Winter in Paradise (Paradise #1) by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter in Paradise (Paradise #1)

Spend the coldest days of winter on a Caribbean beach with New York Times Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand. Join New York Times Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand on the stunning beaches of St. John for the beginning of her thrilling new winter series-The Paradise. Welcome to Paradise, the first book in the Paradise series, has everything that readers have come to know and love about an Elin Hilderbrand novel, plus a healthy dose of intrigue....

Details Winter in Paradise (Paradise #1)

TitleWinter in Paradise (Paradise #1)
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Mystery

Reviews Winter in Paradise (Paradise #1)

  • Erin
    5 sun kissed take me to the beach stars Elin Hilderbrand heard the silent sobbing of her devoted readers after she ended the Winter Street series and has rewarded us by creating a new trilogy series set in the Virgin Islands; specifically St John. Irene Steele, second cousin to Winter Street's Mitzi Quinn, is at 57 facing a lot of challenges. It's the end of another year, her employer wants her to retire, her husband, Russ, is away on business,...
  • Kendall
    Oh MY!! Ok.. my first thought is why in heck have I waited SO long to read a Elin Hilderbrand book?! No excuses! This was FANTASTIC!I've got to go back to all her previous series and get going here! ;).I fell in love with everything about this book. The characters are relatable, deep, emotional, and the setting is godly! haha. Hilderbrand I think you've just convinced me where I want to take my honeymoon with my new husband next year!Irene's husb...
  • Amy
    If you’re anything like me and were super sad when Hilderbrand’s last series came to an end then I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with this new series as well. Per usual the characters are immediately relatable and feel like fast friends and the setting is idyllic. It’s a departure for the author, it’s not set in Nantucket but in St. John and I’m currently trying to figure out how to talk my husband into taking me there for our...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: October 9, 2018 Genre: Women's Fiction Actual Rating: 4 starsElin Hilderbrand has quickly become a favorite author of mine. Her books have originality, relatable characters, and tackle real life issues (for the most part). Her writing style is also my favorite. She weaves her stories though the eyes of several different characters so readers can get a glimpse of everyone and everything involved in whatever is happening. I can't r...
  • Jamie Rosenblit
    Elin Hildebrand signature style of writing & a Caribbean island - what is not to love?! I devoured this book in one day and loved every single page. My only regret is now I need to wait a year for book two in this amazing Paradise series! When Irene receives a middle of the night call informing her her husband has died on St. John USVI, she is baffled - what was her husband doing there?! Irene along with her two sons, Cash & Baker (who both have ...
  • Jen
    Hilderbrand is out of Nantucket and into the Caribbean. Winter in Paradise is written in her classic style and I loved every bit of it. The characters have heart and are immediately likeable, though brothers Cash and Baker come off as little, bratty siblings though they are grown men. Actually, to be honest, that is exactly what they are. Holding grudges since college, these two will undercut each other at every chance given. Especially when it c...
  • Toni
    We start the "Winter in Paradise" series on New Year’s Day, the first day of a whole new year, laid out before us, untouched, as if each day comes in a shiny bag, to be selected one by one like candy. Irene Steele of Iowa City, Iowa starts her day in her beloved Victorian style home, all fully refurbished and redecorated, thanks to the generous income from her husband’s Russ’s job of the last thirteen years, she encouraged him to accept. Un...
  • Robin
    Irene and her sons travel from Iowa to the Caribbean where her husband has died in a helicopter crash but what they find shakes them to their cores. This is the start of a new series with newly created characters and instead of Hilderbrand's usual Nantucket, it is set on St. John. As usual, the characters are appealing (except her sons could be a little on the annoying side) and the intrigue about her husband's death and the family dynamics kept ...
  • Donna Hines
    Elin!!! You have done it again this time in PARADISE! I couldn't wait to be swept away and you didn't disappoint.Irene is living a nice cushy life until she gets word that there's been a plane crash on St. John.However, her world is about to become darker as her husband harbored some awful secrets including a hidden life she knew nothing about.A web of intrigue and lies awaits her arrival on this gorgeous island which in real life has just been c...
  • Christina
    4.5 Stars!!!!Ladies and gentlemen, Elin Hilderbrand has done it again. In Winter in Paradise, Hilderbrand delivers a page-turning, deliciously juicy tale chock full of lies, deceit, and passion with a side of sun, sand and refreshing cocktails. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I was going to love this novel as much since it’s Elin’s first trip away from Nantucket Island. I LOVE Elin’s Nantucket. It’s a truly special treat to travel there ...
  • Julie Barrett
    Winter in Paradise by Elin HilderbrandStarts out where all are stateside based. There are many and they don't appear to be connected til you read further.Wish there was a list of characters at the start-feel lost.Love the details, very descriptive of the island and the culture...Like how everyone is connected and you learn over time just how close they are. Liked being on island time and how the tourists adjust.Love hearing of the different jobs ...
  • Sarah
    Elin Hilderbrand is an automatic read for me. I hate waiting all year for her new summer novel so I'm super excited that she now writes a Winter series as well. Winter in Paradise is the start of her new Winter series. Irene Steele is the cousin of our friend Mitzy in the 1st Winter series and we all loved the Quinn family, as flawed as they were. The Steeles are no exception. Irene receives a phone call at her husband is dead and that he was on ...
  • Peggy Jaeger
    Elin Hilderbrand has taken us from her usual Nantucket settings to the Virgin Islands for her newest offering, Winter in Paradise.What do you think you'd feel if everything you thought about your life, your marriage, and your world, was a lie? That's the question Irene considers when she's informed her husband has died in a helicopter crash, accompanied by a women Irene didn't know existed on an island she never knew her husband had visited. And ...
  • Pam Wildes
    Thank to you NetGalley for this ARC of Winter in Paradise. As much as I loved this book, I am very frustrated by how long it is going to take to get the next book in this series. It never fails that I really just want to keep reading and know the family's that Elin Hilderbrand gives us. This book doesn't disappoint for Elin's fans. Little by little she doles out information for these new characters that we are learning about. And before long you ...
  • Monica
    In Elin Hilderbrand’s new novel Winter in Paradise, we leave her usual setting of her beloved Nantucket and she brings us to the tropical setting of St. John in her newest Winter series. We meet Irene who loves her life and has everything she has wanted except more time with her husband who works so much for all they have. She also has two grown sons who are going through tough times of their own but everyone’s lives are about to change when ...
  • Brenda
    The Winter Street series was the only other books by Elin Hilderbrand that I read, which I really enjoyed! This new series is starting off great! I loved the characters and wanted to know what was going to happen with each of them. It was a quick read and the plot moved along at a great pace. I can't wait for the next books!
  • Cynthia Musiel
    I absolutely loved this book and immediately got into the characters. They were relatable and in the end, I wanted to read more. A cliffhanger! Cannot wait for the next one to come out. Love, suspense, and a distant location made this a great read. And it did not matter that the location was set in a tropical area one bit.
  • Eva • All Books Considered
    I didn’t want it to end! Can’t wait for more
  • Jessica Howard
    Super fun; but also very poignant. Full review will come for Shelf Awareness (got a Digital ARC from Netgalley).
  • Teena in Toronto
    Irene is in her mid-to-late 50s and thinks she has it all ... a husband named Russ who loves her (though he is out of town working a lot), two grown sons named Baker and Cash with lives of their own and a beautiful showplace of a house. She has been promoted (but really demoted) at the magazine where she works.It's New Years Day and she gets a call that her husband, who is away on a business trip, has been killed in a helicopter accident in the U...
  • Peg
    Irene was happy with her life as a wife, mother, and magazine editor until an email, detailing her demotion came to her attention, as well as a distressing phone call, informing Irene of her husband’s death. Irene had always been secure in her marriage. She never worried about her husband having affairs, even though he traveled a great deal. Her husband doted on her and showered her with attention whenever he was home. Perhaps, she should have ...
  • Brittany
    I was lucky enough to spend my Labor Day weekend reading this gem in between soccer games--it was so hard to put it down! Welcome to Paradise is the first book in Elin Hilderbrand's new winter trilogy, and it was totally engrossing from start to cliffhanger ending. It will be a long wait for the next installment! The novel opens on New Year's Eve, when Irene Steele receives a call that her husband has died in a helicoptor crash. She soon discover...
  • Suzanne
    If you have never been to St. John, all you have to do is pick up Elin Hilderbrand's Winter in Paradise to be literally swept up into paradise. Then, throw in some mystery, crazy family drama and you've got yourself a winner!Elin writes with such description that I felt like I was right back in STJ - on the beaches, in my favorite restaurants, and hiking - right along with the characters of her book. Irene seems to have the perfect life - a husba...
  • Sherri Lewis
    *** I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest reviewThis is a new winter trilogy that takes place in St Johns. This is book one, and in this one Irene gets a call saying her husband died in a helicopter crash in St Johns. Irene has no idea what he was doing there, or who the female was that also died in the crash. Irene heads down with her two grown sons so find out what exactly is going on, but is unprepared for all of the s...
  • Cathy Branciforte
    Yet another fabulous Elin Hilderbrand novel, the first of a trilogy. It’s going to be a long year waiting for the next one (especially with that ending). I just binge read this in a day and loved it. Elin just keeps getting better and better. I think her last 2 or 3 books have been her best yet. Taking place, not in Nantucket, but in St Johns VI, another heavenly beach destination, the story is told through the alternating voices of the various...
  • Denise
    The first in a series, Winter in Paradise, is a cross between drama and romance. The final cliff hanger at the end will have me returning to read more in the series. When Irene Steele's husband, away on business, dies in a plane crash on the distant Caribbean island of St. John, she begins to question everything she has known to be true about her husband and their marriage. She, and her two sons, travel to this paradise to discover he has, in fac...
  • Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder
    So - its not your typical Elin Hildebrand novel..Its not set on Nantucket; it isn't the usual really rich people with their problems; no one's fallen in love - yet. But I am loving this departure that she has done with her last two books. There's now some murder, some deception - if only she's have some Jackie Collins-esque sex scenes these books would cross the line from Fluff into Smut (I can only dream!).Besides learning more about a island I ...
  • Chris Markley
    A start of a new series is always something to celebrate. Her books are perfect for a weekend escape and the new series, set in the Virgin Islands, is no different. A story of being blindsided by a love one's behavior and having to find a way to make sense of it on your own, since they are dead.Heart break, disillusionment, betrayal, loyalty family, and life collide as Irene deals with the death of her husband and she discovers that he had a life...