Four Three Two One by Courtney C. Stevens

Four Three Two One

In this contemporary YA novel, a girl reunites with the three other survivors of a bus bombing that killed nineteen people, and together they face the secrets, struggles, and emotional warfare that each has been enduring.Golden “Go” Jennings wasn’t supposed to be on Bus 21 the day it blew up in New York City. Neither was her boyfriend, Chandler. But they were. And so was Rudy, a cute stranger whom Go shared a connection with the night befor...

Details Four Three Two One

TitleFour Three Two One
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult Contemporary, New Adult, Fiction, Lgbt, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Health, Mental Health

Reviews Four Three Two One

  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight I haven't been so enamored with a book in quite some time. This was such a freaking amazing book, and one I hadn't expected to hit me as hard as it did. And truth be told, I don't think that anything I can say will fully do it justice. Have you ever read a book and it just exuded a certain feeling? Drew you in, made you fall in love wit...
  • Madison
    Take an author who is excellent at writing powerful stories about heartbreaking situations. Add a plot line about a bombing, abusive relationships, recovery journeys and the power of human togetherness. Drop in five character: four survivors and one along for the ride. Stir together and shake a little. With that recipe it’s no wonder that Four Three Two One is an incredibly powerful and emotive story of surviving, overcoming insurmountable odds...
  • Jane
    3.5 stars. This was very emotional and will definitely impact readers, but I also had some issues (pacing, plotting, trying to fit too much into one story) that lessened my overall rating. However, I’d still recommend it, especially if you enjoyed Dress Codes for Small Towns.
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Go, Chan, Caroline, and Rudy all lost something that day on the bus. While some scars were more obvious than others, each one was harboring some pain and guilt, which was holding them back. Go was hoping that facing her fears at the exhibit would help propel her forward, but maybe she, and all the other survivors, would find the strength they needed before they arrived in New York. • Pro: This story was emotional and painful and wonderful. Stev...
  • PinkAmy loves \u0026#x1f495; books\u0026#x1f4d6;, cats\u0026#x1f63b; and naps\u0026#x1f6cf;
    1 STARSGolden is in a bus bombing in NYC that leaves only three other survivors, her boyfriend Chan, Rudy and the bomber’s girlfriend Caroline. A year later, an artist has recreated the bus for charity and to honor the victims. The group, minus Chan set off on a road trip to reclaim their strength.FOUR THREE TWO ONE didn’t work for me on multiple levels. First, Golden and Chandler live on a commune and I’m supposed to buy into a love that w...
  • Kristie
    Life After Tragedy"Chandler and Golden versus the world" has been the motto of Chan and Go since they were 11. As seventeen-year-olds, they're a couple, and although they're still facing life's challenges together, there's been a distance between them ever since they became two of four survivors of a horrific bus bombing in New York City. It's been a year since that bomb killed nineteen teens, and Chan and Go are back home in the Hive, the Kentuc...
  • Vicki
    An interesting look at teenage decision-making in the aftermath of trauma.
  • Rebecca Akins
    This book ripped my heart out and then slowly mended it. This book follows the four survivors of a bus bombing. Each of these for characters is dealing with their own form of PTSD and survivors guilt. These four characters along with a close friend of one of the survivors take a road trip to the Gand opening of a memorial built for the victims of the bombing. At its core, this book is about healing and forgiveness. The character relationships and...
  • Taylor Wilson
    This was such a great book. All the characters were wonderful. I loved how close the relationships were and all the family love. You can see how much the characters grow and develop throughout the story. The writing was done very well, simple and easy to depict. I feel like all the stuff that happened in the book helped the characters mature and appreciate their relationships more. I enjoyed reading this book very much and would love to read more...
  • Katie
    More like a 4.5, I loved this one! Full review to come closer to release date.
  • Caeley
    Four Three Two One is a YA, contemporary and fictional 'memoir' of the survivors of the bombing of Bus #21. It is mainly told in Golden Jenning's perspective as she embarks on her journey towards recovery, overcoming her fear of buses, and finding out what really caused the bombing on board the bus that fateful day. A prominent event that brings the remaining 4 survivors together throughout the book is the Accelerant Orange. This is a art exhibit...
  • Ainslee || Jest and Hearts
    2018-11-16, well this is going to be a hard review to write and its not because I disliked it or really enjoy it, its because I can't say anything about it without completely ruining the story for you.Four Three Two One is an emotional roller coast following four teens dealing with the aftermath of trauma, a bus bombing. The story is is full of trauma, guilt, grief, friendships, family, trust, adventure and taki...
  • Ruthsic
    Warnings: depiction of bomb blast, abusive relationship (including domestic violence), suicidal ideation, self-harmA story of letting go of guilt, moving on, and finding something to live for, Four Three Two One takes place a year after a fatal bombing attack and the effect it had on its four survivors. Told mostly through the point of view of Go Jennings, one of the teens, and partly through Caroline, another survivor and the ex of the suicide b...
  • Kelly
    I won this book on a GoodReads was amazing! Truly one of the top three books I read this year! It’s a quick read but their story of heartbreak and triumph will change your perspective on people and events that come through our newsfeed daily!
  • Jackie Rogers
    This is a book about life. Involves 4 teenagers surviving a bombing. Is about their lives after survival. Living is difficult at best. They are never the same. after this experience. Loved the characters and the theme of forgiveness. Thanks to Goodreads.
  • Lauren
    Smart, terrifyingly realistic, and full of heart, Stevens has written a wonderfully insightful book about how tragedy divides and connects. Each survivor harbors an internal conflict that they must face head on. Compelling; wonderful characters!
  • Reving
  • Alyssa
    An interesting look at the aftermath of a bombing. Four, Three, Two, One follows the four survivors of a bus bombing as they deal with the aftermath, the anniversary and the effect the bombing has on their life.
  • Kimberley
    Thank you Edelweiss+ and HarperTeen for an Advanced eGalley of "Four Three Two One" by Courtney Stevens. A review of this book will be available closer to its publication date!