Angel and Bavar by Amy Wilson

Angel and Bavar

Taking inspiration from “Beauty and the Beast,” Amy Wilson’s second middle grade novel is a stunning modern fairy tale of magic, friendship, and finding the courage to fight for what matters most.After the death of her parents, Angel has a lot to get used to: a new home, a new family, a new school. The last thing she’s interested in is making new friends. Until she meets Bavar, a strange boy who slips through the shadows, a boy who might ...

Details Angel and Bavar

TitleAngel and Bavar
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Angel and Bavar

  • Marochka
    Давно не встречала в книгах таких ужасных персонажей. Энжел просто невыносима. Наверное, автор посчитал её «активность» милой, но на самом деле это просто ужас какой-то. С первого же дня в школе Энжел начинает в буквальном смысле преследовать бед...
  • Stephanie
    Ohhh. I loved this book SO MUCH. The embarrassing truth is that when it comes to the genres that I write in myself, I am the worst, most demanding and pickiest reader. All sorts of objectively-good MG fantasy novels have left me cold over the last few years or just been abandoned by me after a chapter or two because I didn't care enough to keep going. But this one? With this one, I *fell in love.* A FAR AWAY MAGIC has the wonderfully well-rounded...
  • Samantha Stiven
    Such an excellent read which kept me gripped to the end. Bavar and Angel are beautiful characters and Amy has done a fabulous job of showing their beauty and bravery though difficult and scary times. I think this book is a read for older children, I think my 8 year old would find it a little scary however my 11 year old has been enjoying it so far. I think the complex emotions running through it may be lost by a younger child so if they read it w...
  • Lucinda
    This beautiful, magical story will have you sat in suspense throughout! Not knowing what to expect, I was shocked by Amy Wilson’s fantastic fantasy children’s story that exceeded all expectations. As beautiful as the cover illustration, this delightful read kept me hanging on In suspense right through to the very last page. Anyone who wants to read something highly original, unique and completely addictive should definitely give this book a t...
  • Vippi
    2.75I was drawn to this book having read it was an imaginative retelling of Beauty and the Beast.I think that despite the connection with the famous fairy tale is pretty loose (and nearly goes unnoticed if you do not look for it), Angel and Bavar has the potential to be a captivating Middle-Grade fantasy book about the power of friendship.Bavar and Angel (well, especially Bavar) are both lonely, both hunted and broken (each one in their own way, ...
  • Sarah Hay
    Interesting re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast, though not my favorite and had I not known that is what it was I might not have made the connection. Also, I had a very hard time believing the characters were as young as they are supposed to be in the book, they seemed more teen range than tween.Angels parents are killed in what is called a robbery gone wrong but she is certain that it was something else more sinister that killed them. When she is...
  • Naomi Bowen
    Another beautifully written book from the talented Amy Wilson, although this book has a very different feel to A Girl called Owl That drew on folk and fairy tale elements while this has a kind of mystical Harry Potter and Narnia feel to it.The characters were so sweet & realistic. I particularly loved Bavar & his struggle to do better than his family. The loss these children faced was heart breaking.I loved the quirky house with the talking pictu...
  • Steph
    A tale of unlikely friendship, seeing people when they’re invisible and fighting evil monsters. I really enjoyed this. Bavar and Angel are a brilliant team. I loved Bavar’s magical house! Angel’s relationship with her foster parents is touching.
  • Kaitlin Stiven
    A really good book! Full of magic and friendship.
  • Christina Reid
  • Mel (Daily Prophecy)
    How disappointing. MG books always shine when it comes to writing about friendship, but I felt no spark.
  • Dani Scott
    This story is very inventive and interesting and I definitely cared about the characters. For all that, though, I did not enjoy this book. In thinking about it afterward, I wondered if maybe this should have been a series that unfolded over time rather than a slim book that wrapped itself up with a tidy bow by the end. Angel is a bright spark and I really enjoyed the descriptions of how Bavar saw her. Her backstory was fleshed out (to a degree) a...
  • Sumbal Saba
    Loved this book ...
  • Carina Olsen
    I wanted so badly to love this. Because that cover is completely stunning. And the summary was so good too. And so I could not resist getting this via Edelweiss. It is coming out this November, though it is already out in the UK, I found out. I could not resist reading this book so early. And it did not take me long to read it.But oh, how I wish I could say that I loved this book. I wanted to, so badly. But I did not love it. Not even one bit. I'...
  • Scott Evans (MrEPrimary)
    ‘Hauntingly beautiful and richly enchanting… A Far Away Magic is sure to cast its spell over you. Magic is most definitely not far away with this one, in fact it’s in every moment.’ Moving all alone to a new home, a new school, a new family, Angel finds herself mother and fatherless, friendless and faceless. Living with her foster family, whom in the beginning she never really gives a chance, she however starts to see something in someon...
  • Heather
    4.5 stars!!!I have been so excited over this release. I picked it up at 4 am and finished it before 9 am!Couldn't put it down - went through three!! coffees all cozied-up on the couch and melted into this tale. So satisfied at the ending and sad all the same that there wasn't more and THAT is the kind of read I want.I love the characters. Neither are emotionally sound, which is completely reasonable for ages 12 and 13. They're not only trying to ...
  • Tasya Dita
    I received this book from Edelweiss plus in exchange for an honest reviewDNF at 39%I really tried to at least reached that 50% mark, but it's been almost a month and tbh, this book is putting me in a reading slump. I think the premise of this book is interesting, but unfortunately the execution fails me. Angel creeps me out, one look at Bavar and she decided to stalk him. To barge into his life, forcing him to fight, and even though she felt guil...
  • Jackie
    This is such a sweet book that shows just how important friendship can be when suffering through grief. “Angel and Bavar” is a story about a boy who wishes to be invisible as he suffers under the weight of responsibility and fear of becoming a monster and the girl who sees him as she herself is hoping to disappear following the traumatic deaths of her parents and together the discover they are stronger together than they ever were apart. I re...
  • Clare N
    (I did read an advanced reader's copy, meaning it was not the final published book, if that makes any difference) The cover is gorgeous, the premise is great, and overall the basic story line is good. I also enjoyed the chapters describing the house; it had a really strong aesthetic. But the entire book seemed a bit like a dream; there was actually a chapter when I thought the characters were dreaming because of how it jumped right into the actio...
  • Elizabeth
    Sometimes when I read a book, I just want to ask the universe where this book was when I was a girl and NEEDED it. But since Amy Wilson probably wasn't old enough to write it when I was a kid, I'll just give her mad props for having the courage to write it! Angel and Bavar is a middle grades retelling of Beauty and the Beast that embraces the heart of the story while still being appropriate for kiddos. I think Madeline L'Engle is the one who said...
  • Stephen Connor
    It took me a while to get into this one, but, once I did, it was well worth it. Told from two perspectives, Bavar and Angel are outsiders who connect. Bavar is a seven-foot-tall giant of a boy, seen by some and not by others, and he lives with the weight of magic on his shoulders. Portraits talk to him, ancestors give advice on his home, and he is the next in line to defend the rift, a break into another world which has been opened and allows the...
  • Katina Wright
    Reading ‘A Far Away Magic’ was an exciting and delightful experience. This magical story is original both in writing style and content, casting a spell that allows us to become completely immersed. I fell in love with the wonderful characters of Angel and Bavar, as I was carried with them on their journey. Set in the modern day but with a fantastical twist, their problems and actions are completely relatable and believable, whether dealing wi...
  • Hope
    Cover Quote: "One Beauty. One Beast. One Enchantment to Break."Character Development: Angel and Bavar are each scarred by their early childhood memories - their parents disappearing from their lives in mysterious ways. They learn a few lessons along the way, but I couldn't say I ever really got to know either of them.World Building: Earth with magical elements and a Gothic style house provide the backdrop for a spooky retelling.Writing Style: Acc...
  • Amy (Golden Books Girl)
    Once I adapted to the unusual, lyrical writing, I really enjoyed Angel and Bavar`s story. Angel is reeling from the loss of her parents in very strange circumstances, and Bavar is grappling with meeting his destiny, which is related to Angel`s parents` death. I loved watching their friendship develop over the course of the novel as it was so sweet in places yet still went through ups and downs, and I thought the magic was fascinating. It wasn`t q...
  • Summer
    A Rift which brings out the demons known as Raksasa. Bavar’s (the Beast) parents who pretty much turn demons themshelves in the process of fighting/losing to the Raksasa. Portraits of ancestors (the servants) that talk. A girl, Angel (Belle), who helps Bavar see himself as “Being normal. Not Normal.”, and in the process defeat the Raksasa. The author even throws in a little bit of a library heist for a much needed book. Even if this book co...
  • Vera
    I won a copy of this and said recommend for 8-12 year old. IMHO 8 would be a little young for this. It's a book of monsters chasing people, pictures on the wall talking.Angel's parents died a horrible death, so she went to live somewhere else. She met Bavor the very first day. Both are loners, so take to each other He lives in a huge house with all kind of weird happening going on. Forest that surrounds it full on strange animals, and pics on the...
  • Alyssa
    3.5 stars. As soon as I saw this was an MG retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I was here for it. I love any sort of fairy tale reimagining and I really loved Bavar, Angel, and their finding one another after abandonment. The story has the right amount of darkness and macabre for middle grade, balanced with enough hope and friendship. It did take me awhile to get into it, and I wish there had been more detailed world building (I had some questions...
  • Maddie Gartenstein
    What a sweet, darling, magical retelling of a classic fairytale. This wonderful book was able to twist Beauty and the Beast in a new, inventive way while wrapping you in the sweet friendship of two young people and little hints of Harry Potter type magic. The writing was wonderful, the two characters so identifiable sometimes I felt in the story, and the plot perfectly balanced between interesting and ability to follow along.
  • Colleen
    This was a phenomenal read! For a middle school grade book, I felt it was dark, but it could also have been darker and more mature. If the author wanted then this could have been a young adult or even an adult book, due to the characters' emotional experiences and the battles with the beasts. For me, it had the same vibe as some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter universe books, except it is designed for kids. While there is a fantasy element, I f...
  • Molly Cluff
    I feel like this was a YA paranormal romance book that got aged down to be MG. But I actually think it worked really well as a friendship story! I liked how it was really ambiguous what kind of creature Bavar could become (it mentions him growing taller, and having sharp teeth, but that's about it). I imagined dragon-shifters because that was fun for me! And I just like the spooky gothic "master of the house" trope.