The Allies by Winston Groom

The Allies

Best-selling author Winston Groom tells the complex story of how Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--the three iconic and vastly different Allied leaders--aligned to win World War II and created a new world order.By the end of World War II, 59 nations were arrayed against the axis powers, but three great Allied leaders--Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin--had emerged to control the war in Europe and the...

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TitleThe Allies
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherNational Geographic
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II, Military Fiction, Literature, 20th Century

Reviews The Allies

  • Jill Mackin
    Groom brings Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin to life! The book is well written and so interesting to read. One of the biggest stories of the 20th century: the winning of the 2nd WW.
  • Stephanie Crowe
    The Allies by Winston GroomA superb history of the three leaders who guided the world during WWII: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Not only did these three political giants direct the strategy of the war, they contributed to the future direction of the world by decisions made at the war’s conclusion. Although I have read books and viewed movies that detailed specific battles and places, Groom did a lovely job weaving a ...
  • Zohar -
    For more reviews and bookish posts please visit: http://www.ManOfLaBook.comThe Allies: Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and the Unlikely Alliance That Won World War II by Winston Groom is a non-fiction book which recounts how Russia became and unlikely ally with the United States and England during World War II. Mr. Groom is a historian and novelist.History, to me, is fascinating not only because of the big picture, but also of the little stories wh...
  • Steve
    An excellent book, This to me is like a triple biography of the Big Three Allies that came together during World War II to defeat Germany and Japan. Each came from different backgrounds, and had some differences but put them aside to defeat Germany and Japan. Stalin was the only one who ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist and had his opposition put to death or sent to gulags-labor camps and made an error to sign a treaty with Germany not to ...
  • William H. Wardlaw
    Well doneIf you enjoy studying history this is one of his many good books. He brings historical characters to life. Even if you thought you knew almost everything about these three WWII leaders you will be finding facts new to you throughout your read.
  • Read Ng
    A captivating and well written presentation of events shaping three of the most important historic figures of World War II. Some many facts I did not know prior to picking up this book. I really did not know anything regarding Stalin. And details regarding both Churchill and Roosevelt fleshed out my limited knowledge and misunderstandings of all of these leaders.Many interesting details regarding events are spelled out. And I can more clearly see...