Love is Blind by William Boyd

Love is Blind

Love is Blind is William Boyd's sweeping, heart-stopping new novel. Set at the end of the 19th century, it follows the fortunes of Brodie Moncur, a young Scottish musician, about to embark on the story of his life. When Brodie is offered a job in Paris, he seizes the chance to flee Edinburgh and his tyrannical clergyman father, and begin a wildly different new chapter in his life. In Paris, a fateful encounter with a famous pianist irrevocably ch...

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TitleLove is Blind
Release DateSep 20th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Cultural, Scotland, France

Reviews Love is Blind

  • Paromjit
    This has all the inimitable style and qualities of an epic character driven William Boyd novel, of love, passion, obsession and music within a historical period presaging the great changes in the world at the end of the nineteenth century. This is a beautifully written and structured story of the life of the young Scottish Brodie Moncur, afflicted with health issues, employed at the Channon Piano Company in Edinburgh, when he is offered the oppor...
  • Andrew Smith
    William Boyd writes books you can get lost in. In Any Human Heart and The New Confessions so rich is his mix of fact and fiction that he almost convinced me he was writing about the life of a real people. He wasn't of course, but I became so immersed in the lives of Logan Mountstuart and John James Todd that I really found it hard to accept I was reading a piece if fiction. I’d lived the life of these characters and at the end of both books I e...
  • Roman Clodia
    So that was Lydia Blum... He felt his sphincter loosen and the bubble of air expand to fill his lungs... Brodie felt now as if his innards were molten - as if he might melt in a puddle of sizzling magma on the floor Well, there are ways to write about physical love, lust and desire but this isn't it - for me, at any rate. Boyd's prose is no more than workmanlike in this book which manages to be both bogged down in detail (why do we need to know p...
  • Paul Fulcher
    "'You could say,’ Vere mused, ‘that, looking at it from one angle, you’re having an amazing Russian literary experience.’"In the TLS's recent Booker 50th anniversary edition, various past winners were asked about underrated authors that should have featured more in the prize's reckoning. Thomas Keneally suggested: "William Boyd is a consistently pleasing and illuminating writer. He made it onto the Booker shortlist once with An Ice-Cream ...
  • Sid Nuncius
    I enjoyed parts of Love Is Blind, but I found a good deal of it dull and I’m not sure that it added up to much in the end.The book follows Brodie Moncur from his early working life in the late 19th Century as a talented piano-tuner in Edinburgh as his work and his health needs take him to various places in France, Russia and beyond. He develops an obsessive love for a Russian singer and this is both the driver of the book’s events and the mai...
  • SueKich
    Boyd’s vision.William Boyd writes a story of love and great passion set at the turn of the last century. Brodie Moncur, son of an overbearing patriarchal clergyman, has a particularly musical ear. His work as a highly skilled piano tuner takes him to Paris and beyond, fine-tuning the instruments of the great concert pianists of their day. On one such occasion, he meets Russian opera singer Lika Blum, mistress of a now-fading Irish pianist, and ...
  • Candace
    Brodie Moncur is a piano tuner in Edinburgh which sounds like a pretty low-key profession, but in the hands of William Boyd certainly is not. It's the last decade of the 19th century when Brodie has the opportunity to move to his employer's new Paris showroom and help establish the brand on the Continent. Brodie is an artist, not only musically, but also as a tuner. He knows how to shave and balance the hammers so that a piano has just the touch ...
  • Rob Twinem
    Love is Blind by William Boyd is a truly memorable story with wonderful characterization. His colourful writing instantly transports the reader to Scotland at the end of the nineteenth century and continues the journey through mainland Europe at a time of great change and gathering turmoil in the years immediately preceding the 1st World War.Brodie Moncur is a piano tuner in the employ of Channons of Edinburgh and when the opportunity is offered ...
  • Bettie☯
    Penguin Books (UK)Description: Set at the end of the 19th century, it follows the fortunes of Brodie Moncur, a young Scottish musician, about to embark on the story of his life.When Brodie is offered a job in Paris, he seizes the chance to flee Edinburgh and his tyrannical clergyman father, and begin a wildly different new chapter in his life. In Paris, a fateful encounter with a famous pianist irrevocably changes his future - and sparks an obses...
  • Michael Cayley
    An engrossing novel by one of the best living novelists.It is the tale of a Scottish piano-tuner, Brodie Moncur, son of a brutal alcoholic church minister, who is sent by his employer to Paris, where he meets the love of his life, a Russian singer living with a virtuoso Irish pianist, John Kilbarron. As Brodie’s life takes him on to Russia, other parts of France, elsewhere in Europe and finally the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocea...
  • Katrina
    2.75 Just to be awkward. A mostly compelling tale aided by Boyd's excellent prose and descriptions of 19th century Europe. I particularly liked the attention to detail that Boyd had regarding the main character's profession which in the hands of an lesser author would have been mostly skipped over. The author has done a lot of research and it shows. The only thing that didn't quite work for me was the love story, but it's neither here nor there a...
  • BiblioPhil
    Me no Lika. (not really true but couldn't resist.)
  • Elizabeth Grieve
    I thoroughly enjoyed this sweeping tale of a piano-tuner and his life, love and travels, beginning at the end of the 19th century. Brodie Moncur is a gifted piano-tuner who leaves his Scottish home and overbearing father to seek work, first in Edinburgh, and then as his technical and entrepreneurial skills are rewarded, he is sent by his employer, Channon, the piano manufacturers,to work in Paris. Here, he strives to increase piano sales by forgi...
  • Ashwini Abhyankar
    I was kindly given an e-ARC of the book by the publishers and NetGalley in return for an honest review.September is not shaping up to be brilliant in terms of my choices of reading. The general plot given in the synopsis promised quite a punch, plus the praise for the author’s works in general made me an expectant reader. That proved to be disastrous.As soon as I started reading this book, I was immediately happy to note that the writing is rea...
  • Joanne Cameron
    This is an enjoyable page turner of a book. The narrative follows Brodie Moncur, a bright 24 year old with very poor sight and a troublesome cough who is the son of an abusive, alcoholic but charismatic Scottish preacher. He becomes an expert piano tuner. This gives him the opportunity to go to Paris as Deputy Manager of Channon’s piano company. Through this work he meets and starts working for the “Irish Listz”, John Kilbarron – a piano ...
  • Melanie Garrett
    Brodie Moncur had me seduced from the get-go. Here, I initially thought, was a man who might even give Logan Mountstuart a run for his money. Now, while the bits I loved, I loved to bits, this human heart still belongs to Logan.The reasons for this are not to do with these men themselves - both remain more vivid to me than some men I have known off the page for decades - but rather the contexts in which their lives played out. In both novels, we ...
  • Thebooktrail
    Love definitely is blind you realise when you read this novel. Brodie Moncur, a talented piano-tuner in Edinburgh meets someone in Paris and ends up falling in love with her to the point of obsession only to realise that she is the partner of someone else.Before that obsession starts, another one is already underway - that of the world of pianos and piano tuning. It all gets a bit technical and drawn out here in my opinion but you can’t help bu...
  • Sam
    William Boyd's latest novel Love is Blind is aptly named. It shows us what people will do for love, the secrets they keep and what they choose not to see. Like Any Human Heart, this epic takes us around the world as it emerges into the twentieth century. Horse-drawn carriages make way for motor cars, but love affairs are as complicated as ever.Brodie Moncur is a gifted piano tuner and a romantic. He longs to leave his dour upbringing behind for a...
  • Latkins
    William Boyd is such a talented writer, he really immerses you in the lives of the characters he depicts in his novels. This is a sweeping tale, which spans the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, and moves across Europe. It's the story of Brodie Moncur, a Scottish piano tuner who moves from Edinburgh to Paris to help run a piano shop. He's pleased to be out of the reach of his bullying father, who rules over Brodie's many br...
  • Julia Noble
    I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin Books, and the author William Boyd. I am a big fan of all of William Boyd's novels and his writing style, and 'Love is Blind' was no different. There is no doubt that it is slower paced than some of his other work, and arguably felt slightly lacking in action and suspense at times, but as always it was beautifully written and very involving.The chara...
  • Paula Williams
    Great characters and an interesting period at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century. The love story at the centre of the story is echoed in the lives of all the characters and the book deals with family difficulties and the difficulties of love that although reciprocated is doomed and dangerous for both characters. The setting of the book in Edinburgh and then the many places that Brodie travels to makes the history of the differe...
  • Caren
    Somewhat disappointing compared to other Boyd novels I've read. Its story was engaging, the reader immediately aware that fate was not going to favour the love-struck Brodie as he held tightly to the promise of his lover, Lika Blum, that she would return to him. The characters were strongly drawn as were the places that Brodie moves to in his attempt to flee from personal danger. But, the narrative just went on for too long. The last section, esp...
  • Sharyn
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this unproofed edition of Love is Blind courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. It was beautifully written and as easy to read as I always find William Boyd's books. A very interesting tale about a young Scots piano tuner named Brodie Moncur who fell in love with a woman known as Lika. Love is certainly blind and the story follows his life as he travel around the world tuning pianos, loving Lika and making friends a...
  • Sadlam
    I always enjoy William Boyd's style. This book was no exception. However I thought Lika was entirely two dimensional. Apart from her beauty, what was it about her that Brodie loved? What was the dark in her character, except that she had a secret? Which he would be blind to because it was a SECRET!
  • Douglas Osler
    This is evocative,fascinating,intense and light all at once. It is superbly well researched and the author has an amazing ability to evoke the flavour of a historical period and the context of so many destinations favoured by Brodie Moncur, the lovesick piano tuner from Edunburgh. It is a very rewarding read.
  • Barbara Hall
    Boyd's epic story of art, romance and fin-de-siecle European history, traces the life of Brodie Moncur. Thanks to his talent as a piano tuner, he escapes his overbearing father and rural Scottish village, he lands in Paris and from there, throughout Europe. His romance with a Russian opera singer brings happiness, as well as complications and ultimately, threatens his life.Highly readable and very likable protagonist in this engrossing novel.
  • Ali Dunn
    Loved this. Loved the historical references, the characters and the scene it’s sets. I was fascintated by the in-depth information about tuning pianos, there’s more to it than I thought. I recommend this book as I would any other William Boyds treasures. Netgalley reviewer.
  • Greville Waterman
    Readable, likeable, beautifully written and plotted, lovely characters and a broad sweeping storyline - what's not to like?A master of the art still in excellent form.
  • Mary Robideaux
    It starts off slow but gets better and better. I enjoyed reading the adventures of Brodie Moncur.
  • April Chang
    Worth reading, interesting historical setting but I would have preferred a more robust underpinning of the central love story as lust isn't usually enough ..