Misadventures with a Manny (Misadventures, #16) by Toni Aleo

Misadventures with a Manny (Misadventures, #16)

Vera Woods is at her wit’s end.Her husband has run off with the nanny, leaving Vera with a broken heart, three very angry sons, and even less time to juggle the demands of family and her career. After her boys scare away a sixth replacement nanny, Vera is out of time off from work and desperately out of options. Still nursing an aching heart, she turns to an unlikely source for help―a manny.Lincoln Scott is no stranger to family chaos. But ra...

Details Misadventures with a Manny (Misadventures, #16)

TitleMisadventures with a Manny (Misadventures, #16)
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Misadventures with a Manny (Misadventures, #16)

  • Kay's Blushing Book Reviews
    Misadventures with a Manny by Toni Aleo GENRE: Contemporary RomanceNARRATION: Narrative BOOK DETAILS: Book 16 of the Misadventure series but read as a standaloneAUDIO AVAILABLE? NoMY THOUGHTS:Lincoln and Vera’s heart-warming story was fun and entertaining. This is one of my favourites in the series, Toni gave this story an edge and her talented writing style gripped me as a reader for the very beginning.It’s sweet and sexy and everything in...
  • Jessica Alcazar
    absolutely fantastic ... from start to finish.I fell in love with both Vera and Linc the minute they hit the page. Their story put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. And don't get me started on the boys! I don't have any details to give to back that statement up. I keep rolling thru the story in my mind to see what I can and cannot mention and I just don't want to say a single thing about the plot LOL I want you to be just as happy as I was...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Oh my god. OH MY GOD!! This book, this book was just everything I feel so emotional right now after finishing this beauty, sappy, ugly, happy tears just wow. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewI just want to start by saying Toni Aleo did an absolute flawless job on Misadventures with a Manny. It’s not often a book hooks me as much as this one did. It’s not often that I’m whipped away from reality and completely invested in a book ...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewI want a Manny! I mean, I don't have any kids, but I still want a manny. Well, this manny anyways!I was hooked on Misadventures With A Manny from go to woah. And I mean woah, Lincoln!I liked that this wasn't the typical workaholic single dad needs a nanny - we get the flip with a workaholic single mum needing a manny!I love the push/pull between Vera and Lincoln. I mean, there is sexual tension through the roof wi...
  • Farah
    My first by Ms.Aleo, I might check her other work far away in the future. I like the plot, a male working in the industry that is usually dominates by female. However, the insta sexual attractions by both parties from the moment they meet is just too much for me. Predictable story, the kids are just okay-don't have a favorite, the ex husband - a major ###hole. This book is unavailable on KU / Scribd. Kindle price is USD2.99
  • Amanda
    [I received a digital ARC for an honest review]OMG I loved Misadventures with a Manny so much!! I have actually never read anything by Tony Aleo before but now I want to go read ALL her books because I enjoyed this one so much!!Let's start with the kids, Charlie, Elliot and Louis, because they were the glue that held this story together. They were adorable and their struggles being in the middle of the divorce was heartbreaking. Vera, our leading...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Misadventures with a Manny by Toni Aleo is book 16 in the Misadventures series. This is the story of Lincoln and Vera. This is a standalone book. Vera is really strong women who tried to keep her family together even with a cheating husband but she is now free of him but not free of the impact he had on her self confidence. Vera's boys are going through nannies until she thought to try a Manny. Lincoln is that Manny who has a way with her boys an...
  • Escape into a Booksite
    *3 Stars* ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this one, but it wasn't my favourite. I don't think I really connected with either of the main characters. That said though, there are alot of great things about this story. Liam for one. The three squeezes and Vera's bond with her kids for another.I really disliked Simon. You'll understand why when you read this one. Vera is in a situation where she is trying her best, bu...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    Misadventures with a Manny is a fantastic read. It's emotional and funny and so well written. I loved Lincoln and Vera. He's completely swoon worthy and she was so strong and honestly just a character I can really connect with. I think that's a huge sign of what a truly gifted writer Toni Aleo is. I haven't experienced what leading lady Vera had personally but the insecurities and doubts about parenting, the worries about whether you're enough? I...
  • Romance Schmomance (Malia)
    BLOG | INSTAGRAM | AMAZON PROFILE | BOOKBUB | TWITTER From the few books that I've read from the Misadventures series, this one is my absolute favorite! I was completely hooked from beginning to the end, from the characters and the storyline, it was everything that I was hoping for and more. I was raging from what Vera's ex-husband and ex-best friend did to her and their kids to complete and utter hope for Vera to find her happy ever after again...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    Misadventures with a Manny is a rather tame book for the misadventure series. It wasn't bad per see, but it wasn't so adventurous as the others. Still, I liked it and I had no problem reading it. Lincoln is interacting with Vera's kids a lot (as one would expect because he is the manny) and I was happy that they weren't pushed aside because they were no longer needed as a plot device. There was a satisfying amount of character and relationship de...
  • Corinne Akers
    All the feels? This book has it in spades!!All the tears I shed through out this book were so cathartic!! First, I totally identified Vera to my own mother, and her three boys to myself, my sister & my brother. That being said, emotions hit me right away as I started reading. While Simon was not exactly my father, the feelings evoked by a divorce are so dead on to what is written in this book!! Secondly, this storyline is so amazing!! It takes a ...
  • Ryan - Sweet Red Reader
    From beginning to end - I LOVED this book.Almost immediately, this book gave me One Last Time vibes and since that still remains one of my favorite books of the year, I was all in! I loved Vera and her dedication to her children, I hated her rat bastard of an ex, and Lincoln was so unbelievably swoon worthy. I even adored Vera's sons, her sister, and her brother-in-law/Lincoln's best friend. The chemistry between Vera and Lincoln was incredible a...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    4.5 Stars! I absolutely loved Linc! I would take him as a manny any day! The only thing that could have made my ovaries swoon some more would have been if Vera had an infant/toddler age child for him to interact with. He was the perfect person to watch anyone's children but especially three young boys who just had their world ripped in two. Loved the comedy, loved their internal thoughts about each other. Loved the secondary characters all around...
  • Carrie
    I so enjoyed Linc & Vera! It was refreshing to have a kind of twist on the boss/employee trope, and also that they didn't fall into some "expected" categories. I was a little annoyed by the conflicting advice their (married) BFF's were giving them, because I felt like they should be on the same page, and also I didn't think they had the appropriate amount of respect for Vera & Lincoln. BUT other than those small blips, I loved the story! The kids...
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    4 1/2 starsVera is fresh off a divorce and trying to give her three sons some stability in their new normal. After her sons run off several nannies, her sister suggested she hire a manny. Lincoln is a hot guy who has all the skills and education to deal with young kids and run her household better then her. Linc and Vera hit it off with strong chemistry with a nice tease back and forth for awhile. I adored how the kids opened up to Linc and Vera ...
  • Cocktails and Books
    Great story. I loved Lincoln and how he took charge of a family that truly needed him.
  • Jody
    After a week of turmoil courtesy of real life this is just the kind of book needed to heal. It’s a fun and flirty read full of heart and soul that brought a smile to my face while empowering me as someone worthy of love and happiness. It introduces readers to a near-perfect hero and a heroine and family with problems of their own that kept me fully invested in their ups and downs. By the turn of the final page I was left cheering and ready to f...
  • Kat's Books & Brews
    Wow oh wow! I haven’t read an Aleo book since the Assassins series! I LOVED that series so much. Now I am back reading Aleo’s newest novel part of the Misadventures Series which I read in one sitting! I was excited to read this, because now the roles were reversed. It wasn’t the typical single father needs help because he works too much and his kids are wild and crazy. Nope, this was totally different in this book we have Vera, recently div...
  • Leonor
    2.5 stars.This book was ridiculous. From the moment hero and heroine met each other they fell in lust. The heroine was a wet puddle of mess and hero was a walking hard on. The heroine’s husband was a huge ass. He cheated on her 7 times. I can’t understand why a woman would stay with a man when he cheated on her 7 times? He did it while she was pregnant both times, she knew and she still decided to marry him. She was just pathetic. and the las...
  • Mary Mooney
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review.4.5 starsWhat do you do when your marriage is over because you ex-husband has left with the nanny? You get yourself a Manny. Someone to help with three boys that are angry and hurt because their father has left them. Vera was looking for a female nanny but after many failed attempts, her sister bring over the perfect nanny. Well he is a man, so you can't...
  • Heather Bass
    Yes! I have read a few books from this amazing author but she keeps on blowing me away with her storytelling. I have been waiting for this book ever since I seen the cover and it is well worth the wait. This is book fourteen in this epic series Misadventure. You can read this book as a stand alone. You don’t have to read them in order. These two characters drew me in right from the beginning. You can’t help but to fall in love with them. I co...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is an absolutely lovely read - I laughed so many times, had a few tears and just wished I could meet Vera and Linc and the rest of the clan. I loved that Toni Aleo brought us a lesser used sport (lacrosse) into the book, and enabled the bonding of the boys to happen over their mutual love and enjoyment of the game. The story is really sweet, sexy and the smooth writi...
  • Jamie Guellar (IScream Books)
    Loved Misadventures of a Manny! I’ve been a fan of Toni Aleo since reading the first book I of her Assassin series. After a messy divorce, and still dealing with a jerk of an ex, struggling to raise three boys who have been through several different nannies and just needs a helping hand.Lincoln, who is Vera’s Brother-in-laws best friend, is out of work and just maybe the right person for the job. The chemistry between these two was amazing. A...
  • Martha
    I will admit... I was not sure about this Misadventures initially, BUT boy was I wrong. Vera is a strong heroine and is the definition of a dedicated Mom who only wants the best for her children. She has always put them first and wants what is best for them. Her only downfall is her long work hours.. She has a JERK of an EX that does everything he can to make her life miserable. Can Vera find her happily ever after? Would someone like Lincoln wan...
  • Sharing My
    I loved Misadventures with a Manny! Vera is a great mother that would do anything for her three boys. Unfortunately she has a rotten ex that seems to care more about making her life miserable, than he cares about his boys. Lincoln is a Godsend as a manny, but sometimes Vera wished he wasn't so hot and sweet. He loves her boys, and Vera can't help but wonder what it would be like if he loved her. She knows she shouldn't get involved because Lincol...
  • Kaitlynn
    Every misadventures book just gets better and better! I finished this book and I'm speechless!!! Vera and Lincoln are definitely made for one another. Just the details of how they look at one another shows they were in love from the beginning. This series is a must read!!!! So amazing ! 5 stars!!!!!!
  • She Abshire
    This is priceless !I loved everything about this story! Except for Simon, he is the perfect jerk. Lincoln stole my heart from the get go! Vera is the woman I strived to be as a single mom. If I had had my own Lincoln it would have been amazing! Toni Aleo is now in my list as a favorite author. 😊
  • Mayas
    So why did I feel like I was reading my own life story. This was a WONDERFUL book that I truly couldn't put down. I have truly became a fan of Toni Aleo after reading her work in the Misadventure Series. Vera and Lincoln were a match and he provided her with the confidence, love and support every woman craves.This was about more than love, it was about finding your perfect soulmate and home.
  • Amanda Gillespie Shock N Awe Book Blog
    I have enjoyed the Misadventures Series so much and I enjoyed the plot line to this one but it just didn't hit all my buttons. I have trouble with books that the timeline doesn't line up and this one had several spots that had me looking twice. I'm looking forward to the next installment and would still recommend this book and series.