So Much Life Left Over by Louis de Bernières

So Much Life Left Over

A POWERFULLY EVOCATIVE AND EMOTIONALLY CHARGED NOVEL FROM THE ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF CORELLI'S MANDOLINThey were an inseparable tribe of childhood friends. Some were lost to the battles of the First World War, and those who survived have had their lives unimaginably upended. Now, at the dawn of the 1920s, they've scattered: to Ceylon and India, France and Germany, and, inevitably, back to Britain, each of them trying to answer the question that fuel...

Details So Much Life Left Over

TitleSo Much Life Left Over
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
PublisherPantheon Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, Family, European Literature, British Literature, World War I

Reviews So Much Life Left Over

  • Paromjit
    Louis de Bernieres writes a beautiful, emotionally heart tugging, often humorous, epic look at the lives that survived the horrors and losses of WW1, focusing on the inter war years and the human costs incurred at the beginning of WW2. In what is a relatively short novel, a large cast of characters, their lives, decisions and behaviour are portrayed as times change. Half French Captain Daniel Pitt, well known ace fighter pilot, had never expected...
  • Michael
    A warm-hearted saga of two families recovering from World War 1 and catching up with the modernism of the age. Daniel is a half-Brit, half-French man who was an aviator in the war and now runs a tea plantation and factory in Ceylon (Sri Lanka after independence in 1947). His wife Rosie, who met him as a nurse, tries to be happy as a mother to their daughter, managing the household, and promoting better conditions for the poor native workers, such...
  • Nancy
    Daniel was a legendary WWI Flying Ace, a survivor of the war now facing an immensity of endless days filled with trivialities. As a tea manufacturer in Ceylon, he has the company of Hugh who was also a pilot in the war, and a bright future in an exotic land. Daniel's wife Rosie is pregnant with their second child. After the war, Daniel's brother Archie went to India, He is a risk taker and a drunk, in love with Rosie who married Daniel after her ...
  • OLT
    This story sneaked up on me and its full impact didn't hit me until the final chapters. Throughout the reading of more than two thirds of this, I was wondering why I was supposed to care about the characters. They felt shallow, unsympathetic, unlikeable, somewhat petty, living superficial, privileged lives. But the more I read, the more I began to suspect that this was perhaps the author's intention. These people had been intensely involved in WW...
  • SueKich
    So much book left over.When authors come to the second volume in a trilogy, they sometimes manage a subtly interwoven catch-up which is much appreciated by those of us with less than stellar memories. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. But no matter because a desperately sad and really rather gruesome event early on in the book prevented me from going any further. Apologies, therefore, for not being able to provide a more substantial revie...
  • Mary Lins
    After I finished reading, "The Dust That Falls from Dreams", I expressed my hope that Louis de Bernieres would follow it with a sequel, as I wasn't ready to let those marvelous characters go. Well, de Bernieres' latest novel, "So Much Life Left Over", is indeed a sequel, and I'm ecstatic! It follows the form of its predecessor beautifully; a sumptuous cast of characters, well-researched and compelling historical back-ground, exotic locals (India!...
  • Mary
    I have been a huge fan of Louis De B ever since he was named as one Granta's Best of Young British Novelists back in 1993. It has been a delight to see how his career has progressed and I have loved everything he has written. ‘So Much Life Left Over’ has not disappointed. It is a captivating and absorbing book both humorous and tragic. What I particularly loved were the small cameos of characters from De B’s other novels, ‘Captain Corelli...
  • Clare
  • Megan Jones
    Rosie and Daniel have moved to Ceylon with their young daughter to start a new life at the dawn of the 1920s, attempting to put the trauma of the First World War behind them, and to rekindle a marriage that grows increasingly colder. However, even in their new life, it is hard for them to escape the ties of home and the yearning for fulfilment that threatens their marriage. Back in England, Rosie’s three sisters are dealing with different chall...
  • Viviane Crystal
    Daniel Pitt longs for the glory days when he was a Flying Ace in WWII. The camaraderie of his fellow pilots and avoidance of petty squabbles because of the daily reality that some will live and others will die every time they take to the air in battle. Now, the war is over and he is married to Rosie, a former wartime nurse. They live in Ceylon, which Daniel loves and Rosie hates. They have two children whom Daniel adores. Rosie is continuously de...
  • Erika Robuck
    Prepare for infatuation and heartbreak. In SO MUCH LIFE LEFT OVER, the reader holds in her hands an entire world where she will become intimates of the men and women on the pages. These characters are both traumatized and cause trauma. They make awful decisions--from the small and foolish to the epically cataclysmic--and yet they are profoundly endearing because of their enormous capacities for love. De Bernieres titles each chapter, making lit...
  • Peg
    So Much Life left Over is a captivating and compelling historical fiction novel. The story takes place between the end of WWI and the beginning of WWII. Daniel Pitt was an RAF ace pilot. When WWI ended, Daniel settled in Ceylon with his wife, Rosie, and their daughter. The family was happy there, for a few years, until the second child was born deformed, and died, shortly after birth. Both Rosie and Daniel grieved their deceased baby. Rosie wrapp...
  • Sue Myers
    A very short historical novel describing the lives of Daniel Pitt and his extended family after the ending of WWI. After the trauma of the war, Daniel and Rosie marry and move to Ceylon and manage a tea factory. Their love dies and Rosie insists on moving back to England. Because she will take the children whom Daniel loves dearly, he goes back with her. She refuses to let Daniel see his children and will not give him a divorce. Through these tra...
  • Dianne
    I enjoyed this story and was surprised to read that it was part two of a trilogy. Have now downloaded part I to read on a long flight!Louis de Bernières' use of the English language is always a great pleasure. Plus, I learn the odd new word here and there! I could imagine all the weird and wonderful people of all ages, plus some "normal" ones, who populate this story.Very much enjoyed it. Recommend.
  • Linda Wilson
    I'm not sure what I was expecting of this book, but in the end I really enjoyed it. Set mainly between the 2 world wars, it is the story of Daniel Pitt and his family. It starts in Ceylon, where Daniel and his wife, Rosie, and young daughter, have started a new life after the war. Back in England, their families are also looking for ways to move forward after the losses of the conflict. The best thing about this book is the abundance of wonderful...
  • Cynthia Archer
    I loved it, and then it ended. Please say there is another book coming! I can't stand not knowing more about Daniel and his family.
  • Polly Krize
    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.After retiring to Ceylon after his successful career as an air pilot in WWI, Daniel and wife Rosie find their marriage falling apart. They find it difficult to put the war-time trauma out of their lives. There are some very well-developed characters in this book. I did not realize it was a second part of the lives of the Pitts, so will be searching for the first book.
  • catherine Harrison
    So much life .... but no sympathy for Daniel How,lives change in the blink of an eye . I didn't care much for our " hero" world war one flying ace Daniel . Rather a selfish reckless man of his time bit of a boys own annual chAracter . His,wife suffered and he failed to show any compassion - so he hooked up with another woman . He seemed to go from one relationship to another and rarely cared how it affected the woman . The two artists however , w...
  • Jean Kolinofsky
    So Much Life Left Over explores the lives of friends and family members who have survived the battles and sacrifices of WWI. Daniel and Rosie manage a tea plantation in Ceylon and appear to be happy. When Rosie delivers a child who dies moments later she wraps herself in her religion and turns away from Daniel, who finds solace in the arms of a mistress. After the birth of another child Rosie demands that they return to England. Daniel begrudging...
  • Catherine at The Gilmore Guide to Books
    (4.5)Daniel, a young man in his early thirties, manages a tea plantation in Ceylon in the early 1920s. He moved there from England with his wife, Rosie, and daughter Esther, after his friend, another RAF pilot in the Great War, got him the job. It is a new start for them, not just because of the war, but because their marriage is deeply troubled. Daniel hopes that a complete change will be good for all of them, butNow he and Hugh, and the rest of...
  • Mimia TheReader
    3 things about this book:1. I found it a bit confusing at the begining since I had no idea it was a sequel. As time goes by it starts being easier to understand who is who and et cetera2. I didn't like most of the characters. They striked me as really selfish and self-centered.3. It was a little too sad for me. I get that it was the point of the book: Even though the life of these people sounded perfect in the first book (I'm totally guessing), i...
  • Caren
    It took me a short while to get into the structure of de Bernieres novel, as the switch to the various characters' stories initially frustrated me. However, once I saw the common thread he'd stitched between them, I actually looked forward to returning to another character's story. The author presents those who have been impacted by war and, in surviving it, struggle to figure out "what you were supposed to do with so much life unexpectedly left ...
  • Jill Meyer
    Louis de Bernieres' new novel, "So Much Life Left Over", has a very apt title for it's story. Centering on the life - and loves - of Daniel Pitt, the book explores how The Great War and the aftermath affected so many lives. Pitt, the son of a British father and a French mother, had been a flying ace in the war. Out of four sons, his parents lost two in South Africa, with Daniel and his brother surviving battle. His brother, Archie, was left with ...
  • Patricia
    So much life left over tells the story of a group of friends for a period of time that starts after WWI and continues into the early days of WWII. It is the second book in a series.As a reader I was completely lost at times because I haven't read the first book. The character development was lacking but I believe it's because a lot of that was taken care in the first book.The storyline and story development were hard to understand because a big c...
  • Robin (ReadItRobi)
    Life. Desperate and delicate.
  • Jen
    Life is precious and limited, defined by the things you do with and in it. So Much Life Left Over by Louis de Bernières follows the life of a man, and those in his world, over years of transformative events.To read this, and other book reviews, visit my website: having established a life for themselves after the First World War, the people in Daniel Pitt's life find themselves adjusting, either su...
  • Lynda
    So Much Life LeftIn this second novel in the trilogy commencing with the evocatively titled The Dust that Falls from Dreams the story moves on following the fortunes of the main characters and a rich mixed bag they are through the Second World War in a variety of locations and including references to major historical events. Poignant, sentimental and amusing like a rich fruit cake
  • Page
    "So Much Life Left Over" chronicles the stories of four British sisters and their significant others during the period of time between WWI and WWII. The novel is a sequel to a previous De Bernieres novel although it can be read as a stand alone. I have not read the first novel in the series. I have mixed feelings about the book. It comes across more as vignettes than as a cohesive story. Also, some of the characters are underdeveloped or trope-is...
  • Nissa
    Oh, I really liked this one! The storytelling was superb. A powerful, important, and beautifully written book that I think everyone should read. I received a free ebook copy of this book from First to Read/Penguin Random House. Thank you!
  • Lee
    How great to find a wonderful, new to me, author to enjoy. Such crisp unexpected humor meshes into the story of the lives of a group of friends, all survivors of The Great War. The author covers a unique time period, 1918 to the 1940’s and the after affect the war has on them and those of their loved ones. A deep, and moving account of soldiers in peacetime.