Into the Night by Sarah Bailey

Into the Night

With murders of the Melbourne's elite on the rise, Gemma Woodstock reveals a shocking secret at the center of a tight-knit group's rise to power. Troubled and brilliant, Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock finds herself lost and alone after a recent move to Melbourne, broken-hearted by the decisions she's had to make. Her new workplace is a minefield and the partner she has been assigned is uncommunicative and often hostile. When a homeless man is...

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TitleInto the Night
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Into the Night

  • Carolyn
    "Into the Night" is an excellent follow up to Sarah Bailey's wonderful debut, "The Dark Lake". Her protagonist, DS Gemma Woodstock has moved from small town Victoria to Melbourne to make a fresh start. However, she is finding it difficult to fit in with her new partner and boss and badly misses her son Ben who she left with his father. When a homeless man is stabbed to death for no apparent reason, she feels she must find his killer. Before she c...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.com4.5 starsI noted in October of last year that I was keen to hear from Sarah Bailey, the author of The Dark Lake, very soon. It seems my wish has been granted and less than a year later we have a second novel from Bailey. Into the Night is the impressive follow up to Bailey’s debut novel. If you are a fan of quintessential Australian crime fiction, you must read Into the Night and its predecessor, The Dark L...
  • Marianne
    Into The Night is the second book in the Gemma Woodstock series by Australian author, Sarah Bailey. Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock has been on Melbourne’s Homicide squad for about three months when popular soap actor, Sterling Wade is stabbed on the set of a movie being shot in Spring Street. It’s a complicated case, but she’s pleased, finally to be given the lead, even if she has to share it with DS Nick Fleet. While she doesn’t seem...
  • R
    This was a really good follow up to the debut. Gemma has moved to the city, and so we get a different faster pace feel as compared to book one. There are some different plotlines occuring at the same time, with twists and turns. I dont think the writing is as good as book one though, and I still find Gemma a little frustrating at times. The twists are well timed and pulled off, but its onenof those books where you know its one of the 4/5 characte...
  • Mandy White
    Wow!! I love this series and Gemma Woodstock is such a great character. This one had me thinking everyone was the killer.
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    I was a big fan of The Dark Lake, it was a top read for me last year and I am thrilled to discover that Into the Night more than lives up to its predecessor. Dark, gritty, teeming with atmosphere, Into the Night is police procedural crime fiction at its very best.Gemma has moved on from her hometown and we now follow her around the streets of Melbourne as she works on a massively high profile case alongside a new partner in a new squad. She’s j...
  • marlin1
    An excellent followup to The Dark Lake which takes place a few years after the first novel. Gemma’s marriage has not survived and she has moved to Melbourne to take up a Dectective Sergeants position on the Homicide squad. There are a number of threads running through this novel, at the fore Gemma and her work partner Fleet are the lead dectectives in a stabbing murder of a high profile young actor, with a couple of recent unsolved muders circl...
  • Jay Dwight
    An excellent follow up to last years The Dark Lake. That book put Sarah Bailey on my must read author list, and this book confirms her place on it. I love a flawed, tortured protagonist and we have that in Gemma Woodstock. We delve deeper into her psyche, as she re-starts her life in Melbourne. I was a little concerned as to whether this would be as good as The Dark Lake, given the small town backdrop was part of what I loved and thus wondered wh...
  • Jack Heath
    A moody, atmospheric tome with a twisted case to solve and an even more twisted detective to solve it. A must-read for fans of The Dark Lake, and those who like their police procedurals VERY authentic.
  • Evelyn Veitch
    I really enjoyed this. It reminds me of a Peter Temple novel, something so indefinably Australian about it that I can't put my finger on. Definitely worth the read!
  • Tony Nielsen
    On the back of her brilliant debut "The Dark Lake", Sarah Bailey returns with the follow up as we delve into the life again of Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock.Woodstock has foregone her small-town placement to join the Melbourne detective ranks and is struggling with the change of pace, and especially the separation from her son Ben and former partner and Ben's Dad, Scott. Plus, the local team isn't exactly making her feel welcome."Into the Ni...
  • Ashleigh
    Writing a longer review on my blog. I read this not realising it was part of a series - so haven't read its predecessor, The Dark Lake. I hate starred reviews because I feel they never do a book justice - I feel they never give a full idea of what a book actually is like. Anyway, I did enjoy this book, and am currently posting a longer review on my blog, where I usually go a little more in-depth with what I say. At times, I quite enjoyed the char...
  • Craig Sisterson
    Eyes are beginning to turn towards Australian and New Zealand crime writing in recent years, with many terrific authors becoming readily available to northern hemisphere booklovers. Sarah Bailey impressed last year with her debut The Dark Lake, which introduced troubled small-town cop Gemma Woodstock. Bailey tackles the ‘difficult second novel’ by plunging Woodstock into new challenges in a new environment: she’s said ‘see ya later’ to ...
  • Angela
    I really enjoyed her first book, "The Dark Lake." This isn't nearly as good and was a bit annoying at first....her writing style is messy and doesn't flow too well, also jumpy , overly long descriptions and some typos where words are spelled correctly but they are the wrong words or placed wrongly in the sentence. It did settle down after a while and I got hooked in the story , set in Melbourne. The main character, is a mixed up woman, a detectiv...
  • Laura Trenham
    I will start off by saying that I didn’t enjoy this as much as Bailey’s debut, The Dark Lake. I seem to enjoy more small town crime novels as there is more suspense. I did quite enjoy the way that Gemma Woodstock is portrayed as a troubled cop, with a history that she isn’t too proud of and she is still making mistakes in her personal life along the way. The crime in this novel had SO many characters I did start getting a little lost at the...
  • Laura
    I really enjoyed this! Well written, great pace. Lots of twists and turns, but woven together well. I think I could relate to Gemma better in this one too. Trying to negotiate Melbourne, feeling lonely but surrounded by people. All around, much better than the first book. Looking forward to the next!
  • Mike
    I haven't read the first book by Sarah Bailey, which is touted in the blurb on this new one as being a 'stunning debut.' This second one claims to have 'riveting suspense, incisive writing and a fascinating cast of characters.' It's also 'stunning.' Well, no, it's not any of those things. It's too long, with a lot of meandering conversations that don't move forward quickly. Too often the characters, Gemma Woodstock and Fleet, the man she works wi...
  • Susanne
    After reading The Dark Lake last year, I wrote that I would definitely read the sequel and I am glad I did, it is a thoroughly enjoyable book. If anything the author has created a stronger voice for the main character and it is possible to see more of a series developing based on her continuing story. I will certainly be reading more of Sarah Bailey's work as it is released.
  • Sean Kennedy
    I wanted to like this book more - it is a good mystery but the lead character is so unsympathetic. I can deal with unlikable characters but this one grates on me.
  • Stef (Noveltea Corner)
    Actual rating 3.5 stars. Review to come.
  • Deb
    A bit disappointing for me. Absolutely loved The Dark Lake, but this seemed fairly pedestrian in comparison. Perhaps I just preferred the rural setting of the first book.
  • Kate van Hooft
    I devoured this in about two days. I was worried that, having not read the Dark Lake, I wouldn't be able to get into it as easily but it's so gripping, and Sarah Bailey's writing to sharp, that it didn't make a difference. I'll go and pick myself up a copy now!I love Gemma Woodstock as a character and protagonist, and in particular that she is drawn in such a complicated, thorny light. A lot of her choices defy norms around gender and stereotypes...
  • katrina
    Well written novel, a follow up to her debut novel however this novel stands alone. the unconventional cop gets to prove herself in her new Melbourne division and finds her leading the biggest murder case. bridled with her own personal issues she finds herself estranged in the outcome. Great fun.
  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)
    I really enjoyed this until the end, when it all turned sensationalist and silly. Gemma Woodstock is a Melbourne detective who is investigating the murder of an up and coming actor in his first high profile movie role. We met her before in The Dark Lake - you don't need to have read that to enjoy this (though it's also a good read). Gemma's personal life is a mess: her son lives with his father and she doesn't see much of him. She struggles with ...
  • Angie Sturrock
    This was a good second novel and it was interesting to follow Gemma from her small country town home to the bustle of the state's capital. While I appreciate what Sarah Bailey has done, in turning the tables on the hard-drinking, womanising, down-on-their-luck male detective character that often characterises the genre, I had a hard time (again) connecting with Gemma. There is a little too much introspection and (again) it felt a little over writ...
  • Trish Nankivell
    I've given this a 3 because I'm sure that readers of crime thrillers will enjoy this.But I'm biased. I don't like crime thrillers set in Australia. I picked this one up in a hurry and hadn't noticed.However, a couple of things. I'd just been to Melbourne, and stayed on the same street that the major crime happened, so that connection had me interested. And I was interested in the female lead's background, she's struggling in this one and the back...
  • Corinne Johnston
    The second book to feature police detective Gemma Woodstock, a character I have a lot of trouble feeling empathy or even sympathy for. This one leaves behind the country town of The Dark Lake and plunges us into late Winter melbourne...if you haven't been there you wouldn't want after reading the descriptions of the weather! The theme of multiple killings, the workings of a large homocide team, the personal baggage that everyone brings to their w...
  • Krisz
    Thank you Dymocks for the uncorrected proof.I really enjoyed Sarah Bailey’s first novel but this one seemed way too complex. I found it hard to follow with so many story lines going at once. The idea behind the book had potential but I didn’t enjoy this.Having said that, I love Bailey’s style and I really like the main character Gemma Woodstock. Looking forward to other novels by this author.
  • Lizzy Chandler
    A contemporary detective story set in Melbourne, Into the Dark lays out a trail of clues that I enjoyed following. The first-person narrator, Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock, is a complex, flawed figure who doesn't let the many dangers facing women in a #metoo urban environment stop her from doing exactly what she wants, when she wants.
  • Tamara
    I found the character of Gemma Woodstock quite bleak and hopeless, but still interesting. The book was a bit slow in parts and took a few chapters to get me interested. Will probably read the next book in the series if I stumble across it.