Paul Writes by Chris Raschka

Paul Writes

A charming introduction to Saint Paul and his epistles Caldecott Medal-winner Chris Raschka breathes new life into the letters of Paul the Apostle with this inviting book. Each sumptuous page distills the main themes of Paul’s epistles into approachable, appealing language. Chris Raschka expertly depicts Paul’s sincerity and compassion, sadness and pain, giving readers a true sense of who Paul really was. Paul Writes (a Letter) celebrates ...

Details Paul Writes

TitlePaul Writes
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherEerdmans Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Religion, Nonfiction, Christian

Reviews Paul Writes

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    I’ve never seen a book like Paul Writes (a Letter), but I’m so happy it is now in the world. The wonderful two-time Caldecott winner, Chris Raschka, has taken the letters of the apostle Paul to Rome and Corinth, Galatia and Ephesus and Thessalonica, and the letters of Paul to his friends Titus and Timothy and Philemon and (possibly) the Hebrews and condensed each letter into a beautiful little jewel-like bite of wisdom and beauty, perfect for...
  • Sarah
    Hooray for a children's picture book about Christianity by a Caldecott award winning author and illustrator! This book simplifies the apostle Paul's epistles for young children. Boldly colored illustrations accompany the text offering readers a visually appealing aspect to their learning.
  • Kim
    I needed this. I know that Paul's epistles are more intricate than Raschka's portrayal of them here (and I love them for that), but I'm so grateful to have these simple messages to comfort and chide and reassure me until I make time to dive more deeply into the books. "You refresh the very hearts of the saints," Paul (and Mr. Raschka).
  • Sandy Brehl
    In the case of Raschka's recent book, there has been a perfect pairing of artist, content, and publisher. A quick Internet search will link you to hundreds, probably thousands of books aimed at making Biblical content kid-friendly and accessible. But PAUL WRITES (A LETTER) is so much more than that. Raschka has produced a book that humanizes and energizes a character whose name graces Christian and Orthodox churches around the world. I can't reca...
  • Darlene Ivy
    In a series of letters, writer and illustrator Chris Raschka continues to spread the message of the Apostle Paul in Paul Writes (a letter). A one-page introduction outlines Paul’s calling to share the teachings of Jesus and each subsequent spread summarizes the messages of one of the New Testament books attributed to Paul. Chapter and verse references run along the bottom of each spread. Some letters share Paul’s emotions, travel plans, and f...
  • Jenny Lopez
    First off, this book is beautiful. The illustrations aren’t fancy, but they are colorful, warm, and inviting. The perfect accompaniment to Paul’s Letters. Chris Raschka does a wonderful job of introducing Paul and his teachings to children. While not thorough or deep, he manages to make Paul approachable, relatable, and a genuine friend. Pulling out the core of the versus and the translatable thought for young minds, I can see this as a book ...
  • Cate Morton
    Chris Raschka uses gentle hues in his pictures and calligraphy and clear, friendly phrasing in his presentation of the apostle Paul's letters to make this biblical figure accessible to today's children and adults. This book would make a great Sunday school read-aloud to show how parts of the bible were written and compiled while it gives insight into the human Paul and his real world journey. Calmer than some of Raschka's other offerings, I highl...
  • Amy
    Chris Raschka uses the life and letters of Paul to remind us of important things we need to remember in relating to others: love, grace, care, strength, honesty, purity, and patience. He uses Paul’s words as cautions as well: reaping what you sow, loving money, picking fights, etc. A great way of giving present day language to Paul’s letters. The illustrations are amazing!
  • Jillian
    Very interesting book - it takes the loooong letters of Paul and distills them down to a couple key concepts and ideas, easy to digest and remember.My favorite is definitely II Thessalonians, when the illustration shows Paul downing a glass of wine while telling them to stop being busybodies.
  • Josiphine/Tessa
    Paul is probably my favorite person from the New Testament (...maybe Peter? a difficult choice) (after Jesus, obviously) and this picture book summary of his epistles does not disappoint. Absolutely delightful.
  • Pam
    Book for younger readers. Raschka simplifies the texts of Paul's letters. He supports these with illustrations of Paul writing and other symbols for his message.
  • Holly
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  • Kathie
  • Rachel
    Breaks down Paul's letters so well. The illustrations are so fun and playful. Love the use of fonts too.
  • Kelly
    Very interesting idea for a children's book. I really enjoyed this. The book captures some of the apostle Paul's letters he wrote to others.
  • Joan Marie
    Raschka presents St. Paul's letters to the early Church in kid-friendly text, adorned with stylized illustrations.
  • Ryan
    Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written. Does a great job of showing the Pauline Epistles as ... letters from a man named Paul. To people he cared a great deal about.
  • Kristin
    Great design. A contemplative read for anyone interested in the teachings of Paul or for those who want to examine philosophy.
  • Angela
    Beautiful artwork and expressions of Paul's letters.
  • Jane
    This is a lovely book...the illustrations are simple and evocative. The text simplifies Paul's letters to one or two important points. I love the maps on the inside covers.
  • Edward Sullivan
    An appealing, accessible introduction to the apostle Paul and his letters.