Columbus, OH in the aftermath of the King assassination. How a principal, some coaches, and some dedicated athletes made a run at a basketball state championship & a baseball one all in the same year. Interwoven throughout is...
  • susan insley
    A Story Very Well Told and a Must ReadWill Haygood continues to mesmerize the reader with his story telling abilities. He deftly weaves the stories of a number of people and puts their stories in the context of the times. I hope he continues to give us more and thanks to Knopf for publishing.
  • Sarah
    Really a three star read, but I live in Columbus so the local content boosted it for me.
  • Becky Spratford
    I am leading a discussion of this book on 9/20/18 and will have notes from that discussion on the blog soon.
  • Laura
    Inspiring and informative look at a black basketball team and how the era in which it played (the 1968/69 school year) affected the players then and after. Perfect for bringing to life the events of 1968 and how people reacted.ARC provided by publisher.